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d3eaf831-21f6-48c5-bc49-f391b8064315Dari Argento is one of my favorite directors that whenever I see a film of his somewhere I have to watch it. He has created some amazing films like Opera, Phenomena, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, and so many more with plenty that I still have to see. In 2018, Amazon Studios put out a remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria and unfortunately it was not showing anywhere in time for last years 31 Days Of Halloween so I present it to you all for this year. The remake was directed by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) and it stars Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades Of Grey) as Susie, a girl from a small town in Ohio who escapes to cold war Berlin to join a world famous dance ballet group. Something strange is happening though as darkness overtakes the group as all have to face reckoning. Some will succumb and some will survive as the film also stars Chloë Grace Moretz (Carrie) as Patricia, Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange) as Madame Blanc and Dr. Klemperer, Angela Winkler (The Tin Drum) as Miss Tanner, Elena Fokina (Blush) as Olga, Mia Goth (A Cure For Welness) as Sara, Alek Wek (The Four Feathers) as Miss Millius, Sylvie Testud (La Vie en Rose) as Miss Griffith, and Fabrizia Sacchi (Paz!) as Pavla.

suspiriaFirst of all, I have to give credit where credit is due because Tilda Swinton did triple duty in this film as she played three characters with one being the head of the school in Madame Blanc, she plays the Doctor that Chloe’s character goes to see and is interested in investigating the school for witchcraft, and then she plays another “teacher/witch” in the film. I thought that this was actually a very well done film that kept the suspense going for the whole film and then they throw a huge twist at the end that just blows your mind. The film is very psychological and artsy and that is where it succeeds in my opinion because it’s very visceral and the imagery is what captures your attention as well. This was also what I think to be Dakota Johnson’s best role in a film yet as she clearly is the star of the show, but her connection with Tilda in the film is undeniable. In fact, Tilda should have won an award for this film because I had no idea that shew was the doctor in the film and it was convincing, The one thing I will say however is that I had an idea that he was either really old or it was someone with makeup on because he looked too odd. There is a moment when you get a little boob action from Dakota, but if you really want to see that kind of stuff then just watch the Fifty Shades saga. There are rumors that a second film could be in the works and I definitely look forward to it if it does happen.

71wrP9sh2IL._RI_There are certain sub-genres of horror that I enjoy watching a lot like Slasher horror or even Werewolf horror, but there is one sub-genre of horror that I love a lot. That sub-genre that I am talking about is the Vampire genre that for a little while was ruined by those stupid Twilight films. Well in 2010, writer/director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) took the 2008 film Låt den rätte komma in (translates to Let The Right One In) from Tomas Alfredson and he remade it for the American audience calling it Let Me In. The film follows a bullied 12 year old boy by the name of Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who one day meets the very strange, but interesting Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) who has just moved in next door. He soon finds out that Abby is not like other girls as people in town are dying and being drained of their blood, but he falls in love with her. The film also stars Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers) as The Father, Cara Buono (Stranger Things) as Owens Mother,  Elias Koteas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as The Policeman, Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why) as Kenny, Ritchie Coster (The Dark Knight) as Mr. Zoric, Sasha Barrese (The Hangover) as Virginia, and Dylan Kenin (Sicario) as Larry.

download (3)Let Me In is an excellent film that starts off in the present, goes into the past, and then works it’s way through the present. Kodi Smit-McPhee deserves a lot of credit for his performance in the film playing a bullied child that is sort of struggling with reality until he meets Abby who doesn’t have a lot of experience with things unless that was her way of luring him in. Even though she would be considered an evil being because she is a vampire there is an innocence to her because she is only doing what she knows. Dylan Minnette goes from playing the bully in this film to being the bullied one in 13 Reasons Why and for a bully they gave him a douchey haircut. He does an amazing job playing a sadistic bully who just wants to hurt the weak and Kodi’s character is just that until Abby teaches him to stand up for himself. The film has a dark tone to it throughout because it has that feel of hopelessness like no one in this town is in a good situation and that maybe things are bleak. It’s like a sign of things that are about to come for this poor town. The makeup department does a great job with each character and especially with Richard Jenkins and his acid destroyed face. One of the other things I liked about the film is that they treat the rules of Vampire horror like their an urban myth. What do they mean and what happens if we don’t follow the typical vampire rules like you have to invite me in first before I can come in. One thing that I did not know was that it snowed in New Mexico considering how south the state is, but you learn something new through film. If you’re looking for an awesome vampire horror flick that is not like your typical vampire flick then you need to watch this one. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade and now I need to watch the original.

the equalizerThere have been tons of long awaited sequels announced, reboots, re-imaginings, and remakes that run rampant throughout Hollywood, but most are not as good as today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday flick. The film is called The Equalizer and it stars the incredible Denzel Washington (Training Day) as Robert McCall, a man who thinks he has retired from a certain life that we don’t know about and is trying to move on with a quite life. That is until he meets a young woman named Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) who is on the wrong side of the tracks in her life as she is being run by a brutal Russian mob. One day, Robert notices that something has happened to the young Teri and he comes out of retirement to evoke the set of skills he was given to serve one hell of a dish of Vengeance on the Russian Mob. The film also stars Marton Csokas (XXX) as Teddy, David Harbour (End Of Watch) as Masters, Haley Bennett (Marley & Me) as Mandy, Bill Pullman (Independence Day) as Brian Plummer, Melissa Leo (The Fighter) as Susan Plummer, David Meunier (Justified) as Slavi, Johnny Skourtis (The Return Of King Hippo) as Ralphie, Alex Veadov (We Own The Night) as Tevi, and the film was directed by Antoine Fuqua (Shooter). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s take a look at some of the stats.

equalizer stats











equalizerThis was one of my favorite action movies from 2014 and once again Denzel is an absolute bad ass in the vein of what Liam Neeson was in Taken. Of course, everyone is going to be making comparisons between the two films, but each deserves their own credit as both films are fantastic. Denzel plays this guy who is very clean cut, no BS, and no excuses kind of guy who like a flick of the switch is an absolute killing machine. Before I went to the movies to see this, I didn’t know that the film was done in Boston which added an extra element to the film for me, but it could have been done anywhere and I still would have liked it. The film has all of the prototypical 80’s action movie shots with one being Denzel walking with explosions happening in the background and another being him walking through the rain looking like a badass action hero or the angel of death from the victim’s perspective. The stats are pretty self explanatory as he gets 37 kills, we don’t really know who he really is besides being someone who may have worked for the government, and he goes on the mission of vengeance to help Chloe’s character. Some of the kill scenes in this film are pretty clever and it’s almost like they competing against Taken for most creative ways to kill people. Nevertheless, someone is going to pissed at that last statement because you know violence is bad. Do not try any of this at home. The film is available online to watch and on DVD so I suggest watching this if you are a fan of action movies and a fan of Denzel Washington who is an amazing actor. I am going to give the film five fists out of five for a final grade.

220px-Kick-Ass_2_International_PosterFor today’s Super Sunday film, I wanted to go a little outside the Marvel/DC world even though this film’s comic book belongs to an imprint of Marvel. When Kick Ass the film was released in 2010, it took the world by storm introducing us to a couple of teens who decided to dress up as superheroes in order to make a difference in New York City. Well, Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) return for the sequel, but things are a little different now. Mindy (Hit Girl) is now living with her legal guardian Marcus(Morris Chestnut) (he was Big Daddy’s friend and partner in the police force) and he is trying to get her to live a normal life which means no more Hit Girl. Meanwhile, Kick Ass joins up with a league of superheroes to form Justice Forever, a group to stop crime and injustice in the city, but they have a bigger issue on their hands. You see Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) or Red Mist from the first film wants to be the first criminal to become a real super villain so that he can get some revenge on Kick Ass for killing his father and he changes his name to be The Mother F***er. The film also stars Jim Carrey (Dumb And Dumber To) as Colonel Stars And Stripes, Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine) as Marty/Battle Guy,  Donald Faison (Clueless) as Doctor Gravity, John Leguizamo (The Pest) as Javier, Lindy Booth (Cry Wolf) as Night Bitch, Robert Emms (War Horse) as Insect Man, Tony Wu (Shanghai Knights) as Genghis Carnage, Claudia Lee (Hart Of Dixie) as Brooke, Augustus Prew (Charlie St. Cloud) as Ass-Kicker, Daniel Kaluuya (Johnny English Reborn) as Black Death, and the film was directed by Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf).

movies-kick-ass-2-christopher-mintz-plasseThe film almost didn’t get any good press when Jim Carrey had announced that he wasn’t going to promote it due to all the violence in the film as it was filmed right before the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. Carrey stated, “I did Kick-Ass a month before Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence. My apologies to others involved with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.” Moretz fired back at the comedy legend stating this at the time of promotion, “It’s a movie. If you are going to believe and be affected by an action film, you shouldn’t go to see Pocahontas because you are going to think you are a Disney Princess. If you are that easily swayed, you might see The Silence of the Lambs and think you are a serial killer. It’s a movie and it’s fake, and I’ve known that since I was a kid… I don’t want to run around trying to kill people and cuss. If anything, these movies teach you what not to do.” I personally thought the film was pretty bad ass and even though it does contain a lot of violence, the film is entertaining. It has the right amount of drama and action with all the sub plots covered in the writing. What was always great about the comic book and these films is that no one here has superpowers, they are just regular people who decided to step up and fight for what they believe in. The comic book series was done published by Icon which is an imprint of Marvel and there was a third Kick Ass Comic book series released so I am wondering if there will be a third Kick Ass movie. Even though this one didn’t make as much money as the first one, it still made a considerable amount. I am going to give the sequel an B+ for a final grade.

CarrieFor last years Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I covered the remake of Carrie that had Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick Ass) as the title role of Carrie. I know a lot of people have been outraged at the latest wave of remakes that have swept the nation and I for one should have known there could only ever be one actress that played the role created by Stephen King. That girl of course was the beautiful and amazing Sissy Spacek (Cole Miner’s Daughter), a girl that is so out of touch with everything that is going on in life that she is picked on by the popular girls in school. One day after Sue Snell (Amy Irving), Chris Hargensen (Nancy Allen), Norma (PJ Soles), and others laugh at Carrie during an incident, they are all punished. Sue then decides that her boyfriend Tommy (William Katt) should be the one to take Carrie to the prom in hopes that it would make up for what she did. The only problem is that Chris felt otherwise and with the help of her boyfriend Billy Nolan (John Travolta), they have plans to spoil all the fun for Carrie. The film also stars Piper Laurie (Hesher) as the religious fanatic Margaret White, Betty Buckley (Frantic) as Ms. Collins, Priscilla Pointer (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors) as Mrs. Snell, and the film was directed by Brian De Palma (Scarface).

sissyThere are elements of the remake that people will probably enjoy and yeah things are updated, but this film is the real deal. The list of actors that are in this film are phenomenal. John Travolta went on to have an amazing career for himself while Nancy Allen went on to star in the Robocop series and Sissy Spacek is well Sissy Spacek. She played the role of Carrie like no other. You could see in her every movement that she was hurting to be accepted even though she knew it was a pipe dream and and the awkwardness of an outcast teen couldn’t have been played any better. Piper Laurie played the role of her religious nut of a mother perfectly which was the perfect blueprint for Julianne Moore to take it to the next level. This film was literally a springboard for so many young actors looking to cut their teeth in Hollywood much like the remake tried to do, but you can’t beat the magic of the original. I read an article on WordPress and reblogged it where it explains that Sissy Spacek suggested that she be buried so that she could stick out her hand in the final moments of the film. That is so awesome and something I’m sure the studio was against at the time. I am going to give the original an A for a final grade.

carrieI know what you are all thinking or what you thought when you heard there was another Carrie movie out because I did the same thing. I thought why do they have to make another Carrie remake because the original is where it’s at. The film stars Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick Ass) as the very shy and outcast Carrie White. Carrie is picked on by everyone because of how different she is and one day it goes a little too far. Carrie doesn’t realize that she is having her period and so the girls at the school make fun of her and even filmed it. One girl by the name of Chris (Portia Doubleday) takes a little too far by posting the video online for the world to see. Because of her actions she is forced to miss the prom which sets her off. Meanwhile, Carrie discovers that she has telekinetic powers, but she can’t tell her overprotective, super religious nut of a mother (Julianne Moore). One of the girls responsible for the earlier incident I mentioned named Sue (Gabriella Wilde) feels bad and makes here boyfriend Tommy (Ansel Elgort) take her to the prom to make up for what she did. They just don’t realize what is coming next. The film also stars Zoë Belkin (The Story Of Luke) as Tina, Judy Greer (13 Going On 30) as Ms. Desjardin, Barry Shabaka Henley (Collateral) as Principal Morton, Karissa and Katie Strain (Mr. Viral) as Nicki and Lizzy, Alex Russell (Chronicle) as Billy.

carrie 2I really have to say that I think Kimberly Peirce (Stop-Loss) did an amazing job with the film because I really enjoyed this from beginning to end. I also wanted to say that I think Julianne Moore was absolutely brilliant and she was very convincing in playing a woman that was absolutely disillusioned by her own faith. She played the role with so much conviction that I am honestly thinking about giving her the MVP award of the film. She was good In Don Jon, but this was just brilliant. But I am also giving the MVP award to Chloe because she re-invented the role of Carrie while staying somewhat true to the original, but she added an extra touch. When Carrie was getting picked on, you could feel her pain and that was how convincing Chloe was. The special effects were off the hook especially when Carrie loses it during the prom and it’s obvious because of how far technology has come from the original film to this one. The original film and story was an empowering tool for women’s rights back in the 70’s, but kids will not realize that when they see this. You may be shocked by my grade for this film, but I really don’t care because I loved it and that is why it gets an A-


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Everyone always watches any of the MTV award shows for the opening sequences because those are the make or break sequences that will tell you how the night will be. So, Rebel Wilson was named the host of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and I had high hopes because she actually is funny. The opening sequence which featured James Franco travelling to Australia to tell Rebel that she was chosen started the night off on the right foot. She was presented with the Iron Mangina suit and she flew to the awards where she performed with her Pitch Perfect cast in an amazing performance. Right when Rebel picked up the mic to talk to everyone, it suddenly became awkward where people were not laughing at her jokes right away and it was painful. Melissa McCarthy was the first presenter and her jokes were awful and that was an extremely awkward moment as well.

aa2As the show went on, the presenters were better as Rebel was still trying to figure out what she had to do to get a laugh. She eventually started to roll with her best bit which was the parodies of Les Miserable, Life Of Pi, and Magic Mike. Will Ferrell’s acceptance speech was priceless as he deservedly won the Comedic Genius award. The very beautiful Aubrey Plaza had her moment with Will Ferrell when she tried to take his award and she randomly sat back down. Rebel was a victim of another awkward moment when she won the Breakthrough performer award and the timing with Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, and Danny McBride just went terribly wrong. Selena Gomez had one of the best performances of the night in her sexy Indian outfit. The best announcement came at the end of the night when the director of The Avengers announced that Avengers 2 will come out in 2015 Overall, I am going to give the night a C+ because of all the awkward silent, missed joke moments of the night and there were many.

The Winners:

Best Male Performance: Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Kiss: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Lining Playbook)

Summers Biggest Teen Badass: Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick Ass 2)

MTV Trailblazer Award: Emma Watson

Comedic Genius Award: Will Ferrell

MTV Generation Award: Jamie Foxx

Best Fight: Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner vs. Tom Hiddleston, the Chitauri, and a nuclear missile (The Avengers)

Best WTF Moment: Candieland Gets Smoked, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained)

MTV Breakthrough Performance: Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect)

MTV Best Shirtless Performance: Taylor Lautner (Twilight: Breaking Dawn)

Best Villain: Tom Hiddelston (The Avengers)

Best Hero Performance: Martin Freeman (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)

Best Musical Moment: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, and Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect)

Movie Of The Year: Marvel’s The Avengers

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