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1As soon as people found out that Superbowl 50 was going to be played at AT&T Park in San Francisco, they immediately petitioned to have Metallica play the halftime show. The petition garnered a lot of signatures, but that didn’t matter to the NFL who deemed Metallica Too Heavy For Halftime which was also what Metallica dubbed their concert the night before the Superbowl at AT&T Park. As James Hetfield, lead singer of the greatest metal band ever told fans that they basically got the better deal because instead of a short three song set, they received a whole entire concert complete with a new stage setup as well. By the time the band ht the stage Saturday night, the weather wasn’t too bad as it was a nice 61 degrees out and the crowd was ready for one hell of a show. James, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo all looked in shape and ready to roll as they broadcasted the show online as well for fans who couldn’t make it.

2Metallica didn’t waste anytime when they hit the stage playing the classic Creeping Death which got the crowd’s blood pumping. They followed it up with For Whom The Bell Tolls which kept the momentum going throughout the show. The show was a mix of old and relatively old as they played everything from Kill Em All all the way up to Garage Inc. While the band sounded amazing there were a lot of times where Kirk would miss a note on a couple of songs, but he would quickly catch himself. The band still does their guitar solo, bass solo parts in between songs which seems to be an art that is kind of missing in metal concerts. Metallica kept the crowd going and they never faltered as they kept up with everything Metallica threw at them creating an amazing atmosphere. Some of the highlights for me during the show was surprisingly hearing some of the material from Load and Reload like Fuel, King Nothing, and The Memory Remains mixed in with the old material. As you get older, you gain an appreciation for the material.

9Metallica was very appreciative of their roots in San Francisco and it showed all night as they reminisced with the crowd. One of the cool facts that you found out during the show was that Cliff Burton loved the Thin Lizzy track Whiskey In The Jar which Metallica played during the encore as a tribute to him. They closed out the encore set with Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman with the same energy as they opened the show with. We also heard from the mouth of Lars during the end of the show that Metallica is going to release new material, but obviously didn’t say when it would happen. Metallica is one of those bands that if you’ve never seen live then you are truly missing out. This was an amazing show put on by one of the best in the business. Enjoy some pictures from the show and check out the complete set list below:

sixx amYahoo Live has been streaming some of the best shows you can catch live online anywhere and tonight was no exception when Sixx: A.M. and Apocalyptica came to the Vic Theater in Chicago, IL as part of the Modern Vintage Tour which is the name of the latest album Sixx: A.M. is promoting. It was interesting night of music that the sold out crowd at the Vic Theater were going to experience as they were treated to Japanese band Vamp first, then followed by the unconventional Cello playing metal masters from Finland in Apocalyptica, and end with Nikki Sixx’s post Motley Crue supergroup Sixx: A.M. Even though this is the band’s seventh year in existence, this is the first time that the band has headed out on a headlining show as most of the members have been busy with other projects like DJ Ashba who is also in Guns N Roses, Nikki Sixx who has been handling Motley Crue’s final tour, and vocalist James Michael who also produces records. For Apocalyptica, the band is supporting their latest release Shadowmaker which will already be out by the time you read this and this is their first tour with new vocalist Franky Perez.

3Apocalyptica officially opened up the Yahoo Live broadcast and they did so with a classical fury as they blasted away with their cellos and high octane energy in toe as well. One of the things I loved about the band is during some songs they improvise and they throw in some kind of cover in between some songs as they threw in a cover of Metallica’s Cyanide during their performance of Shadowmaker. They also did an amazing cover of Metallica’s Frantic that absolutely blew me away and before you knew it they ended the show with their patented performance of Edvard Grieg’s In The Hall Of The Mountain King in front of a mixed crowd of young and old who were just as in to it as the band was. After the performance, you could tell that the crowd was pumped up and ready to embark on a musical journey with Sixx: A.M. as was I. You were left wondering what the night was going to bring as this was our first real look at a headlining set from the band.

8After hearing X-Mas In Hell over the speakers, the band blasted right in with opener Let’s Go and they went right into Give Me A Love right afterwards. The band had a lot of energy and it showed as they rocked out with the crowd through a mix of hits like This Is Gonna Hurt and Pray For Me. One thing was for sure throughout the night is that this is a band full of talent like DJ Ashba who not only shredded the whole night on his guitars, but did various other things like playing the piano on Dead Man’s Ballet and even James Michael would get into the mix as well playing the piano on some tracks. One of the other elements of the show I enjoyed was the back up singers the band brought along with them as they injected that extra oomph into the show. The band brought it all and they left it on the stage and the best part is they gave you a little bit of everything from the funky Miracle to the rocker Lies Of The Beautiful People, and even a cover of The Cars Drive to top it off. One thing was definitely for sure during this show and that is you can see that everyone was having fun which created a great environment for some good ole fashioned rock and roll.

9Nikki Sixx is one of those guys that I always looked up to ever since I was a kid because the man is the brains behind Motley Crue for the most part, but he is also so real to his fans and he had a moment tonight. He spoke to the fans and the words that he spoke will be ingrained in me because there is a light at the end of the tunnel even though things can get dark for all of us and for one night all Sixx: A.M. connected and celebrated the music these three individuals created together. I definitely enjoyed every minute of the show whether it was from Apocalyptica or Sixx: A.M. because they put on one hell of a show. Definitely check out these acts and check them out where ever they play next. Now enjoy some pics below from the show as well as the setlist from Sixx: A.M.

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