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Yes, it’s Saturday which means everyone should be getting ready to party because before you know it the weekend is over and it’s back to work. Saturday for me also means that I get to choose another song that was specially written for a film’s soundtrack for Soundtrack Saturdays. I was watching the documentary that Pauly Shore recently released and it made me remember how much I loved the soundtrack to his film Encino Man that also starred Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, and the beautiful Megan Ward. One of the songs I distinctly remember hearing besides the Vince Neil classic was a funk classic called Feed The Monkey performed by Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) and his other project called Infectious Grooves. This was the band that first introduced the metal world to Robert Trujillo before he joined Ozzy Osbourne and later Metallica. The song features elements of ska in it besides the that funky bass line that reminds me of classic funk bands from the 70’s and one of my favorites Morris Day & The Time and also a little bit of Faith No More. The musicianship on the song is pretty phenomenal as well, I’m just surprised these guys weren’t bigger than they were. Check out the track below and be prepared to slam dance to some great funk metal.

aFor today’s Rock Doc, I wanted to look at a figure that I think was a rock star in his own right even though he was a comedian. When you think of the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, there is no one more iconic in the world of comedy than the one and only Pauly Shore who starred in classic films like Son In Law, In The Army Now, Encino Man, and Jury Duty. The one thing people do not realize about Pauly Shore is that comedy has been in his life since the day he was born into this world thanks to his mother Mitzi Shore owning The Comedy Store in LA. Well, Pauly just released a brand new road tour documentary called Pauly Shore Stands Alone and it;s a documentary that follows Pauly as he travels on a tour of the midwest while he deals with so many different elements that are distracting. Pauly has to deal with the fact that he has to move his sick mother out of her LA mansion that she had been living in for the last forty years as well as some other things that are drag in his life like women, bladder issues, etc.

maxresdefaultThe documentary has been playing on Showtime and I was happy that I was able to catch this on TV because it’s actually a really cool documentary. Pauly Shore was one of my favorite comedians back in the day and it was weird to me that Hollywood sort of abandoned him. Pauly really opens up in this documentary on the issues that plague him like what to do with his mother’s living situation to the fact that he is 45 and still doesn’t have a significant other or any children of his own. From what I have seen in this documentary is that he seems to be a really cool dude to hang out with. He takes his biggest fan out to dinner and treats her and a friend to a meal while he tries to find out why the girl is obsessed with her and in the end he treats her like a friend. If you want to get to know the man behidn the comedian, then check out this documentary. I am going to give the doc an A for a final grade.

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I chose an album that just about has as much controversy behind it as any rock or music nerd like myself could want. It was Vince Neil’s first solo album that he would release after he had left Motley Crue and it features two of the best talents in rock/metal at the time. Phil Soussan, who previously played with Ozzy Osbourne on The Ultimate Sin album answered a call to help out a friend write an album and recruit a band to tour with. When Vince secured Steve Stevens, one of the most underrated and under appreciated guitarists of the 1980’s, the controversy begins there. Adrian Vandenburg of Whitesnake fame was originally tapped to play guitars on the record, but to the advice of the label, he grabbed the former Billy Idol guitarist instead. During the recording process of this record, Steve Stevens wanted to write and record all the bass and guitar parts so Phil was let go. Robbie Crane, who was the rhythm guitarist at the time would move to bass, and Vik Foxx was the drummer. After the album was released, apparently all of the writing credits was given to Stevens even though Soussan had written five of the songs before he was let go. He took the band to court and he won the case with Stevens name removed off the tracks. Can you feel the controversy already? Let’s check out the album!

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Look Into Her Eyes has that Ultimate Sin sound to it especially when the song kicks off. Steven’s guitar playing is amazing and the rhythm section is terrific as well. The song has that balls to the wall style of rock with a swagger as big as LA’s and you have to love that ray gun sound you hear during Steven’s solo’s. Sister Of Pain was the second single to be released off the album and the song is like a woman, fast and fun to play. Can’t Have Your Cake has a very funky beginning with the bass before it runs you over like a hot rod in hell. The song is about one of those important lessons you mother teaches you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Fine, Fine Wine is one of my favorite songs on the song because of how raunchy and kick ass the band’s sound is. This is raunch-filled rock at it’s finest and fans were eating it up like cake and I know the song isn’t about actual wine. The Edge has this amazing flamenco intro by Steve Stevens before it kicks into the heaviest song Vince Neil ever recorded in his whole life. The flamenco will return later in this song and I feel it separates this track from the rest. By far my favorite track on the whole record, hands down.  Can’t Change Me has more of that Spanish guitar feel to it in the beginning as Stevens proves he can do anything. The song isn’t a ballad even though it has that feel to it, but think of this song and compare it to Time For Change off Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood record. What helps this is the fact that Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades  wrote the track for the album. The next track on the album is an amazing cover of Sweet’s Set Me Free.

back coverLiving Is A Luxury is the next track on the album is another raunchy as hell track about reminding that your lucky to be alive in this world. I could have sworn I heard some horns in the track to go with the bands ability to slow the track down before they melt your face off with the chorus. You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come) is probably one of the most recognizable tracks on the record since it was the first single and it appeared in the film Encino Man that starred Pauly Shore and Brendan Fraser. When I saw Vince open for Poison some years back, this was the only solo song he performed. Gettin Hard is one of the coolest tracks, but at times it sounds like something Billy Idol would have sang on. Don’t get me wrong the song is as cool as the breeze and it has that hip shaking body groovin melody to it. Forever was the ballad on the album that was dedicated to EX-Wives Of Rock star Sharise Neil, who divorced him earlier in the year. Vince is always thinking of ya even after the divorce papers have been filed.

Steve Stevens!!!

Steve Stevens!!!

What is there not to love about this record? It is by far the best album Vince has ever appeared on musically just for the fact that Steve Stevens is the MVP of the record. As I stated in the beginning, he is the most underrated guitarist out of the 80s. Just take a listen and tell me that you don’t agree with me because it’s better than Carved In Stone and Tattoos & Tequila. It was definitely better than that hunk of crap Motley Crue answered back with at the time with John Corabi. I am going to give the record 4 stars out of five.