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stanger2015It’s been a while since I did one of these and so I figured I would do one today as there are some noteworthy news stories out there. I just wanted to mention real quick that Today is Black Label Society vocalist/axeman Zakk Wylde’s birthday which I already wished here. One of the coolest news stories out today though is the fact that a band actually took time out of their schedule to re-record Metallica’s St. Anger. You have to admit that all of us hated the recording quality of the record especially with Lar’s drum sound which it was apparently turned off while they recorded. We do not know the name of the band, but they are a group of friends. They are Daryl G. & Chris D. of the band Grace The Skies and Dave C. of the band Adjust. Here is what the band said about why they decided to take the time to re-record what they are calling #STANGER2015:

Recorded during a turbulent time in the bands career, St. Anger has always divided opinion. Some longtime fans were turned off by the drop tuned riffs and raw production, whilst some listeners embraced it, myself included. #STANGER2015 is for the listeners who weren’t so fond on the record back when it was released in 2003.

Recorded from the ground up, the album has been shortened by 15 minutes, yet every riff and lyric is intact, resulting in a more concise and focused record.

The production is also more conventional, and we hope that Metallica fans appreciate this new version of an album that is always looked at as an anomaly in the incredible career of the world’s biggest metal band, Metallica.

To listen to the re-recording of the track, just click here. The new version is mo much more tolerable, but I have to admit that I am still not a fan of some of the lyrics.

five fFive Finger Death Punch fans are probably rejoicing at some news that has dropped courtesy of Jeremy Spencer. The band released two volumes of The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell back in 2013 and the band is apparently ready to release some new music. Here is what Drummer Jeremy Spencer had to say, “I’m not sure. We always try to do things a little differently than the time before, but without being drastically different. We are who we are and I don’t see us doing something so left turn that people are going, What is that? I just don’t see that. We sound like what we sound like and I’m excited to see where it goes, honestly. I love making new records, and feeling the energy, seeing how everyone has grown and all that. We do try to push ourselves and experiment a little here and there. We have to keep it fresh for ourselves.”

hell gateMotley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, and Def Leppard have all down Vegas residencies and the next logical person to do one would be none other than the Prince Of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon Osbourne told The Sun, “I’m working right now on a Vegas production for Ozzy. It’ll be in time for Halloween and be called ‘Hell Gate’” One source was quoted saying, “Ozzy has never done a stand-alone show in Vegas and there has been huge interest in what he has to offer. Vegas is an amazing spot, which has been a huge hit with the rock crowd. Ozzy would be a top draw and really do something unique.” As I said, this is the next logical step for Vegas and residencies. It will also give fans of his solo career to see him live once again.

tntIn heartbreaking and unfortunate news, TNT have once again parted ways with Tony Harnell. So, there goes any chance of seeing the band tour the US with the only singer that mattered. Tony spoke out in a statement on Facebook that said, “Sadly, it’s not possible for me to continue with the band. I won’t bore you with all the details…It’s nothing mind blowing and it’s certainly nothing new and it’s also best to respect the privacy of the band and keep our issues between us. At least that’s my goal. What I can tell you all is that I tried very hard once again to make it work for the long haul…My heart is broken, again, but I have no regrets about the past year and I’m really happy I could have such a wonderful final tour with the band for you guys.”

In better news than the last article, Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler gave fans an update on his condition after undergoing emergency brain surgery for an aneurysm he suffered last month. Meanwhile, Udo Dirkschneider’s son Sven Dirkschneider will be taking over drum duties for Saxon’s upcoming tour. The video with Nigel can be seen here.

I also wanted to take the time to wish the former voice of Queensryche Geoff Tate a very Happy 56TH Birthday today (January 14TH). I also wanted to wish White Lion frontman Mike Tramp a very Happy 54TH birthday today as well. Tomorrow (January 15TH) is Saxon frontman Biff Byford’s 64TH Birthday so Happy Birthday to him as well.

unnamedRex Brown (Ex-Pantera/Down/Kill Devil Hill) and Gary Holt (Exodus/Slayer) have joined The Metal Allegiance show which takes place at The House Of Blues in Anaheim on January 21ST. Here is the complete lineup of all the people participating, “Frank Bello (Anthrax), Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Chuck Billy (Testament), Chris Broderick (Ex-Megadeth), Rex Brown (Pantera/Kill Devil Hill), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Gary Holt (Slayer/Exodus), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Mark Osegueda (Death Angel), Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and John Tempesta (The Cult).” The show will stream live for all to see on the internet at this website. Here is what Rex had to say, “What better way to kick the new year in the fucking ass than with a Metal Allegiance show? House of Blues in Anaheim barely survived the last time! GET IT LOUD AND TEAR IT DOWN!!! If you can’t get your ass out to Anaheim, get it in front of a computer and head over to The Music Zoo’s website to watch it all go down.” Check it out or be lame and don’t unless you have a perfectly acceptable excuse.

111The Rock In Rio Festival is coming to the United States for the first time in May and we have some incredible lineups to announce. On May 8TH, this is more like the Alternative day with No Doubt, Mana, The Pretty Reckless, Foster the People, Gary Clark, Jr., Bleachers and Saints of Valory. Now if you’re like me then you are looking forward to day 2 on May 9TH which features the likes of Metallica, Deftones, Linkin Park, Rise Against, Hollywood Undead, Sepultura, Coheed & Cambria, and Of Mice And Men. There is a whole other weekend that I am not interested in, but if you want to get your hands on some tickets, just go here.

File:Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime cover.jpgSince I had already reviewed Queensrÿche’s new album with Todd La Torre, I figured I would choose one of my all time favorite Queensrÿche albums entitled Operation: Mindcrime. This album featured Geoff Tate, Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield. It was the progressive metal band’s third release that came out on May 3, 1988 and it was a concept record and a rock opera. The best description of the story is as follows, “its story following a recovering drug addict who becomes disillusioned with the society of his time and reluctantly becomes involved with a revolutionary group as an assassin of political leaders.” The album was a success and has only been performed in it’s entirety on two tours (Empire 90 and Mindcrime II 2006) and I Don’t Believe In Love was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal performance.

a2The album starts off with two intros in Remember Now and Anarchy X. I Remember Now starts off in the hospital where the nurse administers a shot to a patient. Then we hear, “I remember now, I remember how it started. I can’t remember yesterday, I just remember doing what they told me.” as it fades into the metal cadence of Anarchy X where you get some audio of protests. Revolution Calling is one of the best songs on the record and it’s very political in it’s lyrics. The lyrics basically describe how pissed he is at the system and how it let’s us down. It features some of the best guitar playing I have ever heard from the band. The title track on the album starts off with the phone ringing and the opening riff to the song starts. He hangs up the phone and it rings again, this time we can’t escape the riff. The opening riff has a wicked bass line from Jackson and the solo in this song is phenomenal  The lyrics are about how Dr. X uses the word Mindcrime to make Nikki do his dirty work. Speak is the next track on the record and it opens with some killer guitar work before it calms down. The riff has this intense build up like something big is about to happen. Spreading The Disease is one of my favorite songs that talks about the origins of Sister Mary with a riff that has hard rock swagger with razor sharp riffs. One of my favorite parts comes later in the track where everything stops, but the drums. All you can hear is Geoff saying, “Religion and sex are powerplays, Manipulate the people for the money they pay. Selling skin, selling god, the numbers look the same on their credit cards. Politicians say no to drugs, While we pay for wars in south america.” Meanwhile while this is happening you get some clean guitars before it explodes back with Geoff’s amazing vocal range. The Mission starts with our main character loading a gun while a evangelist preaches about God. We hear our main character ask God for forgiveness before he shoots his gun. The song opens with some haunting guitars mixed with an occasional bass thump. Then before you know they explode right into the track like a bullet from a gun. The harmonizing the band utilizes through multi tracking is amazing, it gives a great effect for the listener. Suite

File:Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love cover.jpgSuite Sister Mary is a ten minute opus by the band that starts with Dr. X’s instructions for Nicki to kill Sister Mary. Then you get some omen type stuff while the clean guitars are playing before the guitars come in like thunder. While Geoff sings you get instances of Sister Mary (Pamela Moore) talking to Nicki. The song is epic in where it has climatic parts with Pamela laying some vocals down as well. The Needle Lies contains some of that old school Queensryche from the first EP that’s razor fast and pretty kick ass. Electric Requiem is an intro track that leads right into Breaking The Silence. Breaking The Silence is an amazing track that sort of foreshadows where the band will eventually go with Empire when it comes to their sound. I Don’t Believe In Love is another of my favorite tracks on the record that is just a straight up rock classic that is played in D Minor. Waiting For 22 and My Empty Room are intros that will lead into one of the best tracks on the whole album Eyes Of A Stranger. It’s got that iconic bass riff that starts the track off before DeGarmo and Wilton kick into heavy metal overdrive. The track was recorded in  E minor, with a short interlude in F# minor near the beginning of the track. and it also summarizes the whole story in a nutshell. What else can be said about the album other than the fact that it’s iconic. I give the album 5 stars out of five.