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rotld necropolisThe film that I chose for today was inspired by a visit to my local theater last night. Last night I believe was the last chance you had to see the 50TH anniversary screening of Night Of The Living Dead and it was awesome. That is when I decided that I wanted to see a zombie film and I figured I would check out the fourth film in the Return Of The Living Dead series entitled Return Of The Living Dead: Necropolis which was released in 2005. When Zeke Borden (Elvin Dandel) goes down in a motorcross accident, his friends go searching for him, but the only problem is that he is not at an hospital, but at a research facility. When they go to rescue him, they unwillingly unleash the undead. The film also stars John Keefe (Here We Go) as Julian, Aimee Lynn Chadwick (Las Vegas) as Becky, Cory Hardrict (Battle Los Angeles) as Cody, Jana Kramer (Friday Night Lights) as Katie, Peter Coyote (The Legend Of Billie Jean) as Uncle Charles, Alexandru Geoana (Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud) as Jake, Diana Munteanu (Seed Of Chucky) as Mimi Romero, Toma Danila (The Devil Inside) as Carlos, Gelu Nitu (Icon) as Boris, Boris Petroff (The Prophecy: Uprising) as Crusty, and the film was directed by Ellory Elkayem (Eight Legged Freaks).

pAD4FAkCERB3sDprJM4f5YaKL3vI only have one rule when heading into a zombie film and that is you do not change the science of how to kill a zombie. George Romero set the guidelines in 1968 that you either burned them to ash, disconnected the head from the body, or you hit him with a bullet to the brain or you stab the brain. That is how you kill a zombie and for the most part they followed it with some of them in the beginning of the film, but then they ignored it with just shooting them anywhere or snapping their necks like you’re in a kung fu movie. To top that, one of the zombies was fully conscious and he could kick your ass for the most part which while it was annoying, I got over it. They had everything from regular zombies to have borg (Star Trek) like zombies armed with heavy artillery which just made no sense to me, but it is a research facility so I’ll let that one slide. With the certain actors they had in this film, I was quite surprised at how cringe worthy their acting was especially from Peter Coyote who I thought was great in so many films. Cory Hardrict, I have seen in many films, but this was not one of those brilliant performances. Overall, the film was just a recipe for disaster and I was trying to figure out where in the hell in the world were they? This is definitely a film that you may want to think twice about and just enjoy the original three films in the series that were brilliant. I am going to give the film an D+ for a final grade.

american sniperFor those of you who may not remember, but Based On A Truesday Story is play on the words True Story and Tuesday where we take films that are based on a true story. Today’s film is one of the most intriguing stories because it also broke some records at the box office. I am of course talking about American Sniper that stars Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) as one of the most legendary snipers in American History in Chris Kyle. The film was directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino) who has directed films like Flags Of Our Fathers so he is no stranger to war films. The film is a biopic on the man following his trials and tribulations with the war in Iraq to how he became who he was in life with his start as a child in Texas, and trying to balance married life on top of all that. The film has almost an all stars cast that stars Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher) as Taya Kyle, Kyle Gallner (A Haunting In Connecticut) as Goat-Winston, Keir O’Donnell (Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes) as Jeff Kyle, Jake McDorman (Live Free Or Die Hard) as Biggles, Cory Hardrict (Battle Los Angeles) as Dandridge, Luke Grimes (Taken 2) as Marc Lee, Mido Hamada (Unknown) as The Butcher, Sammy Sheik (Lone Survivor) as Mustafa, and James Ryen (Dark House) as PO Karnan.

american-sniper-2014-zwiastunA lot of people have been asking which was a better film? Lone Survivor or American Sniper? That is such a hard question to answer because both films have their own unique qualities to them that fans of either will love. I mentioned above that the film broke box office numbers for the MLK weekend which is true because it brought in about 105 million dollars which is better than what Avatar did with only 68 Million. There is something to be said about these films and why they are so popular and I think that has to do with the overwhelming fact of how many soldiers were deployed over seas and just the fact that everyone knows a veteran somewhere of the Iraq or Afghanistan war. The movie starts with Chris on a roof having to make a tough decision, but just before he makes the decision we are sent on a flash back to his childhood all the way through to when he decides to join the Navy Seals at 30 years old. Then after we are acquainted with how he got there, we are sent back to Iraq for decision time. For the most part the film is a personal battle as Chris who is the most legendary and deadliest sniper in US History goes up against the other sides sniper in the former Olympian Mustafa. Of course, Eastwood took some civil liberties on the character of Mustafa who apparently was only mentioned once in Chris Kyle’s book. The best part of the film is seeing the transformation of Bradley Cooper as he engulfed the role and seeing the personal pain that Kyle goes through, but he holds it together for his pride and love for country. That is what is amazing about this film and I suggest that you go out and see it. I am giving the film an A- for a final grade.