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Pasted-image-at-2016_05_12-04_56-PMThere was some very big news that was announced yesterday (May 12) and I have it here for you guys. Since it was kind of hinted that there would be no more Mayhem Fest after last years debacle, the summers were kind of left with nothing leaving metal fan asking the question of what was going to take over? Earlier in the week, it was announced that Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) and Ozzy Osbourne had an announcement to make. I immediately thought that it was either going to be about Ozzfest or Knotfest, I never thought that it would actually be about both. Apparently, they are calling it Ozzfest Meets Knotfest and it’s happening on a weekend in September in San Bernardino, CA. Ozzfest happens on September 24 while Knotfest happens on September 25 at the  San Manuel Amphitheater with some real heavy hitters. Ozzfest features bands like Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Black Label Society, Disturbed, Hatebreed, Goatwhore, and many more. Knotfest features heavyweights like Slipknot and Slayer co-headlining while it also features Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Overkill, Sabaton, Death Angel, and many more. Tickets go on sale May 20TH and for more information on the fest, please go here. I’m going to insert a little bit of my opinion here and say that while it’s cool that this is happening, it doesn’t help anyone that doesn’t live in California. If a metal fan can’t afford to fly out to California to see this then he is left with nothing for the summer. I’m just saying that I hope either one of these becomes a travelling festival next year. Here are the full lineups below:

Ozzfest: Sept. 24

Black Sabbath
Black Label Society
Rival Sons
Children of Bodom
Dead Cross
Municipal Waste
The Shrine
Still Rebel

Knotfest: Sept. 25

Amon Amarth
Suicide Silence
Butcher Babies
Man With a Mission
Death Angel

MisfitsAdmatRevThe next piece of news that I have is something you should be really excited for especially if you are either a fan of horror punk or Glenn Danzig in general. For the first time since 1983, the original lineup of The Misfits is going to reunite for a couple of gigs. That is right, Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on the same stage at Riot Fest Denver and Chicago. We all know that Doyle has on occasion go on stage with Glenn and so the real issue was between Jerry Only and Glenn. Jerry Only once said this in an interview, “What I feel is that, I’d rather be where I am and be happy and be a positive influence than to be the richest man in the world and miserable and be a scumbag to the kids that follow us. I’m not doing that. I told Doyle that. I told him, ‘Hey look, if Glenn wants to come be a team player and leave that s–t at home, we’re good.’ That’s the name of the game.” I would have loved to be in the room when those two met, but they obviously have broke some ground considering the band is back for a couple of gigs. Tickets for Riot Fest are available as we speak and you can get them by going here.


hatebreedEveryone’s favorite hardcore band who brought the genre to the forefront Hatebreed are back with a brand new album The Concrete Confessional (comes out May 17TH) and they have unleashed the first track off the album called A.D.. Frontman Jamey Jasta talked about the track saying, “A.D.’ was a way that I could voice my frustration about the loss of opportunities available to the average guy. With the government and big business drowning in corruption and greed, the average person is being squeezed, so achieving the American dream is becoming less and less real. We all need to pay closer attention to what our elected leaders are doing. Start locally, in your own community, make your representatives accountable.” While the song holds all the elements that fans love about Hatebreed’s music, I feel the band incorporates more of a punk/Thrash attitude which is pretty bad ass. It definitely adds more of a dynamic to the band and maybe a step into the future for them. The band heads out on tour soon with Devildriver, Devil You Know, and Act Of Defiance. Check out the tour dates here, check out the pre-order bundles for the new album here, and check out the track below:

High-On-Fire-4Matt Pike, the High On Fire singer/guitarist has gotten himself into the news lately when he sat down for an interview recently with The Void. In the interview, he has some insight into Dave Mustaine and how Metallica would never be Metallica without him saying, “He was an innovative f–king guy for that era. I don’t think Metallica would sound like Metallica without Dave Mustaine. I don’t think a lot of people would be doing ‘jugga-juggas’ if Dave Mustaine hadn’t set that Metallica thing up. I can tell by his playing. I know the songs that Dave f–king wrote in that band, and then you see him and what he does now. And, you know, there’s certain albums that I like better than others, but probably because I was a kid when  So Far, So Good… So What! came along. And then nowadays, when I hear it, I’m an older man… It’s still great, but it’s not the one that I had the lust over when I was a metal kid. I never thought I’d be sitting in a room with Dave Mustaine at any given moment in my life.” To read the rest of the interview, go here.

GettyImages-458112578Some sad news to report to all rock fans out there as Keith Emerson was found dead in his due to what police are saying was a single gunshot wound to the head. They are investigating it as an apparent suicide as Keith suffered from depression and degenerative nerve tissue. Keith Emerson was the keyboard player in Emerson, Lake, and Palmer who released the iconic record Brain Salad Surgery back in 1973. He was 71 years old when passed away. Carl Palmer offered some words for his former band member saying:

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend and brother-in-music, Keith Emerson.
Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come. He was a pioneer and an innovator whose musical genius touched all of us in the worlds of rock, classical and jazz.
I will always remember his warm smile, good sense of humour, compelling showmanship, and dedication to his musical craft.

I am very lucky to have known him and to have made the music we did, together. Rest in peace, Keith.

Iron-Maiden-Ed-Force-One-Damage-2One of the coolest things in Metal was knowing that Iron Maiden had their own airline jet called Ed Force One and that they were taking it with them on there 36 country tour. Now reports are coming in that the band has kind of hit a road block on their tour while they were in the country of Chile. Apparently, there engines were struck and damaged at the airport. Here is the full statement from the band:


Ed Force One was this morning tethered to a tow truck to be taken for refueling prior to flying over the Andes to Cordoba for the next show. On moving the steering pin that is part of the mechanism that connects the ground tug to the aircraft seemingly fell out. On making a turn the aircraft had no steering and collided with the ground tug badly damaging the undercarriage, two of the aircrafts engines and injuring two ground tug operators, both of whom have been taken to hospital. We hope of course that they make a full and speedy recovery and we will be closely monitoring their progress. The flight engineers are on site and evaluating the damage, but their initial report is that the engines have suffered large damage and will require an extended period of maintenance and possibly two new engines.
We are currently making contingency arrangements to get to the show in Cordoba tomorrow with band, crew and equipment intact. Fortunately the 20 tons of equipment had not been loaded onto EF1 at the time of the accident. Although this is tragic for our beautiful plane we do not expect this to affect our concert schedule including the next 2 shows in Cordoba and Buenos Aires. And we hope to find a new Ed Force One to continue this adventure with us in the near future. We will keep everyone updated when we know more, so keep checking only on this site for official news.
To finish on a high note however, our visit to Chile was a huge success with 58,000 fans coming to the show as totally brilliant as ever in the Stadium Nacional last night. We love you guys!

Dez-Fafara-of-DevilDriverIn other news, Devildriver have announced some new details on their brand new album Trust No One which comes out May 13TH. The band announced the track listing for the album and that they have parted ways with bassist Chris Towning as they prepare for their tour. Dez Fafara, the band’s lead singer, talked about the record saying, “Trust No One is a vicious record filled with huge grooves and big hooks, guitar bass assery and thundering drums! Lyrically it goes to a realistic space exploring a ton of different emotion and headspaces regarding being human and what it means to exist. The band worked long hours writing as well as in the studio along with our producer to forge Trust No One! I hope you turn it the f–k up and enjoy this record from start to finish!” To replace Towning, the band brought in former Wayne Static and Static X bassist Diego ‘Ashes’ Ibarra. He will join the band immediately as they prepare for a couple of big tours which includes a headlining one and a direct support spot with Hatebreed. To check out the full dates, go here. Here is the track listing for the new album:

DevilDriver, Trust No One Track Listing

01. “Testimony of Truth”
02. “Bad Deeds”
03. “My Night Sky”
04. “This Deception”
05. “Above It All”
06. “Daybreak”
07. “Trust No One”
08. “Feeling Ungodly”
09. “Retribution”
10. “For What It’s Worth”

Whitechapel-Our-Endless-WarI know that I already released an album of the week yesterday, but this is a special release and since I received it in the mail today I wanted to review this album. So, this is one of two Album of the week’s for this week. Tennessee Deathcore kings Whitechapel are back with a brand new record entitled Our Endless War which is the fifth studio album for the band and it’s the follow up to 2012’s self titled album. The album hits the shelves on April 28TH via Metal Blade Records, but yours truly has a copy of the record. The band which is made up of Phil Bozeman (Vocals), Ben Savage (Guitar), Alex Wade (Guitar), Zach Householder (Guitar), Gabe Crisp (Bass), and Ben Harclerode (Drums) have teased us for the last couple of months releasing The Saw Is The Law and Mono as singles followed by making of Our Endless War videos as well as embarking on some major tours especially the one with Devildriver, Carnifex, Revocation, and many more. There are ten tracks on the record as well as a couple of bonus tracks that the band included in there as well. This just may be the best record this band has ever released, but remember that this is my opinion, you can either take or leave it. Let’s check out the record!

41NxNYfX1BLThe album starts off with the intro track Rise which is the calm before the storm as the track leads to the crushing debut of the title track. The track’s lyrical theme is very political as it explores the idea that we are losing our grip on what it really means to be American as we turn a blind eye to the atrocities that our government is doing behind our backs. The next track which was the first single we heard from the album titled The Saw Is The Law and it’s a balls to the wall metalcore like track that will sure to have the pits groovin. Someone must have pissed off Phil Bozeman because he is angry in the albums next track and second single Mono. With lyrics like “Get my name out of your mouth before you choke. Or you can swallow it down and sh** out your soul.” The sledge hammer like groove metal Let Me Burn absolutely destroys everything in it’s path and it’s sang in the perspective of a murderer who apparently kills a woman. Worship The Digital Age is the next track on the record and it brings back those death metal roots that we are used to from the group while How Times Have Changed returns to the hardcore metal sound the band used in previous tracks and it’s a song that battles the word of the ancient scriptures. Psychopathy starts off with some clean metal guitar before we are launched back into hell on a hot rod going 1000 MPH. I love the track because the band experiments with thrash metal like beats that remind me of South Of Heaven era Slayer. Blacked Out returns us to the all out metal assault that is custom of Whitechapel which means it contains elements of metal and black metal mixed in with their typical sound.

whitechapel-our_endless_war_lp_inner_sleeveDigg’s Road is a different type of track because it’s more of a metal and hardcore infused track that also has a somber feel to it. The song is dedicated who I am assuming are Phil Bozeman’s parents and it’s lyrics deal with someone who can’t handle the loss of loved ones so the thought of suicide becomes an option. A Process So Familiar is the first of two bonus tracks on the record and it’s a kick ass track that mixes every element of Whitechapel into one track. The last track on the record Fall Of The Hypocrites seems to be a letter to former Westboro Baptist Church scumbag Fred Phelps who passed away recently and believe me his people won’t find the song flattering either which is ok by me. Some may cry over this record saying that it’s a little more mainstream than past Whitechapel releases, but I just look at it as a natural progression for the band. Personally, I believe this is definitely one of the best releases from the band alongside my other favorite A New Era Of Corruption. I am going to give this album four stars out of five because it was definitely worth the wait and build up.



courtesy of Revolver Magazine

The title of the piece speaks for itself as I announce that the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show just got a little more badass as Revolver Magazine just announced that Glenn Danzig and his solo band, Danzig, was announced as a performer. The Golden God awards is the one award show that is strictly for us metal fans and they have catered to us over the years with great performances from some of today’s great artists. We have seen artists like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Fozzy, Asking Alexandria, Volbeat, Devildriver, and we’ve seen special performances like Avenged Sevenfold playing Mouth For War with Vinny Paul, Sebastian Bach playing with Asking Alexandria, Dee Snider coming out to play with The Black Veil Brides, and so much more. The event is awesome and Doyle from The Misfits is going to perform with Danzig in a night that already features Metallica, Stone Sour, Five Finger Death Punch, Anthrax, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Halestorm. The event is going to be broadcasted on AXS TV, Facebook, and XBOX Live on May 2, 2013. If you’re a metal fan, then you do not want to miss this one.  Here’s one of my favorite Danzig songs to pump you up: