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R-814640-1361923046-6458.jpegWhen I think of Crossover Thrash which is the combination of Thrash Metal and Hardcore mixed into one, the Stormtroopers Of Death (often stylized as S.O.D.) immediately comes to mind. They were a bad ass band that contained two members of Anthrax in Scott Ian (Guitar) and Charlie Benante (Drums) and mixed it with a former member of Anthrax in Dan Lilker (Bass), and then you throw in Billy Milano (Vocals) and you have S.O.D. which formed in 1985. After Anthrax had finished recording Spreading The Disease, Scott realized that they still had plenty of studio time left so they used the one week to record their first album Speak English or Die which was officially released on August 30, 1985. The album was very influential on the scene and I guarantee that most people don’t know that three of the songs were used for MTV’s Headbangers Ball for a little while. Al Jourgensen of Ministry has claimed that this album was the reason he had thrash guitars into his music and saying that it was, “one of the best records ever.” Revolver Magazine included the album in their 14 Thrash Albums You Need to Own list and it has been re-released twice by Megaforce Records and it has sold one million records worldwide.

71oEROBDjsL._SL1050_1. March Of The S.O.D.- a bad ass opening track with a monstrous hammering opening riff and it’s the perfect instrumental intro to the next track 5/5

2. Sargent D and the S.O.D.-a bass heavy track that kicks your ass as soon as it launches in this track about Sargent D who is not a guy to mess with cause he’ll kick your ass. 5/5

3. Kill Yourself– One thing to remember is not to take the lyrics too seriously, but the track is them telling someone they hate to kill themselves. The lyrics are very literal. 4.5/5

4. Milano Mosh-Another personal favorite of mine on the record and it’s Billy’s song challenging anyone in the moshpits. 5/5

5. Speak English Or Die– Imagine if this song was played today, the backlash these guys would receive would be insane. What do you think the lyrics are about? 5/5

6. United Forces– a cool track that is an anthem of sorts for Crossover Thrash where they are trying to unite both sides to create one bad ass side. 5/5

7. Chromatic Death– this might as well be an instrumental because the music is in your face, lightning fast, and they just say Chromatic Death twice. 4.5/5

8. Pi Alpha Nu– All about partying with a fraternity and the craziness that is involved. 4/5

9. Anti-Procrastination Song– a six second song where he screams out the title of the song followed by a quick riff. 4/5

10. What’s That Noise?-a funny track where they are playing a riff and it sounds like Billy is getting pissed over some noise that he keeps hearing on his headphones. 4/5

11. Freddy Krueger– a track about you know who considering the film was released a year earlier and it describes some of the scenes in the film. 5/5

003f154312. Milk– a cool bass riff by Lilker opens the song in where the narrator is very pissed off because he has no milk to pour into his cereal. 5/5

13. Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues– a track that is sure to piss off any feminist out there about a woman who doesn’t have her maxi pads and complains about how easy men have it. I love the bass heavy riff to this one, reminds me of the opening track. 5/5

14. Pussy Whipped-a great opening riff before the band goes 100 MPH about guys who are too afraid to say no to their loved ones. 4.5/5

15. Fist Banging Mania– This one’s an anthem for the fans that show up to every show and are right in the front row ready to get crazy with the band. 5/5

16. No Turning Back– every album is not complete with the post-apolcayptic track of the 80’s on it and here is S.O.D.’s right here. 4/5

17. Fuck The Middle East– Like I said, do not take their lyrics too seriously because with this one, it may seem like they are racist with their erase the middle east message in this one. 4.5/5

18. Douche Crew– a song where Billy is calling out all the posers who think they can do what S.O.D. does. 4/5

19. Hey Gordy– a six second track of someone saying Hey Gordy give me a shot. 4/5

20. Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix– five seconds of a Jimi Hendrix styled song with it saying he’s dead at the end. 4/5

21. Diamonds And Rust (Extended Version)– a two second track of them saying Diamonds And Rust. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– An unbelievable album that helped jump start a sub-genre of Thrash Metal that would influence other great bands like Municipal Waste, etc. March Of The S.O.D., Sargent D And The S.O.D., and Freddy Krueger are still my favorite tracks. My least favorites are the last three tracks. I am going to give the album 4.5, stars out of five for a final grade.

It has been quite some time since the last What If and for those of you that do not know what this is I will explain it to you. What If is taking things like bands, movies, or characters and imagining them differently. Like what if monsters of rock was an 8-bit game or what if The Garbage Pail Kids were all grown up, what would they look like? It’s time that you can sit back an suspend belief for a moment. For today’s What If which is called What If… Part Nine: Slasher Pinups, we have to thank for our latest post. What you are about to see maybe disturbing to some, but what if you’re favorite horror slashers and other horror characters were pinup models? Karl Von Frankenstein is a London based artist who thought up of this really cool idea in the series he called Horror Pin-Ups. If you want to check out more from him, please visit his Facebook page here. Otherwise marvel int he work he presented to us below which includes Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Street Trash, and the Freddy Krueger one kind of creeps me out a little bit for some reason.

freddy jason Michael Myers street trash

wesIf you are a true fan of horror films, then you were saddened by the news of the passing of legendary horror director Wes Craven last night. To see the announcement last night was such a shock because it felt like it came out of nowhere. Wes Craven passed away at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 76 on Sunday after a three year battle with brain cancer. Wes Craven was known for such horror classics as A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Last House On The Left, Scream, The People Under The Stairs, The Serpent And The Rainbow, The Hills Have Eyes, Shocker, as well as directing films in other genres like Red Eye, Music Of The Heart (which earned Meryl Streep an Oscar), Paris, je t’aime, and so many more. He redefined the teen horror genre in the 80’s with Nightmare and did it once again with the Scream films in the 90’s. It is also known that he had a real knack for discovering some of the great talents of Hollywood like Johnny Depp (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Sharon Stone (Deadly Blessing), and Bruce Willis (in an 1980’s version of The Twilight Zone) to name a few of the many he has worked with in his whole career.

scream-1996-tou033011-620x400I remember the first time I was introduced to Wes Craven and it was through A Nightmare On Elm Street as Freddy Krueger scared the living daylights out of me to the point that I never wanted to fall asleep. I was spooked even more at night as tree branches used to scratch my windows, but in my head I thought it was Freddy. One of my other favorite films from him was The People Under The Stairs and how chaotic and psychotic that film was from beginning to end. It was thanks to that film that I was scared of basement steps because you never knew what was under them. The other fascinating thing about Wes was the fact that he was able to jump out of the horror genre and be successful at it was a true testament to Wes being one of the all time greats. The influence that he had on me and the slasher genre will forever live on and I thank Wes Craven for that and all the wonderful memories he provided me with his films. Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween will surely miss having the opportunity to review any future films he may have had, but at least we have so many to choose from his past. I want to send my condolences to all his friends and family over the loss of Wes Craven. R.I.P. Wes Craven (8/2/1939- 8/30/2015)

nightmareIf you ever want to watch a great documentary on the Nightmare On Elm Street series that goes through each film and gives you the inside scoop on the films then check out Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy on Netflix. I needed a movie to watch today and this was the only film in the series that was essentially available on Netflix so I checked out A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge which was released in 1985, a year following the release of the original film. It’s been five years since the Elm Street incident involving Nancy and a new family has moved into her old house. Jesse Walsh (Mark Patton) is just a kid trying to fit in when he starts to get some really weird dreams involving that ugly guy with the claws for hands. He dismisses it at first, but Freddy (Robert Englund) begins to try to possess Jesse and make Jesse do his dirty work until he can completely take over Jesse’s body. With the help of his friends Lisa (Kim Myers) and Ron Grady (Robert Rusler), they try their best to help him before it’s too late. The film also stars the legendary Clu Gulager (The Return Of The Living Dead) as Ken Walsh, Hope Lange (Death Wish) as Cheryl Walsh, Marshall Bell (Twins) as Schneider, Sydney Walsh (Point Break) as Kerry, Christie Clark (Children Of The Corn II) as Angela Walsh, and the film was directed by Jack Sholder (Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies).

nightmare 2Every horror film franchise has a film that everyone hates whether it be Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (which I liked), any Hellraiser after part 3, Leprechaun: Origins, etc. This was that film for a lot of people because the film was just plain weird from beginning to end. The sequel earned the nickname the gay nightmare back in the day with all the different homosexual tones that are buried within the film. Think about it for a second, the scene Mark Patton has in the bedroom when he’s cleaning his room, his girl like screams, the S&M club scene, the shower scene where Schneider is getting whipped by towels, and instead of going to his girlfriend for help, he decides to visit the good looking jock instead while he’s sleeping in his bedroom. All of that is not what bothered me about this film, it’s more about consistency for me. We established in the first film and all the films following this one that Freddy kills you in your dreams for a reason, you can’t harm him in the dream world. If Freddy were to come in to the real world, he could be killed so why in the world would he risk that just to possess someone. The other thing that bothered me about this film was the ending and I could have forgiven everything wrong about this film if the ending was better. Are you kidding me that the way to defeat such a vile being is by smothering him with love. This is probably why Wes Craven didn’t return to do this film. I’m mean he did have to battle Robert Shaye over the creative freedom of what the ending to the first film was going to be. For all the reasons listed above I am going to give this film a C- for a final grade because the beginning makes the film look promising, but the rest is a letdown.

220px-Nightmare_On_My_Street_CoverI know what your thinking and yeah it’s a rap song, but Will Smith (he went by The Fresh Prince at this time) and DJ Jazzy Jeff were thinking outside the box back in 1988 because Rap had never entered the horror game until A Nightmare On My Street peaked on the charts at number 15. The song was brilliant because Dj Jazzy Jeff took the beat from A Nightmare On Elm Street and he mixed to be the main beat of the track and The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) laid down his lyrics as he talked about Freddy Krueger and situations that found him facing the dream master. One of my favorite parts of the song besides them using the main theme from the film is the end when Will calls up DJ Jazzy Jeff to warn him not to fall asleep, but it’s too late as Freddy claims Jeff as a victim. Apparently, the song was being considered for use in A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, but the producers decided against and the song was released anyways. New Line Cinema in turn sue the duo for copyright infringement and it was settled out of court and the music video produced for the track was destroyed. The album He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper contained a disclaimer sticker that read, “[This song] is not part of the soundtrack…and is not authorized, licensed, or affiliated with the Nightmare on Elm Street films.” Check it out below:

eddie's top 5Every week I am going to try and give you what I believe to be my top 5 of any topic possible like Top 5 heavy metal albums, top 5 concerts of all time, etc. Since, we are doing a Halloween theme on this blog in observance of the great holiday on the 31ST of October, we are going to look at my top 5 horror films of all time. These are my top 5 favorite horror films that I have loved for a very long time. The list is going to be pretty self explanatory and if you know me the choices should come as no shock. Here are my top 5 horror films:

5. The House Of 1000 Corpses– Rob Zombie in my opinion is a true icon because the man has done everything from comics, movies, and music. This was his first feature length film and I was so obsessed with it that I have gone to the movies the first day a Rob Zombie film comes out. I mean think about it for a second here, I did a 25 page thesis paper on Rob Zombie for my senior thesis. If that doesn’t read that O am a Zombie fan, then I don’t know what will.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2– Two words explain my love for this film and those two words are Chop Top. Chop Top was one of the most colorful characters portrayed by Bill Moseley and he did such an amazing job playing a complete screwjob. Leatherface was more prominent and there in this film and the sets were absolutely crazy. This film still makes an impact on my life, let me explain: When I was a radio DJ at my Alma mater Bridgewater State University, I used to get scared working there at night cause I thought some whack job would come in with a chainsaw and kill me.

3. Friday The 13TH Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan– At this point I wasn’t afraid of horror movies any longer, but out of all the films this one was always my favorite of them all. I loved it because it was the first film to take Jason Voorhees completely out of his element which was Camp Crystal Lake ad he’s in the city that never sleeps.

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors– I was in love with Patricia Arquette back in the day and this was honestly the first film in the series that I had ever watched and I went to bed with nightmares. I was afraid Freddy was going to kill me in my dreams so I tried to stay awake as much as I can, but that obviously didn’t work.

1. Halloween – The 1978 John Carpenter classic for some reason got imprinted into my head. It was the first horror film that I watched in amazement and it was the first film that made me say I love horror. I always though Michael Myers was a true icon of horror and he is definitely my number one on this list.