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condition-humanAs is tradition, we here at Moshpits and Movies cover an album by the winning band of the Pedal To The Metal tournament. So with that being said, we are covering an album from Washington progressive metal band Queensrÿche who are the 2017 Pedal To The Metal Tournament winners as they defeated the mighty Amon Amarth with the help of an incredible fan base. Queensrÿche who is now made up of Todd La Torre (Lead Vocals), Michael Wilton (Lead and Rhythm Guitar), Parker Lundgren (Lead and Rhythm Guitar), Eddie Jackson (Bass), and Scott Rockenfield (Drums) released their second album with La Torre called Condition Hüman back on October 2, 2015. It was stated that the album featured demos from the band’s previous self titled album sessions that had never made the cut along with brand new tracks that they were writing at the time. Michael Wilton described the record saying, “We’re taking the songs in the classic Queensrÿche direction but maybe a little more progressive and heavier at times.” When the album was finally released, it was met with great praise from critics and it even peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and number five on the Billboard Top Rock Album charts as well.

QUEENSRYCHE - Condition Human [Japan Edition] back1. Arrow Of Time– The first track of the album opens with that singature sound we love from the band with the dueling leads and amazing bass playing by Jackson that we loved from albums like Mindcrime or Empire. Todd of course sounds amazing as he belts out the lyrics to the track that talk about fighting against societies inability to avoid repeating past mistakes 5/5

2. Guardian– A definite Empire-esque track on the album that is about rising against the strangelehold of the government. 4.5/5

3. Hellfire– I love the acoustic intro of the track with the cadence like drum playing from Rockenfield. The track is heavy, hammering, and it has a cool groove to it which I definitely like. 5/5

4. Toxic Remedy– A cool track that I believe talks about how people drown themselves in toxic ways. 4.5/5

5. Selfish Lives– A very Mindcrime like track that at first the music fades in before the band launches it into overdrive with that sledge like guitar riff. 4.5/5

6. Eye9– Jackson starts off the song with a cool bass riff with La Torre coming in with a mystical sounding vocals before the band comes in smashing in. The track features a very cool guitar riff towards the end that rivals some of their best. 4.5/5

Queensryche-Condition_Human_(Limited_Edition)-CD7. Bulletproof– There’s some choir like chanting in the beginning which is followed by some clean channel playing before they turn it up for the chorus in a track that is all about relationships that are struggling. 4/5

8. Hourglass– Rockenfield kicks off the track before the band comes charging in with some ferocity in a track that is all about how time is precious in life especially as you get older. 4/5

9. Just Us– Acoustic playing opens up this mid-tempo track that is ballad like, but definitely not a ballad like what we would get in the 80’s. The track seems to be about a child that maybe is a newborn or at least a child where the narrator is reflecting that no matter what happens, he will always love them. 4.5/5

10. All There Was– A very cool track that has a rockin riff that gets your blood moving that is talking about someone going through a one sided relationship where they put in and never get anything back. 5/5

11. The Aftermath– An acoustic intro track that leads into the next one. 4/5

12. Condition Hüman– The last track on the album which also clocks in as the longest track on the album at almost 8 minutes. It starts off as a mid tempo track until after the first chorus when the band turns it up with an epic metal sound. It’s a classic metal epic in the structure, etc. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This album is exactly what Queensrÿche fans ordered as far as what we wanted from a Queensrÿche album. Todd La Torre is doing an excellent job at the helm after what is now two amazing records with the band. I can only hope that this continues to move forward and we experience more of what these guys can offer. While I would still love to see Chris DeGarmo come back and make it a three guitar band like Maiden, I think the band is doing quite fine as it is. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five.



File:Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime cover.jpgSince I had already reviewed Queensrÿche’s new album with Todd La Torre, I figured I would choose one of my all time favorite Queensrÿche albums entitled Operation: Mindcrime. This album featured Geoff Tate, Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield. It was the progressive metal band’s third release that came out on May 3, 1988 and it was a concept record and a rock opera. The best description of the story is as follows, “its story following a recovering drug addict who becomes disillusioned with the society of his time and reluctantly becomes involved with a revolutionary group as an assassin of political leaders.” The album was a success and has only been performed in it’s entirety on two tours (Empire 90 and Mindcrime II 2006) and I Don’t Believe In Love was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal performance.

a2The album starts off with two intros in Remember Now and Anarchy X. I Remember Now starts off in the hospital where the nurse administers a shot to a patient. Then we hear, “I remember now, I remember how it started. I can’t remember yesterday, I just remember doing what they told me.” as it fades into the metal cadence of Anarchy X where you get some audio of protests. Revolution Calling is one of the best songs on the record and it’s very political in it’s lyrics. The lyrics basically describe how pissed he is at the system and how it let’s us down. It features some of the best guitar playing I have ever heard from the band. The title track on the album starts off with the phone ringing and the opening riff to the song starts. He hangs up the phone and it rings again, this time we can’t escape the riff. The opening riff has a wicked bass line from Jackson and the solo in this song is phenomenal  The lyrics are about how Dr. X uses the word Mindcrime to make Nikki do his dirty work. Speak is the next track on the record and it opens with some killer guitar work before it calms down. The riff has this intense build up like something big is about to happen. Spreading The Disease is one of my favorite songs that talks about the origins of Sister Mary with a riff that has hard rock swagger with razor sharp riffs. One of my favorite parts comes later in the track where everything stops, but the drums. All you can hear is Geoff saying, “Religion and sex are powerplays, Manipulate the people for the money they pay. Selling skin, selling god, the numbers look the same on their credit cards. Politicians say no to drugs, While we pay for wars in south america.” Meanwhile while this is happening you get some clean guitars before it explodes back with Geoff’s amazing vocal range. The Mission starts with our main character loading a gun while a evangelist preaches about God. We hear our main character ask God for forgiveness before he shoots his gun. The song opens with some haunting guitars mixed with an occasional bass thump. Then before you know they explode right into the track like a bullet from a gun. The harmonizing the band utilizes through multi tracking is amazing, it gives a great effect for the listener. Suite

File:Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love cover.jpgSuite Sister Mary is a ten minute opus by the band that starts with Dr. X’s instructions for Nicki to kill Sister Mary. Then you get some omen type stuff while the clean guitars are playing before the guitars come in like thunder. While Geoff sings you get instances of Sister Mary (Pamela Moore) talking to Nicki. The song is epic in where it has climatic parts with Pamela laying some vocals down as well. The Needle Lies contains some of that old school Queensryche from the first EP that’s razor fast and pretty kick ass. Electric Requiem is an intro track that leads right into Breaking The Silence. Breaking The Silence is an amazing track that sort of foreshadows where the band will eventually go with Empire when it comes to their sound. I Don’t Believe In Love is another of my favorite tracks on the record that is just a straight up rock classic that is played in D Minor. Waiting For 22 and My Empty Room are intros that will lead into one of the best tracks on the whole album Eyes Of A Stranger. It’s got that iconic bass riff that starts the track off before DeGarmo and Wilton kick into heavy metal overdrive. The track was recorded in  E minor, with a short interlude in F# minor near the beginning of the track. and it also summarizes the whole story in a nutshell. What else can be said about the album other than the fact that it’s iconic. I give the album 5 stars out of five.