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headerThere was only ever one true iconic horror character that honestly gave me the creeps for a very long time in my life and that was Hellraiser‘s Pinhead who was originally played by Doug Bradley. There was something about the character and the way the films were that just honestly terrified me and I thank him for that. That is why I always try to cover one of the films of the franchise every time I do an Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween and we have a new one for you guys. This year Dimension Films put a straight to DVD release entitled Hellraiser: Judgment that was written and directed by Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Jack and The Beanstalk). There is a madman running around the city calling himself the Preceptor and murdering people in the name of the Ten Commandments. This doesn’t sit well with Detectives Sean (Logan’s Damon Carney) and David Carter (The Lying Game’s Randy Wayne) as they investigate the murders and with an additional partner they dive deeper into a world that may not be of their own. The film also stars Alexandra Harris (The Veil) as Christine Egerton, Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare On Elm Street) as the Landlady, Paul T. Taylor (Blonde Ambition) as Pinhead, Rheagan Wallace (Charlie: A Toy Story) as Alison Carter, John Gulager (Feast) as The Assessor, and Joel Decker (I Can Only Imagine) as The Butcher.

hellrauserI will say one thing and that is that I definitely liked Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead then I liked Stephan Smith Collins and it all has to do with the look of the costume. I am a traditionalist and with me saying that Doug Bradley will always be Pinhead, but I get why they did it.

nightbreedSince I met Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) at this Rock And Shock Horror Convention, I wanted to include one of his films in this years Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. By 1990, Doug Bradley had already done Hellraiser 1 and 2 with Clive Barker so it was only natural the childhood friends would work again for the film Nightbreed. This horror/fantasy film stars Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through It) as Aaron Boone, a troubled young man who dreams of a world where monsters belong called Midian. Right before his untimely death, he discovers that Midian is a real place and unbeknownst to him, his doctor (David Cronenberg) is manipulating him in order to lead him to Midian for his own selfish greed. Boone will have to save Midian from the evil of mankind or the sacred place will perish. The film also stars Anne Bobby (Born On The Fourth Of July) as Lori, Charles Haid (Hill Street Blues) as Captain Eigerman, Hugh Quarshie (Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace) as Detective Joyce, Hugh Ross (Trainspotting) as Narcisse, Catherine Chevalier (Hellbound: Hellraiser II) as Rachel, Oliver Parker (Hellraiser) as Peloquin, Malcolm Smith (Masters Of Menace) as Ashberry, and Bob Sessions (Hackers) as Pettine.

nightbreed 2One thing is definitely for sure and that is that Clive Barker has one creative mind when it comes to hell, monsters, and other dark things. I love all the different elements that he adds to the film like actually having a serial killer to go along with the fantasy part because it keeps it from being boring. The visual effects in Clive Barker films are always the things that stand out when it comes to his films and this is definitely one that is filled with it. The makeup department is always top notch as well so expect to be visually intrigued by the film like I was. The acting in the film was also very good and the story was good too. I have to say that David Cronenberg did a good job in making me hate his character so much. Believe me, after seeing his actions in the film, you will grow to detest him just as much as I did, but probably not as fast as I did. While some of you may disagree with me on this one, but I wasn’t a big fan of his acting. Although when put the mask on, I thought he was a lot better on screen. Hugh Ross was great in this film as well as Doug Bradley who I didn’t even recognize until I looked up who it was he played in the film. I definitely think this is a film you should check out especially if you are a Clive Barker fan which is why I am giving the film an B+ for a final grade.

rock and shockThis past weekend in Worcester, MA, the 12TH Annual Rock And Shock Horror convention took over both the Palladium and The DCU Center for three nights of horror and music. The music side that took place at the Palladium featured three days worth of shows that featured Soulfly on Friday, Danzig & Superjoint on Saturday, and Twiztid on Sunday. The horror convention side which took place at The DCU Center featured the likes of Doug Bradley, Samantha Mathis, Tobin Bell, Robert Allen Mukes, Derek Mears, William Forsythe, Erika Ervin, Naomi Grossman, Bill Moseley, and so many more. Not only were there special guests, but there were plenty of vendors as well from all over like the Troma, Vinegar Syndrome, Bar Accessories INC., Bad Moon Consignment, Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Hellcat Press, Prince Of Pieces, Rhode Island Comic Con, Scares That Care, and so many more.

me and adam greenOut of all the 12 years that this convention has existed, this was my very first time eve attending one of these and I have no idea why. There is so much to do in one of these that you can forget the time and not even care because you are having so much fun. The overall attitude of the event is nothing, but of a fun nature because for horror fans like me this is heaven on earth. One of the first things I did when I got inside the convention was I needed to find where al of the legends were sitting and I found them with ease. The first person I met in the whole show is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actor of all time in Bill Moseley. Bill Moseley was arguably the star of The Devil’s Rejects, House Of 1000 Corpses, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, and so many more. He was such a such a cool guy that I wish there were more like him at these conventions. The next person I met was Bill Johnson who played Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. After him I made a b-line all the way to Tobin Bell who was famous for playing Jigsaw in the Saw franchise. Tobin was very excited to tell me about his newest project the Manson Family Vacation which is a different take on the famous story. The film is out on iTunes right now and on Netflix I believe by October 27TH. The rest of the day included me meeting the legend George A. Romero, Adam Green, Doug Bradley, and a very good conversation with Michael Reid Mackay (The Monster Squad, Insidious: Chapter 3). One of the cool things that I also witnessed on Sunday was a press conference for Twiztid and that was pretty interesting. The one thing I can say about the group is that they care tremendously for their fans. As I said before, I regret not going to any other Rock And Shock in my life before and I suggest that every horror fan go to an event like this one.

hellraiser 3Everyone thought it might be safe for the world and that maybe Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and his Cenobites were gone for good. The last we saw in Hellraiser II is that Pinhead was on a pillar known as the Pillar of Souls. In this film called Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, the pillar is back and this time it ends up in the hands of a club owner named JP (Kevin Bernhardt), but JP doesn’t realize exactly what he bought. Someone disturbed the pillar of souls and the puzzle box unleashing Pinhead once again. When Pinhead consumes a girl that JP sleeps with, JP is on a mission to help feed souls to Pinhead. In the meantime, a investigative reporter named Joey (Terry Farrell) witnesses the man bound by chains and starts to investigate the puzzle box and it’s origins. The film also stars Ken Carpenter (Phantom Of The Paradise), Paula Marshall (Cheaper By The Dozen), Brent Bolthouse (Warlock: The Armageddon), Peter Atkins (Wishmaster), and a special appearance by Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser 1 and 2).

pinheadThis was supposed to be the film that was big time in the series because the producers had sunk more money into the project. They had Armored Saint performing in the club in a couple of scenes as well as a legit soundtrack featuring House Of Lords, Triumph, and more. This was always personally one of my favorite films in the series and I always felt it was the last of the good ones. Like many other horror series, it has so many sequels and Pinhead has been in space which should usually mean it’s over. I know the latest Hellraiser doesn’t even feature the man that made the role of Pinhead in Doug Bradley. WTF? I could understand if they were doing a remake of Hellraiser, but their just continuing the story. Anyways, the film has everything a Hellraiser fan would want and that is plenty of S&M imagery to go along with the dark scenery and tones as well as the horror. I do have to say that the acting was pretty top notch and I enjoyed this one for all the new cenobites that were in the film.  It’s available right now on Netflix as we speak so I am going to give this one a B+.