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pedal cup 2020Two years ago instead of doing the pedal to the metal tournament which was emulating the NCAA basketball tournament, I decided to change it and call it the Pedal Cup. For the first year, we did the world cup edition of the competition and that was won by Japan and Babymetal. That year, we tried our best to get as many bands from different countries as we could and while it sometimes can prove difficult to do, we also plan to do the same for the European edition of the Pedal Cup for this year which will coincide with the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Returning to this year’s tournament are the third and fourth place finishers from the World Cup edition in Portugal and Poland and they will be joined by Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, England, Ukraine, Holland, Austria, Denmark, and so many more celebrating the best in Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, and more. So stay tuned here for more info as the bands will be chosen and all of the countries competing will be revealed.

mercyful fateOne of the most influential bands in the history of heavy metal has got to be Mercyful Fate and what they brought to the table. In a time that was about to be ruled by spandex and lipstick, a band from Denmark with a very theatrical lead singer was about to turn the metal world upside down. Mercyful Fate who were fronted by the very theatrical falsetto singing sensation known as King Diamond were about to release in 1984 what is considered to be a very influential record in Don’t Break The Oath. The album that featured heavy metal elements with progressive elements also featured Hank Shermann (Guitars), Michael Denner (Guitars), Timi “Grabber” Hansen (Bass), and Kim Ruzz (Drums) while the album was produced by Henrik Lund. called it the greatest Extreme Metal album of all time because it’s lyrics which dealt with Satan and the Occult would influence the black metal scene while ranked it 38TH in their top 50 Metal albums of all time. While the album may not have charted for the band, it’s influence in the metal community is obvious.

mercyful fate 21. A Dangerous Meeting– an absolute face melter right from the start helps set up this track about seven people who will hold a deadly séance that will claim their lives. 5/5

2. Nightmare– an amazing song about a man who is trapped in these nightmares with witches which strikes a resemblance to Dreams In The Witch House by H.P. Lovecraft. You have to love the guitar work as Denner and Shermann were amazing. 5/5

3. Desecration of Souls– an interesting track on the album that talks about lovers and Copulation in the graveyard, etc. A pure metal track from beginning to end that could have easily influenced the thrash crowd as well. 5/5

4. Night Of The Unborn– Musically this might be one of my favorite tracks on the album especially if you love guitar playing. King Diamond also does his best vocally combining all of the various vocal ranges his possesses. Not sure what he is talking about lyrically on this one, but it still kicks ass. 5/5

mercyful-fate-rr-34-9835-2-cd5. The Oath– The first track on side two may have been one of the most controversial songs back in it’s day with it’s lyrical content being about denying Christ and accepting Satan as your dark lord. I love the elements like the organ playing, the rain and thunder effects to go with it just helps and then the music starts and you are just blown away. 5/5

6. Gypsy– One of the more famous Mercyful Fate tracks that King continued to play in his solo career that has a killer groove to it. The track also has a killer guitar solo in it as well. 5/5

7. Welcome Princess Of Hell–  King’s vocal deliveries help make a track sound so much more evil just like this bad ass tune. Even though the track is listed as Princess, I think it was suppose to be Princes as King summons the sons of Satan. 5/5

8. To One Far Away– A short instrumental track with some chanting styled singing to give it that evil feel with some good guitar playing as well. 5/5

9. Come To The Sabbath– a very cool track that the guitars sound like people are racing to get to the sabbath, the annual meeting of witches and demons. 5/5

My Final Thoughts-I honestly thought from beginning to end that this was a perfect album that had everything you would want from a metal album. It had the face melting riffs along with the more eerie clean channel guitar riffs in the track To One Far Away. King Diamond was truly the ringmaster showman that he always is and he doesn’t disappoint. Check out the album for yourself as it enters the five star club (it gets five stars out of five).

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThe results of the first round of the knockout stage of the Pedal Cup are here and if you still don’t know what this is, it’s our equivalent of the FIFA World Cup, but for Metal. We had some great matches in the first round with some surprise results. Normally in every tournament with Kreator as a competitor, the fans usually come in droves causing everyone in the world to cry foul, but this time around they have been bounced out of the cup like their fellow countrymen. The fans of Japan’s own BABYMETAL showed up for sure giving us the biggest vote count of the tournament so far. Now to figure out who won what match, we broke it down and you’ll see in the box score that we tallied the votes from this site, Facebook, and Twitter and totaled them up to give you the final result sort of like A+B+C= D. Check out the results below and stay tuned for the next round.


Pedal Cup Bracket 2


pedal cup bracketfirst round

I am happy and thankful for all the people that showed up to vote for the first half of the bracket and as promised, we now have the second half of the bracket. There were some interesting matches in that first bracket, but I think there are some equally interesting matches on this side of the bracket with the focus on Iran vs Russia. Its interesting because on one side you have the Russian powerhouse in Catharsis who have been cutting their teeth in the business since 1996 taking on Iran’s own Confess who were arrested in their own country for writing “Satanic Material” as well as speaking to foreign radio stations. The band at one time faced the possibility of execution, but now they could just face strict penalties and punishment. We just wanted to show our support to fellow metal musicians and wish them luck in both life and in this tournament. This side of the bracket also boasts matches like England (rep. by Cradle Of Filth) taking on Poland (rep. by Behemoth), United States (rep. by Morbid Angel) taking on Denmark (rep. by Hatesphere), and Sweden (rep. by Arch Enemy) vs Switzerland (rep. by Samael). As I said yesterday, you have several options as far as ways to vote in this tournament with one by visiting the Facebook page and the second by visiting my twitter page @Themonsterhour. Now you can go ahead and do it that way or you can also vote here, but you only have 24 hours to do so. So support your favorite metal bands and let the best bands win.

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThis year, we didn’t do a Pedal To The Metal March madness styled tournament and that was my decision based on how busy I was with various other projects and lack of participation at the time. Although with the 2018 FIFA World Cup happening right now in Russia, I thought now was the perfect time to introduce a new tournament. The only difference between the Pedal Cup (short for Pedal To The Metal) and the World Cup is that we have 16 bands from all over the world instead of their 32 teams. If any country was left out of this tournament, hopefully in four years we’ll see you in it the tournament then. The way I chose what countries would be represented here was basically based on who had made it to the knock out stage of the world cup. Now there were some countries I had to sub out because I couldn’t find bands for those countries so I either added a country that wasn’t in the real world cup or chose some teams from the group stage. The countries (and their bands in parenthesis) are England (Cradle Of Filth), Portugal (Moonspell), Belgium (Leng Thc’e), United States (Morbid Angel), Germany (Kreator), Sweden (Arch Enemy), Norway (Dimmu Borgir), Japan (Babymetal), France (Gojira), Denamrk (Hatesphere), Poland (Behemoth), Brazil (Sepultura), Switzerland (Samael), Russia (Catharsis), Iran (Confess), and Egypt (Crescent).

pedal cup bracketfirst roundThe bands that I am most excited about seeing how well they do are the Middle Eastern bands in Confess who we support their right to creative freedom and Crescent who have been throwing it down for quite some time. The way the brackets are going to be done is exactly the same as the world cup with the teas that are obviously not in the tournament or who did not make the knock out stage placed in the spots that we couldn’t finds for. There is also going to be a new way for all of you guys to vote on this. One way is to visit the Facebook page for Moshpits and Movies and you can vote there (we are going to be setting up the matches there very soon). The other way is that you can click on the article on this page and vote there as well.The matches are only going to last 24 hours which means you only have 24 hours to vote for the band/country that you want to see move on to the finals. Check out the bands and their flags down below and stayed tuned here for more info as it comes.

belgium leng tch edenmark hatesphereegypt crescentengland cradleFrance Gojiragermany kreatorIran Confessjapan babymetalnorway dimmu borgirpoland behemothportugal moonspellrussia catharsissepultura brazilsweden arch enemyswiss samaelUSA Morbid Angel