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ultraspankFor the last two weeks, we have been exploring the Nu-Metal scene which was a scene that I heavily promoted on my early college radio show from 2000-01. One of the bands that I was admittedly obsessed with back in those days was the band Ultraspank which formed in 1995 after the break up of another band. On May 30, 2000, the band would release their most critically acclaimed album Progress which featured Pete Murray (Vocals and Programming), Dan Ogden (Bass), Jerry Oliviera (Guitar), Neil Godfrey (Guitar), and former Snot drummer James “Fed” Carroll. The album was produced by the great Peter Collins who had produced albums for bands such as Alice Cooper, Gary Moore, Rush, Queensrÿche, and so many more. I can’t find much online as far as the band’s chart history or how many albums the band sold, but it is considered by some critics as the best Nu-Metal album that was ever released.

51NZls8K2bL1. Push-An cool industrial like bass riff along with some drums opens up the track and launches into overdrive as soon as the chorus kicks in. I think the track is about that fear of growing old and knowing change is taking over, but you just have to push through it. 4.5/5

2. Crumble– A cool guitar riff leads us in to this track that is about someone who realizes that they are not growing as a person like their counterpart, so they need to change it. 4.5/5

3. Stuck– A ferocious track right from the get go, the song follows someone who feels like they are stuck in a situation that is going nowhere. You can hear elements that are very similar to bands like Taproot in this track. 4.5/5

4. Feed-The opening riff reminds me of Korn’s Shoots and Ladders until the song progresses forward. the song is about someone who constantly feeds you BS and pretends to be your friend, but they prey on you because he thinks you’re weak. 4.5/5

5. Smile-Bass and drums once again open the track with a mellow guitar riff that eventually follows in this track that has a huge similarity in style to Tool especially as Pete channels his inner Maynard James Keenan. 4/5

6. Click-A rockin tune that has a driving riff that will have you grooving to it especially when the chorus hits. The chorus has a flare to it that sounds like Static-X’s Push It. One of the best tracks on the album for sure. 5/5

R-11096097-1509798523-3387.jpeg7. Jackass-A hard driving rock track that slows down the tempo for the verse to the point that it’s only bass and drums with that ominous guitar riff that comes in to signal the chorus is near. This is another amazing track on the album that seems to be talking about someone who thinks they are great, but there really a…. 4.5/5

8. Crack– A track that seems to be talking about someone who is cracking under the pressures of what life brings that they are shutting themselves off to the world. 4/5

9. Invite Yourself In– A 16 second intro to the next track 4/5

10. Thanks-A track that is purely metal and in your face as it may be one of the heaviest tracks on the album for sure. 4.5/5

11. Left-A cool track that starts off heavy, but then it gets very melodic and evil sounding which is pretty cool. It has that Tool influence to it which I think is a cool touch in a track that seems to be about someone who needs to leave the place he is over guilt for something. 4.5/5

12. Where– This is one of the best and my personal favorite Ultraspank track that I played every chance I could on my radio show. It starts off with this cool acoustic side to it then a cool programmed riff comes in before the band launches into overdrive for the chorus. I just think it’s about keeping your head up because somewhere out there is a better place than this. you just have to find it. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– The track features so many sounds that would be utilized in the scene right after it’s release and you can definitely hear the similarities with bands on the scene. This was an amazing release and it’s too bad that the band would break up shortly after the release, but those things happen. Check this one out on Spotify, iTunes, and on CD if you can find it. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five.

wolfFor this week’s Based On A Truesday (play on Tuesday and True) Story film, we are checking out a film that is outrageous you thought it was impossible that someone could possibly live the life this man lived. The film is called The Wolf Of Wall Street and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio as stock broker Jordan Belfort who starts his career as a honest stockbroker until a chance encounter with penny stocks sends him on a journey that will see him rise to new heights with money all the way down to his fall with corruption, drugs, and the government. The man had it all, but like everyone who gets greedy, they get sloppy and eventually the empire crumbles down leaving you broke and humble. The film was directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas) and it also stars Jonah Hill (Superbad) as Donnie Azoff (looesly based on Danny Porush), Margot Robbie (Pan Am) as Naomi Lapaglia, Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) as Mark Hanna, Kyle Chandler (Zero Dark Thirty) as Agent Patrick Denham, Jon Bernthal (Fury) as Brad, Jean Dujardin (Monuments Men) as Jean Jacques Saurel, P.J. Byrne (Horrible Bosses) as Nicky Koskoff, Kenneth Choi (Captain America: The First Avenger) as Chester Ming, Brian Sacca (The Kings Of Summer) as Robbie Feinberg, Henry Zebrowski (A To Z) as Alden Kupferberg, Jake Hoffman (Click) as Steve Madden, and Mackenzie Meehan as Hildy Azoff to name a few from the long list of people that acted in the film.

wolf 2As I said in the above paragraph, this is a story that is so outrageous that you almost don’t believe that it’s possible that someone lived the lifestyle that Jordan Belfort lived. Of course that is why the films always say that it is BASED on a true story because not all of it is 100% factual, they have to exaggerate on somethings just to make the movie more interesting. One person who didn’t like the film was Andrew Greene who feels they ruined his personal character, but it’s really how they made fun of Nicky “Rugrat” Kos­koff’s wig that really pissed him off. You see the character of Nicky is based off of Andrew Greene and he is suing them for $25 Million dollars. According to, “landing the helicopter on his lawn while stoned, crashing his car while severely high on Quaaludes, insisting that the captain of his massive yacht sail through choppy waters only to have the boat capsize and then get rescued by the Italian navy” stories are all true and it was even verified by the FBI agent on the case. Danny Pourish who is known as Donnie Azoff was married to his cousin, but he didn’t meet Jordan in a restaurant, but says that his wife introduced them. He has admitted to eating the goldfish, but denies having a three way with a teenage employee and Belfort. Besides all the fact and fiction stories that can be discussed about the film, it is a tale of total debauchery and it had masterful performances from Hill and DiCaprio. I was mad at first that DiCaprio didn’t win the Oscar for this performance, but I’m over that after watching Dallas Buyers Club. You can tell the film was done by Martin Scorsese because it has that style where the main character is narrating his life throughout the film and it starts at certain points before going back to explain how they got there. The film is available on Netflix and I suggest checking it out as well as reading this article for more fact or fiction on the film by clicking here. I am giving the film an A for a final grade.