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Breaking Benjamin is one of those bands that has had it’s ups and downs which included the band taking a hiatus and not seeing new music released for six years. I have to give it to the fans of this band because they waited and they made 2015’s Dark Before Dawn a huge success for the band and now the band has a brand new album entitled Ember which will be released in 2018. To keep fans satisfied until the album is officially released the band has provided us with the first single of the album in the very atmospheric track Red Cold River. While the track may be atmospheric in nature, it has some real heavy elements to it that make it a cool track to check out. Vocalist/guitarist Benjamin Burnley’s vocals on the track can go from being intense to very melodic and I loved it. The band will be going on a month long tour with Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold and Synyster Gates talked about it saying, “We’ve been friends with these guys for a long time. Bullet for My Valentine, we’re bros. We’ve been in the trenches with those guys. My god, the fact that both bands are still around blows my fucking mind. They’re the coolest dudes and obviously we’re super fans of the music and the genres make sense. Breaking Benjamin, talk about songwriting, I mean, some of the greatest songwriters of the modern era. And, obviously it’s a little heavier. So to bring a pretty unique package you got super heavy, then there’s us and whatever the fuck that is and then really super strong songwriting through that hard rock filter.” Check out the track below:

For those of you out there that are fans of English Metalcore band Asking Alexandria and are patiently awaiting the new album which is the band’s first with new vocalist Denis Shaforostov, the band has something to hold you over. The band recently unleashed a brand new track that will hold you over until the album drops in the track Undivided. For those of you that are curious to how good Denis is, do not worry because he finally gets to unleash what he has with this brutal new track. He lets out a brutal primal scream that matches the intensity of the track that is sure to have you banging those heads. Asking Alexandria fans should be foaming at the mouth for the new record after hearing this. As far as the new record is concerned, Denis commented earlier in the year saying, “I can’t even begin to explain how stoked I am about new Asking Alexandria and our new album. Ben, James, Sam, Cam and me have been working on it very hard for the past couple of months and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We’ve put our hearts and souls into this record, it’s done for YOU. Trust me, it’s something absolutely mind-blowing and I’m sure it’s going to please every single member of ‘AAFamily’ – those, who’s been with the guys since the day one and those, who just recently joined this strong and unbelievably supportive family!” The band will be on tour in Europe and some parts of South America in December before heading to the stats in February with Bullet For My Valentine. To see all of their tour dates, go here. Otherwise enjoy the track below:

Here is your second music video of the week courtesy of Slipknot’s fellow touring mates in Lamb Of God. The past couple of weeks has been a big for the band as they unveiled the title of their upcoming disc VII: Sturm Und Drang as well as a new single in 512 (which you can read all about here). Well, the band has just unveiled a brand new music video for the trac that just may shock some of you out there. I say that because the song references the cell number that Randy Blythe had while in jail, but the video takes a different turn. A bunch of teens or youths (if you want to call them that) are hanging a good time drinking underneath a bridge when they discover the body of a girl that has washed up on the bank of the river. Obviously the family is notified and as they mourn her death a mad man comes out and admits to doing the crime. From that point on, the rest of the video is about revenge and it’s a murderous path. The new album is out on July 24TH and you can see all of the pre-order bundles here. Check out the band on tour this summer as well with Slipknot, Motionless In White, and Bullet for My valetine, but in the meantime check out the video below:

Today, we are going to give a double shot of Music Videos Of The Week because we are feeling generous. A couple of weeks ago in an interview, M. Shawn Crahan claimed that Slipknot was the best metal band in the world and he may actually be right about that. The band has released a phenomenal record one right after the other as their albums never disappoint. The band has also championed amazing music videos throughout their illustrious careers that are just visually stunning and captivating. The brand new video for Killpop that the band unveiled is no different than any of the other videos as it is as visually stunning as any of them. M. Shawn Crahan (Clown) directed the music video and even though the song is considered their popiest track, you wouldn’t know it from the video. It’s a performance video with a lot of stunning visuals that will make you pay attention at all times. Corey Taylor recently spoke to WGRD 97.9FM about what the track really is about, he states, “You know, what’s funny [is] over the last few weeks, I’ve really gotten everyone’s interpretation of what that song means to them, and it’s nowhere near what I wrote about. So it’s kind of interesting to hear people’s interpretations of what I’m singing about. And I’ll be honest with you: the song is my reflection on my relationship with music. That’s who the ‘she’ is. And not just music, but the music industry in general. So there’s a love-hate relationship there that really kind of comes into view.” Be sure to check out Slipknot this summer as they tour with Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine, and Motionless In White and check out the video below:

In our first piece of new for the day, Dave Mustaine offered fans today an update on the new album via his Twitter account regarding what he still had to do for the record. Check out the tweet below:

dave mustaine





In other Megadeth related news, the band did announce that they will perform one show with Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler behind the drum kit. According to, the drummer confirmed that he would be behind the kit for Festival D’été De Québec on July 18TH. He has stated that he would play as many shows as Lamb Of God will allow him to. David Ellefson recently commented about Adler at Comicpalooza saying, “Chris is such a fan of MEGADETH. Chris playing with MEGADETH would be like me joining KISS. We’re, like, his favorite band ever and the band that got him into music. I mean, he’s so humbly appreciative of the opportunity and being part of this. And so, anyway, we’ve talked about shows coming up, [and] Chris was, like, ‘Dude, I’ll move anything I can anywhere to try to make it happen; I just wanna play with MEGADETH.’ He may play one show with us and go, ‘That’s it. I’m done. I don’t ever wanna do that again.’ So we’ll find out as it’s coming up. But the goal is Chris would like to play with us as much as possible. And we are still looking to where is the best time to release this new [MEGADETH] record, so as we’re looking at some dates coming up, they’re not necessarily predicated on the new album being out. And I guess it’s kind of cool thing with MEGADETH — we can play shows and not necessarily have to have a new album to go play those [dates].”

In other news, Jonathan Davis of Korn has confirmed that he is working with shock rocker Marilyn Manson on an album or project. Manson had hinted many times in the past that the two may be collaborating, but I guess Jonathan couldn’t hold it in anymore. It is not known what the project will exactly be, what it will sound like, or who else will be on it, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Two of my favorite artists collaborating on one project, I hope this sounds good.




















mariaIf you’re a fan of Maria Brink or even In This Moment then set your DVR’s up for Monday Night because you are not going to want to miss this. The Season premiere of Murder In The First airs on TNT this upcoming Monday night (June 8) and guess who has booked a guest spot on the first episode of season 2? If you guessed In This Moment then you are correct. The band revealed it via their Instagram page saying, “We are so proud to announce that In This Moment will be featured on the TNT show ‘Murder in the First’ on June 8th. We are so excited for the premiere!!!” Check out the trailer for the episode here which also features a few moments of Maria Brink.

Bullet For My Valentine definitely has my respect after the band agreed to do one of the coolest things this summer. While the band is on the road in North America, they agreed to take the ashes of a couple of fans on the road all summer long. James Simmons, 18, and Corran “Coz” Powell, 21 were huge fans of the band and they passed away back in December in a car accident together. Simmons passed away at the scene while Powell passed away after being put into a medically induced coma. It was Powell’s brother who contacted the band about possibly paying tribute to the two and they agreed. They’ll be carrying a specially crafted urn with a couple of Jewels that were custom made in the two’s honor. Powell’s Mother stated about one of the jewels, “We made a piece of stainless steel jewelry inspired by the Gears of War game.” This is a really cool move on the band’s part and they have my respect. Catch the band all summer long with Slipknot, Lamb Of God, and Motionless In White.

For all of you that have been wondering what Bullet For My Valentine have been up to since their bassist Jay James left the band back in February, I have the answer for you right here. The band has signed a new bassist, released info on their upcoming record, and they released a new song for all of us to hear. The band has announced that Jamie Mathias is the new bassist in the group and they announced that the title of their upcoming fifth album is going to be called Venom. Back in February the band had this to say about the record, “We’ve been working hard on this record for over a year now, writing and demoing a ton of material in that time. As we sit here on the 1st of February 2015, we have the most songs we’ve EVER had written for an album before recording session, and now begins the difficult process of choosing the best of the best of them to make the cut for #BFMV5” As far as the new music is concerned, if you are a fan of the ferocious style of metal that BFMV was known for then you are going to love the new music. The song is at times furious matched with the clean singing during the choruses that we loved from the band’s early days. I am definitely excited about the new album which hits the shelves on August 14TH via Sony Music and the band worked with Colin Richardson who produced the first two albums (Poison and Scream Aim Fire). If you want to follow the band’s new bassist on Twitter then follow @BFMVJAMIE. Otherwise, look for the band on tour this summer with Slipknot, Lamb Of God, and Motionless In White starting July 24TH. Check out the new track below:

I have always been a fan of cover songs just for the fact that it’s cool to see how a band will take a song and interpret it in their own unique way. It’s one thing to take a track and just play it exactly the same way as the last band which would constitute that song going on a tribute album. The best is when a band takes a song and they make it their own by either making it heavier than the original version or as Bullet For My Valentine do here, take a song that isn’t a metal song and they make it one. I remember the Rocky IV Soundtrack and I remember thinking that it was an iconic 80’s soundtrack with amazing songs like Robert Tepper’s No Easy Way Out. For the Japanese edition of their second album Scream Aim Fire, Bullet For My Valentine recorded some covers as bonus tracks and No Easy Way Out was one of the songs they covered. The band spices up the song making it a little heavier, but they keep the rock edginess of the original a well as some keyboards to go along with it. One of the statements that is so true is VH1 covered the best cover songs and they correctly say that Bullet had the balls to cover the song in the first place which also makes it that much more awesome. I love the track and I think you should definitely check it out below: