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2017-headerAfter an awesome first round, we are looking for your help to keep the momentum going because without you guys, there is no Pedal To The Metal Tournament. You the fans have always decided the outcome of the tournament as you have crowned champion after champion. So, with that being said, we have some awesome matches for you guys to check out and we are keeping them all in the same post for now for the sweet sixteen. We strongly encourage that you vote for every match up in the tournament because this is all about supporting the metal community no matter what sub-genre it is. In the Dio/Lemmy division, Queensryche looks to keep their luck going as they take on the legend from Germany U.D.O. meanwhile Accept is looking to keep the fight alive as they take on former two time champion Judas Priest. The Hanneman divsion has some great match ups like one mega match that pins Big Four members Megadeth against Slayer. The other match is a good one as well and it features one band that brings a strong argument to the table as to why it should be the Big Five and not the Big Four in Exodus as they take on a band that brings a strong argument as to why that Big Four stuff should be expanded to more in Testament. The Schuldiner division features the defending champion Destruction take on Viking Metal Kings Amon Amarth as well as 2015 winner Kreator taking on the mighty Cannibal Corpse. The last division, the metal to the core division, features Lamb Of God taking on All That Remains while Killswitch Engage does battle with Trivium. You all have until the end of Match 21st to vote for who you want to see move on the Elite 8 round. So, vote carefully and wisely, but have a lot of fun and spread the word.

2017 Bracket sweet sixteen

There was a screw up where the Slayer/Megadeth match closed early, so we have another poll for all of you to keep voting for that one. At the end, we’ll combine both scores together. Sorry for the inconvenience


pedalWell, now it’s down to this and the Elite 8 round of the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Tournament has come to a close. It has been a really interesting tournament so far as who you would expect to win hasn’t and sometimes the battles are lopsided. We have seen some upsets in the tourney, but that is what makes these things interesting. In the Dio division final, Iron Maiden was looking to make the final four for the second year in a row while newcomer Primal Fear was looking to continue their streak. Unfortunately, some dreams come to an end and Iron Maiden pulled off a lopsided victory beating Primal Fear 160 to 50. In the Lemmy Kilmister division final, Avenged Sevenfold and Ghost were looking to continue making waves as both bands took out some giants along the way to this match. Unfortunately for Avenged Sevenfold, the road ends here as Ghost easily took them down 110 to 61. In the Jeff Hanneman division, we had a pretty tight race as Testament and Megadeth were both looking for a shot at the final four. Testament ultimately came out in the end big winners as they beat Megadeth 114 to 99.

The Final FourI saved the best match for last because this one was exciting. In the Chuck Schuldiner division, we had the defending champions Kreator take on fellow Big Teutonic Four member Destruction in a match where the lead changed every day. When I first followed this match, Destruction had a pretty comfortable lead over Kreator, but it quickly changed the next day. All of a sudden, Kreator had the comfortable lead over Destruction and with a day left to vote it looked like they increased their chances to defend the title successfully. That is until I checked the results today and Destruction was back in the lead. In fact, Destruction has eliminated the defending champion Kreator 186 to 153. So, you’re final four round is set and ready to go. Testament will be taking on Destruction while Iron Maiden does battle with Ghost.

pedalHere are your results for the Sweet Sixteen or second round as it was listed or if it helps you any better think of it as the divisional semifinals. We had some match ups in the second round that we thought were going to be good and some of them just ended up being landslide victories all due to fan participation thanks to the bands sharing it with their fans. In the Schuldiner division, the matches were complete blow outs as Destruction defeated Entombed AD by 25 votes and Kreator easily dispatched Cannibal Corpse (who had the best fan participation in the previous round) by 19 votes. That puts Kreator even closer to a chance at repeating as Pedal To The Metal Champion, but they’ll have to defeat fellow Big Four of Teutonic Thrash heavyweight Destruction to do so. In the Hanneman Division, Megadeth gained a big victory over fellow Big Four member Slayer by a single vote. Testament kicks out last years surprise band Death Angel by beating them by 6 votes. In the Dio Division, Iron Maiden has taken a step closer to the championship once again as they defeated two time champion Judas Priest by a vote. Newcomers Primal Fear continue to impress as they defeated the mighty Accept by five votes. Int he Lemmy Kilmister division, the upstarts defeated the legends. Ghost took down Alice Cooper by taking half the votes while Avenged Sevenfold just edges out Guns N Roses. Here are your Elite 8 (or divisional finals) matches:

Elite 8 Bracket

pedalIt’s that time again to check out all of the bands that are still in the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Tournament and cast your vote to show your support. We are in the sweet sixteen round of the tournament or the Chuck Schuldiner Division Semifinals and we have some interesting matchups for you guys here. The one I am most excited to see how it tuns out is the match between Kreator and Cannibal Corpse. Last year, Kreator’s fans guided the band all the way to the championship, but it looks like Cannibal Corpse’s fans are ready to do the same thing too. This is the division where the real bands play and the fans of Extreme Metal have proven it over time. The other match up features another band whose fans have also showed up to play and that is Destruction who get set to take on Entombed A.D. You have until March 23RD to cast your vote for who you want to advance.

kreator vs cannibal corpse

destruction vs entombed ad



Here is the first round match ups for the Chuck Schuldiner Division (formerly known as the Extreme Metal division) in the 2016 Pedal To The Metal tournament which is our March Madness style tourney. This is the division that features the defending Pedal To Te Metal Tournament champion Kreator and they start off with Carcass in the first round. We also have Cradle Of Filth taking on Entombed A.D., Venom taking on Destruction, and Obituary taking on Cannibal Corpse. What upsets will the first round bring, you’ll have to vote and find out. As usual, there is a time limit to vote and you have until Sunday April 20TH to vote.

cradle of filth vs entombed ad

destruction vs venom

kreator vs carcass

cannibal corpse vs obituary

pedalThe Pedal To The Metal March Madness style tournament is coming back and once again it will be decided by you the fans. You will be given all of the matches and the brackets followed by the opportunity to vote. This year, we are doing things a little different this year and we have updated the tournament as far as bands are concerned and the divisions have new names. There is the Lemmy Kilmister division (formerly the Hard Rock division), teh Jeff Hanneman division (formerly Thrash Metal division), the Chuck Schuldiner division (formerly the Extreme Metal division), and the Ronnie James Dio division (formerly the Power Metal divsion). One of the new rules, we have enforced is that if you’re band is no longer functional (meaning touring, recording, etc.) then you will not be in the tournament. That sees the exit of a lot of bands that used to participate in the tournament.

With that being said, we have a couple of qualifying matches for you guys for the Kilmister and Dio divisions. The first match up in the Kilmister division for you guys to decide on is between Sixx: A.M. taking on Bobaflex. Motley Crue is over and no longer able to be in the tournament so we decided to throw in Nikki’s new band, but they have t qualify to get in and the same goes for tournament newcomers Bobaflex. Bobaflex won the Rock Album Of The Year award with help from their amazing fanbase. Can that fanbase do the same once again for this band in this tournament? The other match up in the Dio division sees a match up of titans as Helloween take on Lizzy Borden. Lizzy Borden has never made the tournament before and they’re looking to do so by taking out tournament veterans Helloween for that final spot. The voting will start today and you guys will have until Wednesday March 9TH at 11PM Eastern time to decide who is in and who is out fromt hese two matches. Good luck to all the bands, get voting:

deathFor most of the rest of the year, we are going to try and celebrate albums that are having cool anniversaries this year like a 10, 20 or even 30 year anniversary. So on March 21, 1995, iconic extreme metal band Death released their sixth studio album Symbolic via Roadrunner Records. For a very long time in the 80’s and part of the 90’s, Roadrunner Records was the place to be if you were in an extreme metal band. While Allmusic gave the album 3 stars out of five for a final grade, many have praised the album like the Record Collector who said the album was, “close to flawless as metal gets, and a testament to the drive and talent of the much-missed Schuldiner.” Metal-Rules ranked it as the 7TH greatest extreme metal record of all time and 58TH greatest heavy metal record of all time. Death is often credited as one of the biggest influences of the death metal genre and rightfully so. The band was made up of the late and great Chuck Schuldiner (Vocals & Guitar), Bobby Koelble (Guitar), Gene Hoglan (Drums), and Steve DiGiorgio (Fretless Bass). The album was produced by Jim Morris as well by Chuck Schuldiner.

1. Symbolic– The title track is up first and the track is straight up in your face metal that sounds a little like Slayer with a powerful vocalist, but it switches in a second to the those iconic fast paced beats out of nowhere. The track is about the loss of childhood and how life moves on. 4/5

2. Zero Tolerance– This is one of my favorite tracks on the album that talks about how there is zero tolerance in every religion for indifference. 4/5

1317539776_symbolic-back3. Empty Words– The track has a very eerie beginning that starts off with some clean guitars before they blast in monstrous metal riffage in a track that is all about you finding your own path in life. 4/5

4. Sacred Serenity– The track starts off with a great bass riff  and drum beat before the guitars come in with some awesome work in a track that could be about animals and how they run on instinct and not knowing their future or what lies ahead of them. There is some amazing guitar work in this song, very impressive. 4/5

5. 1000 Eyes– The song is hammering as it moves along to the balance between the fast paced thrash style and the heavy metal riffage in a track all about how we are constantly being watched by big brother. 4/5

6. Without Judgement– This track has everything from great metal riffs to some amazing bass playing in a track that is all about how we are always judging others and how it’s just in our nature. 4/5

Death CD7. Crystal Mountain– Hard charging riffs lead this track about Christianity which is a typical topic for a lot of bands, but the song has some pretty cool riffs. 4/5

8. Misanthrope– This one is a little on the faster side of things as the razor sharp riffs slice and dice their way through in another track that basically tells you to think on your own. 4/5

9. Perennial Quest– This is the last track on the record that talks about the one thing we all do and is look for our purpose in life. The music is amazing on this track, but the outro part of the song is where it’s at. 5/5

My Final Thoughts: I don’t see how Death is not talked about more in the metal world, these guys are amazing and they put out some amazing music. This album has some of the most amazing riffs and playing that is is so enjoyable to listen to. You wonder where music like this is these days. Anyways, I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.