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war of the covers sabbath bloody sabbathLast week we had Symphonic Death Metal legends Dimmu Borgir battle it out with Prog metal giants Dream Theater to see who covered Deep Purple’s classic 1984 title track Perfect Strangers. You voted and Dimmu Borgir were the winners of that battle and now we have another one for all of you. This week instead of just two bands battling for supremacy, we have a triple threat match for all of you out there with some serious contenders. Black Sabbath has often been credited as the godfathers of Heavy Metal and there have been a lot of metal bands since them that have covered their music. So, this week, we are going to decide who covered the title track to their seminal fifth album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. In one corner, we have the most underrated member of Thrash Metal’s Big Four in New York Thrash legends Anthrax who covered the track for their 1987 EP I’m The Man. In another corner, we have American metal band Godspeed who teamed up with legendary NWOBHM vocalist Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden for the Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity In Black. Lastly in 2006, Finnish Metal band Tarot covered the track for their fifth album For The Glory Of Nothing.


throwdownI always felt that in 2007, the world was lacking a great groove metal band to follow in the footsteps of the genre’s most powerful legends in Pantera. In 2007, a hardcore punk/metalcore band from Orange County, California decided to step up to the plate and they were known as Throwdown. It seemed only natural for the band to do this since Metalcore was a genre that was derived from Groove Metal and so Dave Peters (Vocals), Mark Choiniere (Guitar), Matt Mentley (Bass), and Ben Dussault (Drums) unleashed the ferocious Venom & Tears album on Trustkill Records. The decision to move to Groove Metal was not an easy one for the band as original hardcore fans were having a hard time wanting to accept the slower paced, more polished groove metal riffs while metalheads were having a hard time with the straight edge lyrics even though Peters pleaded with both to coincide. The album featured 14 tracks with one of the tracks being a cover. Let’s check it out.

throwdown 3The album starts off with the lead single Holy Roller which is a absolute neck breaker as the band starts off the track with some pummeling riffs before they turn on the groove that reminds me of Far Beyond Driven era Pantera. Day Of The Dog is the next track on the record and it continues to show the band using the Pantera formula which is pummeling riffs with grooves and it even has the gang vocals. S.C.U.M. is a little different than the previous tracks because it’s the band playing at a high speed punk metal style with the metalcore breakdown riffs.  Americana follows with a sonic metal assault with an awesome groove metal chorus that will have you banging your head for sure. Weight Of The World explodes out of the box with a metal fury that is unmatched. The grooves on the song almost have a real swagger of its own which makes it fun to listen to. Cancer is the next track on the record and it starts with a very ominous and slow guitar riff that sounds like nothing but heartache is to follow. It’s only a two minute track as it leads to Hellbent (On War). Hellbent naturally picks up where the last track left off with a monstrous riff as they band chants out for blood over and over again. Peters is doing his best impression of Phil Anselmo and the way Phil would talk on tracks before screaming with a vengeance. No Love follows with a constant bass riff that is almost hard to hear, but before you know it the track starts building up for a explosive start. The title track is next and it’s heavy with the double bass drum fury to match and it’s one of the best tracks on the record because of the guitar riff in my opinion.

throwdown 4I’ll Never Die A Poisoned Death is the next track on the record and it rips your face off like a Pantera track would with it’s grooves and breakdowns. I, Suicide is the next track and it’s as fast as the speed of light as the band flexes their hardcore punk roots in this track. Godspeed is another track that has the music fade in slowly as it builds up to heavy metal fury that smashes like a sledgehammer. Leave A Message is the hidden track where Dave is connecting to his answering machine where people are insulting him. The last track on the record if you were lucky enough to get the Japanese, European, Australian, New Zealand or ITunes special editions featured the band doing a cover of Sepultura’s Propaganda which is pretty badass if you ask me. I know the band must have taken some criticism for sounding a lot like Pantera, but it shows you exactly how great Pantera and that sound was. I am going to give the album 4.1 stars out of five.