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pedal cup 2020Two years ago instead of doing the pedal to the metal tournament which was emulating the NCAA basketball tournament, I decided to change it and call it the Pedal Cup. For the first year, we did the world cup edition of the competition and that was won by Japan and Babymetal. That year, we tried our best to get as many bands from different countries as we could and while it sometimes can prove difficult to do, we also plan to do the same for the European edition of the Pedal Cup for this year which will coincide with the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Returning to this year’s tournament are the third and fourth place finishers from the World Cup edition in Portugal and Poland and they will be joined by Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, England, Ukraine, Holland, Austria, Denmark, and so many more celebrating the best in Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, and more. So stay tuned here for more info as the bands will be chosen and all of the countries competing will be revealed.

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThe results of the first round of the knockout stage of the Pedal Cup are here and if you still don’t know what this is, it’s our equivalent of the FIFA World Cup, but for Metal. We had some great matches in the first round with some surprise results. Normally in every tournament with Kreator as a competitor, the fans usually come in droves causing everyone in the world to cry foul, but this time around they have been bounced out of the cup like their fellow countrymen. The fans of Japan’s own BABYMETAL showed up for sure giving us the biggest vote count of the tournament so far. Now to figure out who won what match, we broke it down and you’ll see in the box score that we tallied the votes from this site, Facebook, and Twitter and totaled them up to give you the final result sort of like A+B+C= D. Check out the results below and stay tuned for the next round.


Pedal Cup Bracket 2


pedal cup bracketfirst round

I am happy and thankful for all the people that showed up to vote for the first half of the bracket and as promised, we now have the second half of the bracket. There were some interesting matches in that first bracket, but I think there are some equally interesting matches on this side of the bracket with the focus on Iran vs Russia. Its interesting because on one side you have the Russian powerhouse in Catharsis who have been cutting their teeth in the business since 1996 taking on Iran’s own Confess who were arrested in their own country for writing “Satanic Material” as well as speaking to foreign radio stations. The band at one time faced the possibility of execution, but now they could just face strict penalties and punishment. We just wanted to show our support to fellow metal musicians and wish them luck in both life and in this tournament. This side of the bracket also boasts matches like England (rep. by Cradle Of Filth) taking on Poland (rep. by Behemoth), United States (rep. by Morbid Angel) taking on Denmark (rep. by Hatesphere), and Sweden (rep. by Arch Enemy) vs Switzerland (rep. by Samael). As I said yesterday, you have several options as far as ways to vote in this tournament with one by visiting the Facebook page and the second by visiting my twitter page @Themonsterhour. Now you can go ahead and do it that way or you can also vote here, but you only have 24 hours to do so. So support your favorite metal bands and let the best bands win.

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThis year, we didn’t do a Pedal To The Metal March madness styled tournament and that was my decision based on how busy I was with various other projects and lack of participation at the time. Although with the 2018 FIFA World Cup happening right now in Russia, I thought now was the perfect time to introduce a new tournament. The only difference between the Pedal Cup (short for Pedal To The Metal) and the World Cup is that we have 16 bands from all over the world instead of their 32 teams. If any country was left out of this tournament, hopefully in four years we’ll see you in it the tournament then. The way I chose what countries would be represented here was basically based on who had made it to the knock out stage of the world cup. Now there were some countries I had to sub out because I couldn’t find bands for those countries so I either added a country that wasn’t in the real world cup or chose some teams from the group stage. The countries (and their bands in parenthesis) are England (Cradle Of Filth), Portugal (Moonspell), Belgium (Leng Thc’e), United States (Morbid Angel), Germany (Kreator), Sweden (Arch Enemy), Norway (Dimmu Borgir), Japan (Babymetal), France (Gojira), Denamrk (Hatesphere), Poland (Behemoth), Brazil (Sepultura), Switzerland (Samael), Russia (Catharsis), Iran (Confess), and Egypt (Crescent).

pedal cup bracketfirst roundThe bands that I am most excited about seeing how well they do are the Middle Eastern bands in Confess who we support their right to creative freedom and Crescent who have been throwing it down for quite some time. The way the brackets are going to be done is exactly the same as the world cup with the teas that are obviously not in the tournament or who did not make the knock out stage placed in the spots that we couldn’t finds for. There is also going to be a new way for all of you guys to vote on this. One way is to visit the Facebook page for Moshpits and Movies and you can vote there (we are going to be setting up the matches there very soon). The other way is that you can click on the article on this page and vote there as well.The matches are only going to last 24 hours which means you only have 24 hours to vote for the band/country that you want to see move on to the finals. Check out the bands and their flags down below and stayed tuned here for more info as it comes.

belgium leng tch edenmark hatesphereegypt crescentengland cradleFrance Gojiragermany kreatorIran Confessjapan babymetalnorway dimmu borgirpoland behemothportugal moonspellrussia catharsissepultura brazilsweden arch enemyswiss samaelUSA Morbid Angel

pink floydWhen you look at the amount of great musical groups that have transcended the test of time that come from England, it’s insane. You have The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd just to name a few. Those bands all have releases that are still analyzed, marveled, and worshiped to this very day. Today, we are going to marvel and analyze an album from a band that has never been to experiment with the way music is heard and listened to in Pink Floyd. The album that we are going to cover from them is one of their most legendary albums that sold over 45 million copies worldwide to be labeled the greatest selling record of all time in The Dark Side Of The Moon. The band at the time was made up of David Gilmour (vocals, guitars, Synthi AKS), Nick Mason (drums, percussion, tape effects), Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals, VCS 3, Synthi AKS), and Roger Waters (bass guitar, vocals, VCS 3, tape effects). ASs I said before, they sold a lot of albums and not surprising that it peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200 charts and it stayed on the charts for 741 weeks (From 1973 to 1988). Let’s just put it this way, every song on the album has been covered by various artists at one point or another.

dark side1. Speak To Me– The track is essentially an intro to what is tome come on the record as some would call it a sound collage. It does feature various sound effects and sound clips that will be featured in later tracks on the album. 5/5

2. Breathe (In The Air)– The first performance track of the album with it’s melancholic sound, but it is very rich in the texture as you listen in. I love the steel guitar sound that Gilmour uses for the track, it just adds to the texture. 5/5

3. On The Run– It’s just incredible how they created this instrumental track. They programmed a note sequence into a Synthi AKS and they sped it up and added a white noise generator to give that hi-hat sound that you hear. Then they do this thing with the guitars where they play it backwards by dragging a microphone down the fretboard. 5/5

4. Time– One of the most iconic songs on the album that features the clocks go off in the beginning of the track. Just to let you know each clock was recorded separately. I love the beginning of the track cause it sounds like something you’d hear at a gunfight in a spaghetti western. This is one of the greatest Pink Floyd songs in my opinion and one of the coolest rock songs ever. The track is great commentary on life and how we waste too much time and before you know, it’s too late. 5/5

5. The Great Gig In The Sky– Wright commented on the track saying, “Great Gig in the Sky? It was just me playing in the studio, playing some chords, and probably Dave or Roger saying “Hmm… that sounds nice. Maybe we could use that for this part of the album.” And then, me going away and trying to develop it. So then I wrote the music for that, and then there was a middle bit, with Clare Torry singing, that fantastic voice. We wanted something for that bit, and she came in and sang on it.” 5/5

dark side record6. Money– The track with the cash register sounds and the incredible opening bass riff by Waters made this the band’s first ever hit in the US. The track was recorded in a 7/4–4/4 time signature in a track that is all about what Money can do for you especially when you first get a taste for it. 5/5

7. Us And Them– The track comes in quietly with the Hammond playing from Wright and has more a jazz influence to it with the saxophone solos, etc. The time signatures for this track are very unique and too much to list. 5/5

8. Any Colour You Like– another instrumental track on the album that features synthesizers and a guitar solo as well as some scat vocals at one point. It’s one of the three songs that Roger Waters does not get writing credit for. 5/5

9. Brain Damage– With it’s very simple melody, Roger Waters wrote this song about former band member Syd Barrett’s mental state. 5/5

10. Eclipse– the last track on the album and it has that epic sound of a closing track. After you’ve absorbed the whole album, Eclipse feels like that point in the story when you say all is done and good. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– The album is one of the greatest albums ever recorded and I am just going to let you know that it’s in the five star club cause it gets five out of five for a final grade. The album took the band to a whole new level that had never been seen by them ever before and rightfully so. My favorite track on the album is definitely Time and is followed by Brain Damage. It’s hard to pick a least favorite track on this album cause they are all great, but if I had to pick one it would be Speak To Me. Check this album out if you have not.

Adventures Of A Taxi Driver TheaterIt has been a little while since the last Cheeseball Cinema and I wanted to choose one that I thought I would enjoy as much as you hopefully. There was a whole series of sex comedy films in England that either went by the title of Confessions of a… or Adventures of a… and I thought that I had covered them all. That was the case for a while until I discovered that there was one more film to cover and I jumped at the chance to cover Adventures Of A Taxi Driver which was actually the first film in the series. The film stars  Barry Evans (The Mystery Of Edwin Drood) as our taxi driver named Joe. Joe’s home life is not the ideal one with a brother who is a thief and a mother who depends on him way too much. After some misadventures and a move from home, Joe gets himself into quite the predicament when his taxi fair ends up being some kidnappers. The film also stars Judy Geeson (The Lords Of Salem) as Nikki, Adrienne Posta (To Sir, With Love) as Gloria,  Diana Dors (Oliver Twist) as Mrs. North, Jane Hayden (Warship) as Linda, Robert Lindsay (Wimbledon) as Tom, Angela Scoular (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) as Marion,  Prudence Drage (A Clockwork Orange) as Mrs. Barker, Gloria Maley (Horror Planet) as Dora, Anna Bergman (Avalon) as Helga, and the film was directed by Stanley A. Long (Naughty!).

hqdefaultThis was a very interesting film to say the least and at first you may wonder just what in the heck is the film about? The film is about a taxi driver who finds himself in very lucky situations with women, but the outcomes are never lucky. For example, he picks up a transsexual thinking it’s a female until he finds something down under. He helps a woman get back into your house and in the tub only for the husband to all of a sudden come home. So, it’s safe to say that the film is about his constant misadventures and how messed up things get with him as the film goes along. Despite all of the sex and the naked women (which is the selling point of the film), I actually enjoy all of his mishaps because some of them can be funny. You especially see this in the last twenty minutes of the film or so because things heat up by then. There is plenty of T&A to go around in this film that will please any fan of the genre. The difference with these films is the fact that while it might be cheesy, the acting is really good as the film features some legends as mentioned above like Judy Geeson who starred in films like To Sir, With Love, 10 Rillington Place, and even Rob Zombie’s 31. There are other names in the film as well that are famous for British television and more in the film. You also have to remember that sex is not that taboo in Europe as it was in America in the 1970’s. On a scale of one being close to an A-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 2.

Adventures of a taxi driver collage

From Left to Right Clockwise: Jane Hayden, Gloria Maley, Anna Bergman, and Prudence Drage

WOTC PanteraIt was once known as the cover of the week where we celebrated our favorite covers of the week before it morphed into the cover battle. In cover battle, we took the same song covered by two different bands and asked you to vote as to which one was better is now being called War Of The Covers. Now that we are doing this again, the same rules apply, you have one week to vote as to what version you like better and that version is king. Of course, we all have different opinions and tastes so if you’re version loses then remember to grab some cheese and wine because you’ll need it. This week’s War of the Covers centers around one of my favorite tracks from the chart topping album from Pantera entitled Far Beyond Driven. It was the album that put a band that was already on the map on the map again, but really all it did was cement the fact that they didn’t need radio play to validate them. In 2010, British heavy metal band Malefice covered the track I’m Broken for the Metal Hammer Magazine tribute album Getcha’ Pull: A tribute to Dimebag Darrell. In 2012, French groove/death metal band Trepalium covered the track for their album H.N.P. and now you will decide whose cover was better.


depeche-vs-lacunaLast week, we unveiled a new segment here on Moshpits and Movies titled Original Vs The Cover where we take a cover and pin it against the original track. This replaced our Cover Of The Week segment that we did and we started this whole thing out with Dead Or Alive taking on Dope with the song You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) at the center of it all. As promised, I have the results from last week and you all picked Dead Or Alive’s version as the best one. Now we move on to this week’s challenge and we have English Synthpop legends Depeche Mode’s version of Enjoy The Silence taking on Lacuna Coil’s 2006 cover of the track. Let’s check out the versions:

Depeche Mode– Depeche Mode were a British Synthpop group that by 1990 were already veterans with six albums already under their belts. In 1990, Depeche Mode would release their hit seventh album Violator to the world and it was an album that featured amazing tracks like Policy Of Truth, Personal Jesus, World In My Eyes, and our featured track for today. The track was a hit with fans as it rose to number one on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks as well as going number one in Spain and Denmark with various top five spots around the world too. Depeche Mode’s version of this track is legendary soaked in it’s synth driven dance beats with David Gahan’s amazing vocals on top of it to give it that goth dance flavor.

Lacuna Coil– An Italian Gothic Metal band that was already seasoned veterans with three albums under their belt when they released their fourth album Karmacode. Karmacode featured tracks like Our Truth, Closer, Within Me, and the band’s cover of the track Enjoy The Silence as it peaked at number 28 on The Billboard Top 200 Charts. If there was ever a way to make the song more Gothic, it was definitely by making a metal version of it which is what Lacuna Coil did adding the distortion and a Bass player to the track. I loved that Cristina Scabbia took command of the vocals on the track while Andrea Ferro handled the background vocals. I also enjoyed the crunch they gave the song with the dual guitars and the drums.

Once again, it is up to you guys to decide whose version of Enjoy The Silence do you enjoy listening to. You have until the next post to decide, so choose wisely and vote!!!

Venom-Black-MetalThere are albums in the world that have been released that you can deny the influence and power they can have on a genre or generation. Some albums are so powerful in influence that sometimes they actually start a genre just from an album title. You can definitely say that it certainly was the case when English heavy metal band Venom released their second album Black Metal in November of 1982. If you haven’t guessed what genre it is that the album title influenced then you are absolutely hopeless or just not a fan of metal at all. The band which was made up of the classic lineup in Cronos (Bass/Vocals), Mantas (Guitar), and Abaddon (Drums) self produced the record alongside Keith Nichol. The album was so influential that various tracks from the album have been covered by the likes of Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Vader, Blitzkrieg, Hypocrisy, and to many more to list on here. The album artwork itself was created by Cronos and was an iconic image that has stood the test of time. The album is on the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die book by Robert Dimery and it was voted #68 best British album of all time by Kerrang! readers.

Venom-BlackMetalBack1. Black Metal– The title track kicks off the album and it showcases the band’s brand of speed metal with those guttural vocals from Cronos. This was the track that influenced the genre, but you can hear elements of Thrash in the track. 4/5

2. To Hell and Back– An incredible straight up metal track from the band about a man who has danced with devil and lives to talk about it. 4/5

3. Buried Alive– The track starts off with audio of a man speaking about a body and you hear them digging up the dirt and dumping it on the coffin. Very melodic intro with heavy breathing with sinister talking from Cronos before the band kicks in and things get heavy. 5/5

4. Raise the Dead– This could be considered the continuing of the last track with a heavy Motorhead influence on the track. 4/5

5. Teacher’s Pet– A very funny track that talks about a sexual fantasy with a teacher. Check out the lyrics to the track. There is a huge blues influence in this track especially near the guitar solo. 4/5

6. Leave Me in Hell– This harder than hell thrash masterpiece is a track that talks about the Antichrist. 4/5

venom-black_metal-CD7. Sacrifice– The lyrics to this track are pretty self explanatory, but the music is where it’s at with it’s thrash/Motorhead styled madness. 4.5/5

8. Heaven’s on Fire– A speed metal classic that talks about a war between heaven and hell, but it looks like Heaven has been taken over. 4/5

9. Countess Bathory– A pretty kick ass metal track about the world famous and controversial Countess Elizabeth Bathory who was a serial killer. 4.5/5

10. Don’t Burn the Witch– a cool metal track from the band with a bad ass guitar intro that is a fight song for not burning witches. 4/5

11. At War with Satan (preview)– Just an intro track introducing the next album which would come two years later. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I can definitely see and hear why bands were so influenced by these guys as they were so important to the Thrash Metal and Black Metal genres. Besides most of the subject matter which I could care less for, this was actually a kick ass album that I am glad I gave it a chance. I am going to give the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.

a2604078974_10For years, I have tried to promote unsigned metal bands from all over the Earth whether it was on my music video show The Monster Hour, my college radio show Pedal To The Metal Radio, or now on this blog. One of those bands that I have had the pleasure of sharing on different platforms is Bloodshot Dawn, a melodic death metal band all the way from Portsmouth/Hampshire, England and now they are this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week. These guys are heavy hitters and they deliver their punishing brand of metal with a fury. The track I chose for you guys comes off their debut self titled album (which was released back in 2012) and it’s called Godless. The track showcases the band’s razor sharp, in your face riffs with the punishing blast beats, and Josh McMorran’s vocals are angry and commanding which is just the way we like it. Why these guys have not been signed by now, I do not know, but you have to check them out for yourselves. To get more information on the band, check out their Facebook page here and check out their Youtube page here for more music. Check out the track Godless below: