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2017-sleepless-bannerIt’s Wednesday which can only mean one thing for all our readers out there and that is it’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday. The film I chose for today I had been putting off for a while, but I wanted to have a film that featured the amazing Jamie Foxx (Baby Driver). So, I decided that it was time to hit my local Redbox and I rented Sleepless which came out back in January of 2017. Jamie plays Vincent Downs, a cop who is undercover playing the game so that he can figure out the snake at the top of the mountain. The only problem is that he is now in some deep water because a job that he and his partner Sean (Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris) try to pull off is about to backfire. You see they rob some drugs from a very bad man in Nevada and they have kidnapped Vincent’s son. They won’t give him back until Vincent returns what is rightfully theirs. The film also stars Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) as Bryant, Scoot McNairy (Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice) as Novak, Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding) as Rubino, David Harbour (Stranger Things) as Dennison, Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys II) as Dena, Octavius J. Johnson (Ray Donovan) as Thomas, and the film was directed by Baran bo Odar (Who Am I). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

sleepless Statshero_Sleepless-2017As far as the stats are concerned, there very low, but I will explain all of that in a bit. Jamie Foxx had about nine kills in the film which is low, but he has to give an assist to his son and his wife who both killed a dude. I don’t want to give away too much about who he really is because that is part of the mystery which is why I put sorta as the answer to origin story. I mean other than the secret, we don’t know much about him or his past. I believe that his character is still married to his wife even though she is wearing an engagement ring and his son is kidnapped which answers the next one. The big boss is defeated, but you’ll have to watch the film to find out how. The biggest misconception you can make when choosing to watch this film is believe that it’s just a Taken type action film where his son is taken and now he’s going after them. That is partly correct, but it’s much more than that as you’ll find out when watching the film. The film mixes in the whole dirty cop things so you’re trying to figure out f Jamie is dirty or if someone else is with it’s The Departed type ending. I think that David Harbour is awesome as is Jamie Foxx, but I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on Michelle Monaghan as a fierce, tougher than nails internal affairs cop who is a bad ass. You’ll have to judge that for yourself, but this is a pretty decent film. It’s got some cool action when it needs to and some cool characters, but it can go all over the place at times. I am going to give the film 3.7 fists out of five for a final grade.

blackmassheader2It has been a while since the last time I did a Based On A Truesday Story (a play on the words Tuesday and True Story), but I had to bring it back for a special movie. This past Friday, Black Mass, the film about one of South Boston’s most notorious gangsters in James “Whitey” Bulger was released into theaters. The film stars Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco) stars as the notorious gangster himself as it looks at how Whitey got the push he needed in the game thanks to corrupt FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton).  It takes you deep into South Boston as Bulger goes on a rampage as he becomes one of the most powerful gangsters and second on the list of the FBI’s most wanted men behind Osama Bin Laden. The film is based on the book of the same name by former Boston Globe writers Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill and it looks at what Kevin Weeks, Steve Flemmi, and John Martorano had to say about Bulger. The film also stars Dakota Johnson (50 Shades Of Grey) as Lindsey Cyr, Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) as Billy Bulger, Kevin Bacon (Footloose) as Charles McGuire, Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead) as Brian Halloran, Rory Cochrane (Dazed And Confused) as Steve Flemmi, David Harbour (The Equalizer) as John Morris, Adam Scott (Step Brothers) as FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick, Corey Stroll (This Is Where I Leave You) as Fred Wyshak, Julianne Nicholson (August: Osage County) as Marianne Connolly, W. Earl Brown (Scream) as John Martorano, Jesse Plemons (Observe And Report) as Kevin Weeks, Juno Temple (Killer Joe) as Deborah Hussey, and the film was directed by Scott Cooper (Out Of The Furnace).

black massAs with every film that is based on a true story, there are always those who doubt how true each event is and whether or not Hollywood expressed their creative liberty with some of the film. Kevin Weeks, one of the men depicted in the film recently spoke out on the film calling it fiction. He commented on Johnny Depp’s performance of Bulger and how it was written saying, “The only resemblance to Whitey’s character was the hairline. The funny thing is, Whitey’s look didn’t really change at all, just his clothes. It’s like we were stuck in a time warp. And the mannerisms—the way that Whitey talked to us—he never swore at us. In all the years I was with that man, he never swore at me once.” He later commented on a scene in the film that was depicted in Miami when a deal was being made to take out an important figure. Weeks says, “That never happened. In fact, I didn’t know about Roger Wheeler’s death until the Callahan murder. So just by having me be there giving Halloran the money, they have involved me in a conspiracy to kill Roger Wheeler. I’ve been libeled. I wasn’t involved in that at all, so I have a big problem with that. I just don’t know where they get the right to put events in there that did not happen.” There is also a very cool article from Time Magazine that describes what was fact or fiction about some important events in the film. In the film, they claim that the violence increased once Bulger’s son died. While it’s true that his son did die, they claim that he had ordered several hits before then with Weeks telling The Daily Beast, “Whitey was violent long before his son’s death.” Nevertheless, I thought Johnny Depp’s performance was masterful and that he was the best part of the film. I do feel that they made Flemmi and Weeks minor characters in the film than what they probably were in real life. The film itself was good, but Edgerton and Depp absolutely steal the show. One of my favorite elements of the film was the cinematography because they take some amazing shots of the city of Boston and Southie. Overall, my final grade for the film is a B=+

the equalizerThere have been tons of long awaited sequels announced, reboots, re-imaginings, and remakes that run rampant throughout Hollywood, but most are not as good as today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday flick. The film is called The Equalizer and it stars the incredible Denzel Washington (Training Day) as Robert McCall, a man who thinks he has retired from a certain life that we don’t know about and is trying to move on with a quite life. That is until he meets a young woman named Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) who is on the wrong side of the tracks in her life as she is being run by a brutal Russian mob. One day, Robert notices that something has happened to the young Teri and he comes out of retirement to evoke the set of skills he was given to serve one hell of a dish of Vengeance on the Russian Mob. The film also stars Marton Csokas (XXX) as Teddy, David Harbour (End Of Watch) as Masters, Haley Bennett (Marley & Me) as Mandy, Bill Pullman (Independence Day) as Brian Plummer, Melissa Leo (The Fighter) as Susan Plummer, David Meunier (Justified) as Slavi, Johnny Skourtis (The Return Of King Hippo) as Ralphie, Alex Veadov (We Own The Night) as Tevi, and the film was directed by Antoine Fuqua (Shooter). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s take a look at some of the stats.

equalizer stats











equalizerThis was one of my favorite action movies from 2014 and once again Denzel is an absolute bad ass in the vein of what Liam Neeson was in Taken. Of course, everyone is going to be making comparisons between the two films, but each deserves their own credit as both films are fantastic. Denzel plays this guy who is very clean cut, no BS, and no excuses kind of guy who like a flick of the switch is an absolute killing machine. Before I went to the movies to see this, I didn’t know that the film was done in Boston which added an extra element to the film for me, but it could have been done anywhere and I still would have liked it. The film has all of the prototypical 80’s action movie shots with one being Denzel walking with explosions happening in the background and another being him walking through the rain looking like a badass action hero or the angel of death from the victim’s perspective. The stats are pretty self explanatory as he gets 37 kills, we don’t really know who he really is besides being someone who may have worked for the government, and he goes on the mission of vengeance to help Chloe’s character. Some of the kill scenes in this film are pretty clever and it’s almost like they competing against Taken for most creative ways to kill people. Nevertheless, someone is going to pissed at that last statement because you know violence is bad. Do not try any of this at home. The film is available online to watch and on DVD so I suggest watching this if you are a fan of action movies and a fan of Denzel Washington who is an amazing actor. I am going to give the film five fists out of five for a final grade.

A_Walk_Among_the_Tombstones_posterLiam Neeson has kind of played the same roles over the past few years ever since Taken came out. It doesn’t matter if it was Taken 2 or Non Stop, it seems like the man plays the same role. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing because Liam Neeson does it right when he plays these roles on the big screen. A Walk Among The Tombstones sees Liam playing Matt Scudder, a former NY Detective, now private detective with some inner demons. After talking to Howie (Eric Nelsen), a fellow AA warrior, he agrees to visit Howie’s brother Kenny’s (Dan Stevens) house for a case he never imagined he would be tangled up in. Some guys are kidnapping women in New York and are forcing husbands to pay a ransom only to not have their wives or girlfriends returned in one piece. So, Matt takes the case and dives head first into this manhunt to try and stop them before anyone else gets harmed. The film also stars David Harbour (The Green Hornet) as Ray, Adam David Thompson (+1) as Albert, Razane Jammal (Djinn) as Carrie, Laura Birn (Purge) as Leila, Brian “Astro” Bradley (Earth To Echo) as TJ, Mark Consuelos (Cop Out) as Reuben, Danielle Rose Russell in her first role as Lucia, and the film was directed by Scott Frank (The Wolverine).

maxresdefaultThis is definitely one of my top 5 movies of 2014 and I have to say that it was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise lackluster year for great movies in Hollywood. The film was clever and the suspense never led up for a second cause they kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This film is an example of what great crime thrillers are supposed to be like. Liam Neeson is a bad ass in the film, but in a different way than we see in the Taken movies. I really wish the bad guys would learn that if he picks up the phone then you are messing with the wrong guy. They never seem to learn that in the films. The tones are very dark, gritty,  and like I said before, the suspense is amazing. To be cliche, the film is one heck of a thrill ride on your emotions as things just heat up and get intense. Even the back story for a lot of the characters in this film are awesome and they follow the rules of screenwriting so well giving you hook, followed by all the turning points and the resolution to end the film. This is a definite must see of any fan of crime thrillers and any fan of Liam Neeson. I am giving this film an A- for a final grade.

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