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s-l640In 1985, one of rock and rolls most iconic voices took and chance and he left one of the premiere rock bands of the time. David Lee Roth decided to take a chance on himself when he left Van Halen to start his solo career with the 1985 EP Crazy From The Heat which was a re-envisioning of old lounge standards. The EP was so successful that he decided to record a full length debut album because if that did well with the audience then they obviously still wanted him. So, David aligned himself with some real deal musicians like Steve Vai (Lead Guitar) of Zappa fame, Billy Sheehan (Bass) later of Mr. Big, and Gregg Bissonette (Drums) who would go on to work with Elton John and Ringo Starr. The ending result with the caliber of musicians at his disposal resulted in the album Eat ‘Em and Smile which was released on July 7, 1986 via Warner Bros and was produced by Ted Templeman who had worked with Roth on Van Halen’s 1984. The album was a huge success for Roth as it peaked at Number four on the Billboard Top 200 charts and it featured two top 10 hits on the Mainstream Rock Track Chart.

David-Lee-Roth-Eat-Em-Smile-0021. Yankee Rose– I always loved the call and response sequence in the beginning of the track where Vai makes the guitar literally talk to Roth as they have a conversation in this track that is all about the Statue of Liberty. 5/5

2. Shyboy– a true gem on the album that features some sweet playing from Vai with some speed metal qualities especially with Bissonette. The track is all about a guy who is confident on stage with the band, but can’t get girls off the stage. 5/5

3. I’m Easy– a cover of the blues classic by Billy Field that showcases Roth’s love for the blues. 4.5/5

4. Ladies’ Nite In Buffalo?–  a slow paced blues track that is bass driven for most of the song and it seems to be about a guy who can’t get laid when it’s ladies night in Buffalo. 4/5

5. Goin’ Crazy!– The second single released off of the album that features some cool arrangements including the synth sounds we enjoyed from 1984, but with more guitar. Apparently, this was meant for a soundtrack to the film version of Crazy From The Heat that never happened. 5/5

eat-em-and-smile-51c71a0805b576. Tobacco Road– A very cool cover of the blues classic that was written by John D. Loudermilk and re-imagined for the time. 5/5

7. Elephant Gun– a hard charging hard rock track that I believe that David is singing about a transvestite. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that is what is about. 4/5

8. Big Trouble– He sort of raps on this song at least during the verses before he unleashes his signature wails. 4/5

9. Bump And Grind– If you can’t tell by the title what this song is about then you are naive in this dirty blues rock classic. 4/5

10. That’s Life– The last track on the album and it’s David covering this Fran Sinatra classic and making it his own. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– This was definitely one of my favorite full length releases from David as every other album was a hit or miss for me. I decided to cover this album right when I heard David was going to fly solo for the first time in 13 years to tour with Kiss. Besides my obvious favorites, Shyboy is definitely a track to check out and I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

51qMElGc5NL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_It is Motley Crue week here on Moshpits and Movies as we continue to celebrate the release of the new Netflix rock biopic The Dirt which is based off of one of the best selling rock autobiographies The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band that was written by Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee, and Nikki Sixx alongside Neil Stauss and we are covering here for Heavy Metal Book Report. The way the book works is that each member of the band gets their own chapter to tell some wild and insane stories that also features chapters from Doc McGhee and Tom Zutant as well. The book tells the wild and insane story of the one of the 1980’s most decadent and dangerous bands in the world as they take you on a true journey through sex, drugs, and good ole fashioned rock and roll Motley Crue style. You get to travel alongside the band as they describe all their triumphs alongside all the tragedies that made the band notorious all over the world. It’s a one way ticket through hell and back so you better make sure that your strapped in because it’s a journey that you’ll never forget. Hear all the stories that made the film like the story of Bullwinkle, the tragic death of Razzle and everything that happened while Vince was in jail to the night that Nikki Sixx died and came back to life and so much more.

91S8-v4yBBLFor anyone that has read this book, there is so much that I would have loved to have seen make the film, but I understand how screen writing works versus writing a novel. One of the things that is probably going to happen to you is that if you had a favorite member before, it could possible change during this book. That was one of the things that happened to me when I read this book. I was a huge Vince Neil fan growing up because I thought he was the coolest frontman ever, but after reading the book I instantly became a fan of Nikki Sixx who is the unsung hero of the band. You have to read about his journey as a kid to adult that was toned down heavily in the film because it will shock the hell out of you. There is one story that just tugs on your heart strings and it’s about a sister that he never knew he had and the tragedy behind that story will bring a tear to your eye. One of the things that made me laugh at times was how every member had plenty of pages per chapter and then there’s Mick Mars who at times wouldn’t write much. He lived up to his persona even in the book, but he has some pretty interesting info as far as his backstory is concerned. As I said before in the previous paragraph, this book takes you on one hell of a ride and you’ll feel so dirty when it’s done that you’ll need a shower (just kidding, but seriously though). This is probably my favorite rock autobiography of all time that has never been duplicated and with that being said, I am giving the book five stars out of five for a final grade.

van-halen-vs-mott-the-hoopleLast week, we corrected our cover segment naming it Cover Battle and we had our very first one officially. Last week, Guns N Roses battled Britny Fox for supremacy over a cover of Nazareth’s Hair Of The Dog. You voted and named Guns N Roses the superior version. This week, we have one of the most interesting cover battles of all time because we take two classic rock bands from the 70’s and we are pinning them against each other. This week LA Rock outfit Van Halen does battle with UK classic rock giants Mott The Hoople in a cover battle of who did The Kinks You Really Got Me better. Let’s take a look at the contenders:

Van Halen– In the late 1970’s, Van Halen was the hottest thing to come out of Los Angeles in a long time and they did so with their self titled debut album. The chart topping amaing album featured tracks like Runnin’ With The Devil, Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, and the very first single on the record that launched them into super stardom in their cover of The Kinks You Really Got Me. The song did so well for the band just as it had done for The Kinks back in 1964. When you hear this version, Eddie Van Halen adds some serious balls to the track and David Lee Roth is well David Lee Roth.

Mott The Hoople– The UK rock band originally released an instrumental version of You Really Got Me on their 1969 self title debut album. In 1980, they would release the version with Ian Hunter on vocals on the compilation record Two Miles From Heaven. Their version really has that 70’s UK Glam feel to it and the flow of it is definitely a tad slower than Van Halen’s. The thing I like about this version is the fact that they kept the keys in the song which definitely add to the overall composition and Mick Ralph’s solo is is good as well.

Now it is time for all of you to be the judge as to who did the cover better? Was it Van Halen? Or was it Mott The Hoople? You be the judge!

Lady_Justice copyHere in another rock and metal news special report, we once again bring you when metal bands fight and today is the case of Scott Weiland vs Stone Temple Pilots. Now as all of you may have or may not remember, but Scott Weiland and the defendants Stone Temple Pilots have had a turbulent past that has seen the band call it a day plenty of times while Scott either battle drug issues or was the frontman of Velvet Revolver. On February 27, 2013, Stone Temple Pilots officially announced that they had terminated Scott Weiland in a very short press release that read, “Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.” The strangest part of the whole ordeal is that before this announcement, Slash had come out and said that Scott was fired and in an interview with the day before the press release, Scott had said, “STP has not broken up. I haven’t quit. I haven’t been fired … Slash doesn’t know anything about STP. We’re talking right now about when we want to tour next … No one has ever fired anybody in STP. We’re like a family. It’s also a partnership. I started the band. We’ve always kept things going. We’ve taken time off before. They’ve done their own projects and I fully support that. No one has been fired and I haven’t quit. That’s all hearsay.” Then after the press release was issued, Scott had this to say about it in his own statement that same day:

I learned of my supposed “termination” from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press. Not sure how I can be “terminated” from a band that I founded, fronted and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, but that’s something for the lawyers to figure out. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing all of my fans on my solo tour which starts this Friday. – Scott Weiland

Scott-WeilandOn March 6, 2013, Scott was sort of singing the denial tune as he spoke to Spin Magazine saying that he communication breakdown was , “something that has taken on its own life. Behind the scenes, it’s really not anything different than what was going on before. [STP] really have been together a long time and I’m proud of that. I really do like those guys and it hurts my feelings when we aren’t getting along, because I view them as family.” He once again continued his state of denial of being fired saying, “There are some issues that have to be worked out with STP, but they’re the same issues that have been going on since the end of the last tour. Nobody in the band can be fired. No one’s ever fired anybody, and no one’s ever quit the band.” In an interview with the Youngstown News Vindicator on or about March 21, 2013 believing that his firing was just reactionary saying, “They’ve done it before, and they can do it again. They’re good players, I respect them all. Every band has issues. I just think sometimes people say things before they really think about it. I know I’ve done that in the past. I was guilty of it with Velvet Revolver after myself and Matt [Sorum] got into an argument backstage before an encore. That led me to say that I wasn’t going to play anymore shows with those guys.” With the Cleveland News, he talks about the band needing to get back in the studio saying, “If we’re going to do something, we need to get back in the studio with Brendan O’Brien who has a track record with us and get re-inspired artistically again. We need to do it that way and get out there on the road and get out there with some excitement and not just turn our legacy into what Journey or Foreigner is. That’s not what we’re about. That’s not why we got into this. That’s not at all what I’m about.”

After weeks of not hearing from the band, on May 24, 2013 the band filed a lawsuit against Scott Weiland. reported, “ reports that the band stated that Weiland was chronically late for performances and missed promotional gigs, which led to the band missing out on the substantial amount that would have been generated by their 20th anniversary trek. The group claims in the suit that Weiland had planned to seize all the glory from the trek and had gotten to the point where he was no longer communicating with the other members, thus trying to “hijack” the tour.” Then the associated press added, “The band endured much strife and lost significant opportunities because of Weiland.” The band also claims that during the time from the firing to this point in the timeline, they said that Weiland tried to interfere with them hiring Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and he interfered with the releasing of their single Out Of Time. The band states, “Enough is enough. Without relief from the court, Weiland will continue violating STP’s rights, misappropriating STP assets and interfering with the band’s livelihood.” Those are some pretty big claims from the band, but yet the story continues on because the band released an official statement regarding the matter:

You may have read we recently filed suit against our former singer, Scott Weiland. We wanted to clarify a few things:

Our purpose in taking this action is not to hurt Scott. We want to move forward productively, and Scott’s choices and actions have prevented us from doing that. We were in the process of putting our 20th anniversary tour together to celebrate the release of our first album, Core. The plan was for a big tour where we’d perform the album in its entirety, along with some other favorite STP songs. So, you might imagine our shock and disappointment when, without any notice, we learned that Scott had seized this tour for himself as his solo tour, and decided to do exactly what we as a group had planned. We found out about it the same way you did—we saw an ad for it.

Without getting into legal details, the band has a binding agreement that clearly states what each of us can and cannot do outside of STP. Unfortunately many of the decisions Scott made violate this agreement, have been harmful to the band, and prevented us from moving forward. When our requests to Scott and his representatives that they abide by the agreement were ignored, we finally had enough. So now, we’ve made our choice. It was beyond time we made some new music, which was impossible in the dysfunctional environment we were in. We’ve lived in it long enough and have decided to move forward with STP. We wish Scott well. We’re really excited about the new music we’ve been making with Chester, including the song we just released, “Out of Time.”

We love this band and respect everything it means to you. We want to always give you our best and the choice we made is completely in that spirit.
Dean, Eric & Robert

KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas - Day 1Don’t worry because it didn’t take long for Scott to respond to anything. With, he states, “Originally, before the whole STP thing blew up, I said, ‘Look, we need to take a break. We need to make an album. We’ve been playing the same [expletive] set for four years, without a change. We’ve been watching ourselves go from playing 20,000-seat arenas to country fairs and 2,000-seat casinos.” Scott feels that the band was destroying what they had worked hard to build over the years. He also commented on their decision to continue on without him, “Is that how I want to see STP now? Not at all. Not the band that I started. Not the band that I named. Not the band that when I was in Huntington Beach, took a shot and called Robert DeLeo at his apartment, doing nothing in music, living with his girlfriend, and said, ‘Hey man, would you like to do a band?” When Scott wask asked about where everyone stood, he said, “I don’t really think about it a lot. I think about how disrespectful they are, sometimes, in between a sip of coffee and a hit of my cigarette. I think about how selfish they are.” In an interview with 98.7 The Gater in Florida, Scott commented  on the pending lawsuit saying, “We’re in litigation. There’s a band agreement, a band contract agreement. They didn’t follow the rules that were set down … for any member. There has to be a reason for letting go a member; you have to give them a certain period of time to do whatever different you want them to do. They can’t use the name with me not being in the band without us coming to an agreement. They’ll have to buy me out of the company because I have major value in the company and in the brand. The lawyers will deal with it.”

Stone Temple Pilots and Chester Bennington Perform at the House of Blues in Boston, MA on September 9, 2013In an interview with FasterLouder, Robert DeLeo opned up about the whole ordeal, “It was plain to see nothing was going to get done anymore with these four members of STP. It was very clear from Scott’s side of things, he doesn’t want to make music with us anymore. He didn’t want to tour anymore … I don’t think Scott really is into playing rock and roll music, and being in a rock and roll band, and being around us in particular. As friends or business partners. And it’s really sad, it’s sad to see.” He continues to say, “It wasn’t an overnight thing, it was building for many, many years and I just think that we tried to do everything we could. We had a lot of great years with Scott, and I feel thankful we complemented each other’s lives immensely through the years.” He continued, “But friends don’t treat friends like that. I think Dean and Eric and myself just got tired of being treated that way. I got really tired of being treated that way.” He talks about the hiring of Chester saying, ““It’s been great. It’s been a huge breath of fresh air, a lot more sanity, a lot more reasoning, and patience. Having a ‘stable’ singer, it’s new. It’s a very new feeling, and I don’t quite think Dean and Eric and I are used to it yet, it’s kind of surprising. Things are running very smoothly, it’s interesting because what I notice is I actually have a lot more energy onstage, because my day doesn’t involve wondering what’s going to happen that day.”

mainFinally when asked about Chester Bennington in an interview with WMMR, he said, “I’ve known Chester for a long time. I got to be pretty close to him on the Family Values Tour. I don’t think Chester did it in a spiteful way. I’m sure, I mean, the brothers DeLeo can be pretty persuasive.” He did share his thoughts on the way things went down, “My feelings were definitely hurt because it wasn’t something that was handled right at all. I don’t think that it was smart for them to do that. I’ve played with them for a long time. But then on another side of it, I can’t say that I’m that surprised. There’s things that have happened in the past that are somewhat similar so I guess nothing is totally shocking. But I am surprised … at what they did and without checking the legality of it, how they just decided to go and use the (band) name and go and hire another singer and start playing shows with a name that I still am an owner of.” 

In an interview with iChill posted on August 12, 2014, Scott says, “I’m really committed to what I’m doing right now. There are memories I have that will always be close to my heart, but as far as will there ever be anything again with STP? It’s very hard to say. I’ve learned to never say never in this business, but at this juncture, I’m 100 percent focused on my band The Wildabouts, making a record with them and being the leader of that band.” While he was deep in a conversation about the situation in Velvet Revolver, he leaked out his thoughts on STP with Chester saying, ““It’s like STP hiring Chester Bennington. They made an album and it sold 35,000 units. That’s kind of unbelievable considering STP sold over 40 million and I’m sure Chester’s band Linkin Park has sold pretty much the same amount. It didn’t work, though. People weren’t buying into it.”

Those were all interviews conducted with the band and Scott Weiland between 2013 and 2014. It is now 2015 and the saga continues as Scott recently spoke with Ultimate Guitar saying that whatever legal issues there have been between the band is now quitely and thankfully behind them. That didn’t stop them from asking him about Chester being in the band and he responded saying, “I really don’t think about it that much. It’s like our legal suits we had going are way behind us now. They’re doing what they’re doing and I’m doing what I’m doing and I wish them luck.” When reflecting on the firing and the events that preceeded with QMI Agency in Canada, he says, “It’s just a shame how it happened. I said I needed six months off. I felt we needed six months off in order to do a 20th year anniversary tour and that 20th anniversary tour didn’t end up happening and I said, ‘Okay, then we need to make a new record because we can’t go on just playing the greatest hits set. It’s not going to work. We’re losing our fanbase. Our guarantees are starting to go down.” You can never assume that everyone is always on the same page especially when you are in a band,just ask David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar of Van Halen. Nevertheless, he continued to reflect saying, “They got different management and things just soured. [I’ve known them] since I was a teenager. Crazy things happen especially when you end up getting different management. People see things one way and a lot of times how things are portrayed to the band members are through the goggles of management and filtered through that and that’s what you end up hearing.”

Stone-Temple-Pilots-Dean-DeLeo-Scott-Weiland-630x420A Couple of weeks ago, Dean DeLeo was interviewed by OC Register and he laid it all out on the table saying, “Robert [DeLeo], Eric [Kretz], Scott and I had put 25 years of our lives into it. Just because I had one guy that didn’t really give a [care] anymore, I’m not going to let one guy ruin my dream, my band and my legacy. I worked hard for Stone Temple Pilots and I loved it with a passion. Robert, Eric and I don’t take for granted what the music has meant to people. I just want to be really clear about something. We were never, in any way, trying to just replace anyone. In his day, and I’m speaking of Scott, there was no one better … no one. I will take that to my grave. In his day, there was no one better, but my dear Scott left us long ago.” In the interview he also touched upon the hiring of Chester, “We knew Chester was fit for the position in every sense of the word — physically, mentally, spiritually — we knew he would bring an elegance and justice to not only to our legacy, but to our future.” All I know is that while I am not a huge fan of change when it comes to iconic singers in bands, sometimes it can beneficial as it has worked for some bands like Van Halen or even Black Sabbath, but there will always be those who remain faithful to the original lineup. You be the judge for yourself as the evidence was presented to you here thanks in large part to

rrrRandy Rhoads was one of those rare finds in rock and metal history that came and went too soon. He was one of those rare talents that don’t always come around very often so you cherish the years that he was around and all the music he had created in such a short time. Well, Brian Tichy, a veteran of rock and metal has created the group Randy Rhoads Remembered which is a group that is here to honor the memory and legacy of the great, late Randy Rhoads. The album features so many great guests on the record like Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Alex Skolnick (Testament), Tracii Guns (LA Guns), Phil Demmel (Machine Head), and so many more. A press release revealed that Tichy was given the blessing from the Rhoads family to pursue this project and the drummer speaks about it here, “RRR VOL. 1′ is a great representation of the spirit of the RRR shows. This first show was so successful that five more were held in June 2014 on the East Coast with another amazing cast of players. ‘RRR VOL. 1′ is also a true representation of the spirit of the musicians who gave their time.” He goes on to say, “It’s just real players playing their instruments! Guitars are plugged into amps and cranked up with a microphone in front of them! Singers are not auto-tuned! In the spirit of how ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ and ‘Diary of a Madman’ were recorded, ‘Randy Rhoads Remembered, VOL. 1′ was approached the same way.” If you cannot make the 2ND Annual Randy Rhoads Remembered show in Santa Ana, California at The Observatory on January 23RD where the disc will be handed out, you can pre-order the disc here. Check out the track listing below:

1. ‘Sato’
Guitar: Brent Woods (Sebastian Bach/ Vince Neil)
Vocals: Sebastian Bach
Bass: James LoMenzo (John Fogerty, BLS, Megadeth, David Lee Roth, White Lion)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)

2. ‘Flying High Again’
Guitar: Kiko Loureiro (Angra)
Vocals: Robert Mason (Warrant)
Bass: Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Vince Neil)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)

3. ‘Mr. Crowley’
Guitar: Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns N’ Roses)
Vocals: Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
Bass: Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Keys: Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham Led Zep Exp.)

4. ‘No Bone Movies’
Guitar: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Vocals: Chas West (Bonham/ Lynch Mob)
Bass: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Drums: Ray Luzier (Korn, David Lee Roth)

5. Suicide Solution’ (Live ’82 version with “Ode To Tommy” drum solo)
Guitar: Rowan Robertson (Dio/ DC4)
Vocals: Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
Bass: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Keys: Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham Led Zep Exp.)

6. ‘Goodbye to Romance’
Guitar: Alex Skolnick (Alex Skolnick Trio/ Testament)
Vocals: Dewey Bragg (Kill Devil Hill)
Bass: Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Vince Neil)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)

7. ‘Steal Away the Night’
Guitar: Phil X (Bon Jovi/ The Drills)
Vocals: Whit Crane (Ugly Kid Joe)
Bass: David Ellefson (Megadeth)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)

8. ‘Iron Children’ (Randy’s version of “Iron Man” and “Children Of The Grave”)
Guitar: Tracii Guns (Devil City Angels/ LA Guns)
Vocals: Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
Bass: Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Vince Neil)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)

9. ‘I Don’t Know’
Guitar: Phil Demmel (Machine Head)
Vocals: Jeff Scott Soto (Jeff Scott Soto Band/ Journey)
Bass: Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR Creator)

10. “Diary of a Madman”
Guitar: Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob)
Vocals: Sebastian Bach
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Bass: Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Vince Neil)
Keys: Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience)

11. ‘Dee’ (all guitarists together)

12. ‘Winding Rhoads’ (an original song with words and music written by Brian Tichy featuring Phil Soussan on bass and all RRR Vol. I guitar gods)

13. ‘Kelle Rhoads Track’ (an emotional instrumental piano piece written and performed by Kelle Rhoads)
Bass: Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Vince Neil)
Vocals: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Rhythm Guitar: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)
Guitar Solos: All guitarists
Drums: Brian Tichy (RRR creator)

14. Kelle Rhoads Piano Bonus Track

van-halen-1984This week’s album of the week is coming one day early because I plan to do absolutely nothing, but open presents, eat, and drink on Christmas. For this week’s album of the week, I chose what is in my opinion one of the most Iconic albums of the 1980’s in Van Halen’s sixth studio album 1984. The album was iconic because it would actually be the last full album that Van Halen would record with David Lee Roth until 2012’s A Different Kind Of Truth. The band which was made up of Michael Anthony (Bass), Roth (Vocals), Alex Van Halen (Drums), and his awesome and famous brother Eddie Van Halen (Guitar) would also try new things with this particular album as they heavily introduced synthesizers into their music. That is an important factoid because this album was different from the others. Eddie was dissatisfied with the way Diver Down had come out so he built his own recording studio in his backyard that he would called 5150 and it was there that he would compose the album with Roth and producer Ted Templeman. He would bring the band back to the big heavy sound they had become famous for, but his compromise was the synths instead of keyboards.

516oGAh-OZLThe album starts with the futuristic sounding intro 1984 which is just an instrumental on the record. Then out of nowhere the synths are in full force as the iconic intro to Jump kicks things into high gear. One cool rumour is that the producer spliced some parts of two different takes to make the guitar solo we hear on the track. Panama is the hard charging next track on the album that was written about a race car Roth had seen in a race once in Las Vegas. Top Jimmy hits your speakers next with a very sleek guitar riff before it picks up the pace on the verses. Drop Dead Legs has a really cool blues rock riff that has tons of swagger to it. Hot For Teacher has one of the most iconic drum intros and motorcycle like drum fills that right when you hear it you instantly recognize the song. It’s also a track that pissed off Tipper Gore and the PMRC for it’s sexually laced lyrics that suggested sex with teachers. The music video for the track must have pissed her off even more with the teacher that strips.

I’ll Wait was always one of my favorite tracks on the album for it’s melodies and for the fact I could relate to it in a strange way. It seems to me that the song is about a boy that stares at these magazines with beautiful women on them and he wishes they were his. I can relate to that because I used to stare at mags with beautiful women imagining myself having my arms wrapped around them. In reality the track is about a woman that poses in men’s underwear for a Calvin Klein ad.  Like Jump, the track features keyboards throughout the whole entire track. The next track on the record, Girl Gone Bad, has that slow epic 80’s build up that takes its time building up to the point where they unleash the fury. I think we can use our imagination as to what the track is about. House Of Pain closes out the album and it’s a track that is a full on rock blitz that continues to show off Eddie’s skills. It’s definitely one of my favorite Van Halen records next to their debut which still remains the ultimate release. So, i am giving this record four stars out of five.