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896b858eI have decided to cover an album for the album of the week that was a but controversial when it came out. The album that I chose for you guys is the last Guns N Roses record to be released to date in their sixth studio album Chinese Democracy. The very album that fans waited 13 years for Guns N Roses to release when it finally came out in November of 2008. The reason I chose the album is because of the fact that I bought the Axl Rose Funko Pop and I went on my Spotify that day and decided to listen to the album once again. The album besides Axl Rose (Vocals) features an army of musicians that worked on it like Robin Finck (Guitars), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guitars), Buckethead (Guitars), Paul Tobias (Guitars), Richard Fortus (Guitars), Tommy Stinson (Bass), Bryan “Brain” Mantia (Drums), Frank Ferrer (Drums), Dizzy Reed (Keyboards), Chris Pitman (Keyboards), and Josh Freese (arrangements). The album was successful around the world as it went number one in eight different countries and it went number one in the European Top 100 charts as well as peaking at number three on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The album also went platinum and sold over a million worldwide.

bknation_Chinese_Democracy1. Chinese Democracy– The opening track on the album that was inspired by the film Kundun which was about the Dalai Lama. This track and the words contained in it is the reason the album is banned in China as we speak. 5/5

2. Shackler’s Revenge– A track dipped heavily into Industrial metal which is about all of the school shootings in America and how the media tried to pin one on Guns N Roses and their song Mr. Brownstone. 4.5/5

3. Better-An amazing electronic rock track that sees Axl singing in a falsetto style. There’s this one part in the song at the 2:30 mark that is absolutely killer and heavy. The song also contains a killer solo in it too.  5/5

4. Street Of Dreams– the track was originally titled The Blues before the name change and it’s a straight up pop piano rock song that definitely has some Elton John influence in it. 5/5

5. If The World– This is a very sexy song that features Buckethead playing the Flamenco guitar in the beginning with the funk and neo soul influences in it combined with some Nu Metal. 5/5

6. There Was A Time– An epic track on the album that is personally one of my favorties with the heavy orchestral sound with the mellotron, violins, etc. I feel the song is about how we change because we may grow distant with someone. 5/5

7. Catcher In The Rye– A song that Axl Rose wrote in tribute to John Lennon after watching a documentary on Mark David Chapman where Rose criticizes the book in the song. 4.5/5

2FF8. Scraped– The track takes us to that Industrial Rock sound that a lot of people were talking about when it came to this record. With lyrics like, “Don’t you try to stop us now” and “All things are possible, I am unstoppable.” Rose is telling you, he is here to stay. 4/5

9. Riad N’The Bedouins– Axl talked about the track saying, “Riad is the name my one time momentary brother-in-law of Erin Everly went by when I knew him. Of part Lebanese descent and a former student of Pepperdine University, he claims to be an international arms dealer.” 4/5

10. Sorry– Sebastian Bach described the song saying, “There’s this one song called ‘Sorry’ that’s almost like doom metal with Axl singing really clean over this grinding, slow beat that is fucking mean, I cannot get it out of my head.” Rose said the track is about, “anyone talking nonsense at mine and the public’s expense.” 4.5/5

11. I.R.S.– The song starts off a little bluesy before some cool heavy guitars come in during the chorus. 4/5

12. Madagascar– Another track on the album that is one of my favorites. It kind of has the same kind of message as Civil War as it features quotes from films like Mississippi Burning, Casualties of War, Cool Hand Luke, Braveheart, and Seven as well as some excerpts from speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. over some Trip Hop styled sound.  5/5

13. This I Love– Supposedly the song dates all the way back to 1992 as it was a piano ballad written by Rose to one of his former loves. 4.5/5

14. Prostitute– A power ballad with that is actually a cool track that is not about actual prostitutes, but rather him telling you that he wouldn’t pimp the band out just for money to have in his pocket. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– In my opinion, this was an excellent release from Axl even though it took forever to come out. The question that was on everyone’s mind then was whether the wait for the new record was worth it. You have to listen to it yourself and just be the judge for yourself, but I love the album. I am going to give the record 4.6 star out of five for a final grade.

First BloodNetflix has added some amazing movies to it’s online streaming service and they added what might be one of the quintessential action films of the 1980’s ever. Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) may be one of my favorite action stars to come out of the 80’s and for the first time on Ass Whoopin Wednesdays, we are reviewing First Blood (or Rambo: First Blood). John Rambo (Stallone) is a Vietnam vet and one of the deadliest special forces man the country had in it’s arsenal. The only problem is that the Vietnam war has been over for some time and John is just a drifter looking for an old friend in Hope, Washington. The other problem is that John is hassled by the local sheriff of Hope in Sheriff Teasle (Brian Dennehy) and is mistreated by the rest of the cops. John manages to escape into the mountains of Hope and he begins a war with the Sheriff and his men. The film also stars Richard Crenna (Rambo: First Blood II) as Trautman, Bill McKinney (The Green Mile) as Kern, Jack Starrett (Blazing Saddles) as Galt, Michael Talbott (Carrie) as Balford, Chris Mulkey (The Purge) as Ward, John McLiam (Cool Hand Luke) as Orval, David Caruso (King Of New York) as Mitch, Alf Humphreys (X-Men 2) as Lester, Don MacKay (Stakeout) as Preston, and the film was directed by Ted Kotcheff (Weekend At Bernie’s). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some of the stats.

first blood stats








ramboNow there is a lot of explaining to do for this particular film and it’s stats as you can see from looking at the pic. As far as the knockouts/kills are concerned, he has 23 of them with three of them being dogs (well, it’s insinuated that he killed them). The origin story that is given to us thanks to some cops, but mostly Col. Trautman, only explains why he is such a dangerous man that these cops do not want to mess with. It is explained that he is a one man wrecking machine that was created by the US Government that can not be stopped plus you get some flashbacks to Vietnam in the beginning and a heart warming moment at the end with Rambo. There is no love interest and there is no one close to him that gets hurt in this film that we can speak of. The big boss is defeated at the end of the film and you’ll have to watch to find out how it’s done because it’s clever. This was really the first time that audiences were introduced to how bad ass Sylvester Stallone could really be when he took on the role of Rambo that would end up spawning three more sequels. The cinematography in this film is great and the action is pretty good as well or at least it keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the film. It’s finally available on Netflix to stream so I suggest that you check it out. I am going to give the film 4.2 fists out of five for a final grade.

The Beast WithinI have been on a fix lately when it comes to what movies I see and it’s for the fact that I want to watch every film released in the year 1982. In my quest to watch every film released the year I was born, I stumbled upon this horror flick known as The Beast Within and it’s today’s Cheeseball Cinema flick.The year is 1965 in a small town in Mississippi and Eli (Ronny Cox) and Caroline MacCleary (Bibi Besch) are newlyweds driving on their honeymoon when something happens to his car. Eli runs to a local gas station for help, but his wife who was left behind was raped by a beast and left for dead. 17 Years later, the couples son Michael (Paul Clemens) is going through some weird changes that lead all of the back to that small Mississippi town. Weird things are happening in the town and people are winding up dead all around. Is Michael the killer or has someone come back to finish the job one and for all? The film also stars Don Gordon (Bullitt) as Judge Curwin, R.G. Armstrong (Children Of The Corn) as Doc Schoonmaker, Katherine Moffat (Spy Hard) as Amanda, L.Q. Jones (Casino) as Sheriff Pool, John Dennis Johnston (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) as Horace Platt, Luke Askew (Cool Hand Luke) as Dexter Ward, Meshach Taylor (Mannequin) as Deputy Herbert, Ron Soble (True Grit) as Tom Law, and the film was directed by Philippe Mora (Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf).

beast 5So I have to say right off the bat that this wasn’t that bad of a horror film to watch, but it’s confusing in a way. The film stylistically is very similar to other horror films of the time both in the way it looked, felt, and sounded. The music to the film was very similar to that of the score of any early Friday The 13TH film and believe me I checked, both were not down by the same person. Les Baxter did the score for this film while Friday The 13TH was done by Harry Manfredini so it could be safe to say that they may have copied his style. The part that is confusing is that you think the women is being attacked by a werewolf, but we never know for sure. Later on in the film, her son starts to transform into something that I have no idea what to call it. The film is kind of divided into three nights once Michael starts to transform and the last night or 30 minutes of the film are the best the film has to offer. Some of the kills before hand are pretty good while some are just ok, but it is a very solid horror film that I enjoyed watching. The transformation scene that the trailer for the film talks about is actually cool while at the same time a little goofy cause it looks like he’s turning into an insect creature, but that was the special effects for the early 80’s. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood Film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 2.3 for a final grade.


Hamburger The MovieIt’s been a while since the last Cheeseball Cinema post that I did so I figured it was time to return with one for all of you and it was one that crossed my mind the first time I saw it on Youtube. You see I was watching the film Fraternity Vacation with Leigh McCloskey (Just One Of The Guys) when I saw Hamburger: The Motion Picture on the suggestion and I saved it to my watch later list. In this film Leigh plays Russell, a college kid who seems to not be able to get women off of him and it gets him kicked out of three colleges. You see his grandfather passed away and left him money, but it’s frozen until Russell can graduate from college. So, he sees an ad for Hamburger University where if he graduates he not only gets the money, but he’ll get his own franchise and he’ll have to keep himself out of trouble. The film also stars Maria Richwine (The Buddy Holly Story) as Conchita, NFL Legend Dick Butkus as Drootin, Randi Brooks (The Man With Two Brains) as Mrs. Vonk, Chuck McCann (Ducktales) as Dr. Mole, Jack Blessing (Paranorman) as Nacio Herb Zipser, Charles Tyner (Cool Hand Luke) as Lyman Vonk, Debra Blee (Savage Streets) as Mia Vonk, Chip McAllister (Weekend Pass) as Magneto Jones, Barbara Whinnery (Hot To Trot) as Sister Sara, Karen Mayo-Chandler (Hard To Die) as Dr. Gotbottom, and the film was directed by Mike Marvin (The Wraith). 

Brooks, Richwine and Chandler

Clockwise from left: Randi Brooks (X2), Karen Mayo-Chandler, and Maria Richwine

Let me start off by saying that this is one cheesy film that looks and sounds like an 1:30 infomercial for sex and hamburgers. Poor McCloskey never had a chance in this film as this is one of his starring roles, but right from the start the opening credits look and sound like a commercial or PSA on hamburgers. It has everything you would expect from a cheesy 80’s film like the weird scientist, the sexy ladies, and the clumsy nerd that everyone loves. So with some of that being aid, there is plenty of T&A to serve to the 80’s cheesy sex comedy fan and Randi Brooks is an absolute fox in this film. The NFL legend Dick Butkus actually does a terrific job in this film playing the jealous brute drill sergeant in the film and I can see why he had some sort of a movie career. There is a lot of great cheesy 80’s flicks just like this one lying around somewhere that needs to be viewed by someone and that someone might as well be me. For the most part everyone in the film did a good job as far as acting and you have to love the various sets in the film as creative as they were. The film was based loosely on fast food jobs and apparently an actual university that McDonald’s would put you through and this film serves as a pretty good source of social commentary on our obsession with fast food burger joints and how bad they are. On a scale of one being close to an A list Hollywood Film and five being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give this one a 3.8 for a final grade.