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disturbed-believe-album-cover_552510Now that we are done with all 50 of the best metal albums of all time list according to Loudwire, I thought it was time to move on to cover albums that I love or I am curious about discovering. The album that I chose for this week’s Album of the Week comes from one of the most intense metal albums to be spawned from the Nu-Metal scene in Chicago’s own Disturbed. The band was coming off of their breakout debut album The Sickness that was released in 2000 and add to that the death of singer David Draiman’s grandfather and the events of 9/11 and you have 2002’s Believe, the sophomore effort from the band. The band which consisted of Draiman (Vocals), Dan Donegan (Guitars), Mike Wengren (Drums), and for the very last time Steve “Fuzz” Kmak (Bass) who was fired from the band in 2003. Once again with the help of producer Johnny K, the band would release their first album to ever debut at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Charts as it sold over 284,000 copies in the first week. Behind three singles, the album would go double platinum as it also peaked at number one in New Zealand and number two in Canada.

00073601. Prayer– The first single off of the record was a culmination of two events with one being the death of David’s death and the second being the clergy’s response to 9/11. David explains saying, “Instead of consoling their flock, people [of the clergy] like Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts chastised them and used the situation as a means of empowerment, saying it was our own fault because we’re a decadent and promiscuous people. I just thought that whole notion is ridiculous.” So essentially the song is about David having a conversation with God. 5/5

2. Liberate– This was the third single off of the record and it features elements from the first record in the track as David tells you that you it’s OK to believe in God, but he also tells you to have an open mind towards other possibilities or other people’s beliefs. 5/5

3. Awaken-an intense track right from the start with a very melodic verse and heavy chorus style, the song is all about America’s obsession with cookie cutter/wallpaper music. 5/5

4. Believe-An interesting track lyrically from the band that deals with the idea of people who think that just because they are religious or believe in God, does not mean that they are absolved from their sins. 4.5/5

5. Remember– The second single off of the album and one of the best tracks on the record that lyrically deals with how cutthroat the music industry can be and how David has stayed away from the various temptations the industry can offer. 5/5

6. Intoxication-This is one of two tracks on the album that deals with the difficulties that David has faced when dealing with relationships. This one is more in the sense of how relationships can be intoxicating and how it can blind you from people’s true intentions. 4.5/5

believe(ltd)-disc17. Rise– This was one of the coolest songs to hear live when it was being performed by the band at the time. I like the lyrics to the track because it’s all about being yourself and not someone you wish you were. Rise and be you! 4.5/5

8. Mistress-Musically not my favorite track, but I do like the lyrics as it deals with how a lot of men have idolized women and the hardship that comes with the result of doing so. 3.9/5

9. Breathe-a decent track on the record that’s all about someone who is so self centered that when he finally realizes it, it’s way too late for him to change. 4.2/5

10. Bound– This is the other track that focuses on David’s troubles with relationships in the sense that because he is bound to his beliefs and who he is, it’s hard to maintain relationships when they want to change him. 4.5/5

11. Devour– a track that is all about David telling someone that no matter what he will be there for them whether they think they need it or not and that he will devour their problems. 4/5

12. Darkness– a very melodic track that features piano, very different vocals by David, and Alison Chesley playing cello on the track that is all about David’s personal journey following the death of his grandfather. 4/5

My Final Thoughts-This was definitely one of my favorite releases from Disturbed in where almost every track is a banger with a few exceptions like Mistress. Nonetheless, this was the growing up stage for Disturbed as things only got bigger for the band from here. That is why I am giving the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

indestructibleAs promised, I am giving you two albums of the week for the price of one and here is the second one. I was trying to think of an album to review when a track from Disturbed played on my Pandora. I instantly knew that I was going to covet the album Indestructible which was the band’s fourth album and the first to not be produced by Johnny K. The band once again featured David Draiman (Vocals), Dan Donegan (Lead/Rhythm Guitars), John Moyer (Bass), and Mike Wengren (Drums). The album had a darker approach to it lyrically as it covered incidences that had happened in David’s life over the past couple years prior to the record. So, the band created heavier, darker,  and more textural based music for the album. That idea for the album paid off because the album peaked at number one in Australia, New Zealand, and the US Billboard Top 200. It also peaked at number one on the US Alternative Albums Chart, US Hard Rock Albums Chart, US Rock Albums Chart, and the US Tastemakers Albums Chart. I think it’s safe to say that the album was also certified platinum in the US as well.

disturbed_-_indestructible_(japan)_-_back1. Indestructible– This is a crushing track that has two meanings to it with the first one being a track for the military. Draiman has stated, “It’s meant to be something that would make them feel invincible, take away their fear, make them strong.” The other is that it symbolizes Disturbed still being around. Donegan has said, “We feel that we’ve become indestructible to be able to survive this long in the business, and continuing a success with it.” 5/5

2. Inside The Fire– This is one of my favorite tracks on the album that just absolutely crushes and makes you want to lose yourself in the track. Draiman has stated this about the lyrics that it’s, “a real racy song… about me standing over the body of my girlfriend, who just killed herself, and the Devil is standing over me, whispering in my ear to kill myself.” 5/5

3. Deceiver– A real grinding track that has some fierceness to the track on a song that could possibly be about the government and how they are deceivers. 4/5

4. The Night– This is one of the more interesting tracks on the record since it was the 1st one completed. It kind  of reminds me of …And Justice For All Metallica-era mixed with very dark and textural guitar genius from Donegan who shines on this track. 5/5

5. Perfect Insanity– This face melter’s meaning is described by Draiman as, “toying with the idea of insanity. Coming at you from the perspective from the individual who is [insane] and warning people around him, particularly his love interests, about his psychotic tendencies.” 5/5

6. Haunted– The track has that feel in the beginning where you feel it belongs in a horror movie with the bell and the slow build up before it launches it self with the sonic attack. The lyrics could be addressing a failed relationship. 4/5

Disturbed-Indestructible-CD7. Enough– A cool drum beat opens the track before the rest of the band comes in another track that addresses the way the Government treats society and keeps them down. 4/5

8. The Curse– a punishing track that follows a guy who seems to have everything go wrong for him all the time like a curse. The track features some cool guitar playing from Donegan once again. 4/5

9. Torn– This track has some serious balls when it opens, but then it settles down before it charges up once again in a track that seems to be about liking someone, but they don’t feel the same way about you. 4/5

10. Criminal– an in your face track that is reminds me of Distubed’s first album. The lyrics to me look like it’s about a guy who is a criminal and to the point that he enjoys it so much that he is asking for death. 4/5

11. Divide– It’s like an all out blitz, like they went 0 to 60 in 2 seconds during the intro to the track, but then it calms down during the verses before the band explodes on to the track. The track is about being yourself and not anyone else. 4/5

12. Façade– You should be able to guess what this track is about, but to go a little further it’s more likely about making sure you know what your dealing with so you don’t become blind to it. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Disturbed have always been a high octane, crushing metal band that has always brought their A game whether it be live or on disc. Dan Donegan really shined on this album with his guitar work and David Draiman is well David Draiman, he brings it every time. That is why I am giving the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

The_Sickness_CoverA lot of noise has been made since the announcement of the return of the might Disturbed after the band’s four year hiatus (read the article here). So, I sat back and thought about who I would do my net album of the week about and it just naturally clicked that I would review an album from an artist that I hadn’t reviewed before and Disturbed is that artist. So, I decided to take the band’s first record The Sickness and review it for all of you out there. The Sickness was the band’s debut record that was released on March 7, 2000 which also means that it is celebrating it’s 15TH Anniversary. The band at the time was made up of David Draiman (Vocals), Dan Donegan (Guitars), Steve Kmak (Bass), and Mike Wengren (Drums). The album was very successful as it went 4X platinum and peaked at 29 on The Billboard Top 200 charts while going number 3 on the US Top Heatseekers Charts. So, I think it safe to say with all that info that the album was a perfect storm for the Nu-Metal scene at the time and it certainly made us believe that yelling like a monkey was a valid form of scat singing.

1. Voices– This is actually one of my favorite songs on the record. The song starts off very calm and you can hear the build up coming right before it explodes into this high octane full blast of energy in a track that is about someone listening to the voices in their head as they command him to do terrible things. 5/5

disturbed back2. The Game– A quote online says that this track is David describing it as, “speaking about the manipulative nature of most people. That you should be cautious when playing with another person’s emotions or someone may make you accountable at some point in time.” The song starts with the techno like beats in the beginning before it once again explodes on full throttle. 4.5/5

3. Stupify– This was the first single released off the album that features more of their signature high octane styled music that is extremely fun to sing along to live.  5/5

4. Down With The Sickness– This is the track that features David Draiman’s world famous staccato scream that sounds like a monkey chant in a track that talks about how society looks down on those that are different. 5/5

5. Violent Fetish– Another high octane track that has an amazing bass line when the chaos calms down for a measure, but the track is about inner demons and how they can screw you up if they are not controlled. 4/5

6. Fear– The track starts off sounding like something out of A Nightmare On Elm Street before the band turns it up way past 11. 4/5

Disturbed-The_Sickness-CD7. Numb– This is a different type of track on the album that is more melodic with the heavy distortion with it. The song could be about being hurt by someone or something that has happened. 4/5

8. Want-A track that could be talking about how you want something so bad, but your mind won’t let you take it. 4/5

9. Conflict– This is an excellent track on the later part of the album that is about the inner conflict or battle inside that we all experience. 4/5

10. Shout 2000– This was the band’s cover of the Tears For Fears song that is pretty decent. 4/5

11. Droppin Plates– The track has that Nu-Metal flavor to it as David does his best Faith No More styled singing/spitting lyrics in a song that is about not getting the proper support in their early days, but that no longer matters as they are dropin plates (records). 4/5

12. Meaning Of Life– This is the last track on the album and it starts off with the Ministry styled industrial beats matched with the power chord heavy guitars in a track about going psycho. 4/5

My Final Thoughts- This is definitely one of the essential records you need to own from Disturbed and one of the top albums from the Nu-Metal era. The band would kind of change their sound as they went for a more Metal sound later on in the next record and their careers. I am giving the record 4 stars out of five for a final grade.

Update as of 6/23/2015: As you can see below I posted this article on the 21ST, but new information has been made available to us. According to, “Disturbed just released another teaser video, which is posted below the other two tweeted videos in this post. In this one, “The Guy” rises from his slumber and directs fans to the band’s website, which contains a countdown clock leading to Tuesday, June 23, at 8AM ET.” You can check that video right here and check out the other two below.

the guyThere is no denying the impact that Nu Metal titans Disturbed had on the music scene in the late 90’s to early 2010’s before the band called it quits (or a hiatus depending on how you look at it) in 2011. I always looked at Disturbed as a band that had hit it’s peak so in my view I thought the hiatus was a good idea because it gave fans something to crave for. Look what it did for System Of A Down, fans are begging that band for another album or better yet look at Faith No More. The band took a hiatus for a long time, came back and released an album, and it was a smash hit with fans. The question is could the same thing work for Disturbed? Well, the band teased out a couple of images that has fans wondering if a potential reunion is on the horizon. The first image features the band’s mascot “The Guy” on what looks to be life support (seen here) while the second image (seen here) apparently shows him awakening as he is starting to move more. The outpouring emotions that the fans are showing are all over the place as one fan states, “Don’t play with my feelings” while a more optimistic fan states, “The beast is about to awake! Disturbed is back!” however is offering fans more of a postive outlook on it as they preorted that that band was in Vegas with producer Kevin Churko. Nevertheless, the band has also updated their logo(you can see that below) which should be good news for Disturbed fans.Since 2011, the guys have kept themselves busy as David Draiman did his Device project while Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren had their project Fight Or Flight (which was amazing), and bassist John Moyer kept busy with Adrenaline Mob and Art Of Anarchy. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned here for more info as it becomes available, but what do you think?

disturbed logo

aIt’s the second entry this week for the album of the week in a week that already featured a release from The Queens Of The Stone Age and my review of Amon Amarth’s Deceiver Of The Gods. So, we got the fourteenth album from thrash metal titans Megadeth called Super Collider. The album’s line up consists of Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, Chris Broderick, and Shawn Drover and is produced by Johnny K. The album also features a guest appearance from Disturbed/Device frontman David Draiman and it’s the first album to be released on Dave’s own label Tradecraft via Universal.

a2Kingmaker is the first track and it opens up with a very dark bass line from bass master Dave Ellefson over a helicopter. Then before you know it, Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick came all guns a blazing with the sonic guitar assault. The track is amazing as it talks about wanting everything now and Dave acting like he wants to be the King S*** (hence Kingmaker). The title track is next and it feels like more of a hard rock song than a thrash metal song.  I’m not saying the track is bad, but it seems Dave has gone back to the days of Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings (which are some of my favorite albums) for inspiration with this track. Burn! opens up with the guitar master flexing his muscles before breaking into the track. The song is a great hard rock track, but the lyrics are a little weak (Burn baby burn cause it feels so good?) Built For War is them getting back into Megadeth mode with the double bass drum assault with the sonic assault from their fearless leader and his guitar partner in a Rust In Peace kind of style. Off The Edge is the next track on the record and it starts with some riffing before the song breaks in and as much of the album so far it explores a hard rock feel like Cryptic Writings. Dance In The Rain features Dave talking through the music as if he is telling a story to you which talks of big brother and a storm brewing so I hope you can dance in the rain. The track also features David Draiman on vocals.

a3Beginning Of Sorrow opens up with a killer bass riff from arguably my favorite bassist. It’s a track that is a little different for Megadeth with his daughter Electra adding background vocals to the track. The Blackest Crow is the next track and it has a bluegrass country feel to it that is dominant in the beginning and remains a part of the song throughout. It seems that Megadeth is expanding their horizons and I like it. As I said the bluegrass in prominent in the beginning before a cadence like drum beat starts to take over before Dave sings. Forget To Remember is the next track on the album and it’s a complete hard rock song with the power chords. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome track, but if you were expecting Endgame or United Abominations by this point then your out of luck. Don’t Turn Your Back… starts off with a blues like riff before that track everybody was expecting kicks in. It hits you like a freight train with the double bass assault and that typical Megadeth like riffing. The last track on the record is a cover of Thin Lizzy’s Cold Sweat which was an amazing song to begin with. The album isn’t that bad, but it’s a little bit of a departure for Megadeth sort of like what Risk was at the time except this is ten times better than Risk. I am going to give this record 3.5 stars out of five.