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Pedal Cup Bracket 2 FINALS CHAMPIONThe dust has finally cleared and we have a clear cut winner by a mile and there is nothing controversial about the win. BABYMETAL won the match fair and square with the power of their fan base. I’ve seen this happen over the years during the Pedal To The Metal Tournaments when the fan bases of Kreator, Destruction, and Queensryche all led them to be winners. I post a link of the tournament to every single band’s page giving everyone a equal shot at winning and they did just that beating Behemoth 334 to 80. I gave everyone three options on how to vote and the fan base killed it and showed up in style for sure. It was definitely one heck of a win for the Japanese Kawaii Metal band, but that wasn’t the only match you could vote on. We also had the third place match that saw the final four runner ups Moonspell take on Morbid Angel. Moonspell jumped out to an early lead and believe me they never looked back earning them a third place finish. It’s sad that this is over for now and it won’t be until 2022 until we do another one, but we have the Euros coming up in two years so we’ll see you there. Once again, Congratulations to BABYMETAL!



2017-headerFrom day one, I stated that this tournament has always been about the fans voting for their favorite bands and that without the help of the bands sharing the posts there would be no tournament. With that being said, I wanted to say congratulations to Queensrÿche and their fanbase on being the 2017 Pedal To The Metal Champions. They brought the title back to the Dio division where it had been twice before and they are also the first band to defeat a Chuck Schuldiner division band who dominated the last two years. I was going to initiate the mercy rule after about two days of voting, but the truth is that I didn’t have internet access for three days so I let it keep going. The cool fact about it is that the band won by the highest margin ever in the tournament’s history. The band won the tournament by a whopping 1,553 votes which shatters the previous margin which was 285 votes. So, if you are a Queensrÿche fan then you deserve a pat on the back for not listening to the haters and showing your allegiance because this is what the tournament is all about. I want to also take the time to thank Queensrÿche and any of the other bands that shared the links because again without you this tournament would not be possible. I am not 100% sure if the tournament is going to come back next year, but if it does then Queensrÿche fans, it’s time to take hold of the flame and build an Empire by voting them to the finals again. We’ll see you all next year and show some love by liking my Facebook page here.

Queensryche Banner

pedalI just wanted to take the time to than every single person who voted in the whole entire competition from the first round all the way to the championship. Like I have always said, if it wasn’t for all of you, none of this would be possible. I also would like to thank every band and fan that shared my posts whether it be on Twitter or Facebook because it helped spread the word and I thank all of you. Now to the business at hand, we had a very interesting final that looked a little familiar this year. We had a representative from the Schuldiner (Extreme Metal) division taking on a band from the Dio (Power Metal) division. We had a member of the Big Teutonic Four taking on Iron Maiden in the championship, but this time it was German powerhouse Destruction taking on the legends. Destruction had blazed a path of destruction (pun intended) from the first round all the way to the championship an it never stopped. In fact, Destruction won the championship by winning 65% of the vote which is the second best in the tournament ever (Judas Priest won by 78% in 2014). They beat Iron Maiden 613 to 328 to claim the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Championship. So, congratulations to Destruction on the big win and even though they lost, Iron Maiden deserves a round of applause as well. Now I am sad that the tournament is over, but until next year!!!

Destruction Champions

pttm finals 1Like I stated last night, we started off this tournament with 32 bands who were all vying to be the absolute best. Unfortunately, 30 of those bands had to be sent packing leaving two bands to battle it out for ultimate supremacy and bragging rights. How did our two bands Iron Maiden and Destruction get to this point? Well, let’s check it out! Iron Maiden started off in the Dio Division by edging King Diamond out in the first round before just narrowly beating Judas Priest in the next match. They won the Dio Division crown by thoroughly defeating Primal Fear in the elite 8 round before stopping a huge comeback from Kilmister Division champion Ghost to get into the finals. For Destruction, the road to the championship was a little different as they laid a path of Destruction (pun intended) all the way to the championship.  They even defeated last years Champion Kreator for the Schuldiner Division crown before beating Testament to get into the finals. I want to remind all of you out there that it is up to you to vote for your favorite of the two in order to crown the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Champion. You have until April 4TH to decide. Vote now!!!!

iron maiden vs destruction

pedalIt is about that time that I announce the results of the championship match between Kreator and Iron Maiden, but I have a few things to say first. I want to start by thanking all the bands that participated in the tournament and the ones who were great sports about it. I also want to thank all of the thousands of you that came out and voted because there are those who will say that it was fixed, but the bottom line is that you showed up and voted and they can’t handle the fact that you didn’t vote for their favorite band. Yes there were matches that I was completely blindsided by when I saw the results, but what I am supposed to do with fans that showed up for their bands? Next, I want to thank any of the bands that shared the statuses every week on their Facebook pages and any where else they shared it because without that, this tournament probably would have been a dud. I knew we were guaranteed a new champion this year when Judas Priest was eliminated in the very first match and Motley Crue getting eliminated in the second round so it was safe to say that I was excited to see who it was going to be. As you all know, it was Iron Maiden, the winners of the heavy metal division taking on the champions of the extreme metal division Kreator in what promised to be a match of epic proportions. It didn’t let us down either as 2,265 votes were casted in the championship match with Kreator owning 1,170 and Iron Maiden having 1,095 making Kreator the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament Champions. So, congratulations are in order to Kreator for winning the championship, they definitely deserved the win.

Kreator Champions

pedalIt s the match that you have all been waiting and voting for since day one in the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. When I started this tournament back in 2011 while I was doing my radio show, I only dreamed that the tournament would reach the numbers it has today. This year, we are going to crown a new champion because you all voted so that a new champion would be crowned. Motley Crue won the first addition of the tournament and Judas Priest went back to back the next two tournaments after that. Now German Thrash legends and member of The Big Teutonic Four Kreator is looking to win against a tough foe in NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) and power metal legends Iron Maiden. Both of these bands have been going for 30 plus years in the metal world and both have showed no signs of slowing down. Kreator had it’s beginnings in Essen, Germany where they started as Tormentor before changing their name to Kreator as they released their first album Endless Pain and now in 2015 the band is thirteen albums deep with the 2012 bad ass release Phantom Antichrist as the last album to date. Iron Maiden’s road started in the 1970’s when Steve Harris started the band in 1975 in East London. Despite some lineup changes, the band has stayed steadfast in the metal world with their legendary frontman Bruce Dickinson (he joined in 1981) who played on smash records as The Number Of The Beast, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time and so on and so fourth. The rest speaks for itself, but who are you guys going to choose as the next Pedal To The Metal Champions. You have until April 2ND at 4PM ET to decide. (Side Note: I hope everyone votes for whose music they enjoy more and not who is more “Popular” in “Mainstream” terms. This is about the music)

kreator vs iron maiden

I just wanted to take the time to congratulate the first ever back to back Pedal To The Metal Tournament winners Judas Priest. I also want to take the time to thank all of the people who voted because it was a championship record turnout. I also wanted to take the time to congratulate Cinderella and their fans for the run the band had in this tournament. You guys definitely surprised everyone in the tournament just by making it to the championship. Unfortunately, Judas Priest’s fans turned out in droves to vote as the band won the competition by having 32 more votes than Cinderella (which was 78% of the total votes). I also want to take the time to thank all of the bands that participated and any of those band’s fans that came out and voted for their favorite bands. This was one of the best tournaments that we have ever had and I look forward to next years Pedal To The Metal Tournament, but for now Congratulations to the champions Judas Priest!!!!


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