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So, the results to the 3RD Annual Monster Entertainment Awards are in and thanks to everyone that voted we have winners all of the categories like Album Of The Year, Movie Of The Year, and even #FriskyFriday Babe Of The Year. The #FriskyFriday Babe Of The Year Award is being handed out for the first time and what a heck of a turnout that award saw as over 600 people voted for who they thought it was. Was CM Punk going to claim the Wrestler Of The Year award for the third year in a row or would someone else finally beat him out for it. We also for the first time were handing out the female wrestler of the year award considering women are a huge part of wrestling now. Below you will find pictures declaring the winners in each category so check it out to see who won! We are also handing out Hall Of Fame spots as we usually do to one in the film category, one in the music category, and one in the TV side (which falls in the film & TV side).

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