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COMIC TITLE: Absolute Carnage #1 (2019)
Ryan Stegman– Artist
Donny Cates–Writer
August 7, 2019
Marvel Comics

Opera Snapshot_2019-08-07_093334_twitter.comFor one whole entire year, there have been events that have been put in place that have been setting up this very moment as it all started with Venom and the introduction to the God of the Symbiotes known as Knull. Then you add in the events that happened in The Amazing Spider-Man series when the world was introduced to The Red Goblin which was Norman Osborn with the Carnage Symbiote and you mix all together and it brings you Marvel’s latest venture Absolute Carnage #1 which was written by Donny Cates (Venom) and illustrated by Ryan Stegman (Venom). Eddie has been separated from his symbiote for a while now and he has found out that he has a son, but there’s one problem with that and that is the kid doesn’t realize Eddie is his dad. He think’s that Eddie is his older brother and Eddie is OK with that for now because he wants to protect the kid from the Carnage symbiote. You see the Carnage symbiote is on the loose and he is trying to kill off anyone that he has had a symbiote combined with them and according to Eddie that is a lot of people. After a run in with his old Symbiote, Eddie now has to get some help from Spider-Man himself Peter Parker if they want to stand a chance against Carnage because if he is successful then there is no stopping him.

Opera Snapshot_2019-08-07_094010_twitter.comI am definitely loving the fact that this comic is diving deeper into the world of the symbiotes and the idea (SPOILER ALERT) that if Carnage is able to take all of the codices from the hosts that have worn a symbiote, he’ll not only be the most powerful symbiote, but he’ll be able to wake up Knull from his imprisoned sleep. You see all of the symbiotes rose up and trapped him on what was thought to be the planet of the symbiotes, but it’s really a prison. So that is a big time kudos to Marvel for hiring the man behind the recent run of Venom in Donny Cates to write this one which obviously makes the most sense. Donny has done such an amazing job for Marvel that I don’t think there is a comic out there that he has done that I have not liked. You can definitely sense the fact that he has gone all in when it comes to this series and I appreciate that. Not only is the writing of this comic amazing, but the artwork from Ryan Stegman is absolute superb. I have enjoyed every turn of the page and the amazing detail that has been put in. The imagery is so well done that Carnage definitely looks like someone you do not want to mess with so kudos to Marvel for keeping the team together for this run. I am so excited for what the future issues hold so I am sure you’re going to be seeing more from Marvel on this blog. Check out my grade below and check out this comic where ever you get your comics from.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+