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tragedy-girls-posterI have been doing this 31 Days Of Halloween for about six years now and I have never been excited for a film like I was when viewing today’s film. We are about 17 years into a new century so it was only a matter of time until social media was going to be a more prominent part of the horror films that we get. I mean, we have already seen Unfriended, Friend Request, but now we have one that pays homage to the slasher genre as well in Tragedy Girls. Sadie Cunningham (Deadpool‘s Brianna Hildebrand) and McKayla Hooper¬† (X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Alexandra Shipp) may seem like your normal everyday teenagers, but what their small town of Rosedale doesn’t realize is that these girls have a weird obsession with sociopaths. With a serial killer on the loose, the girls will use this opportunity to further their online death obsessed show all in the name of infamy. The film also stars Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) as Toby, Kevin Durand (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as Lowell, Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass) as Mrs. Kent, Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express) as Big Al, Jack Quaid (Logan Lucky) as Jordan, Timothy V Murphy (The Lone Ranger) as Sheriff Welch, Rosalind Chao (Just Like Heaven) as Mayor Campbell, Savannah Jayde (Big Time Rush) as Syl, and the film was directed by Tyler MacIntyre (Patchwork).

IMG_0117I will be honest in saying that I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the theater to watch the film, but I left very satisfied. The film has it all from great comedic moments, some very gruesome kills, and two very likeable characters in Hildebrand and Shipp. The film at first starts out very comedic in how unsatisfied the girls are when their kills are ruled accidents. I thought that maybe this was the route that the film was going to take, but then they surprised me when the girls started upping their game in the film. Some of the kills in this film are absolutely awesome and brutal with my favorite one happening to poor old Big Al. I saw one reviewer mention that the film had a little bit of The Heathers and I have to agree a little bit in at least the dynamic of the two main characters in what they are trying to accomplish in the film. They definitely pay homage to some classic slasher horror flicks which should satisfy any fan, but the real reason to watch this film is that it’s fresh. This is a different take and approach to the genre and it just felt so fresh and new like a breath of fresh air. I loved Shipp’s performance in the film, but Brianna Hildebrand deserves the MVP award for her performance in the film as the girl who seems vulnerable, sympathetic, but has an insatiable love for the macabre underneath all of it. The film will be officially released on October 20TH for all the world to see and I suggest that you take the opportunity to see it because it’s awesome. I want to also take the time to credit the cinematography and the editing department for putting together the film the way they did. I am going to give the film an A for a final grade.


tales of halloweenIt is October 1ST which can only mean one thing and that is Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween is back for it’s sixth year in a row. It is so crazy to imagine that we have now being doing this for six long years, but it’s something I enjoy doing because Halloween is the greatest holiday of them all. For today’s film, I chose an anthology film because sometimes those can be some great material to watch because they are usually short and they keep you on your heels. The only thing is that for Tales Of Halloween, I have to do the post a little different than I usually do because it features ten different stories all in one film so I’ll break them down like I would an album of the week. I do want to inform you that if you do decide to watch the film that the legendary Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog) is you narrator of sorts for the duration of the film as she plays that the radio DJ that guides you through. Here are the ten tales and the people that star in them:

tales-of-halloween-screencap1.Sweet Tooth: A babysitter (Madison Iseman) and her boyfriend (Austin Falk) tell a little boy (Daniel DiMaggio) a legend of a boy who murdered his parents (Caroline Williams, Robert Rusler)for eating all of his Halloween candy who becomes the lethal Sweet Tooth (Hunter Smit). The short was written and directed by Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red).

2. The Night Billy Raised Hell– So, Billy (Marcus Eckert) is about to egg an old man’s house after being pressured to do so, but it turns out the old man is really the devil (Barry Bostwick) and he is about to teach Billy a lesson he’ll never forget. The short was written by Clint Sears (Crow’s Blood) and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw IV).

3. Trick– A group of friends Maria (Tiffany Shepis), James (John F. Beach), Catlyn (Casey Ruggieri), and Nelson (Trent Haaga) are all hanging out on Halloween until they get terrorized by some kids. The short was directed by Adam Gierasch (Night Of The Demons).

tales-of-halloween4. The Weak and the Wicked– Keir Gilchrist (It Follows) plays the Stranger, a kid looking to get revenge against three bullies (Grace Phipps, Booboo Stewart, and Noah Segan) for burning down his house so he summons a demon to get the job done. The short was directed by Paul Solet (Dark Summer).

5. Grim Grinning Ghost– Lin Shaye (Insidious) makes the mistake of telling her daughter (Alex Essoe) the tale of a malevolent spirit (Barbara Crampton) that will rip your eyes out if you look at it. The short was directed by Axelle Carolyn (Soulmate).

6. Ding Dong– A man (Marc Senter) learns that his wife is a child eating witch (Pollyanna McIntosh) and so he decides that it’s time to stop her before she claims a child on Halloween.

7. This Means War– Everyone loves to decorate their house for Halloween, but in one neighborhood it becomes war when two neighbors (Dana Gould and James Duval) battle to the death over decorations. The short was directed by Andrew Kasch (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy).

Tales-of-Halloween18. Friday the 31st– A deformed serial killer (Nick Principe) learns what it finally means to be the victim when he pisses off an Alien because he has no candy. The short was directed by Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!).

9. The Ransom of Rusty Rex– Two bank robbers (Jose Pablo Cantillo and Sam Witwer) that it’s a smart idea to kidnap the son (Ben Woolf) of a wealthy man (John Landis). The only problem is the question of why does this wealthy man not want him back? The short was directed by Ryan Schifrin (Evil Hill).

10. Bad Seed– The last story of the film that ties all of them together, but is it’s own story. Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) gets called to a scene when a woman’s (Cerina Vincent) husband is eaten alive by a pumpkin. Now it’s up to her to get to the bottom of it before it’s too late. This one was directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent).

tales 2Out of all the shorts in the film, if I had to pick my favorite one of them all it would have to be The Weak and the Wicked just because it was a bad ass horror short with a bit of that The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly feel to it. It was the best visual story of them all and Grace Phipps is a bad ass. My least favorite one of them would have to be Ding Dong only because of the special effects and by me saying it’s my least favorite does not mean it’s the worst. I actually enjoyed every single one of them, but for this purpose you have to choose your favorite and least favorite. This is actually a very good Halloween horror flick that I could see being a holiday classic that everyone should watch for sure. The Friday The 31st short is the horror comedy short and it has that Evil Dead feel to it so if you’re a fan of that then you should enjoy that one. Just look above at all the horror veterans and legends that appear in this film and that’s not all of them as Adam Green (Holliston), Joe Dante (Gremlins), and so many more make cameos. Check this one out for sure, I am going to give the film an A for a final grade.

jeff dunhamThere is an avenue of comedy that hasn’t really been explored much and that is the act of Ventriloquism. Now I am not saying that it isn’t being practiced, but before 2007 or 05, had you heard of any famous Ventriloquist having comedy specials on Comedy Central? I’ll even let you think for a minute before I give you this next answer. Time is up and I didn’t think so. You couldn’t come up with anyone at the time other than Jeff Dunham, the world famous Ventriloquist with his famous puppets Bubba J, Walter, Peanut, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and more. The only thing is that it has been a couple of years since his last comedy special and now Jeff has a new one that is a Netflix Original stand up special in Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster where he performs in the country of Ireland and presents all of his friends and even a brand new puppet as they tackle topics like drinking, fatherhood, and even maybe the secret of Jeff’s own beginnings and so much more.

dunhamI am a huge fan of Jeff Dunham and I have laughed so many times at his comedy specials, but this one lives up to the name of the special. The thing that bothered me is that I could see him lipping everything that the dolls were saying. That was an issue for me because I saw a little girl belt out a song on America’s Got Talent and she did a better job than Jeff. That wasn’t the least of his troubles in this special, the problem is that he is trying to grow with the times considering he is a new dad, but it just wasn’t completely funny. The best segments of the special came with the new puppet Baby Sheamus, Peanut, and some of Achmed’s segment. The rest of it was just kind of boring and them going back and forth about Jeff being old and having kids at his age. This isn’t a terrible special, but some comedians just don’t transition well into that fatherhood stage of their careers. The Baby Sheamus was a nice touch and a nice way to win over the crowd in Ireland, it’ll be interesting to see how the show grows with that puppet. I think this special is worth a least one viewing or maybe two at most. I am going to give it an B- for a final grade.

marc maronI have preached the brilliance of Netflix for a very long time now whether it be original movies, Original TV Series, documentaries, or even their original comedy specials. Earlier in the summer, Netflix had released a new series entitled G.L.O.W. that is loosely based on the all women’s wrestling show of the 80’s. One of the stars of that show is stand up comedian Marc Maron who is also the host of an amazing podcast called the WTF With Marc Maron. I instantly became a huge fan of his just from watching the show and when I heard that he had a comedy special on Netflix, I had to check it out. So for today’s Tuesday Stand Up, we are checking out his special Marc Maron: Too Real which was recorded at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, CA. In the special, Marc tackles all sorts of topics like Donald Trump, hate groups, making decisions based on how long you have to live, being spiritual/meditating, fun, his father, media, The Rolling Stones, his mother, doctors, The Dave Matthews Band, stupid hats, cats, and so much more.

marc maron 2It has been quite some time since I had seen a comedy special and there have been times when I watch them, but I don’t review them. I knew I wanted to review this one because as I said above, I am a huge fan of his and his work. You don’t have to be smart to watch this comedy special, but it’s a smart comedy special. There is a lot of laughter in the wisdom of the brilliant Marc Maron and only intelligent people will get it for sure. One of my favorite topics that he gets into is when he starts reading his post it notes thoughts that he writes while driving. He gets into this whole conversation about Dave Matthews and I felt instantly like Marc understood my frustration behind that music. You’ll have to watch the special to know what I am referring to, but it was genius. The shtick he does on The Rolling Stones is great as you can see from the pic I provided to you guys in this paragraph. I definitely think you guys should give this special a shot and just check it out. It’s always good to have something different and with all the specials I have watched, he gives me something a little different. I am going to give the special an A for a final grade.

1There just seems to be a plethora of comedy specials that have been coming out lately in 2017 or it might just be the fact that Netflix knows I love stand up comedy. Nonetheless, there is a crap ton of comedy specials that I have to watch before the end of the year to decide who is up for Stand Up Special of the year. One of my all time favorite comedians from the late 90’s into the 2000’s was the legendary Dave Chappelle who disappeared for a while. In 2017, he returned with not one, but two comedy specials that were released together, but from two different locations. I had already covered the first comedy special that he did so it was only logical to tackle the second one which is titled Deep In The Heart Of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live At Austin City Limits. Filmed live from the legendary Austin City Limits, Dave tackles some of the most risque, but interesting topics like Aids and Ebola, Racism, Paula Dean, Donald Sterling, Lil Wayne, Banana incident, Snowball Incident, Ray Rice, the word pussy, male obgyn’s, gay bloggers, Michael Sams, getting extorted through VHS, masturbating and so much more in this hilarious special.

2If you are wondering how real the banana incident is then I want you to check out this article and take a peak at the clown who did it. I didn’t believe that it was real or maybe I just didn’t want to believe it because I figured people were better than that. There is always someone who proves me wrong from time to time. Dave is hilarious in the comedy special as always and he has a certain way of putting a funny twist to serious topics like the Michael Sams topic. He descried how he didn’t like what Ray Rice did, but then asked if Michael Sams assaulted the person he loved, would it be considered domestic violence or two dudes working out their issues? Dave Chappelle is also very socially aware and he sneaks some of that in when talking about certain subjects like AIDS vs Ebola with the quote of (and I am paraphrasing), it’s funny how AIDS comes out in the 80’s and only attacks blacks, gays, and drug addicts. He does have a very interesting point there when he says it, but let’s not forget that he is a comedic genius and it shines through. You have to love him because he also interacts with his crowd very well during the special like asking for a cigarette and getting a bunch tossed his way or just when he tries to explain the premise of his jokes. Check this one out for ssure on Netflix right now as we speak and I am giving the special an A- for a final grade.

hasan minhaj.pngThere is a lot of great programming that is being brought to us by Netflix that it’s absolutely ridiculous. Earlier in the year, we checked out a great comedy special by Vir Das who was just mind blowing in the way he delivered comedy. Vir Das though, is not the only person who is bringing cultural awareness to us on stage in the form of a comedy special. He is not the only one who is also bringing his culture to the forefront in the form of a comedy special because I want to welcome to everyone Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj. If you do not know who Hasan Minhaj is then you need to get to know the Daily Show with Trevor Noah writer and correspondent. In his very first Netflix Original comedy special entitled Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King, he travels home to Davis, California to deliver a special that tackles topics like getting married, arranged marriages, birthdays, an unexpected sister, Muslims vs Hindus, racism, Fox News, Bill Mahr, the internet, tough parents, the Daily Show, and so much more in this one hour special.

hasanI really liked the comedy special from Hasan because it offered you a much different perspective on what it is like to be an Indian in America. Vir Das gave you the perspective from an Immigrant who is navigating through the world kind of perspective while Hasan gives you the perspective of a kid who was born in America trying to understand the intricacies of his culture so that he can navigate through the world as he needs to. That is kind of the only way I can really discuss the differences between the two without going too deep. Hasan kind of gives you a real rude awakening to go with his comedy on what it was like to grow up in a country where some secretly hate you and others openly hate you.¬† One of my favorite parts of his show is when he is discussing the prom because it’s a huge story that kind of ties all that I have been talking about, but it has a very happy and promising ending to it, but it’s a great story. Hasan Minhaj is a great story teller that not only can make you laugh, but he can make you think as well. I am definitely a fan of his and will be checking out more from him in the future, but for now check out his special. I am going to give it an A for a final grade.

staying aliveEvery once in a while, Saturday Night Live will have a cast member that is so funny that he becomes a star right in front of our own very eyes like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and even Tracy Morgan. They are able to transition from stand up to skit comedy all the way to movie stars, but when tragedy hits, it really sucks. That is what it seemed like for Tracy Morgan who was hit by a Walmart truck in an accident that almost killed the 30 Rock star. For a very long time, we wondered if Tracy would ever be the same again and whether he would bounce back or not. In his very first stand up comedy special since the accident, Tracy Morgan was back to prove that he still had it and Netflix was right there to support him with his very own Netflix comedy special Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive. In the special recorded at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ, he tackles all sorts of subjects like meeting God while in a coma, being in heaven, Kim Khardashian and the others, the dark side of his family, Mike Tyson,, therapy, Tiger Woods, Flavor Flav, strip clubs, Madonna, DUI, his first and current marriage, and so much more in this hilarious special.

staying alive 2I have to say that I loved the intro to the special only because I was a huge fan of the film Saturday Night Fever, but more importantly it’s just nice to see him back. I was a huge fan of Tracy;s when it came to his films so I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of the comedy special, but I was very happy when it was over. I say that because I honestly could not stop laughing at so many of his jokes. One of my favorite jokes of the night came when he was talking about his grandma and how she is always praying. He always tries to hide from her or pretend to be in the coma, but one day he had enough. He woke up and told her that he had met God in heaven before and she of course asked what he had told Tracy and he responded back. He said, “Tell your grandma to shut the fu** up. Between her and Tim Tebow, I can’t get any sleep.” It just stuff like that and when he talks about his various family members, it gets really funny. The punchlines to his jokes is where the true genius of him lies and the way he delivers them makes you unable to hold a straight face. I definitely suggest checking this special out from him if you get a chance. I am giving the special an A- for a final grade cause sometimes you need some dirty comedy in your life to counter act the smart comedy.