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earache-entombed-wolverine-blues-lpWe started on a journey where we looked at’s list of 50 Best Heavy Metal Albums and we started covering them week after week. We have done almost every single album from 50 to 30, but today, we are traveling into the 20’s to check out an album by Swedish Death Metal outfit Entombed. In 1993, the band made up of Lars-Göran Petrov (Vocals), Uffe Cederlund (Guitar/Tambourine), Lars Rosenberg (Bass), Alex Hellid (Guitar), and Nicke Andersson (Drummer) would create what Loudwire ranked number 27 on that list in Wolverine Blues. The album was an epic boom for the band as they had started incorporating more of a groove metal oriented sound like what Pantera was doing and match that with a commercial attempt by their label Earache in changing some of the album covers was huge. The label had scored a deal with Marvel Comics in allowing them to use the Wolverine character to try and boost them into the mainstream despite the band not wanting that. The edition of the album with the artwork featured a mini comic and a heavily edited album that even left out a track. In Rock Hard Magazine’s book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time the album was ranked 494 while Guitar World stated, “1994’s best death metal effort and quite possibly the finest death metal album of this decade.”

entombed1. Eyemaster– Some guitar feedback and some groove oriented kick off the album before the death metal fury takes over for the verses in this track that I think is about a man that feels he is the master of his own domain and that he is not afraid to question things that have been in place. 4.5/5

2. Rotten Soil– I think this in your face metal track is about a man that has chosen to walk with hell so now he pays the toll of his decision. 4/5

3. Wolverine Blues– a cool sludging track that I believe is entirely about the actual wolverine animal which is a vicious animal. 4.5/5

4. Demon-another in your face track whose lyrics are actually pretty interesting in a horror kind of way. The person in the track has obviously lost their mind as he wants to be possessed by a demon. 5/5

5. Contempt– Some bomb droppings kick off this doom inspired track that looks at how society has been destroying the world as we know it. 4.5/5

6. Full Of Hell-a bad ass song that is all about a man who is just one bad dude that you do not want to mess with because he has no care for human life. 5/5

wolverine-blues-by-entombed7. Blood Song-The opening drum riff to this track is identical to Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper, but right when the music kicks in it changes. The track’s subject matter is all about vampires. 4.5/5

8. Hollowman– I feel the track is about someone who is void of any real feelings towards anyone as he goes through the end of times, but he has faith in what he is doing. 4/5

9. Heaven’s Die– I’m not 100% positive on the meaning of the track, but I think this groove heavy track is about drug use. I could be wrong. 4/5

10. Out Of Hand– The last track is a thrash/groove inspired track that looks at all the religious freaks and how they have taken one’s mans words to heart and that sickens them. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– This was actually a pretty decent listen especially if you love that early 90’s metal sound. It’s not my favorite album that I have checked out on the list, but it’s definitely up there as I appreciate what Entombed brought. Full Of Hell and Demon are my favorite tracks on the album while Heaven’s Die and Hollowman were not bad, but not my favorite. I am giving the album 4.45 stars out of five for a final grade.

koi no yokanFor this week’s album of the week, I turned to former Nu Metal giants Deftones for some inspiration. I said former Nu Metal because the band quickly dropped the style and really came into their own with a unique style that is there own. The album we are covering for you guys is the band’s seventh album Koi No Yokan (which is Japanese for premonition of love). The album featured Chino Moreno (Vocals, Guitar), Abe Cunningham (Drums), Stephen Carpenter (Guitar), Frank Delgado (Keyboards, Samples), and Sergio Vega (Bass). When the album was released, it sold 65,000 copies in it’s first week of release landing it at number 11 on The Billboard Charts which is where it peaked. To date, the album has only sold over 200,000 copies in the US, but it peaked at Number five on the US Rock Albums and US Alternative charts while peaking at number two on the US Hard Rock charts. According to Wikipedia, the band recorded their album differently than their previous albums because they used, “Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx preamp/effects processor, which creates the sound of multiple outboard amps and pedals and allowed for different tones.” Koi No Yokan has also been described as having elements of Alt-Metal mixed with Dream Pop, Shoegazing, Alt-Rock, and metal in its writing.

koi no yokan back1. Swerve City– An amazing way to start an album when you go loud and intense combined with some strong lyrics. The lyrics talk about a woman who tames her horses (Men) so essentially it’s about a woman who is beautiful and uses it to her advantage. 4.5/5

2. Romantic Dreams– The song has a really great sound to it that showcases how far the band has come. The only thing that I wonder is if this song is a prequel to the White Pony track Digital Bath only because it seems that it’s about someone who is obsessed with a female that just mesmerizes him. 4.5/5

3. Leathers– This was the first single released off the album when it was offered as a free download. The song starts off very dream like before it explodes into a massive wall of sound and passion. I love the lyrics to the track because it’s basically telling you to be you (be strong like leather). 5/5

4. Poltergeist– I like the sampling in the beginning from Delgado, but man the band comes in with a cool rumble of the guitars. The track is called Poltergeist which is an entity that plays sick and cruel games out of pure enjoyment, but I don’t think that is what he is talking about exactly here. It’s more about a woman who plays games out of pure enjoyment. 4.5/5

5. Entombed– I’m not 100% positive about the lyrics of the track, but I think it’s about Chi who was in a coma at the time of recording. R.I.P. Chi Cheng 5/5

6. Graphic Nature– A quality track whose lyrics touch on a subject of a person creating a persona that is deceptive to others and himself. 4/5

koi no yokan CD7. Tempest– a track that starts slow and it has a nice build up and then when it happens the band comes in and it’s an explosion of sound that rumbles the earth and is just intoxicating. This is by far one of my favorite tracks on the record that deals with the end of the world. 5/5

8. Gauze– This track has a bombastic sound (if that makes sense) and I say that because it’s the best I can describe it. It has a driving sound during certain parts and the melodies during the chorus is pure bliss because I am a huge fan of Moreno’s vocals. 5/5

9. Rosemary– a track that starts off very slow and with a cool melody before a driving bass line comes in and helps. Then out of nowhere a sick metal riff comes in and drives the song forward in a track whose lyrics deal with time travel. 4.5/5

10. Goon Squad– Another track that starts off in the dreamlike state before it wakes up and gets loud the way we like it. The lyrics look like they deal with the band itself and how they are improving all the time. 4/5

11. What Happened To You?– An alt-rock flavored track that officially closes out the album. Some fans believe the track is about Chi, but I don’t think so cause it could be about relationships. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– The Deftones are one of those bands that every time they release an album, you can’t help but think that they are getting better and better. I thought the band couldn’t do any better than Diamond Eyes, but I was wrong when I heard this one. They are definitely one of those bands that I am glad that they distanced themselves from the Nu-Metal scene cause they were so much better than that. I am going to give the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.

It’s come down to this as we are down to the elite 8 in our march madness style tourney, the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. What you are looking at is the Extreme Metal divisional finals where the winner will meet the winner of the Thrash Metal Divisional final in the final four round. Venom, the band credited with creating the Black Metal genre has had an interesting road to the divisional finals. They easily dispatched of Entombed in the first round and they were in a battle against Death in the next round, but they pulled ahead and never looked back. Kreator, the member of the Big Teutonic 4 have been taking care of business since the first round. They defeated Carcass in the first round and then they took out Celtic Frost in the second round which led them to this point. You have until March 27TH at 8:30AM ET to vote for who you want to win and remember the keyword is that YOU vote.

Kreator Vs Venom

pedalFirst and foremost, I want to take the time to thank everyone who voted because this year’s tournament had a record turnout that this tournament and blog had never seen before. I’ve said many times, if it wasn’t for you, we could not do this. So, I want to say thank you for that and I also want to thank the bands. I saw that some bands shared my status on their Facebook pages which helped attract the people as well, so thank you to the bands that shared the status. If you haven’t checked out the page yet, then you are probably wondering who won. I want to start with the heavy metal division because that alone attracted the most votes I have ever seen with over 15,000 votes coming in one match alone. The match was between King Diamond and Accept and that was truly one of the wildest matches ever. The lead was constantly changing hands between King Diamond and Accept that it caused a little bi of controversy amongst the fans. It has actually lead to us changing the way you can vote in the upcoming rounds because we don’t want to hear people cry because their favorite acts are losing or what not. For while, it looked s if Accept was going to go down to King Diamond as one point, they were only a little less than 300 votes behind, but they finally pulled ahead of King Diamond and they won by 632 votes. The division also saw a major upset occur as the defending two time champions Judas Priest were destroyed by Savatage losing by a total of 2,391 votes. To round out the rest of the heavy metal division, both Dio and Iron Maiden won their respective matches. In the Hard Rock division, Cinderella’s fans proved that they were going to move their band on to the next round as they defeated Quiet Riot. Motley Crue, Scorpions, and AC/DC all scored wins as well.

In the extreme metal division, this was the division with the lowest amount of participation, but nevertheless some fans did show up. Kreator defeated Carcass by a 35% margin while Celtic Frost defeated Obituary. Death proved they were the supreme death metal band by defeating Possessed while Venom easily handled Entombed. The Thrash Metal division was another interesting division because their was one major upset tat occurred that I never saw coming. Metallica was beaten badly by Death Angel who secured 73% of the votes. Megadeth scored a win over Overkill while Slayer beat Exodus out of the Big Four picture. This was definitely a tough match to vote on, but Testament scored a huge win over Anthrax to see them through to the next round. So, their you have it, the results from each of the divisions and what a wild tournament it has been so far. As I said above, we are changing the way you can vote in this competition to avoid any scrutiny or spamming because that would be unfair and we want to be fair to everyone. Stay tuned here as we will provide you with the next round of matches soon.

extreme metal divisionAs I had stated in a previous article, I was going to have the actual matches up for you to be able to vote. We are moving on with the Extreme Metal division that features some Black Metal legends matched up with Death Metal giants. These bands were around in the 1980’s as they combated to stay alive in a world full of hairspray and leather jeans. In The First match, Venom is one of those bands that has been credited with being the Godfathers of Black Metal as they take on Entombed, a band that can be credited with starting the Swedish Death Metal Scene that so many bands from the new wave of American Metal worshiped. In the second match, Death is a band that is often credited as the driving force for death metal as they take on a band that can compete with Death for the credit of who started Death Metal in Possessed. In the third match, Celtic Frost, a band that dabbled in every kind of metal from Doom, Thrash, Black, and Death Metal. They were a band that influenced many in the metal scene of the 90’s and they take on another pioneer of Death Metal in Obituary. In the fourth and final match of the Extreme Metal Division, one of my favorite German Thrash Metal bands in Kreator, a band that I thought was heavier than most American Thrash bands takes on Grindcore legends Carcass. You have until March 21ST to put in your vote to see who gets to the round of 16 (semifinals in the Extreme Metal Division). Vote below:

Venom On The Rampage

Death Vs Possessed

Celtic Frost vs Obituary

Kreator Vs Carcass

So, I have the brackets finally for all of you to check out as far as who will face who in the opening round in each of the four divisions in this years Pedal To The Metal Tournament. The Divisions are the heavy metal division, Thrash Division, Hard Rock Division, and the Extreme Metal Division. As far as voting is concerned the match ups that you will be able to vote on will be put up by tonight and you will have until March 22ND to vote to see who will move on to the round of 16. From that point on, I will set up dates and I will update you guys constantly. So, let’s check out the matches for this years 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament.

Pedal To The Metal Tournament 2015 bracket

pedalConsidering college basketball is about to had into their final four tournament this week, I figured I would bring back the Pedal To The Metal tournament back for it’s fourth year. A little history lesson for all of you as Motley Crue was crowned the first champions and it was followed by Judas Priest who are currently back to back champions. This year, we are changing things up in the tournament in how we pick what bands are in because they are now divided into four different divisions with the Thrash Metal Division, Heavy Metal Division, Hard Rock/Metal Division, and the Extreme Metal Division. There will be eight bands in each division competing for a chance to win the Pedal To The Metal tournament which was named after my radio show. So, the selections are out and here are the bands that will compete in each division. I hope you enjoy the tournament and I look forward to your participation as well.  Note: we will have the brackets and match ups out soon and the details on how to vote and what time frame to vote soon.

Thrash Metal Division:







Death Angel


Extreme Metal Division:



Celtic Frost






Heavy Metal Division:

Judas Priest

Iron Maiden



King Diamond




Hard Rock/Metal Division:

Motley Crue



Def Leppard

Quiet Riot



Skid Row