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2017I have been asking myself for a week now, “who is going to top that stand up comedy special by Vir Das?” That is definitely a serious question to ask, but it also shows how great Netflix has been in the last five years as far as producing great content because I feel we might have another one today. In the last fifteen years or so, there has always been one constant in the world of comedy from whether it is having your own TV show on FX or producing great comedy specials, it’s that Louis C.K. has been a constant in our lives. Louis C.K. teams up with Netflix to produce what I believe to be his ninth overall hour or so long comedy special (I could be wrong, there could be more) in Louis C.K. 2017. In 2017, Louis talks to us about all sorts of interesting topics that range from abortions, the right to kill yourself, why you look stupid during beheadings, religion and how Christianity won, rescue dogs, drugs for dogs, stereotypes, public school teachers, Achilles, email fights, Magic Mike, and so much more in this hilarious special filmed live in Washington D.C.

louisI have been reading some of the reviews that are out there about this special and some of them I do have to disagree. Yeah sure, we are not all going to think that everything a comedian says is hilarious, but this was not a stupid comedy special. Louis definitely entertains in an only a way that he knows how to and that is connecting with his crowd. He does that through the various topics that he talks about and I think the abortion one was ballsy, but it’s 2017 so it’s not really a ballsy topic. One of my favorite topics that he covered in the special that I thought was funny was his whole bit on religion and how Christianity basically won that fight just because all you have to say is what year it is to validate that answer. I thought his bit on Magic Mike and why he can’t watch the whole film was hilarious and probably a dilemma that most males in the world go through. There were some very funny moments in the special, but then there were moments that you wanted him to move on and those were few and far between. I definitely think that this is a special that you should give a chance because he is hilarious. I am going to give the special an B+ (almost an A-) for a final grade.


jimTuesday just seems like the right kind of day to have some Stand Up comedy because we have all had to deal with the dreadful Mondays. Jim Jefferies is just the right kind of guy to kick off Stand Up Tuesday with his Netflix special called Jim Jefferies: Bare which is also the comedians fifth overall stand up special and first with Netflix. The special was filmed back on August 29, 2014 when Jim Jefferies performed at The Wilbur Theater in Boston, Massachusetts. The comedian has always been known to be a little nasty and a little over the edge with his comedy routine which is what makes him awesome. He talks about everything from his girlfriend and son to porn and even his TV show Legit. I do warn parents out there that if you don’t like your kids to hear the type of comedy he offers, then don’t let them watch this yet.

jim 2Jim Jefferies is one of the best comedians around and I love his style of comedy because he is A. Australian and B. he swears a lot which I like and his sense of humor is priceless. One of my favorite stories that he tells in the comedy special is about Oscar Pistorius and what Jim believes really happened. The other story I loved was how he thinks like an American walking through Australian airports. I do have to say that when Jim mimics an American, it’s almost flawless. This was definitely one of my favorite stand up specials, but I really hope that he comes out with the April 18TH T-shirts cause I would wear one and you have to watch the special to know what I am talking about. On a more serious note, even though he tells jokes in his show, Jim raised some incredible issues on America’s obsession with guns and how it’s absolutely ridiculous at times. I loved the special and you should seriously check it out for yourself. I am going to give this comedy special an A for a final grade.