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frontiersWe here at Moshpits and Movies have covered a wide arrange of rock and metal music and all of it’s subgenres to the point that we feel we are pretty diverse. We want to keep the diversity going by checking out one of the best classic rock bands to come from the 70’s and through the 80’s in San Fransisco rock band Journey. The album that we are reviewing from the band is one of my personal favorites in their eight studio album 1983’s Frontiers. The album featured Steve Perry (Lead Vocals), Neal Schon (Lead Guitar), Jonathan Cain (Keyboards and Rhythm Guitar), Ross Valory (Bass), and Steve Smith (Drums) and it was produced by Mike Stone and Kevin Elson. The album was Ross Valory’s last album with the band at the time until he returned for 1996’s Trial By Fire. Going into recording this album, Journey had quite the daunting task of outdoing their last record Escape which went to number one on the Billboard Top 200 charts. Unfortunately as great as the album was, it peaked at number two on the charts, but it was the highest charted album from the band in the UK at number 6. Since the release of the album, it has been certified platinum six times selling over six million albums.

journey-frontiers-j2919c1.Separate Ways (World’s Apart)– The track features that classic keyboard riff matched with the charging guitar riff that drives the song forward. The song talks about a guy who even though he is heartbroken, he will always be there for the girl he lost. 5/5

2. Send Her My Love– A haunting ballad from the band that talks about the power of love and the effect it can have on a person who is always on the road. 5/5

3. Chain Reaction– A driving rock song that features that chugging playing from Schon in a track that is all about being careful about falling in love because the chain reaction can be hell. 4/5

4. After The Fall– A keyboard/guitar driven song that features bass playing from Randy Jackson (yeah the American Idol judge) in a track that is about when you want to tell someone you love them, but it’s too late. 4/5

5. Faithfully– One of the more famous ballads from the band that feels like it should be played in a stadium. It just has that big time ballad feel to it with the cool piano playing from Cain. The track is about no matter how hard life can be, love will always carry you through. End of side one! 5/5

COL_00019_011476. Edge Of The Blade– A cool guitar riff from Schon kicks off the track that could be about how cutthroat the industry can be. 4/5

7. Troubled Child– A very bluesy riff from Schon and some keys from Cain kick off what is a little bit of a darker track for the band that features the melodies we love from them. 4/5

8. Back Talk– a big drum beat from Smith kicks things off as both Cain and Schon come in with some monster power chords giving it a big rock track feel. The song’s lyrics are pretty self explanatory. 4/5

9. Frontiers– The title track on the album is an OK one that mixes in some carribean beats to it if you listen close in the intro (sounds like the steel drum). 4/5

10. Rubicon– A big rock riff kicks off the final track on the album in a track that is all about realizing your fate and crossing the point of no return. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– These guys are pretty legendary and that is why they are in the rock and roll hall of fame and deservedly so. They have provided the world with so many great tracks and this album has some of those. My only wish is that they’ll tour with Steve Perry again. I am going to give the album 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade.




crosses 2For this week’s album of the week I wanted to feature this record because I am absolutely crazy about this side project from Chino Moreno (The Deftones) simply called ††† (Crosses). The band features Moreno alongside his buddies Shaun Lopez of Far and Chuck Doom in a project that Moreno has described as, “minimal and soothing and it’s sort of like the stuff I like listening to when I’m not screaming my head off.”  The band had originally planned to release several EP’s in which they did with two of them, but they would soon decided to release a full length which really featured 10 tracks that were remastered versions of the songs from the first two EP’s and five new tracks that were supposed to make up the third EP. The album was released back on February of this year and I am already ready to call it the album of the year at this point. The album features guest appearances by Duff McKagan (Guns ‘N Roses/Velvet Revolver), Chris Robyn (Far),  Molly Carson, and Stephan Boettcher.

crosses 3All of the tracks sound their a score to a film because of the ominous sound and the cinematic feel that it gives off, but each track adds a little something to that element. The album starts with it’s opener †his Is A †rick which gives off a hip hop electronic like sound throughout the track while Chino mixes a little of his soothing vocal style with some heavier vocals in some parts of the track. †elep†ahy is the next track on the record and it has a electronic pop sound to it that would please Depeche Mode and any other synthpop group. Bi†ches Brew is the next song on the album and it was the first single that I remember hearing from the band. This song is a great example of a mixture of ominous tones mixed with a full sonic assault from the band in the choruses. †hholyghs† is exactly like the last track where they mix the dark ominous tones during the verses before it explodes into the wall of sounds in the choruses. †rophy sounds like we are walking through a dream world or that point in the film where the main character has just been given a dilemma he has to get over. †he Epilogue is my favorite track on the whole record and Chino makes the song in my opinion from his lyrics to his delivery, but this is a great pop classic. Bermuda Locke† goes back into the cinematic score/ominous tones during the verses before it goes into synthpop heaven during the chorus. Fron†iers is the song reminds me of a horror movie score just in it’s overall sound and the way it’s presented.

††† (Crosses) PhotoNine†een Nine†y Four is the next track on the record and it’s a mixture of soothing sounds while Op†ion explores a little more into the Nine Inch Nails like industrial pop. Nine†een Eigh†y Seven continues on the same path as previous songs with the ominous tones with a tinge of goth synth in the track. Blk S†allion is the next track on the record and its a little more upbeat than previous tracks with a UK Electronic rock sound. † (Cross) sounds and feels like an intro track due to the fact that it’s an instrumental. Pru†ien† follows next and it’s a little more upbeat while the album closer Dea†h Bell is the closing credits tune which is fitting for the album. As I said before I love this album and I hope there’s more to come at a later time. I am going to give the album 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade.