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Love Me To DeathSuicide Silence is one of those bands that took a lot of crap over the sound and clean singing that was on an album that I personally loved in the self titled fifth album that came out in 2017. Now, we fast forward two years later and the band is ready to shut their haters the f**k up as they turn the volume and the intensity up in this week’s Metal Single Of The Week and the band’s brand new single Love Me To Death. The track is the fourth song on the band’s upcoming sixth album Become The Hunter and it goes right back to the band’s Deathcore roots which means it’s going to deliver some blunt force trauma to all the naysayers. The album comes out on February 14, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records and the album was produced by the great Steve Evetts who has produced albums by Hatebreed, Sepultura, and more while the album was mixed by Josh Wilbur (Trivium/Gojira) and mastered by the one and only Ted Jensen (Pantera/Slipknot). Believe me as soon as you hit play on the player below, you will be a fan of the track so check it out and check out the artwork below and the track listing too.


Become The Hunter Tracklisting:

1. Meltdown
2. Two Steps
3. Feel Alive
4. Love Me to Death
5. In Hiding
6. Death’s Anxiety
7. Skin Tight
8. The Scythe
9. Serene Obscene
10. Disaster Valley
11. Become the Hunter

magmaFour years ago, I covered an album from Rammstein because Germany had won the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So to try and keep the tradition going, I am going to do the same for this week considering that France is officially the 2018 FIFA World Cup Champions and the band that I chose is an absolute no brainer. Gojira (the Japanese name for Godzilla) is one of those bands that stormed onto the metal scene and has just made an impact with every album making them the real deal. The band made up of brothers Joe Duplantier (Vocals/Guitar/Producer), Mario Duplantier (Drums), Christian Andreu (Guitars), and Jean-Michel Labadie (Bass) together have recorded six studio albums with the band’s last effort in 2016’s Magma being this week’s Album of the Week. It was released on June 17, 2016 and it sold 17,000 copies in its first week landing itself at number 24 on the Billboard Top 200 charts which is the highest charted album int he band’s history. The album also landed in the top 10 in five different countries (France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, and Norway) as well as the top 20 in four others. The album was also voted as the album of the year for Metal Hammer Magazine and it was voted the number one album on WhatCulture’s 20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2016 and that is why it was a successful album.

magma back cover1. The Shooting Star– A very cool track that is just atmospheric in my opinion and it bodes true with the lyrics which could be about two things. It could be interpreted as the loss of a loved one or about breaking out of the illusions the world throws up at us. 5/5

2. Silvera– an in your face track that shows off the thunder that the band brings to the table along with the amazing intricate notes. I think the track is about shedding your former self and becoming a new and more enlightened you. 5/5

3. The Cell– If you thought they brought the thunder in the last track, then check this one out. The track is apparently about the band’s dislike of how technology like cell phones have taken over society. I can’t say that I blame them. 5/5

4. Stranded– This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, I just love the riff, it has this rumble to it that is bad ass. I’ve read reports that the Duplantier brother’s mother had passed away before the making of the album and I believe this song has something to do with her. 5/5

5. Yellow Stone– This is the first of two instrumentals that is on the album that has a sludge metal feel to it. 4/5

6. Magma-A very eerie sounding track that I believe is about the death of their mother with lyrics like The poison slowly spreads/Through the body and the mind/Close your eyes and drop your things. It’s easy to see it could be about her sickness. 4.5/5

Gojira-Magma-CD7. Pray– An interesting track that touches a bit on the Djent side of metal with the chanting like vocals in this song about someone who has lost faith in the world and wants to leave. 4.5/5

8. Only Pain– A track that has the feel of Stranded with the guitar riffs that talks about someone who wanted it all despite all the people that he might hurt on the way. 4.5/5

9. Low Lands– A very cool track lyrically that might be them speaking to their mom who is on the other side now. It’s almost like they are trying to talk to her spirit because their curious as to what she see’s now. 5/5

10. Liberation– The second and last instrumental on the album that just showcases the brilliance of this band. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– Lyrically, these guys really make you think and that is what I love about this band. I know a lot of people admire their musical abilities much like I do, but they are also lyrically amazing. My favorite tracks on the album are the opening four tracks plus Low Lands. I don’t really have a least favorite track, but I guess I’ll put Yellow Stone as the track. I am giving the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThe results of the first round of the knockout stage of the Pedal Cup are here and if you still don’t know what this is, it’s our equivalent of the FIFA World Cup, but for Metal. We had some great matches in the first round with some surprise results. Normally in every tournament with Kreator as a competitor, the fans usually come in droves causing everyone in the world to cry foul, but this time around they have been bounced out of the cup like their fellow countrymen. The fans of Japan’s own BABYMETAL showed up for sure giving us the biggest vote count of the tournament so far. Now to figure out who won what match, we broke it down and you’ll see in the box score that we tallied the votes from this site, Facebook, and Twitter and totaled them up to give you the final result sort of like A+B+C= D. Check out the results below and stay tuned for the next round.


Pedal Cup Bracket 2


pedal cup bracketfirst round

Alright Metal heads, today is a day to be excited because the first half of the knockout stage round of the Pedal Cup has commenced. The Pedal Cup is our alternative to the Pedal To The Metal Tournament this year as it is our World Cup styled tournament. The matches for today are Portugal (represented by Moonspell) taking on Egypt (Crescent), France (Rep. by Gojira) taking on Norway (rep. by Dimmu Borgir), Brazil (rep. by Sepultura) taking on Germany (rep. by Kreator), and Belgium (rep by Leng Tch’e) taking on Japan (rep. by BABYMETAL). We have given you guys several options as far as ways to vote in this tournament with one by visiting the Facebook page and the second by visiting my twitter page @Themonsterhour. Now you can go ahead and do it that way or you can also vote here, but you only have 24 hours to do so. So support your favorite metal bands and let the best bands win. Phase two of the first round matches will come tomorrow.

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThis year, we didn’t do a Pedal To The Metal March madness styled tournament and that was my decision based on how busy I was with various other projects and lack of participation at the time. Although with the 2018 FIFA World Cup happening right now in Russia, I thought now was the perfect time to introduce a new tournament. The only difference between the Pedal Cup (short for Pedal To The Metal) and the World Cup is that we have 16 bands from all over the world instead of their 32 teams. If any country was left out of this tournament, hopefully in four years we’ll see you in it the tournament then. The way I chose what countries would be represented here was basically based on who had made it to the knock out stage of the world cup. Now there were some countries I had to sub out because I couldn’t find bands for those countries so I either added a country that wasn’t in the real world cup or chose some teams from the group stage. The countries (and their bands in parenthesis) are England (Cradle Of Filth), Portugal (Moonspell), Belgium (Leng Thc’e), United States (Morbid Angel), Germany (Kreator), Sweden (Arch Enemy), Norway (Dimmu Borgir), Japan (Babymetal), France (Gojira), Denamrk (Hatesphere), Poland (Behemoth), Brazil (Sepultura), Switzerland (Samael), Russia (Catharsis), Iran (Confess), and Egypt (Crescent).

pedal cup bracketfirst roundThe bands that I am most excited about seeing how well they do are the Middle Eastern bands in Confess who we support their right to creative freedom and Crescent who have been throwing it down for quite some time. The way the brackets are going to be done is exactly the same as the world cup with the teas that are obviously not in the tournament or who did not make the knock out stage placed in the spots that we couldn’t finds for. There is also going to be a new way for all of you guys to vote on this. One way is to visit the Facebook page for Moshpits and Movies and you can vote there (we are going to be setting up the matches there very soon). The other way is that you can click on the article on this page and vote there as well.The matches are only going to last 24 hours which means you only have 24 hours to vote for the band/country that you want to see move on to the finals. Check out the bands and their flags down below and stayed tuned here for more info as it comes.

belgium leng tch edenmark hatesphereegypt crescentengland cradleFrance Gojiragermany kreatorIran Confessjapan babymetalnorway dimmu borgirpoland behemothportugal moonspellrussia catharsissepultura brazilsweden arch enemyswiss samaelUSA Morbid Angel

war of the covers war machineLast week, we had a battle between Hatebreed and Gojira as to who covered Metallica’s Ride The Lightning track Escape better. You voted, the results are in, and the winner of that battle is Hatebreed by two votes which means it was a closer match than the first one. This week we have an interesting battle for all of you as we feature two titans of their respective metal sub-genres covering one common track between them. In one corner, we have Floridian death metal act Six Feet Under who have been destroying everyone in their paths since 1993 when they signed with Metal Blade Records. In the other corner is their label mates who come from across the ocean from deep in the heart of Europe in Swedish melodic death metal (often credited as Viking Metal) band Amon Amarth. What could be the common thread between the two of them besides the fact that they are on the same label and almost the same genre? Well, if you are observant, then you would see that it is the fact that they both covered War Machine, a cool track from Kiss’s tenth studio album Creatures Of The Night. It’s not surprising that they covered a Kiss track as Kiss had influenced a lot of different metal bands, but who did the song better? Six Feet Under covered the track on their third album, 1999’s Maximum Violence while Amon Amarth had it as a bonus track to their eighth studio album Surtur Rising. Unfortunately, only one of them can win and you are going to decide who by voting. You have until the next War Of The Covers post to decide. So, vote wisely and carefully!

war of the covers escapeA couple of weeks ago, we had our very first War Of The Covers which pinned UK Metal band Malefice against French groove/death metal band Trepalium as we decided who covered Pantera’s I’m Broken better. Unfortunately for Malefice, everyone overwhelmingly thought that Trepalium’s version of the track was better. For this week’s War Of The Covers, we are exploring a cover from a band that is in the news right now for all the wrong reasons after the way they opened the year up. Apparently, Metallica is in the news right now because they are being accused of stealing a riff from an 80’s death metal band named Incubus on one of the tracks on their latest effort Hardwired… To Self Destruct. Whether that fact is true or not, there is no denying that Metallica is one of the greatest metal bands of all time (I said one of, not the). They have written some iconic material in albums like Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, and …And Justice For All. As a fan of music and metal, there is no denying that fact and the fact that they have influenced countless metal bands over the years. That is why I chose them because some amazing bands have covered Metallica over the years and I think we have a good one here. In 2005, if you had the Japanese version of Gojira’s amazing album From Mars To Sirius, then you noticed that the band covered the Ride The Lightning track Escape. Fast forward to 2009, hardcore metal giants Hatebreed released an all covers album entitled For The Lions which featured them covering the Lightning gem Escape as well. Now it is up to you guys to decide who covered it better? You have until the next post to decide.

Everyone’s favorite French metal band Gojira is back and they have a new album coming out soon. Magma which is the title of the band’s first album since 2012’s L’Enfant Sauvage is due out in stores on June 17TH. To bide the time until the album’s release, the band has unleashed a music video for all the world to see and we have it for you here. The band released the music video for the track Stranded. The march of the elephants is on as the band’s signature sound is in full effect along with the chugging guitar tone in this very different video. The video is part performance video and part weird video with what looks to be a gypsy or voodoo queen. The band has stated that Magma‘s lyrical content was largely influenced by the death of frontman/guitarist Joe and drummer Mario Duplantier’s mother’s death. Mario states in an interview with Rolling Stone, “When you read Joe’s lyrics, for me, I cry right away. They’re very deep and to the point. No bulls–t. We recycle our sadness and depression in the music.” Joe adds to the convo saying, “Mario was recording drums, and I was playing guitar with him, just trying to help him know where he’s at in the song, and both of us would start crying at the same time.” Check out the video below, be on the lookout for the record on June 17TH, and you can pre-order here. Check out the album artwork below while you are it.


For this week’s music video of the week, I had other plans as to what video I was going to use, but some bad news changed my mind. The people of Paris, France were victims today due to terrorist attacks that occurred at several sites around Paris including a nightclub where there was a concert going on. Le Bataclan is the club that terrorists entered into and open fire during an Eagles Of Death Metal/Deftones show that was happening. So to honor the people of France and the people of Paris, I am dedicating this post to them. One of my favorite metal bands from France is Gojira (it means Godzilla) and I chose a song from the bands fifth studio album L’enfant sauvage (it means Wild Child). I chose the title track as the video for this week’s Music Video Of The Week and it’s a very creative one as well as it’s very artsy. Check it out below and my hearts and prayers go out to the people of Paris and France. Pray For Paris

Anyone close to me knows that I Mashups because the work that is behind them is tremendous and of course I will explain why. You may think that Mashups are easy to create because all you’re doing is taking two different songs and molding them together, but there’s a lot more to it because you have to find two songs that will mold together flawlessly. You also have to be good enough to make the tracks work so that they are flawless and sound as if they could have recorded that way in the first place. This is the first time that I have listened to anything from creator Orbsonb, but he takes Iggy Azalea’s Fancy and he mashes it together with French metal titans Gojira’s Flying Whales. While I can sit there and say how much I love how Iggy’s verses fit well with the song, it’s the chorus that creator Orbsonb executes that is the true magic with the track. He slows down Charli XCX’s part enough to make it work with the song even adding some hints of the original track by Gojira. It was brilliantly done and I absolutely love it. So, check out the mashup below and check out Orbsonb on Youtube here.