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downloadOne of the brash and most unapologetic musicians in the world in Adam Darski a.k.a. Nergal of Polish Blackened Death Metal act Behemoth has some thing a little different that he is releasing to the world. While being in a folk/alternative/indie band may not be what fans of his imagined would be next, his newest project Me and That Man is something you just cannot pass up on. I have always been a big fan of the American Recordings of Johnny Cash, the mellower Danzig tracks, and I just discovered a love for Leonard Cohen and that is exactly what you get with Me and That Man and their new music video for the track Ain’t Much Loving. The video is mostly a performance based video whose visuals match the tone of the audio where it’s very mellow and dark. Nergal talked about the project to Noisey saying, “With Me and That Man, the songs just come out in a very organic way. One would be bluesy, one would be more of a ballad, but put together they all made sense. I need Me and That Man to keep the balance, as the potential of my mother band seems limitless. It gets bigger and bigger, more advanced and more sophisticated… and darker …and blacker, but Me and That Man is at the opposite pole, artistically speaking. With all the best art, once you have it in you, you have to release it, otherwise it becomes intoxicating and dangerous to your own system. This is how I deal with my emotions and my dark feelings and shadows. This is not happy music, but it’s liberating.” I think this is an album that everyone should check out on March 24TH when Songs Of Love And Death is released via Cooking Vinyl.


Out of all the songs I could have chosen from Danzig’s newest album Skeletons (which also happens to be a covers record),  I chose his cover of the Black Sabbath track N.I.B.. Black Sabbath is one of those bands that has been covered countless times by tons of artists and N.I.B. has been covered numerous times by the likes of White Zombie and Primus, but the Danzig version caught my attention. He skips out on having the bass solo introduction to the track and gets right into the nitty gritty and that is the bass heavy track, toned down guitar doom track itself. I do have to say that Tommy Victor’s guitar playing is quite phenomenal as he adds some cool twangy false harmonics to the track. Glenn Danzig does the right thing on the track by sounding like Glenn Danzig interpreting the track in his own way and it’s very cool. He adds a very evil like tone to the track with his voice and I can dig that. The whole point of covering a song is by adding your own unique twist to it to make it your own. Check out the track below and pick up the album wherever records are sold now.

ghostAnytime a cool band that wears make up or masks comes around, we always want to know what they look like especially when they’re hiding their identities. We wanted to know what Kiss looked like without makeup and that was answered years later on MTV. We wanted to know what members of Slipknot looked like without the masks and that was revealed once Joey Jordison and Corey Taylor de-masked themselves for their side projects respectfully. Ever since Swedish Satanic metal band Ghost came around with Papa Emertius, we have wondered who the man behind the makeup or mask (I think he’s wearing a mask) really is. There have always been rumors that it was musician Tobias Forge (he is in the books as a ghostwriter) and now that may just been confirmed thanks to a tweet. Tommy Victor of Prong unveiled a photo from New Orleans that specifically says Superjoint, Danzig, Prong, Ghost,… The man in the picture along with Glenn Danzig, Phil Anselmo, Sean Yseult, and Tommy Victor is Tobias Forge. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen him considering Nergal of Behemoth unveiled a photo of the two together before. The tweet has since been taken down, but we got it courtesy of Check it out below and ask yourself, is that him?

ghost unveiled

samhain 3As you all know we are deep into our observance of the great holiday of Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve as I like to refer to it which means that all posts in October are Halloween related. In the past, I covered albums from Glenn Danzig including one from his solo band and one from the Misfits. It would be silly to do one of these and not include the band he started after he left the Misfits that would eventually turn into Danzig in the band Samhain. In 1986, Samhain would release their second album entitled Samhain III: November-Coming Fire (Via Glenn’s label Plan 9) that James Hetfield of Metallica considers one of his top ten favorite albums of all time. The album featured Glenn doing vocals as well as keyboards and drums on some of the tracks as well as Eerie Von (Bass), Pete “Damien” Marshall (Guitars), and London May (Drums). As you can see in the album cover, there’s the famous Danzig skull that would appear on later Danzig records. The album is often stylized as Deathrock, but it’s a very influential horror punk record that influenced a lot of thrash metal bands as well.

samhain_november-coming-fire_back1. Diabolos 88– right from the start on this instrumental track it has a very goth rock dance feel to it in the beginning and throughout. It reminds me of bands like Bauhaus and what they did and it belongs in a horror film 4/5

2. In My Grip– This song brings back that punk fury that we were all used to from Danzig where it’s hard charging and in your face in a track that I think is about relationships. 4/5

3. Mother Of Mercy– A cool rock track with a real stompin’ riff in a track that I always thought was about a dominatrix. 4/5

4. Birthright– An evil sounding track right from the get go with a metal feel to it that reminds me of Diamond Head. 4/5

5. To Walk The Night– We all know Glenn was a huge fan of the 50’s and this song has that 50’s oldies feel to it, but he gothed it up a little in a track that reminds me of a lonely vampire. 4/5

samhain-november-coming-fire-3038226. Let the Day Begin– a return too that punk/rock sound like in some previous tracks and this is one of my favs and it has melody to it. 5/5

7. Halloween II– A base heavy track that is one of the more famous tracks and a fitting track for the amazing holiday that is Halloween. 5/5

8. November’s Fire– Here is the title track for you guys with that 80’s punk feel to it. This is definitely another highlight of the record in my opinion. 5/5

9. Kiss Of Steel– A track that wastes no time getting right in your face in a track that I think is about owning a Chevy with balls and loving the fast lane. 4/5

10. Unbridled– a track that starts with a really cool drum riff before the guitars come in with the speed like playing in a track that could be about not being satisfied so you turn up the notch on everything you do. 4/5

11. Human Pony Girl– a punk track with a cool bass line about dominating a woman sexually. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– When you listen to this record you can hear early hints of his later work in some of the tracks cause it’s present in his songwriting. When I first started listening to Glenn, I was introduced to his solo work and Samhain which I have always been fond of. This is an amazing record that registers at 28 minutes in length so I say give it a shot. I am giving the record four stars out of five for a final grade.

I was trying to look up original music created specifically for movie soundtracks because that is what I wanted when I created Soundtrack Saturdays. So while on my search I came across an article from a website called Timeout and so I checked it out and stumbled upon an iconic picture in so many ways. The film was called Less Than Zero and it’s infamous because of Robert Downey Jr.’s storied drug abuse problem and it’s believed that he was perfect for his role in the film because he was using drugs at the time (allegedly). The film also starred Andrew McCarthy (Weekend At Bernies), James Spader (Avengers: Age Of Ultron) and Jami Gertz (The Lost Boys) as the film takes a look at the decadent youth of Los Angeles. Just as iconic as the film was the soundtrack that was provided for the film courtesy of Def Jam Recordings. The album featured a mix of Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Pop, and even R&B with artists like Public Enemy, Roy Orbison, Poison, LL Cool J, Aerosmith, Slayer, and our artist for today’s entry in Glenn Danzig & The Power And The Fury Orchestra. This is one of those rare projects for the former Misfits singer as he teamed up with his initial Danzig lineup which consisted of John Christ (Guitar) and Chuck Biscuits (Drums). Original Danzig bassist Eerie Von opted out of the song because he didn’t like the way Rick Rubin wanted his bass parts to sound like so George Drakoulias played the bass for the track. The song has a very classic sound to it like it was recorded in the 1950’s, but wit that dark gloomy feel of a Danzig track. It’s actually a pretty amazing and underrated track fro Danzig. You definitely need to check out the track below and if you get a chance, watch the film as well.

Misfits - 1982 - Walk Among Us - FrontLast year for the month of October, we took every kind of big posts and we did a theme to celebrate Halloween. We covered Type O Negative, Fastway, and others for the album of the week. Last year, I covered Danzig’s first solo record because you can’t deny the association Danzig has with horror and Halloween. Well for this year, I figured I would cover the band that spawned Glenn Danzig and a band that embodied the very idea of combining the horror culture with music in The Misfits. The Misfits at the time of the release of their first record Walk Among Us was made of Glenn on vocals, Jerry Only (Bass), Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Guitar), and Arthur Googy (Drums). Walk Among Us for the most part were songs that were already recorded at one time, but when it came to releasing an album, Danzig had mixed the tracks himself, dubbed the guitar tracks, and re-recorded vocals for a song or two. The album was released back in March of 1982 and you’ll notice that a lot of the tracks have the same name as horror movies from the past. The album cover even features the rat-bat-spider from The Angry Red Planet and the flying saucers from Earth Vs The Flying Saucers.

13817bA lot of the tracks are only a 1 minute and so long like the first track 20 Eyes which is a track that was based off of a scene from the original The Fly film. I Turned Into A Martian is another fast paced punk song that was influenced most likely by a sci-fi film the band had seen. All Hell Breaks Loose features that killer bass line that a lot of punk bands used in a track whose lyrics were inspired by the horror film The Twins Of Evil. Vampira was a track the band wrote about the legendary 1950’s horror TV host who was featured and played by Lisa Marie in the Tim Burton film Ed Wood. Nike A Go-go is a track that with another cool bass riff in a song about a legendary missle base in New Jersey who codename was Nike. Hatebreeders is one of the most famous and classic songs on this album whose lyrics talk about how hate is bread straight to our kids. The last song on side A is a live version of the track Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

Copia de CCI00009Side B opens up with the classic Misfits Night Of The Living Dead track which if you couldn’t figure it out is about the classic George Romero film of the same name. Skulls is my all time favorite Misfits track which in my opinion features a killer chorus where Glenn Danzig’s voice really shines through. Violent World is another track with a killer chorus whose lyrics are about the magazine of the same name that featured pictures of death. Devil’s Whorehouse contains this really cool bass riff during the verses that is typical of the horror punk sound. Astro Zombies was inspired by the 1958 horror film of the same name. Braineaters is a cool track lyrically because it almost makes it like they are zombies that are sick and tired of eating brains considering they tell you that it’s all they eat and they wished for a change of pace. I love Glenn Danzig era Misfits and this was definitely one of my favorite releases from them even though such hits as Die Die My Darling will come later. I am givign this record four stars out of five for a final grade.

I have to be 100% honest with all of you with something and that is I thought out of all the posts I do on here that finding an acoustic version of a Halloween/horror themed song was going to be the hardest to do. I’m happy that when I was researching Screamin Jay Hawkins on Youtube that I came across a very unique acoustic cover that I felt I had to share with all of you out there as we are in observance of the great Pagan holiday Samhain (Halloween). Michael Herndon posted a video on his Youtube page of himself covering Danzig’s Her Black Wings and Screamin Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You acoustically and while I was watching it, I was blown away. First of all, he has a pretty amazing voice and when he’s singing the Danzig song, he doesn’t try to sing it exactly like Glenn would, but he sings it in his own way and the same thing goes for the I Put A Spell On You part. This is definitely one of my favorite acoustic covers that I habe heard and it made it a little easier to find something to post. Check out the track below: