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I had a lot of fun doing this countdown to Christmas for all of you guys as we shared some funny videos, songs, and other things as well. I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone all around the world a very Merry Christmas. I hope that you are taking the time to spend time with the ones you love because that is what this day is about. I also hope that everyone received everything they asked for as far as Christmas presents are concerned. I have a little Christmas present for all of you metal heads out there in the form of a song. What happens when you take one of the biggest voices of metal and match him together with one of the godfathers of metal? Well, you get a collaboration between Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. The two got together for a project called Metal X-Mas and they did the song God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. So sit back, relax, and rock out with some killer Christmas music from a couple of legends. Merry Christmas everyone.

Early in 2015, the wrestling world and it’s fans lost one of it’s most beloved figures in legend Rowdy Roddy Piper who was one of the great personalities wrestling ever had. Well while I was cruising through the internet super highway, I discovered this video Caroling With Roddy Piper courtesy of Uproxx that was produced by Royal Canadian Air Farce, a comedy group from Canada. The video features Roddy Piper doing his own version of the 12 Days Of Christmas with a big fan. The beginning of the video will entice you to stay and watch as Piper is so warm in his greeting. The video is hilarious as you don’t know what to expect, but when you see it, it’s definitely classic Piper at his best. There is only one day until Christmas as today is Christmas Eve so let’s enjoy it with the Late Roddy Piper.

murray christmasThere is only five days until Christmas (including today) and that means we have another countdown to Christmas post for all of you. For today’s post, I turned to one of the most legendary figures of comedy of the last 30 plus years in Bill Murray (Stripes, Ghostbusters, etc.) and his Netflix original special A Very Murray Christmas. Int he special, Bill Murray finds himself having the Christmas blues as he is to perform live for an audience. The thing he is worried about is that no one will show up to help him on his special. With the help of some new friends and some great Christmas music, they’ll pass the time and worries. The special features appearances from Paul Shaffer, Maya Rudolf, Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Lewis, Rashida Jones, David Johansen, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, and so many more.

murray.pngThis is definitely a must see special for any fans of Bill Murray and/or Christmas because it’s unique and different than what we usually get around this time. You’ll see in the special that Bill isn’t really that bad of a singer as he can handle his own with someone like Maya Rudolf who has some pipes to her. Maya really impressed me a lot with her rendition of Christmas Baby Please Come Home. I never really was a huge fan of David Johansen and his singing ability, but I get why he is there (the guy is legendary after all). He does change my mind a little during a huge rendition of Fairytale Of New York. Bill Murray is a master at what he does and you guys need to check this out and Miley Cyrus even makes an appearance in the special. She does a pretty good rendition of Silent Night that let’s you remember why we thought she had talent in the first place. The special is available as we speak on Netflix right now, but to entice you a little more I am providing a trailer for all of you to check out. I am giving the special an A for a final grade.

For today’s Countdown to Christmas track, we are seeking some help from a very funny Late Night host and a legend of the punk rock world. Henry Rollins, the legendary member of punk rock legends Black Flag went on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert back on December 16TH. He went on the show to help promote a new film that Rollins stars in called He Never Died where he plays a cannibalistic loner that has to protect everyone. Right after that, he participated in a little Christmas fun with Colbert even though he doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Rollins explains, “I’m not anti-Christmas. I’m not at war with Christmas. I am a microwave solo act in my utilitarian man-box in Los Angeles for Christmas. Food from the store goes into the microwave, I eat it, I listen to records and curse the darkness.” While Colbert traditionally sings the Carol Of The Bells, Rollins will interject a little punk rock flavor into it.  Check out A Very Rollins Christmas below:


kingI just wanted to wish everyone a Merry and Safe Christmas because after all the countdown is over and it’s officially Christmas Day. So to help celebrate the fact that it’s Christmas Day, I figured we would hear a little music from the King. No not that King, I’m talking about King F***** Diamond! King wrote a Christmas song and the song is just perfect in every way from starting like it’s going to be a happy Christmas song to all of a sudden your world gets turned upside down and there’s No Presents For Christmas. So, what are you waiting for, rock out with the King and open up some presents that I bet you did get unless you were that bad this year. Enjoy, be safe, and Merry Christmas from Moshpits And Movies!!!

santa lemmyAs you all know, it’s Christmas Eve which means that Christmas is tomorrow and you’ll be busy opening your presents, but until then let’s continue with the countdown. Today, we are turning up the tempo from yesterday and we are continuing on the theme of celebrating Lemmy Kilmister’s birthday today with his performance of Run Run Rudolph. The song not only features the great Lemmy, but Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) joins Lemmy as well in an awesome rock and roll rendition of the Chuck Berry classic. It’s a great rock song to help you get in the mood for partying, wrapping presents, or just about anything else you would do on Christmas Eve. So, check out the track, get in the mood, and wish Lemmy a Happy Birthday!!!


This may be one of the most unlikely of covers, but it’s definitely one that makes sense for Countdown To Christmas as I call today Christmas Eve Eve. The big day to celebrate is only two days away and I wanted to have a more serious song for the countdown. The band is called Mass and they are local legends from Boston, Massachusetts that have been rocking out since the 80’s. I was able to interview the singer Louis St. August at one time and not only is he an amazing singer, but a great guy as well. Louis chops get challenged as Mass decided to cover the Faith Hill (originally written by Mariah Carey) classic Where Are You Christmas and I have to say that Louis gives her a run for her money on the track. The band also does an amazing job converting the song into a rock classic that headbangers and rockers can groove to. Hopefully everyone has gotten their shopping done so that you are not stuck doing it tomorrow on Christmas Eve cause after all you have to enjoy music like this. Check it out below and visit the bands website at