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Early in 2015, the wrestling world and it’s fans lost one of it’s most beloved figures in legend Rowdy Roddy Piper who was one of the great personalities wrestling ever had. Well while I was cruising through the internet super highway, I discovered this video Caroling With Roddy Piper courtesy of Uproxx that was produced by Royal Canadian Air Farce, a comedy group from Canada. The video features Roddy Piper doing his own version of the 12 Days Of Christmas with a big fan. The beginning of the video will entice you to stay and watch as Piper is so warm in his greeting. The video is hilarious as you don’t know what to expect, but when you see it, it’s definitely classic Piper at his best. There is only one day until Christmas as today is Christmas Eve so let’s enjoy it with the Late Roddy Piper.

Andy Rehfeldt has been remaking songs by famous artists and he has been turning them either into metal versions, death metal versions, etc. He has remade songs from Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, and he even turned a Dimmu Borgir song into a Radio Disney friendly version. Now, Andy Rehfeldt is tackling Christmas music and since there are now only five days (includes today) days until Christmas, I am giving you his death metal version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer song that was made famous by Bing Crosby. Most of the time I can’t understand a single word or sentence that he sings, but when you finally recognize it, it’s actually pretty cool. Who would’ve thought that Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer would make for a great Death Metal song? He also took the time to record an original track with Bördi singing the vocals. Imagine if Bing Crosby was still alive to hear this, I wonder what he would say? The song much like all of his other songs are accompanied with videos that make you believe the original artist is singing in the style that Andy is. Check it out below and remember Hail Santa Metalheads!!!!

hail santaI think I missed the memo because so many parodies of Christmas songs are turning up on the internet and a lot of these parodies are amazing. Yesterday on Countdown To Christmas, we had a parody of Black Metal legends Immortal turned into the Christmas song Immortal Christmas. With today included in the calculations, there are only six more days until Christmas and I have a new parody video to keep you occupied for at least tonight. The Wagoner Brothers (Dan and Jack) took the classic Year Zero song from one of my favorite spooky satanist bands Ghost BC and they turned it into a Christmas parody called Hail Santa. The original track begins with the band with the band singing “Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer” and in this track they masterfully change it to all the names of the Santa’s reindeers which is hilarious. Not to mention the new chorus the Brothers provide goes “Hail Santa, Jolly Fellow” instead of “Hail Satan, Archangelo.” The best part of the song is the fact that brothers are able to recapture the way Papa Emeritus II sings which is soothing but at the same very creepy and eerie. This is definitely one of my new favorite parodies that I have heard. If you want to download the track, just click here. Otherwise check out the brothers work on Youtube here and check out the song below and remember Metalheads Hail Santa!!!

Including today, there is only seven more days until Christmas and to get you all pumped up for Christmas I am delivering some Christmas music rock or metal style. We have a really special Christmas song for all of you today because it comes from an unorthodox source. The Sock Puppet Parody is a group that creates parody videos and songs with sock puppets and last month they released a parody of Slayer’s Raining Blood with Raining Bleach. For today’s video, they dive into Black Metal as they Hail Santa with Black Metal Legends Immortal as their inspiration for the song Immortal Christmas. One of the best things about the video is that it is done very well and even though you may not get any real crab walk you will thoroughly enjoy it. Check out the video below and don’t forget that it’s Hail Santa Metalheads!!!! For more info on the group, check them out on Twitter or visit their Youtube page.

The countdown to Christmas may have started back on Black Friday, but for me it doesn’t officially start until about 8 days which is all we have left till Christmas Day. Since The Interview is not going to be showing on Christmas Day anymore, I figured I would give you something to look forward to besides opening your presents. I am going to post some amazing Christmas videos or songs all the way until Christmas Day so that we can get into the Christmas spirit metal or rock style. So, to get us started on our journey to jolliest day of the year, we have turned to one of the best parody bands in the world and let me say a band we wish we had in the 80’s (although, I’m happy they’re here now) in Steel Panther. The band just wrote and recorded a brand new Christmas song called The Stocking Song which has all the comedy you expect from the band complete with them playing Deck The Halls on the Kazoo. For example check out this lyric, “We love to spread the love. The holiday season is the best time to pick up strippers at a strip club. The ones that are working on Christmas Eve usually have no family and are really lonely. So it’s super easy to take them home and do some kissin’ underneath the camel toe.” So check out the track below and get into the holiday spirit!!!