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32-ogWhile this piece is going to be an opinion piece, I always remind you the Readers to take my opinion for what it is, but I have been too plenty of conventions to form this opinion. I have been going to Rock and Shock, a horror convention in Worcester, MA since 2015, I have been to two Rhode Island Comic Cons, and Three Super Megafests. I have spent plenty of money meeting all the movie stars, wrestlers, comic book artists, and everyone in between to form this opinion and this year’s Rock and Shock has been the best convention I have ever been to. This year’s Rock and Shock featured stars like Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks/The Wraith), Ray Wise (Cat People/Twin Peaks), Adrienne King (Friday The 13TH), Edwin Neal (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), John Dugan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Bill Moseley (3 From Hell), Bill Johnson (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Derek Mears (Friday The 13TH 2009), Kane Hodder (Friday The 13TH Parts 7, 8, 9, 10), Adam Green (Hatchet), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), and so many more. With so many big names of the genre, it was hard to gauge coming in how everyone would react to the stark raving mad horror fans like me.

72070314_10217302401245635_7744229040059318272_nOne name on the list gave me hope for the rest of the show and that was original final girl Adrienne King who first gained fame as Alice in the original 1980 Friday The 13TH. The moment I approached her table, she was the sweetest woman on the planet who gets her fans 1000% and she was just a joy to talk to. I was feeling good about myself after meeting her that I made my way to Edwin Neal’s table who first appeared to us as The Hitchhiker in the original 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and we had a great conversation about the power the film had in its time and for years that followed. I couldn’t believe it, two for two, this had to be some odd anomaly because you never get two sweet people in a row. I then made my way five feet over to John Dugan who made his debut in the horror world alongside Neal as Grandpa and what an amazing gentlemen he was and Dugan was so knowledgeable that he has made me a fan for life. The one thing that we both could agree on is that Hollywood does not truly care about the horror genre otherwise we would have a category at the Oscars for it if they did. At this point, every has been great to my friend and I and it was smooth sailing from that point on as every one was amazing. Dan Yeager was amazing, Sherilyn Fenn was amazing, and Adam Green and Felissa Rose were always the nicest people to meet at a convention. A certain head spinning, green vomiting, cross shoving in the crotch area legend who appeared last year could learn a thing or two about humility. I want to thank the organizers of this convention on a job well done and I hope that there will be more to come next year.

bestYou are probably wondering what this is all about right? How many of you have heard of the film Troll 2? How many of you have actually seen the whole entire film? I will admit that I have never seen the movie, but I have heard from people that it was the worst film of all time. It’s just not called the worst horror movie ever, but they just simply said it was the worst film ever made. So, what happens to a kid that was hoping to be a big star in Hollywood after he was in this film? He creates the documentary about the worst film ever made and it’s sudden rise in interest as it becomes a cult classic. Michael Stephenson had high hopes of being a star so he is exploring what happened and he is especially filming how the film became a phenomenon. The documentary features interviews with cast members like George Hardy, Jason Steadman, Connie Young, Darren Ewing, Jason Wright, and even director Claudio Fragasso. The film also features members of the Upright Citizens Brigade as well as various horror reviewers.

best 2There are a couple of things I learned from this film like when you first make a film, if it’s as bad as this, you just have to wait 20 years before it’s considered a cult classic. I also learned that most of the people that starred in it regretted making the film until it became a cult classic and they were being asked to appear. One of the things that pissed me off during the film was how George Hardy insulted horror fans when he was asked to do a horror convention. Not only did he insult fans, but he insulted some of the actors that starred in films like A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 as you will see in the film. He doesn’t realize that some people are just as unfortunate as you were when it came to your acting career. I think it’s great that they make themselves available for fans to meet. Other than that I did enjoy the documentary, but I probably still will not watch Troll 2 unless I do for Cheeseball Cinema. It’s available right now on Netflix.