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AAqMrXi.imgToday the horror world lost yet another legend when legendary director Tobe Hooper passed away at the age of 74 on Saturday in his home in Sherman Oaks, California. Tobe Hooper was the man responsible for bringing us one of the original slashers in Leatherface for 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre before moving on to direct such classics as Salem’s Lot, The Funhouse, and 1982’s Poltergeist. Tobe changed the face of horror whether he knew it at the time in 1974, but he helped cement the building blocks for the Slasher horror genre. Tobe’s work didn’t stop in the 80’s as he provided us with some classics in the 90’s to 2000’s like The Mangler, Toolbox Murders, Mortuary, before he directed his final film in 2013 in Djinn. One film that I will be looking to see that is actually the last thing that Tobe helped produce is the Leatherface film that comes out this October which I am sure you will see me review for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. One thing is for certain with Tobe Hooper and that is he not only made me afraid of the state of Texas as a child, but also of Ghosts that can grab you and suck you into the television and other horrors faced in Poltergeist. Not to mention that I was afraid of going into Funhouses thanks to him, but I guess those can be scary regardless. One of my favorite films to this day from him is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 which he threw a more comedic approach to the film, but it was campy and fun as well as iconic. He will be missed, R.I.P. Tobe Hooper (January 25, 1943-August 26, 2017).



wnufI want to start by wishing everyone in the world a very safe and Happy Halloween because the day is finally here. I was looking endlessly for something special to watch for today and I found the film. If it wasn’t for the service Shudder, I may not have found the film WNUF Halloween Special which is a found footage Horror film. Someone finds a tape from 1987 that is simply marked WNUF Halloween Special on it and it’s a special from a news station known as WNUF. The special that the station is airing features their ace reporter Frank Stewart (Paul Fahrenkopf) as he investigates paranormal activity in a house that has been abandoned for 20 years. The house was once the site of a mass murder known as the spirit board murders and Frank is there to debunk it along with some paranormal investigators. The film also stars Nicolette le Faye (Call Girl Of Cthulhu) as Veronica Stanze, Leanna Chamish (Malice) as Deborah Merritt, Richard Cutting (National Treasure: Book Of Secrets) as Gavin Gordon, Brian St. August (Reunion) as Dr. Louis Berger, Helenmary Ball (Witch’s Brew) as Claire Berger, Sabrina Taylor-Smith (Click On This) as Donna Miles, and the film was directed by Chris LaMartina with commercials in the film directed by Shawn Jones, James Branscome, Scott Maccubbin, Lonnie Martin, Matthew Menter, and Andy Schoeb.

wnuf-2I want to start off by saying that this is an incredible film even for a found footage horror film because it’s like you’re watching a TV network. The film has that old 80’s TV news network look to it whether it be the look of the picture or even the graphics. The fact that they created commercials for this film was awesome cause these commercials brought me back like it was the 80’s. I also wanted to say that Paul Fahrenkopf was an absolute joy to watch on screen because he was so believable as a news reporter from the 80’s. The film was very well executed because the costumes were good and they even referenced the right kind of bands for the time. Even the news segments and special reports are incredible to the point I could watch it all day. Some of my favorite commercials in the film were ones like special TV shows they created commercials for or even Heavy Metal Licks album that was for sale. The local businesses commercials were so good that you actually believe that those are real places. The film was kind of a comedy horror film, but towards the end, it has it spooky moments. You have to check this out for yourself, you will not regret it at all. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.

thedescent2dvduktopOnly one day left until the great holiday of Halloween, but that means one thing and that is tonight is Devil’s Night. There are creatures in this world that can only be the spawn of Satan or death itself and that is the case in the film The Descent: Part 2. The last place that Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) wants to be is back in the caves especially when you just barely escaped with your life. Unfortunately for her, that is exactly where she is going to end up doing thanks to an idea by Sheriff Vaines (Gavan O’Herlihy). The rest of the team Sarah was with is still missing and the sheriff wants to go back in with Sarah and a cave team to try and find the rest of them. What he and the team do not know is they are about to face death itself. The film also stars Jessika Williams (Doctor Who) as Susanne Small, Douglas Hodge (Robin Hood) as Dan, Josh Dallas (Once Upon A Time) as Greg, Anna Skellern (Gambit) as Cath, Michael J. Reynolds (Police Academy) as Ed Oswald, Natalie Mendoza (Moulin Rouge) as Juno, Krysten Cummings (Ghost Machine) as Ellen Rios, and the film was directed by Jon Harris (The Woman In Black).

278-spusk-2Now as far as which of the two films was better, I would definitely say that the first film is still the best one of the two. The first film had more layers to it then this film which is just a search and rescue mission gone bad. It had the crawlers who still looked creepy as hell and no matter how many you think you killed, there is still a crap ton more of them. The costume designers definitely deserve some props for making them as creepy as humanly possible. The acting was pretty good, but at times the accents were a little confusing. Do we have British climbers working for us or did they just mess up and not lose the accent? I know that it’s a British film, but it does take place in North Carolina. That is only a minor problem in the film, otherwise it’s a very good film that was something new for the horror genre. One of the things that drove me nuts about the film is that you are told to be quiet or they’ll hear you, but the characters do the opposite constantly. The various frustrations of a horror film that can occur all the time. The ending of the film was one that I didn’t see coming, but it leaves it up for talks about an another sequel. Will there be a third film? With the box office failure of this film, I would have to say probably not. This film has it’s moments, but it doesn’t top the first film. I am going to give this film an B for a final grade.

hdrHalloween is now only two days away and I hope that all of you have been getting in the spirit of the holiday especially with Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. I wanted to watch something cool for today and I really love anthology horror films so I chose to watch the new film Holidays. Holidays is an holiday anthology film that goes through the various holidays of the calendar year. For example, a girl wants to get her crush a heart so he can get the surgery he needs, it’s a St. Patrick’s Day version of Rosemary’s Baby, but with reptiles, the Easter bunny and Jesus, a girl willing to go to the beyond to find her long lost father, a webcam scumbag who won’t let his girls celebrate Halloween, and so many more. The film stars Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno) as Jean, Seth Green (Robot Chicken) as Pete Gunderson, Harley Quinn Smith (Tusk) as Holly, Ruth Bradley (Flyboys) as Elizabeth Cullen, Madeleine Coghlan (Share) as Maxine, Clare Grant (Walk The Line) as Sarah Gunderson, Harley Morenstein (Tusk) as Ian, Jocelin Donahue (Insidious: Chapter 2) as Carol, Andrew Bowen (Po) as Reggie, Ashley Greene (Yoga Hosers) as Bree, Savannah Kennick as Heidi, Sonja Kinski (Vinyl) as Crystal, Aleksa Palladino (Boardwalk Empire) as Persian, and many more. The film features the following directors Kevin Smith, Anthony Scott Burns, Kevin Kolsch, Nicholas McCarthy, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Ellen Reid, Gary Shore, Sarah Adina Smith, Scott Stewart, and Dennis Widmyer.

holidays-easterThis was an interesting film to say the least because it seemed that every story was like a fairy tale or whatever because there was always a moral to the story (or at least some did). The New Year’s Eve one featured a guy who kidnaps his dates for long periods of time and if they haven’t fallen in love with him he eliminates them. Well, he sort of gets what is coming to him in this one. One story was a girl who was told by her mom not to look at the Easter bunny and do you think she listened? There is more that you just have to watch for yourself and you be the judge of what the moral of the stories are. One of my favorite segments of the film was definitely the one belonging to Kevin Smith cause he just goes over the top when it comes to what he makes (e.g. Tusk). All of the special effects in the film were very cool, the stories were actually very well written, and the acting was good. The film kind of had it all for an anthology film which is rare because some can definitely be better than others. My least favorite segment is a hard one to choose because I liked them all, but the St. Patrick’s Day one just ended very goofy for my taste. The film is available on Netflix right now as we speak and it may ruin some holidays for some of you. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.

mv5bmjmzntiynza2ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdy0nzm0mte-_v1_uy268_cr30182268_al_For today’s film for my 31 days of Halloween, I came across this film online so I couldn’t resist watching it because the synopsis is what drew me to the film in the first place. We’ve seen dozens of films already that deal with ghosts and beings as well as films dealing with possession so I was hoping that this one was going to be a little bit different than the rest. It’s the story of four college students whose school is near an insane asylum where some unsolved murders had occurred some years back. The murder as well some others were cremated and placed into jars where they would sit for decades until the college students stumbled upon them while breaking into the closed asylum. When the cans hit the ground they open and three out of the four don’t realize that after they had inhaled the dust, they soon become possessed by the spirits of the dead including the murderer. The fourth one named Emma (Inbar Lavi) has to figure out what to do before it’s too late. The film also stars Steven Grayhm (White Chicks) as Kolt, Eddie Hassell (Jobs) as Dylan, Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) as Gabby, John Lee Ames (Days Of Darkness) as Levius, Alesandra Assante (36 Saints) as Allyson, and Nicole Travolta (The Utah Murder Project) as Christine while the film was directed by A.D. Calvo (Nine Lives).

house-of-dust-movie-d-calvo-4The film isn’t that bad, it actually has some strong points to it, but then it has a lot that it lacks as well. One thing was one of the actors at one time overacted until he became possessed then his acting was pretty good. The other part that bothered me was the ending of the film or I should say the sequences that lead to the end was kind of a letdown. I expected something really cool at the end and when it happened I was like what the heck was that. Other than that, the film was actually pretty decent where it gave you the feel of those possession films, but with a slasher touch to it which was what I like out of my horror films. If you’re expecting T&A out of the film, don’t bother you just get one little glance at the potential that Nicole Travolta (the niece of John Travolta) may have to offer and it’s very brief. Inbar Davi is an actress I never heard of, but after watching this film I am definitely going to be looking in to more of her films because she was superb. She played the part of a girl who is vulnerable, an outsider to most while being the heroine of the film superbly. She definitely made the film enjoyable to watch because you can’t help, but feel for her in this film. I would say give this film a shot, it’s not as bad as I may have made it sound out to be. I am giving the film a B- for a final grade.

the_haunting_in_connecticut_wqgo7mm3rb1For the past 7 years, the cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren have become all the rage with films like The Conjuring and it’s sequel, Annabelle, and all the rumored sequels that are all following. The one that started the craze A Haunting In Connecticut is our featured film for today. Matt Campbell (Kyle Gallner) has cancer and has to go through treatments in Connecticut and Sarah Campbell (Virginia Madsen) is willing to go through any lengths for her son. So as a way to make it easier for him, she decides to move the family temporarily into a house that is close to the treatment center. What they don’t realize is the house has a pretty evil history and whatever spirits that are in the house are about to haunt the family. The film also stars Elias Koteas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze) as Rev. Popescu, Amanda Crew (Sex Drive) as Wendy, Martin Donovan (The Opposite Of Sex) as Peter Campbell, Sophi Knight (How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town) as Mary, Ty Wood (Maneater) as Billy Campbell, Erik J. Berg (Silent Night) as Jonah, John Bluethner (The Lookout) as Ramsey Aikman, and the film was directed by Peter Cornwell (Ward 13).

thic-the-haunting-in-connecticut-33158421-400-266As far as all of the films that have come out since 2009 from the Warrens case files, this isn’t the best one in the series. Now that isn’t saying that this one wasn’t a good film because it was enjoyable and it had it’s spooky moments, but just not enough. Kyle Gallner and Virginia Madsen were great in the film and they worked well together. I loved the edition of Reverend Popescu (Elias Koteas), but he’s not a real character I believe. There is a lot of evidence out there that suggests that the film isn’t really based on a true story and in fact that a lot of it was made up. Apparently according to the website, a man was hired to to take each family member’s story for a book and he problem was that there stories all matched and there wasn’t enough there. The author then claims that Ed Warren told him to use what he could, make up the rest, and make the story scarier. Read more about it here. That is kind of a discouraging thing to learn after you’ve seen the film for yourself and probably why it wasn’t that scary to begin with. Some of the scenes were kind of creepy like the bodies with all the writing carved into them, but some of the scenes that they tried to make spooky were not that scary. The story is cool, but just not scary so watch it at your own risk. I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.

arthur-brownFor the whole month of October, we have dedicated certain posts on the blog in observance of the great holiday known as Halloween with related posts. For the album of the week posts, we look to bands that are either directly related to horror like The Misfits, White Zombie, or indirectly (like they dress up or use makeup) like GWAR, Green Jelly, King Diamond, etc. We are always looking for new bands to feature on here and we have one this week that has always been interesting in The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, an English Psychedelic rock band in the vein of The Doors. The band was made up of frontman Arthur Brown, Vincent Crane (Keyboards), Nick Greenwood (Bass), Drachen Theaker (Drums), and John Marshall (Drums On A Few Tracks). The band’s Eponymous debut record was released on June 1968 and it was produced by Kit Lambert and Pete Townsend was the associate producer on the record. The album was the only one that featured this line up and it was successful for the band as it peaked at number 7 on The Billboard Pop Charts and it produced a number one single in the UK and a top 5 hit in the US.

1153706031. Prelude/Nightmare– The track starts with an eerie intro before the keyboards kick us off into a journey as he literally describes a nightmare. These guys can really jam out like Deep Purple. 4/5

2. Fanfare/Fire Poem– A track that could be an intro to the next track or just a poem to some wild keyboard playing. 4/5

3. Fire– Probably the most famous song from The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown as he describes hell in this pure example of just what Psychedelic rock was. 5/5

4. Come and Buy- a track that is driven by the bass riff as they keyboards compliment them as he further describes the horrors of hell. 4/5

5. Time and 6. Confusion– On some versions these two tracks are combined. Time is cool and mellow track while Confusion turns up the heat while the devil tells you that all you have to do is sin to get there. 4/5

nightmare-by-the-crazy-world-of-arthur-brown-19687. I Put A Spell On You– This is the band’s keyboard/organ filled cover of the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins track. 4.5/5

8. Spontaneous Apple Creation– a cool fast paced track that talks about the world starting over because of an apple. I don’t know? 4/5

9. Rest Cure– A cool bass driven track that is different than the rest of the album as it’s a little more bluesy than most about how rest can cure everything. 4/5

10. I’ve Got Money-The band’s incredible cover of the James Brown track. Arthur does an amazing job with the vocals. 4.5/5

11. Child of My Kingdom– This is the last track on the album and it’s the longest track on the album clocking in at seven minutes long. This is a great bluesy rock song from the band. The track features some amazing keys playing o the track that give it that blues/Doors edge to it. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– There is an interesting story about this album and the differences between side one which ends with Confusion and side two which starts with I Put A Spell On You. Apparently when writing the record, Arthur Brown wanted to create a rock opera, but producer Kit Lambert wanted a more commercial album hence the difference in the two sides. This is a really good album from a band that probably could have done more, but Psychedelic rock would suffer the same fate the 80’s faced when Grunge took over. Black Sabbath and the 70’s happened. I am going to give the album Four stars out of five for a final grade.