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cutting_shot0lA lot of actors who are huge today or have been for the last 20 years or so actually got their start in Horror films. Kevin Bacon was in Friday The 13TH, Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, Johnny Depp in A Nightmare On Elm Street, Tom Hanks in He Knows You’re Alone, and so many more. That is why I have decided that for today (and with the help of Vinegar Syndrome) that we would check out an early film with Brad Pitt (Thelma & Louise) in 1989’s Cutting Class. Paula Carson (Jill Schoelen) is your everyday indecisive teenage girl who is facing quite the dilemma in this film. She has two guys in her school that are competing for her affection. You have the high school bad boy Dwight (Pitt) and the weird, just released from a mental institution for supposedly killing his dad in Brian (Donovan Leitch Jr.). As soon as things start to heat up, the bodies begin to as well and now she has to figure out which one of the two is doing it? The film also stars Roddy McDowall (Fright Night) as Mr. Dante, Martin Mull (Clue) as Mr. Carson, Brenda James (Slither) as Colleen, Robert Glaudini (Mississippi Burning) as Schultz, Nancy Fish (The Exorcist III) as Mrs Knocht, and the film was written and directed by Rospo Pallenberg (Exorcist II: The Heretic).

cutting-class-lgThe film is a classic whodunit film because they drop clues every where that could make you think that it’s possible that Dwight did it and then they drop clues that make you think that Brian could be the killer. The thing with Brian’s character is that all of his details were thrown in there to make you believe that it was him that was the killer because he had “killed” his father and after all the shock treatment therapy there was no way he could be normal. Then they throw Dwight in there and he was the one that taught Brian how to cut the brakes on a car, he was having a real hard time in school, and he a little bit of an anger management problem that made it easy to suspect him. The only problem is that to figure out who it really was, you’ll have to watch the film yourselves because I won’t spoil that. For the most part, the acting was really good from all parties and we already know Jill can act as we saw her earlier in my review for The Stepfather. You can definitely see a lot of the mannerisms that we would all grow to love from Brad in this film and while there were a couple of hiccups, I kind of blame it on the writing which I thought was spotty at times. Other than that, it has your feel for an 80’s slasher/thriller film with a little comedy thrown in for good measure. For all of you that can’t get enough of Jill, there’s a little T&A in this film for all of you. I am going to give Cutting Class an B for a final grade.

32-ogWhile this piece is going to be an opinion piece, I always remind you the Readers to take my opinion for what it is, but I have been too plenty of conventions to form this opinion. I have been going to Rock and Shock, a horror convention in Worcester, MA since 2015, I have been to two Rhode Island Comic Cons, and Three Super Megafests. I have spent plenty of money meeting all the movie stars, wrestlers, comic book artists, and everyone in between to form this opinion and this year’s Rock and Shock has been the best convention I have ever been to. This year’s Rock and Shock featured stars like Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks/The Wraith), Ray Wise (Cat People/Twin Peaks), Adrienne King (Friday The 13TH), Edwin Neal (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), John Dugan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Bill Moseley (3 From Hell), Bill Johnson (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Derek Mears (Friday The 13TH 2009), Kane Hodder (Friday The 13TH Parts 7, 8, 9, 10), Adam Green (Hatchet), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), and so many more. With so many big names of the genre, it was hard to gauge coming in how everyone would react to the stark raving mad horror fans like me.

72070314_10217302401245635_7744229040059318272_nOne name on the list gave me hope for the rest of the show and that was original final girl Adrienne King who first gained fame as Alice in the original 1980 Friday The 13TH. The moment I approached her table, she was the sweetest woman on the planet who gets her fans 1000% and she was just a joy to talk to. I was feeling good about myself after meeting her that I made my way to Edwin Neal’s table who first appeared to us as The Hitchhiker in the original 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and we had a great conversation about the power the film had in its time and for years that followed. I couldn’t believe it, two for two, this had to be some odd anomaly because you never get two sweet people in a row. I then made my way five feet over to John Dugan who made his debut in the horror world alongside Neal as Grandpa and what an amazing gentlemen he was and Dugan was so knowledgeable that he has made me a fan for life. The one thing that we both could agree on is that Hollywood does not truly care about the horror genre otherwise we would have a category at the Oscars for it if they did. At this point, every has been great to my friend and I and it was smooth sailing from that point on as every one was amazing. Dan Yeager was amazing, Sherilyn Fenn was amazing, and Adam Green and Felissa Rose were always the nicest people to meet at a convention. A certain head spinning, green vomiting, cross shoving in the crotch area legend who appeared last year could learn a thing or two about humility. I want to thank the organizers of this convention on a job well done and I hope that there will be more to come next year.

revengeThis blog segment originally started as me checking out some of my favorite horror films as well as some new ones and posting about them. Then after the 366 Movies in 366 Days challenge I did, it completely became about checking out and reviewing new films which is why I am not posting a Friday The 13TH review today. I decided to go way back and check out a film from the famous Universal Monsters and my personal favorite in the Gillman in the sequel Revenge Of The Creature. The film takes place a year after the events of the original Creature film as Lucas (Nestor Paiva) returns to the scene as he warns the boat crew of the dangers of the Gillman. After he is captured and brought to a facility to be studied, Professor Clete Ferguson (John Agar) and Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson) decide that they are going to study the creature until he takes a fancy to the professor’s girl and that is when all hell breaks loose. The film also stars John Bromfield (The Sheriff of Cochise) as Joe Hayes, Grandon Rhodes (Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers) as Jackson Foster, Dave Willock (What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?) as Lou Gibson, Robert Williams (Hang ‘Em High) as George Johnson, and the film was directed by Jack Arnold (It Came From Outer Space).

f27079e95e605a38c8de26054d77dbd1One of the things I liked about this film is the fact that the original person to appear is the ship captain (Paiva) who warns them that he had lost five people the last time they were there with the Gillman. I also like how they took him out of his element and brought him ashore to the US where they kind of treated him like a sideshow paying homage to King Kong. If we hadn’t learned from that experience then you can pretty much guess what happens here. I really liked Lori Nelson, I thought she was a perfect leading lady that was the love interest of the professor and the affection of the Gillman who by the way was once again played by two people (In water: Ricou Browning, On land: Tom Hennesy). The underwater scenes in the film were really good, it felt like you were really underwater with him. I thought that was a true highlight of the film was in the cinematography because it had to be on point for it to work. The story was really good and kept the film moving forward. One of the things was too obvious was when they were explaining that they were in the Amazon, you could tell that it was Florida that they were at, but that is OK I can pretend. Creature From The Black Lagoon is a classic in it’s own right and can never be touched, but this was a decent sequel. Check it out for yourself, I am giving the film an B+ for a final grade. 

war of the covers hallowed be thy nameLast week, we had all of you battle it out to decide who covered Alice Cooper’s He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) for War Of The Covers. You guys voted and you decided that One Man Army and the Undead Quartet had he better version. This week we have a monumental battle between two bands from very different backgrounds in metal united for one simple reason and that is their love of Iron Maiden. The song I chose for you guys to battle it out over has been in the news lately because of a little controversy called a songwriting dispute. In 1982, Iron Maiden released the album The Number Of The Beast which contained a track that would be played in almost every concert since then in the track Hallowed Be Thy Name. If you want to read all about the controversy, then you can do so here at because it’s no longer being played live. Anyways, there are two bands that have covered the song with one being a black metal band from England and the other being a metal band from Oakland, CA. In 2002, UK Black Metal legends Cradle Of Filth recorded a cover of the track for a compilation album that had two discs in Lovecraft & Witch Hearts. In 2007, Oakland metal outfit Machine Head recorded a cover of the song as part of a bonus disc to their sixth album The Blackening. Now as you know, only one cover can come out triumphant and make to the radio playlist for later this year. So, choose wisely, but most importantly just vote and let your voices be heard. You have until next week to decide!



dead-snow-2Back in 2009, a little known horror film called Dead Snow would take the horror world by surprise with Nazi Zombies attacking poor Norwegian kids in a mountain cabin. With that being said, I couldn’t pass up the chance to check out the sequel Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead (Død snø 2) for today’s film. Poor Martin (Vegar Hoel) has survived the horrific events of that unfaithful night, but he is being held by the police in suspicion of the murders of his friends. He soon discovers that Herzog (Ørjan Gamst), the leader of the Nazi Zombies is still on the hunt and he plans to kill everyone in a small Norweigan town. Martin has to escape and he has to figure out a way to stop them and he does with the help of a couple of Americans. The film also stars Martin Starr (Knocked Up) as Daniel, Jocelyn DeBoer (5 To 7) as Monica, Ingrid Haas (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) as Blake, Stig Frode Henriksen (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) as Glenn, Hallvard Holmen (The Other Side Of Sunday) as Gunga, Amrita Acharia (Kiss The Devil In The Dark) as Reidun, Derek Mears (Friday The 13TH) as Stavarin, Kristoffer Joner (The Wave) as Sidekick Zombie, and the film was directed by Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow).

ds rvd.pngWhat a movie this was from beginning to end, it was just very cool to watch. The film takes the zombie genre and they bring it to a whole new area. The film has all the horror you would want from a zombie film and they throw in some kick ass action and some comedy to go along with it. The final battle scene at the end when Martin, The Zombie Squad, and the Soviet Zombies take on the Nazi Zombies is a bad ass sequence that is definitely worth watching. The film has all the blood and guts any gore fan could possibly want out of the film as well and we see some inventive ways to kill zombies too. One thing that I want to remind you all going into this film is that it’s a zombie movie, so don’t expect Oscar winning performances. Expect a film that is fun to watch and knows that it’s a silly idea that absolutely works. That is what truly makes the film great is that you can tell that they had fun with the idea. I mean I don’t want to give this away, but spoiler alert, there is a sex scene at the end between a zombie and a human. That should definitely say it all right there. If you haven’t seen the first Dead Snow, you should, but you can get away with not because this gives you a brief recap in the beginning. Check this out on Netflix right now as we speak. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade because it was fun and I enjoyed it.

darkness-titleKevin Bacon became a huge star in the 80’s and 90’s after appearing in Friday The 13TH, but every now and again he would always make his return to the genre (e.g. Stir Of Echos, Flatliners, Tremors). That was definitely the case this year when he starred in his latest horror film The Darkness which is today’s film. Peter Taylor (Bacon) is a hot shot architect who seems to have everything going right for him until his family returns home from a trip at the grand canyon. Peter’s autistic son Michael (David Mazouz) may have unleashed the kind of demons that nobody wants on their case. The demons begin to slowly rip their family apart until Peter decides that the family needs help relinquishing them from their home. The film also stars Radha Mitchell (Olympus Has Fallen) as Bronny Taylor, Lucy Fry (The Preppie Connection) as Stephanie Taylor, Matt Walsh (Old School) as Gary Carter, Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time) as Joy Carter, Paul Reiser (Mad About You) as Simon Richards, Ming-Na Wen (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as Wendy Richards, Trian Long Smith (The Company We Keep) as Sammy, Ilza Rosario (Hands Of Stone) as Gloria, Alma Martinez (Cake) as Teresa, and the film was directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek).

downloadI am actually shocked to know that Greg McLean was the director of this film. The man directed some of the most brutal horror flicks in Wolf Creek 1 and 2 and then he does this film. It has a 4.2 overall on IMDB and it has only 5% on Rotten Tomatoes and I am sorry to say, but those scores are not wrong. They are downright justifiable and I will definitely explain why. This film lacked any real scares to it, I mean they didn’t even have any real cheap scares in it. The scariest thing about the film was the fact that the daughter had a eating disorder. The idea was there, but the execution was just not there at all. The demon guys which are Native American evil spirits were very cool looking and I almost wish they had done more with them cause then the film would have been a lot cooler to watch. The way the movie ends too was kind of lame, it left you saying, “OK now that this is over what to do.” 2016 for the most part has been a real disappointing year for horror on the big screen and that is because Hollywood has watered them down by making them PG-13. That was definitely the case with this film as it had so many lost opportunities that quite frankly this one is avoidable. I am going to give the film an C- for a final grade.

It has been quite some time since the last What If and for those of you that do not know what this is I will explain it to you. What If is taking things like bands, movies, or characters and imagining them differently. Like what if monsters of rock was an 8-bit game or what if The Garbage Pail Kids were all grown up, what would they look like? It’s time that you can sit back an suspend belief for a moment. For today’s What If which is called What If… Part Nine: Slasher Pinups, we have to thank for our latest post. What you are about to see maybe disturbing to some, but what if you’re favorite horror slashers and other horror characters were pinup models? Karl Von Frankenstein is a London based artist who thought up of this really cool idea in the series he called Horror Pin-Ups. If you want to check out more from him, please visit his Facebook page here. Otherwise marvel int he work he presented to us below which includes Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Street Trash, and the Freddy Krueger one kind of creeps me out a little bit for some reason.

freddy jason Michael Myers street trash

We decided to be generous and give you two music videos of the week so that both the rock and metal fans get their fare fix. The music video of the week for the metal fans comes from none other than they mighty thrash metal titans Slayer who released their first record with Gary Holt on Guitar, first since the death of Jeff Hanneman, and the first to feature Paul Bostaph on drums since 2001’s God Hates Us All in Repentless today. The video we are featuring for you guys is the title track and Slayer takes you to prison. The video features Danny Trejo (Machete) as one of the escaped convicts featured near the riot happening in front of a performing Slayer and the video also features Sean Whalen (The People Under The Stairs) as a poor guard who gets it pretty bad. You will also notice Derek Mears, the man who played Jason Voorhees in the 2009 remake of Friday The 13TH int he video as a prisoner as well. Kerry King talked about the inspiration behind the song which you can read by going here. Tom Araya also talked about the meaning behind the video to Rolling Stone saying, “We’re telling the story that we’ve always told about society and how humans treat each other. It can get pretty violent. It can get pretty stupid. But that’s OK. That’s human nature. I’m probably the most excited I’ve been for a video that we’ve ever done,” It’s all out chaos both visually and musically as they fit an prison riot into four minutes, so go out and buy the record and enjoy the video below.

FreddyKrueger80s-970x545I had a feeling that when they announced that Friday The 13TH was getting a reboot once again and that they were going to ignore the 2009 version, that A Nightmare On Elm Street was not too far away. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2010 version that saw Jackie Earle Haley (The Bad News Bears) play Freddy, I didn’t hate it either. They made Freddy Krueger super creepy in the 2010 remake and it was actually a step in the right direction. According to some of my sources, David Leslie Johnson, the man who wrote Orphan, is getting ready to pen the script for the new version that will once again see the cultural icon ht the big screen once again. There’s no word yet on who will take over for Freddy this time, but I would love to see Robert Englund don the make up once again. Nobody deserves to wear it, but him in my opinion.

ffI want to go out on a limb and say that i didn’t think that Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four was completely terrible, but the film has just bombed at the box office and the blame game has commenced. While it is the worst grossing Marvel film at the box office in recent history clocking in at 34.1 million over 43 International markets in it’s opening weekend. Josh Trank recently took to Twitter claiming that his final version of the film would have done better than the version the studio released, but he has since deleted those tweets. Of course, the studio denies any wrong doing and claims they fully support their filmmakers, but this could be a sign. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received the worst grade any superhero film has ever received with a C- and according to, “Audiences have rarely given superhero movies variations of a C grade, even those that have failed at the box office. The Green Hornet, flopping in 2011 with a $33.5 million debut, received a B+ CinemaScore, while duds Elektra, Catwoman and Daredevil earned a B. Exceptions include Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance (C+),Batman and Robin (C+) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace ©.” It’s time for 20TH Century Fox to do the same thing that Sony did and that is strike up a deal with Marvel and Disney so that we can get the Silver Surfer in the Infinity War films because he is an integral part of that after all.

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betsypalmerfridaythe13thbannerThe horror world and Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween are saddened to learn that the legendary Betsy Palmer has passed away at the age of 88. The Character actress passed away in a Conneticut Hospice care center this past Friday. She tarred in various shows like Lux Video Theater, Inner Sanctum, and The Web, but it’s her rejection of he role as Mrs. Voorhees that had us all capitatved. She once said this about the film, “What a piece of shit! Nobody is ever going to see this thing. What an awful thing this is.” It was said that she too the role in order to be able to purchase a car. She did eventually embrace the role later on in her life after realizing how much love Horror fans had for her. Check it out here in the documentary His Name Was Jason and check out my review of the film here. She will definitely be missed. R.I.P. Betsy Palmer (1926-2015).