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Every year since 2012 on this very blog, we have been doing Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween and for the ninth year we didn’t want to stop because what else do we have to do in these Covid times? Anytime, you watch a documentary on the slasher sub-genre of horror, the film I chose for today is always one of those that is mentioned or shown in every documentary and that film is Fade To Black which was written and directed by Vernon Zimmerman (Teen Witch) and released two years after John Carpenter’s classic Halloween. The film stars Dennis Christopher (Stephen King’s IT) as Eric Binford, as a shy recluse who is obsessed with Hollywood, but after being mistreated by so many he takes his obsession a little bit too far. The film also stars Tim Thomerson (Near Dark) as Dr. Jerry Moriarty, Gwynne Gilford (Masters Of The Universe) as Officer Anne Oshenbull, Norman Burton (Escape From The Planet Of The Apes) as Marty Berger, Linda Kerridge (Vicious Lips) as Marilyn O’Connor, James Luisi (The Rockford Files) as Captain Gallagher, Eve Brent (The Green Mile) as Aunt Stella, Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) as Richie, Peter Horton (Children Of The Corn) as Joey, Marcie Barkin (The Republic Of Two) as Stacy, John Steadman (The Hills Have Eyes) as Sam, and Morgan Paull (Challenge Of The GoBots) as Gary Bially.

I want to start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the film and thought it was kind of a different take at the time for a sub-genre that didn’t really have the established rules yet. There are however some issues that I did have with the film that I will definitely be discussing. One of those is what is the deal with Aunt Stella? Did anyone else pick up on the creepy incest vibes that she sends off when she says she will only give him money if he gives her a back massage? I just thought that was such a weird element to throw in their out of nowhere, but it helps establish his first kill which he emulates from the films he watches which is clever. There were a lot of moments where they didn’t do enough to really explain anything because I thought they could have done more with Tim Thomerson’s character who gets caught doing cocaine by the female cop, but she forgives him cause she wants to sleep with him. The other thing is I don’t understand how Marilyn doesn’t put two and two together figuring out that Billy was the same guy who walked in on her in the shower with the homage to Psycho and the photographer she sees later on. He looks exactly the same which struck me oddly. I understand that you don’t want to copy Halloween which they also pay homage to in the film, but everything needs to make sense and you need to tie up loose ends. I loved all of the kill scenes and the different ways he did it with some not being too horror like, but I also loved what Dennis Christopher brought to the table with his acting in the film. He definitely was the star of the film for sure and he nailed every emotion because you could feel his pain. Fade To Black is a really good film that is available on Shudder so check it out, but for now I am giving the film an B+ for a final grade.

candy-corn-slideI always look forward to the Halloween season because not only do we get awesome costumes, decor, and candy, but we get some great horror films that come out just in time to enjoy. The film that I chose for today came to my attention after discovering that Pancho Moler (Rob Zombie’s 31) was starring in it so I had to check out Candy Corn. Every year, this group of bullies in a small town  decide to haze the local outcast in Jacob Atkins (Nate Chaney) and they’ve been doing it every year for a long time. This year is a little different because Jacob now works for the carnival, but what is different is the bullies take it too far and they kill Jacob. Thanks to Dr. Death (Moler), he is brought back to life to seek vengeance on those that wronged him. The film also stars PJ Soles (John Carpenter’s Halloween) as Marcy Taylor, Courtney Gains (Children Of The Corn) as Sheriff Bradford, Tony Todd (Candyman) as Bishop Gate, Sky Elobar (The Rocker) as Gus, Caleb Thomas (Modern Family) as Bobby,  Madison Russ (Star Trek: Renegades) as Carol, Matt O’Neill (Coffin 2) as Chet, Jaime Gallagher (Holidays) as Shirley, Justin Mabry (Stranger Things) as Deputy Conrad, and the film was written and directed by Josh Hasty (In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn: The Making of 31).

Candy-Corn-Dr.-Death-and-Mask-660x308I love checking out new horror films from lesser known talents because I just feel that sometimes they are better than the big time Hollywood  films. This was a really good horror film that I think everyone needs to check out because this film has everything you would want from a horror film. For example, it has a great cast of yesteryear’s horror greats like Todd, Gains, & Soles all playing the adults in this film to your prototype horror story of a kid whop gets bullied, dies, and is resurrected to correct the wrongs. The young cast was great as well, but one of the real stars of the film was Pancho Moler who took on this punk rock, F**k everybody kind of attitude of us against the world or I should say freaks vs the world and it was great. He did an amazing job from the first minute we see him to the very last minute that we see him and that is just a testament to how good Pancho really is. You can’t talk about a horror film without addressing the one obvious question on everyone’s minds and that is how were the kill scenes in the film? Some of the kill scenes were really creative and must see to believe, but the one thing that I liked is that even though he is dead and brought back to life, it looks like he struggles to rip out the spine and I liked that about this film. Too many times we are given guys that without even hesitating can rip your spine out no problem, but at least this film made it look more real and more engaging of a moment. As I said before, I really enjoyed the film and I look forward to his future projects. I am giving the film an A- for a final grade.

new orderOne of my all time favorite and most underrated thrash metal bands of all time is the mighty Testament. There a band that while they may have gone through their trials and tribulations are still standing tall to this very day and that is why I love them. I remember as a kid, my brothers always tried to engrave in my head that one of the best Testament records is the band’s sophomore release The New Order which was released on May 5, 1988. While I do agree with them on that statement, I realized the other day that I had not yet covered the album for the album of the week and it’s this week’s album. The band at the time of the release was made up of Chuck Billy (Vocals), Alex Skolnick (Lead Guitar), Eric Peterson (Rhythm Guitar), Greg Christian (Bass), and Louie Clemente (Drums). The album did pretty well for the band as it established them on the scene as it peaked at number 136 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts, but obviously the follow up is what broke them through on the Thrash scene. Alex Skolnick talked about the record to Metal Injection saying, “We barely got done with our first couple of tours on that first album cycle when we were informed we have to have another album, soon! […] We got spooked in a way, because we never had to come up with music on the fly. […] By the time we finally recorded the album, we neglected to look at our recording contract. We actually had it in our contract that there’s a minimum of 40 minutes of music, and we clocked in under that! […] Our album was promptly sent back…we added the Aerosmith tune, we added those little instrumentals, we extended a couple of sections…that was all done so we wouldn’t be in breach of contract.”

new order back1. Eerie Inhabitants– The track slowly fades in with some eerie wind and thunder sounds while Skolnick and Peterson lead us in with some amazing clean channel guitar work before the track launches forward. I feel like the track is talking about how there are those who toil with life while other suffer and to them life is a game. 4.5/5

2. The New Order– Skolnick opens up the track shredding away in this amazing track that tackles the idea of the New World Order. 5/5

3. Trial By Fire– One of the best tracks on the album that is supercharged and in your face as I believe Chuck Billy is singing about a man who is accused of a crime he has not committed. Some believe that just because of the band’s name that there is a religious connotation to it, but I am not buying that. 5/5

4. Into The Pit– a thrash classic that has that in your face mentality that we love from that era and it features an incredible solo work from Skolnick in a track that could be talking about hell or moshpits. 5/5

5. Hypnosis– the first of two instrumental tracks on the album and a very cool one. 4/5

6. Disciples of the Watch-a very cool thrash song that I believe is about the film Children Of The Corn, but I could be wrong. This is probably one of the best Testament songs in their catalog in my opinion along with Souls Of Black and Perilous Nation. 5/5

Testament-The_New_Order-CD7. The Preacher– Nostradamus is a very popular figure in metal and he first gets his due in this all out metal assault that could be about him or someone who possessed the visions like he did. Chuck Billy also has a unique pitch in this track when he screams out The Preacher that I had not heard before. 4/5

8. Nobody’s Fault– A last minute addition to the album as the band chose this Aerosmith song to cover and I actually dig it, but my only criticism of it is Billy trying to do rock vocals on the track.  4.5/5

9. A Day of Reckoning– This is the last track on the album to feature vocals and they get a little political on this one as he sings about how the president literally controls our destiny and safety in the times of the cold war. Another track that features some solid guitar work from the duo and an amazing solo from Skolnick. 5/5

10. Musical Death (A Dirge)– The last track on the album and it’s an instrumental to finish things out. The track showcases what the band was capable of and why they belonged on the scene. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– In my opinion, this is one of the best albums the band ever recorded besides Practice What You Preach although I rank this one a little higher. My favorite tracks on the album are Disciples Of The Watch, Into The Fire, and Trial By Fire. My least favorite track on the album is The Preacher and Hypnosis, but I don’t hate the tracks. It’s just not my favorite of the bunch. I am giving the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.

predatorIt has been quite some time since the very last Tuesday Night Fights and after covering last week’s Ass Whoopin Wednesdays film, I was inspired to review one more Arnold Schwarzenegger film. To be in a Tuesday Night Fights, our hero has to be facing a villain or just another opponent and that can definitely be said about today’s fight which features Arnold taking on an alien life form in a modern day retelling of The Most Dangerous Game in the form of 1987’s Predator. Some US soldiers have gone missing int he jungles of Latin America and after Dillon (Car Weathers) convinces Arnold, they bring a new team of Commandos deep into the jungles for an excursion that may just be deadlier and stranger than they ever expected. The film also stars Jesse Ventura (WWE Legend) as Blain, Bill Duke (Commando) as Mac, Elpidia Carrillo (Seven Pounds) as Anna, Sonny Landham (Best of The Best II) as Billy, Richard Chaves (Witness) as Poncho, Shane Black (The Hunt For The Red October) as Hawkins, R.G. Armstrong (Children Of The Corn) as Gen. Phillips, Kevin Peter Hall (Harry And The Hendersons) as The Predator, and the film was directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard).

TNF The Predator 1The team is absolutely clueless for a while as to what is going on because they only see a trail of blood and they know it bleeds because they were able to get one shot on it. At one point in the film, the Predator has wiped just about everyone and Anna, Dutch (Arnold), and Hawkins are left, but Poncho is wounded bad. Anna goes to pick up Poncho weapon, but Arnold gets hit in the arm with the laser saving her from getting involved in the film. He tells her to get to the chopper and he slides down a mountain into a water fall. The Predator is behind him, but he cannot see Dutch because Dutch is wet and covered in mud which hides him from the Predator’s heat seeking abilities. After the Predator leaves, this gives Dutch time to set up camp and set up booby traps for our alien counterpart. Dutch decides that he is going to try and beat the Predator at his own game from high in the trees while distracting him with heat to lure him in. The Predator is lured and Dutch is able to avoid him, but as soon as he hits him with an arrow, it destroys his ability to be invisible, but it ticks him off completely.

TNF The Predator 2It ticks him off to the point that he just starts blasting everything in sight and Arnold (Dutch) is hurt. It didn’t matter much though because he was able to regroup and he was able to hurt the Predator a little bit with a spear that knocked him off his perch leaving a trail of blood for Dutch to follow. After failing to realize that he was following a trap, he tries to escape the attack, but lands in the water losing his mud camouflage. The Predator quickly catches up to him and slams him against a rock where he starts examining his skull and he is amazed by it. He lets go and he walks a little bit away from Arnold, but he begins to remove his weapons almost as if this is the fight he has always wanted and he’s going to make it fair. Arnold tries to hit him with a branch, but it busts over his arm and Arnold gets launched backwards by a huge backhand. As Arnold tries to backtrack, the Predator catches him and gets a punch in the face from Arnold and it has no effect. He then begins to pummel Arnold with some fists of his own leaving Arnold wondering what in the hell is he facing.

TNF The Predator 3The Predator continues his absolute assault of Arnold with some vicious blows as Arnold crawls away and by doing this he almost lures the Predator into the trap he set up. Unfortunately, the Predator sees it coming and he avoids it, but it doesn’t matter because Arnold has one trick left up his sleeve which is the giant log that hangs above the Predator. He kicks away the thing that was holding it in the air and it smashes right into the Predator. As Arnold tries to rest thinking it’s over, the log starts to move so he grabs a big rock, but when he comes over he notices that the Predator is hurt real badly. So, he drops the rock, but there is one minor problem as he wonders what in the hell the Predator is. The Predator begins to enter a sequence into a contraption on his arm which turns out to be a self destruct mode which gives Arnold little time to escape, but in the end he makes it. The overall fight lasted most of the film, but the final showdown between Arnold and Kevin Peter Hall (The Predator) lasted for about 14 total minutes with Arnold being the winner as The Predator tapped out by self destruct. I’m definitely excited for the new Predator movie that is in the works because I have always loved these films.

hardbodiesSince last week’s Cheeseball Cinema film, I decided that I should keep going instead of doing it just one time and I have another good one for you guys this week. The name of today’s film is Hardbodies and it’s an 80’s instructional video on how to pick up chicks at a beach. Well, I am just kidding, but the film stars Grant Cramer (Killer Klowns From Outer Space) as Scotty, a hip and cool California beach kid. Three older guys Hunter (Gary Wood), Ashby (Sorrells Pickard), and Rounder (Michael Rapport) are having a hard time picking up ladies. One day, they see Scotty doing it and they want him to teach them the ways of picking up hardbodies (gorgeous beach girls). Everything is going great for all of them until Hunter puts a move on Scotty’s girl Kristi (Teal Roberts). Now he has to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. The film also stars Courtney Gains (Children Of The Corn) as Rad, Cindy Silver as Kimberly, Kristi Somers (Rumble Fish) as Michelle, Crystal Shaw Martell (Hard Rock Zombies) as Candy, Darcy DeMoss (Can’t Buy Me Love) as Dede, Kane Hodder (Friday The 13TH Part VII) as Older Geek, Kathleen Kinmont (Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers) as Pretty Skater, and the film was directed by Mark Griffiths (Hardbodies 2).

The Girls Of HardbodiesAs you can see from above, the film featured a lot of who’s who of actors from the horror genre like Kathleen Kinmont and Kane Hodder (he’s briefly in the film). It also featured a lot of the actors who kind of flew under the radar in the 80’s and 90’s being in cool movies and such. So, you’re probably wondering about what I thought about this film and the answer is simple. Unlike last week’s film which was just an excuse to show T&A with a horrible story and acting, this week’s film actually had a story, good acting, lots of T&A. There is enough T&A in this film to please anyone even Mr. Skin. The thing that got me was even though there were some cheesy sequences, there was some really good acting involved in this film and the story didn’t bore me to death. One of the other cool things about this film is the fact that they have 80’s all female rock band Vixen in the film as the band Hardbodies. I was looking through the cast on IMDB and saw the name Vixen on it and freaked. The soundtrack even features a few songs from the band on as well as Gerard McMahon (The Lost Boys). It was a fun film overall and I definitely recommend checking it out. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I would have to give the film an 2.5 because it wasn’t bad. Check it out on Youtube right now!!!

The Monster SquadThere are very few times where I go onto Netflix and I get super excited about wanting to watch a movie and the other day I noticed they had added a favorite of mine from the 1980’s. The other day I noticed that they added The Monster Squad, a film that came out in 1987 So I decided to watch it and review for Cheeseball Cinema. A group of kids led by their fearless leader Sean (Andre Gower) are obsessed with monsters and various horror films that they have their own club. Well one day, Dracula (Duncan Regehr) gets dropped into their little town and he is looking for a book that was written by Van Helsing (Jack Gwillim). You see the book provides a way for whoever possess it to destroy Dracula and his various monsters by having an amulet and a virgin read one of the spells or rituals. It just so happens that Sean possess that very book and so Dracula is on the hunt and it’s up to Sean and his Monster Squad to get the job done because no one else believes them. The film also stars Robby Kiger (Children Of The Corn) as Patrick, Stephen Macht (Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift) as Del, Tom Noonan (Last Action Hero) as Frankenstein’s Monster, Brent Chalem (Moving Violations) as Horace (The Fat Kid), Ryan Lambert (Freeze Frame) as Rudy, Ashley Bank (The Haunted) as Phoebe, Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years) as E.J., and the film was directed by Fred Dekker (RoboCop 3).

monster squad 2This was definitely one of my favorite films, but at the same time there is a lot of things about the movie that was a little cheesy. We could go on and on about how many goofs there were in this film like the obvious flying bats around Dracula that are clearly being done by puppeteers. There’s the scenes where there is dialogue, but nobody’s lips or are moving or the error where they call the monster Frankenstein even though they identified him earlier in the film as Frankenstein’s Monster. I do however love the ode to the original classic where Frankenstein’s Monster approaches Phoebe who is picking flowers by the lake. That was a very nice touch to the film that also has some dark tones to it as well. The film back in it’s time was rated PG-13 and rightfully so, but how many kids went to see this and didn’t realize all of the adult tones to it. For example, Sean’s parents are going through some troubles and they talk about divorce with their son or the fact that she has her bags packed and ready to go in one scene. How bout the fact that Dracula throws dynamite into the clubhouse and literally tells Sean’s father Del that he is going to kill his son. To top that off, he picks up little Phoebe and tells her, “give me the amulet you bitch.” That is some pretty heavy stuff for such a film. No matter what as I said, I really love this film and all that makes it as cheesy and fun as the 80’s were. This film is proof of what was great about the 80’s more than any other decade in my opinion. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am giving this film a 2 for a final grade.

The Beast WithinI have been on a fix lately when it comes to what movies I see and it’s for the fact that I want to watch every film released in the year 1982. In my quest to watch every film released the year I was born, I stumbled upon this horror flick known as The Beast Within and it’s today’s Cheeseball Cinema flick.The year is 1965 in a small town in Mississippi and Eli (Ronny Cox) and Caroline MacCleary (Bibi Besch) are newlyweds driving on their honeymoon when something happens to his car. Eli runs to a local gas station for help, but his wife who was left behind was raped by a beast and left for dead. 17 Years later, the couples son Michael (Paul Clemens) is going through some weird changes that lead all of the back to that small Mississippi town. Weird things are happening in the town and people are winding up dead all around. Is Michael the killer or has someone come back to finish the job one and for all? The film also stars Don Gordon (Bullitt) as Judge Curwin, R.G. Armstrong (Children Of The Corn) as Doc Schoonmaker, Katherine Moffat (Spy Hard) as Amanda, L.Q. Jones (Casino) as Sheriff Pool, John Dennis Johnston (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) as Horace Platt, Luke Askew (Cool Hand Luke) as Dexter Ward, Meshach Taylor (Mannequin) as Deputy Herbert, Ron Soble (True Grit) as Tom Law, and the film was directed by Philippe Mora (Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf).

beast 5So I have to say right off the bat that this wasn’t that bad of a horror film to watch, but it’s confusing in a way. The film stylistically is very similar to other horror films of the time both in the way it looked, felt, and sounded. The music to the film was very similar to that of the score of any early Friday The 13TH film and believe me I checked, both were not down by the same person. Les Baxter did the score for this film while Friday The 13TH was done by Harry Manfredini so it could be safe to say that they may have copied his style. The part that is confusing is that you think the women is being attacked by a werewolf, but we never know for sure. Later on in the film, her son starts to transform into something that I have no idea what to call it. The film is kind of divided into three nights once Michael starts to transform and the last night or 30 minutes of the film are the best the film has to offer. Some of the kills before hand are pretty good while some are just ok, but it is a very solid horror film that I enjoyed watching. The transformation scene that the trailer for the film talks about is actually cool while at the same time a little goofy cause it looks like he’s turning into an insect creature, but that was the special effects for the early 80’s. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood Film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 2.3 for a final grade.