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hooking upIt has been quite sometime since the last Cheeseball Cinema post, but in all honesty when you watch 366 movies in 366 days, you’re not too keen on seeing anymore films for a while. So, now plenty of rest from that, I think it’s time to start exploring again. So for today’s cheeseball cinema film, I thought I would be adventurous in seeing a film that starred Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys) who was famed member of The Two Coreys (Corey Haim was the other). The film is called Hooking Up and it follows three girls April Winters (Allyson Muñoz), Caroline (Alison Whitney), Michelle (Leah Viens-Gordon) and four guys Colin Winters (Jim deProphetis), John Johnson (Parker Croft), Tyler (Ted Sangalis), and Ryan (Feldman) as we journey through a week with them in this sex crazed comedy of discovery, love, and the power of hooking up. The film also stars Brian O’Halloran (Clerks 2) as Principal Jordan, Bronson Pinchot (Beverly Hills Cop) as Mr. Kimball, Burt Brooks (Without You) as Tim, and the film was directed by Vincent Scordia (The Girl By The Side Of The Road). 

Hooking Up 2I had a hard time at first trying to figure out just what in the hell this film was about because it just went all over the place. The main plot in my opinion is very fuzzy to me while all of the subplots in the film are very good like Caroline and the dilemma she has with her older boyfriend Ryan (Feldman) who uses her for sex when he is high on cocaine or the guy in the group who is having a hard time figuring out his identity sexually so he tries everything over the course of the film. The dialogue is decent, but the situations are very cheesy and the film is just a giant excuse for seeing people obsess over blow jobs. The film is such a double edged sword for me because in one way I hated it when Feldman was on screen and on the other hand I loved the dynamics with the guy group and anytime Bronson Pinchot and Brian O’Halloran were on screen together. The film should have been called the Taboos of Hooking Up because they explored all of it in the film from teacher/student situations, glory-holes, and all different types of crazy sex schemes like seagulling (I don’t know if it’s made up or true and I don’t care). It’s like they decided to let Steel Panther write the film. This is actually one of the worst films I have ever seen, but it had it’s moments where it looked like it was going to go in the right direction. It’s available on Netflix right now as we speak, but watch it if you dare. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I would give this film an 4.5 out of five for a final grade cause I have seen worse.


  One of my all time favorite vampire films is the classic The Lost Boys. The film featured one hell of a cast in Jason Patric, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Alex Winter, and Brooke McCarter. Why am I talking about this, well Brooke McCarter passed away today according to from a long term genetic liver illness at 52 years old. The actor played the part of Paul in the film The Lost Boys as well as having roles in films like Thrashin, Wired, but the actors career never really took off after The Lost Boys. R.I.P. Brooke McCarter (1963-2015) 

Cry_Little_Sister_(front)For this week’s Soundtrack Saturday song, I wanted to pick one of my favorite songs from a soundtrack that best represents the season. The Lost Boys was a classic vampire film released in 1987 that not only had a great cast (Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland), but it had an amazing soundtrack with tons of great artists. The soundtrack included the likes of INXS with Jimmy Barnes, Lou Gramm, Roger Daltry, Echo & The Bunnymen, and today’s artist in Gerard McMann. Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) is a gothic rock/dark wave classic that still stands the test of time. I love the chorus because it sounds like he has a boys choir singing along with him along with the pulsating beats that follow that sound like a heart pounding. The song’s lyrics were often accused of being about incest, but McMann has stated that he, “wanted it to be about the longing for family from a rejected youth’s perspective, which I went through myself and that many of us have felt.” The track has been covered by other artists as well as having been remixed by McMann who has gone by G Tom Mac before. Check out the track below:

Good_Times_INXSIn 1987, INXS was preparing to tour all of Australia with former Cold Chisel singer/guitarist Jimmy Barnes on The Australian Made Series when they decided to cover a song together. They decided to cover a track from Australian act The Easybeats called Good Times which featured George Young who is the brother of AC/DC’s Angus & Malcolm Young and the father of current AC/DC rhythm guitarist Stevie Young. The song was written, recorded, and released on the soundtrack to the iconic 1987 vampire flick The Lost Boys which was directed by Joel Schumacher and starred Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Jason Patric, and Kiefer Sutherland to name a few. First off, the song sounds amazing as INXS and Jimmy do a great job updating the sound of the song for 1987. The second thing is that it’s amazing to hear Michael Hutchence’s voice and the range that he had matched with Barnes gritty blues based voice as well. The song is rocking and very upbeat that just about anybody will be able to groove with. Their version of the track reached number 2 in Australia while it peaked at 47 in the United States and 18 in the UK (in 1991). Besides the fact that you have to check out this song and the film itself, you should also check out the rest of the soundtrack which is pretty good featuring songs from Echo & The Bunnymen, Roger Daltrey, Lou Gramm (of Foreigner), and more. Check out the song Good Times below:

south beach academyI should have known that when I was picking a film for the latest edition of Cheeseball Cinema that I was picking a film that starred Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys) in it without his partner Corey Haim. I really feel like the 90’s was a speed bump for the both of them hence the reason why I chose to review the film South Beach Academy and the title itself should be self explanatory, but Ill give you a synopsis anyways. The film stars Keith Coulouris (One Life To Live) as Harry Spencer, a guy who coaches a  beach volleyball team for his weird Uncle Gene (Al Lewis) and his South Beach Academy. Well, good ol’ Uncle Gene seems to have a gambling problem and he ends up getting in a lot of debt with a local gangster named Johnny Staccato (James Hong). Well, Gene places one more bet that his nephew’s volleyball team can defeat Staccato’s team or he’ll lose the academy. There’s only one problem with all of this, he has to set up a volleyball team fast and he turns to his jaded Olympic volleyball player girlfriend Shannon McSorley (Elizabeth Kaitan) for help to put the team together so they can win the bet and save the academy. The film stars porn star Ron Jeremy as a strip club owner, Playboy model Julie Cialini as Phyllis, Amy Lynn Rosenthal as Erika, Tiffany Cara as Ginger, Christi Bauerle (Striptease) as Dominique, Lorelei Leslie (Pulp Fiction) as Harley, a boatload of chicks, and the film was directed by Joe Esposito.

South Beach Academy CollageI don’t know how serious of a film you expect South Beach Academy to be, but I should have also known the minute I saw Ron Jeremy that this was made for Cheeseball Cinema. He really knows how to play one of those 80’s style scumbags who owned strip clubs. There is so much T&A in this film that it was borderline porn and it’s too bad because they relied on it a little too much to carry the film. They had to do that because some of the acting was just horrific and some of the lines in the film were just too cheesy. I’m not saying  that the film wasn’t enjoyable to watch because it had it’s moments and I never say no to that much T&A. It’s actually a little unfortunate to see Al Lewis in a movie like this, but then again they did this a lot to stars from yesteryear in Foster Brooks in Odd Balls (such a horrible film). If you don’t know who Al Lewis is then you should be ashamed or you’ve never heard of The Munsters.  He’s the only one I can see don the character of Grandpa Munster ever! These types of movie were starting to come out of everywhere from Ski School to this film or even Last Resort which also starred Corey Feldman is reviewed by me for Cheeseball Cinema. If you’re bored and on Netflix then maybe this is a film that you want to check out cause it’s not half bad, but just be prepared for T&A Over load. On a scale of one being close to an A-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, this one definitely gets a 3.8 for a final grade.


Last Resort TitleFor today’s Cheeseball Cinema film, I turned to a company who after the 80’s was churning out guaranteed cheesefests of films in National Lampoon. In the 80’s and early 90’s they were was no one hotter in Hollywood than the Two Coreys (Corey Haim and Corey Feldman) and the thought was put them together and you’re bound to have a hit. Well, the duo returned for what would be one of the last times until the late 2000’s for National Lampoon’s Last Resort. Sam (Feldman) and Dave (Haim) are living treacherous lives in Detroit with no opportunity for a good future until Sam receives a letter from his famous swashbuckling Uncle Rex (Geoffrey Lewis). He asks Sam to come to Treasure Island to try and help him save the island from his old arch nemesis Hemlock (Robert Mandan) who is trying to take the island from him. Together the two will try their best to find a solution while dealing with all of the distractions that they will find on the island. The film also stars Maureen Flannigan (Book Of Days) as Sonja, Demetra Hampton (Valentina) as Alex, Milton Selzer (Marnie) as Irv, Eda Reiss Merin (Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead) as Ida, Tony Longo (The Last Boy Scout) as Rob, Zelda Rubinstein (Poltergeist) as The Old Hermit, Patrick Labyorteaux (Summer School) as Young Hemlock, Kevin West (Bio-Dome) as Dorky Man, Michael Ralph (Marked For Death) as Flash, a special appearance by Dread Zeppelin, and the film was directed by Rafal Zielinski (Screwballs).

The Two CoreysI have to say this now before anything else in this review and that is I was a huge fan of The Two Coreys , but they lost their magic after Dream A Little Dream. This had to be one of the dumbest films these two have ever been in with Corey Feldman going through his weird Michael Jackson phase and Corey Haim just being all over the place. Its too bad because these two made some great films together and they redeemed themselves a little bit in Dream A Little Dream 2. The whole film is just one giant cheeseball of a film from the weird villain who controls the way his voice sounds to the Uncle who is obsessed with being a Buccaneer. Some of the scenes make no sense like how the gang actually gets to the island in the first place, but what do you expect from what is probably a low budget, straight to video film released by National Lampoon as I said before had lost some luster in the 90’s. Patrick Labyorteaux Of Summer School fame wrote the story and the screenplay which is almost flawless in how the story flows, but it’s everything else that is bad with the film. The appearance by Dread Zeppelin in the film was actually kind of cool since I did like the theme song to the film and it’s almost like a music video at the end of the film. There is very little T&A in this film so if you’re looking for that then you can admire some of the beautiful women in the film. If you’re a fan of The Two Coreys like I am, then I would say check out the film, but if you’re not then you probably won’t like the film. On a scale from one being close to an A-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give this one a 3.9 for a final grade.

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