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This past Mashup Of The Week entries have all been from artists and producers that I respect a lot in the biz because they all follow my one simple rule which talks about flow and consistency. That is also the case for this week’s Mashup Of The Week which comes to us from DJ Lobsterdust who is another Mashup artist that I respect. Like I said, some of the most fun mashups I have seen in the past are when the producers take songs you never thought would work and DJ Lobsterdust does his best with I Will Survivor. The track takes the music from Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive and mashes it up with Survivor’s vocals from Eye Of The Tiger. I was a little skeptical going into this, but as soon as I heard the way it played out, I was convinced. It definitely follows my one simple rule and if you didn’t know either song, you would think that this was the real track. For more from DJ Lobsterdust, check out his website here. Otherwise, check out the track below: