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2017-headerFirst I want to start off by thanking everyone who took the time to vote in the tournament because after all, none of this is possible without your help. The first round of the 2017 Pedal To The Metal Tournament started off with a bang and some upsets along the way. The first division we are looking at is the Dio/Lemmy division which featured some cool match ups and was the late bloomer of the tournament meaning all of a sudden at the last minute, it blew up in votes. The first match up between Queensryche and Ghost seemed like a match that was pretty cut and dry with Ghost winning the match most of the time. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, Queensryche fans show up and get the band the win by 11 votes. The match was between tournament first timers U.D.O. taking on tournament favorites Primal Fear and while Primal Fear always does it best to promote the tournament, unfortunately they never stood a chance against the legend as he won the match by 28 votes. The third match was much like the first match, it looked like for a while that maybe Saxon was going to pull off the win, but the former two time champions fans showed up when it counted and gave Judas Priest a come from behind win. Accept is one of those bands that you cannot take lightly because they have slayed some giants in their day and they did that in the first round beating last year’s runner up Iron Maiden by 44 votes.

megadeth-2016The trash metal division a.k.a. The Jeff Hanneman division is a very tricky one because you never know what direction fans will head in when the tournament starts. They have done that since day one with them voting the giants out of the tournament (Metallica is a constant victim of that). This year’s first round was a little different than usual with fans going in the direction you thought they would. Megadeth owned their first round match up against newcomers Sepultura winning by 12 votes. Slayer had similar luck as Megadeth beating Death Angel by ten votes setting up a mega match in the next round. The Exodus/Suicidal Tendencies match was a true toss up and that is what I loved about it. You couldn’t really choose a clear winner between the two, but you were fine with what ever result. It was a great match up as well as the voting went back and forth with several lead changes, but in the end Exodus gets to live another day. The last match up features the unlucky Metallica who I believe for the second or third time has now been ousted from the tournament in the first round and Testament did it in convincing fashion beating them by ten votes.

destruction-bandOne of my favorite divisions in the whole tournament is the Chuck Schuldiner division because of the fan participation that the division gets is second to none. Ever since I introduced it, it has been magic from the start and it’s produced our last two winners. Not much has changed as Destruction easily handled Entombed A.D. by a whopping 55 votes. The next match featured tournament newcomers Amon Amarth and Witchery as both were looking to make an impact. Unfortunately for one of them, only one can move on and Amon Amarth easily handled their opponent. The next match featured 2015 winner Kreator taking on newcomers Vader and for a while, it looked as if Vader was going to pull off the upset, but never count out Kreator and it’s fans as they brought the band back to a huge win. Death Metal legends Cannibal Corpse entered the tournament last year, made an impact from the start, and they are continuing it this year with a huge come from behind win against Blackened Death Metal legends Behemoth. That was a great match up that kept me on the edge of my seat.

233280The last division that we are going to talk about here is the brand new Metal To The Core division featuring Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore, and New Wave Of American Metal bands. This division is an absolute toss up because you don’t know what direction fans are going to be heading in. The first match up featured metalcore acts All That Remains and Upon A Burning Body go head to head. It was a match was heading in different directions as it looked like UABB was going to win, but in the end, All That Remains pulled it together and won. The next match featured New Wave Of American Metal flag bearers Lamb Of God take on Deathcore act Whitechapel in an epic match that was going back and forth. Like I said before, only one can move on and in the end Lamb Of God proved to be the mightier of the two. Trivium pulled off the win against Parkway Drive who led the match for most of the weekend and Killswitch Engage was able to hold off Suicide Silence. Check out the bracket below and get ready for the sweet sixteen.

2017 Bracket sweet sixteen

We are back on the tour bus and we are leaving Delaware and we are heading to the Empire State of the South in Georgia for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week. The band we are checking out today comes to us from the ATL and they have one of the coolest names I have seen for a band in As Animals Eat My Insides. The band explains their name on their Facebook page saying, “The meaning behind our name: We live in a world which represents the “animals” who try and consume us with violence, greed, despair, and power. Stay strong and never give into a world that will try to change who you are.” The track from the band that we are checking out today is the song Daydreamer which comes from the band’s previous disc Devoured. The music is intense and in your face as the band approaches with a very intense style of metal and hardcore that is guaranteed to start a pit in a heartbeat. I love Jeremy Bond’s vocals in this track and how he goes from screaming to a deep guttural growl to singing all in the same track. This is definitely a band to check out and to let all of you know that band is gearing up to release a new disc entitled Ellipsis. So to find out more info about the actual release date and other info like touring, visit their Facebook page here. Check out Daydreamer below:

suicidesilence2017One of the most controversial subjects in all of metal or deathcore is the brand new album that is going to be released by deathcore giants Suicide Silence. The self titled album comes out this Friday (February 24TH) via Nuclear Blast and it’s garnered a lot of flack because of it’s change in sound and style. I for one am all about artists reaching out to find their creative sides because that is what is all about. Being in a band is all about evolving and according to the band they are just exploring the many influences of deathcore. Nonetheless, earlier in the year, the band released a music video for the first track off the record called Doris and this is definitely a finalist for Metal Music Video Of The Year. The band released a 360 degree video which means that you can mess with what you see from various images of the band performing live to recording in the studio and more. It’s definitely a cool way to get fans introduced to the record and what they have in store for all of you. Check out the video below and mess with the angles a little.

Here at Moshpits and Movies, we aim to please all the rockers and metalheads out there in the world which is why we always give you two videos for the price of one. Earlier in the month we covered one music video from Flint, Michigan metallers King 810 when they unveiled the video for I Ain’t Goin Back Again. Now the band has unleashed another music video from their latest effort La Petite Mort or a Conversation With God called Alpha & Omega and this time they are taking you to church, literally like a scene from a last supper. The video was directed by the and’s singer David Gunn who conceptualized it and brought it to abandoned churches. The video is pretty intense as it goes back and forth between shots of the band eating and enjoying themselves at a table to the intense antics of the David Gunn. It’s a cool video that is definitely worth checking out.

For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving Europe and we are coming back to the states for our next band. In fact, we are heading over to Pennsylvania for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week in Embrace The Hostility. The band describes themselves something different, nasty, and bleak as far as their description, but when I hear their song that I provided for you guys Change, I hear chaos, intensity, and a pure vulgar display of power that is unlike any other. The track combines elements of metal and hardcore to make the most perfect concoction of mayhem in this compact 1:45 second track that leaves no room for filler. One of my favorite things that I noticed in their bio is that the band likes Def Leppard along with bands like Terror, Desolated, and so many more. I definitely suggest that you check these guys out and you can do so by liking their Facebook page and checking out their bandcamp page. Otherwise check out the track Change below:

When it comes to the genre of Deathcore, there is absolutely nobody better than Whitechapel in my opinion. They are the vets of the genre and the absolute elite of the genre. That is why the band has decided to call out all the haters in the world which has a lot of them in their new music video for the track Elitist Ones which comes out the band’s new record Mark Of The Blade (which is out today). Jim Foster directed the band’s video and he comments saying, “As fans of Whitechapel, my entire team and I were stoked when Mike Faley (Metal Blade Records) asked me to write a treatment and direct for the band. As a director, my job is always easier when the band is rippin’…and holy s–t are these guys RIPPIN’!” The video features the band playing in a warehouse while a woman who looks to be donning some face paint in the style of a snake while a snake that dons the bands new cover wraps himself around her arm. The thing about the video is that the track also signifies a huge change in sound for the band from the breakdowns to a more groove metal oriented sound. Guitarist Alex Wade talked about it saying, “At this point in our career and as we grow older, we are taking a more open-minded approach to creating our music, allowing what we think sounds good to evolve naturally, rather than to just write what is expected of us.” Check out the band’s video below:


For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving Ohio and we are heading south to my second favorite city in the US in Dallas, Texas. The name of the band is Bloodline and they are a metalcore band that contacted me on Twitter (handle: @EraticWanderer). That is definitely a way to get a hold of me if you want me to check you out and possibly get you on this. Nevertheless, the song I chose for all of you to check out from Bloodline is the band’s track Jaded and the track is hammering right from the start. It’s a full out assault from the band right when the first chord is struck and the singer Joe has some ferocious vocals that are in your face and explosive. Metalcore may have been brought to the spotlight in the Northeast, but Bloodline is taking to a whole new level. This is definitely a band you need to check out. Give them a like on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out some of their kickass merch here. Otherwise, check out the track below and prepare to tear sh** up!