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118933420One of the greatest thrash albums of all time in my opinion has always been Metallica’s second album Ride The Lightning which was released on July 27, 1984 via Megaforce Records (later re-released by Elektra Records). The album in my opinion still featured some of the fury and rawness of the previous effort Kill ‘Em All, but it was a step forward in their sound that would eventually be featured on their next effort Master Of Puppets. The album also still featured traces of former guitarist Dave Mustaine of Megadeth who has writing credits on the album. The band once again featured James Hetfield (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Kirk Hammett (Lead Guitar), Cliff Burton (Bass), and Lars Ulrich (Drums) while the album was produced by Flemming Rasmussen as well as Metallica. The album was a critical success for the band as it established that they were the alphas of the Metal scene that was emerging in the US as it charted at Number 48 on the Billboard Top 200 while being certified platinum six times. The change in style of this album to the previous was all due to Cliff Burton who apparently introduced musical theory to the band and they allowed him to have more input as far as writing was concerned.

main_1525890639-James-Hetfield-Jason-Newsted-Signed-Metallica-Ride-the-Lightning-Vinyl-Record-Album-Inscribed-04-2013-JSA-COA-PristineAuction.com1. Fight Fire With Fire– The opening track starts with an acoustic riff that Cliff Burton had been playing around with before the all out metal assault hits you like a freight train. The track is all about denouncing the idea of an eye for an eye with the fear of nuclear attacks being an option. 5/5

2. Ride The Lightning– the title track is one that Mustaine helped write, but that Metallica had to slow down because neither Hammett or Hetfield could match the speed of Mustaine. The track is about the corruption of the justice system as told by a man facing the electric chair. 5/5

3. For Whom The Bell Tolls– a church bell kicks off the track that is one of my personal favorites and the opening chromatic riff that you hear is actually Cliff Burton playing with distortion and a wah wah pedal and not the guitars. The lyrics and track were based off of Ernest Hemingway’s book of the same name in the matter of the dishonor and all of the horrors associated with warfare. 5/5

4. Fade To Black– The track is a ballad of sorts, but it deals with a very touchy subject matter of suicide. Apparently. the track is about the emotions that Hetfield went through when he and Metallica had discovered that someone had stolen all of their equipment before a show in Boston, MA in January of 1984. 5/5

118875110-35. Trapped Under Ice– This was a track that was based off of a demo that Hammett had written with Exodus called Impaler. They tuned it up and fixed it and turned it into this track that is all about a man that wakes up after being trapped in a cryogenic state and the helplessness that he goes through after. 5/5

6. Escape– While I am a fan of this track, apparently James Hetfield hates this song because this track was the result of the label telling them they had to write a more radio friendly song. I really like this track. 5/5

7. Creeping Death-This is probably the most famous Metallica song ever written besides Fade, Bell, and even Master Of Puppets. The track is about the story of Moses and the plagues that engulfed Egypt. 5/5

8. The Call of Ktulu– The instrumental track was named after the H.P. Lovercraft book The Call Of Cthulhu and features the intro written in D Minor by Mustaine (He used again in Hangar 18) and is followed up by a bass solo by Cliff Burton. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– There is a reason that Loudwire ranked this album 8TH on their 50 Best Metal Albums of all time list and that is because it is one of the greatest albums written by Metallica. The album gets five stars out of five stars because it belongs in the five star album club.

1As soon as people found out that Superbowl 50 was going to be played at AT&T Park in San Francisco, they immediately petitioned to have Metallica play the halftime show. The petition garnered a lot of signatures, but that didn’t matter to the NFL who deemed Metallica Too Heavy For Halftime which was also what Metallica dubbed their concert the night before the Superbowl at AT&T Park. As James Hetfield, lead singer of the greatest metal band ever told fans that they basically got the better deal because instead of a short three song set, they received a whole entire concert complete with a new stage setup as well. By the time the band ht the stage Saturday night, the weather wasn’t too bad as it was a nice 61 degrees out and the crowd was ready for one hell of a show. James, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo all looked in shape and ready to roll as they broadcasted the show online as well for fans who couldn’t make it.

2Metallica didn’t waste anytime when they hit the stage playing the classic Creeping Death which got the crowd’s blood pumping. They followed it up with For Whom The Bell Tolls which kept the momentum going throughout the show. The show was a mix of old and relatively old as they played everything from Kill Em All all the way up to Garage Inc. While the band sounded amazing there were a lot of times where Kirk would miss a note on a couple of songs, but he would quickly catch himself. The band still does their guitar solo, bass solo parts in between songs which seems to be an art that is kind of missing in metal concerts. Metallica kept the crowd going and they never faltered as they kept up with everything Metallica threw at them creating an amazing atmosphere. Some of the highlights for me during the show was surprisingly hearing some of the material from Load and Reload like Fuel, King Nothing, and The Memory Remains mixed in with the old material. As you get older, you gain an appreciation for the material.

9Metallica was very appreciative of their roots in San Francisco and it showed all night as they reminisced with the crowd. One of the cool facts that you found out during the show was that Cliff Burton loved the Thin Lizzy track Whiskey In The Jar which Metallica played during the encore as a tribute to him. They closed out the encore set with Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman with the same energy as they opened the show with. We also heard from the mouth of Lars during the end of the show that Metallica is going to release new material, but obviously didn’t say when it would happen. Metallica is one of those bands that if you’ve never seen live then you are truly missing out. This was an amazing show put on by one of the best in the business. Enjoy some pictures from the show and check out the complete set list below:

80cd1e93ac4b4be13366d3f8895d5819b52d42adI’m surprised to this point in the game that I never reviewed a album that was recorded by the late and legendary Ronnie James Dio. So, I thought since I have to do the first album of the week review for 2014, I figured I would choose my favorite album from Dio’s solo career in The Last In Line. The Last In Line is an album that I feel doesn’t receive as much recognition as Holy Diver, but is absolutely amazing in its own right. It was the second album from Ronnie’s post Sabbath solo gig  and it was the first album to feature former Rough Cutt keyboardist Claude Schnell as well as the second album to feature Vivian Campbell (Guitar), Jimmy Bain (Bass), and Vinny Appice (Drums). The album was produced by Ronnie himself and it was recorded at the Caribou Ranch in Colorado. The album was certified Platinum in 1987 and it was certified Silver in the UK in 1986. 

dio-9-251002-cdThe album starts off with a bang with the iconic We Rock which was a set closer for Dio for many years after it’s release. The song features some pretty heavy lyrics in, “We pray to someone, but when it’s said and done It’s really all the same with just a different name.” Think about those lyrics and they used to say all metal heads were dumb. The title track is one of the most iconic songs with it’s slow beautiful start before Dio screams to usher the band into heavy metal ecstasy. Breathless is the next track on the record and it starts with some heavy breathing before Vivian Campbell starts the track with a blazing riff. I Speed At Night is the next track and the track suits the name of the song as it’s a 100% certified facemelter. One Night In The City is a real groovin track that sort of mixes all the elements of past Dio projects and it kicks ass. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. Evil Eyes sound like something that Sabbath would have recorded with Ronnie which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not one of my favs on the album.

The next track on the record Mystery charted lower than the tracks that followed even though it’s amazing and its in the same groove as Rainbow In The Dark. Ronnie’s amazing vocal style fits the melody of the track so perfectly as well. Eat Your Heart Out follows Mystery and even though it’s not a favorite of mine, Ronnie was an amazing lyricist because the lyrics are amazing. Egypt (The Chains Are On) is an epic closer that is just amazing. Nobody knew how to close albums out like Ronnie did and this is living proof of it. The guitar solo is amazing and the way the song is composed was masterful. Much like Metallica’s Creeping Death, I believe we had another song that dealt with Ancient Egypt and the sacrifice of so many Jews who had lost their lives building the pyramids. The album again in my opinion is one of the best that Ronnie had made besides the obvious Holy Diver. I am going to give it four stars out of five for a final grade. Long Live Ronnie James Dio!!!!