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COMIC TITLE: Ghost Rider #1 (2019)
Aaron Kuder– Artist
Ed Brisson–Writer
October 2, 2019
Marvel Comics

IMG_5487For the whole month of October, we do things a little different on Moshpits & Movies and that is we explore Halloween/horror related subject matter for each of our posts like the Album of the Week and we can’t forget Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. So, we are going to be doing the same thing for Comic Book Of The Week and we found someone for week one that best represents what we are looking for. This week, Marvel Comics has released Ghost Rider #1 which was written by Ed Brisson (Dead Man Logan) with art by Aaron Kuder (Death Of X) which sees the spirit of vengeance return for a brand new series. To keep you guys up to date, Johnny Blaze has been named the King Of Hell, but not only that he is also the warden which means it is up to him to see who comes in and who leaves Hell. He has a lot on his plate because he’snot everyone’s favorite choice in hell especially since Mephisto is still locked up by Doctor Strange. In this issue, a bunch of souls all attempt to leave hell at the same time when they are able to open a portal and while he couldn’t get everyone, Johnny now has to go to back to Earth to retrieve them back, but he runs into Danny Ketch who is currently Earth’s Ghost Rider, but he’s never wanted it and he has to face Johnny when it comes to it.

IMG_5488I have always been a big fan of Ghost Rider and have always thought that he was perfect for the month of October hence the first issue of Volume 9 being released on October 2ND. The first thing I want to talk about with this comic is the artwork because that alone had me sold right from the very first panel. Right from the start, we are treated to a sacrifice or execution of sorts and then it’s all chains blazing like a scene fresh out of the Hellraiser franchise when Ghost Rider shows up his chains. It doesn’t let up either as the comic goes on with nicely drawn and amazing depicted scenes like one of the Ghost Riders going through a creature just to defeat it. Aaron Kuder deserves a lot of credit alongside his colorist Jason Keith who helps bring it to life right on the pages. The other element that has to help the artist’s work come to life is the writing provided to us by Ed Brisson and her brings something else to the table with the story. So far in my opinion, the story is so much more than just about creatures that have escaped Hell. It’s really about Danny Ketch’s struggle with having to be Ghost Rider because he rejects it so much whereas Johnny originally assumed the role through a deal with the devil that he made. The way they ended this issue definitely helps brew this very issue to the point that I am hooked and waiting for the next. If you love Ghost Rider, then definitely consider giving this one a shot. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A/A+ (somewhere in there)

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+