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lady bloodfightEvery once in a while, we here at Moshpits and Movies like do something new here called Tuesday Night Fights when the proper film is made available to us. For example, we just recently did Arnold Schwarzenegger against The Predator from the film Predator or a while ago when we did Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris from Way Of The Dragon. So for this week’s special presentation brought to you courtesy of Ass Whoopin Wednesdays, we are ditching the guys and seeing how bad ass the ladies can be when we check out Lady Bloodfight. Two fighters named Shu (Muriel Hofmann) and Wai (Kathy Wu) battled to a draw in the finals of a Kumite. Wai was unhappy with the council calling it a draw so the council made a decision that each one would have to find someone to take their place at the very next Kumite. After nine months of searching, each one stumbles upon a girl they deem is worthy. For Shu, its in the form of American girl Jane Jones (Amy Johnston), who is in search of answers, but wants to participate in the Kumite in hopes of getting it. For Wai, it’s in the form of the cocky thief who has some skills in Ling Chow (Jenny Wu). After months of training they are put to the test. The film also stars Jet Tranter (Thor: Ragnarok) as Cassidy, Mayling Ng (Wonder Woman) as Svietta Chekhov, Kirt Kishita (Ghost In The Shell) as Mr. Sang, and the film was directed by Chris Nahon (Kiss Of The Dragon).

TNF Chekhov vs JonesJane Jones’s (Johnston) road to the finals was a little different than that of her counterpart Ling Chow (Jenny Wu). After a win in the opening round that almost saw her lose, she lost her sensei after she was caught beating up some dudes that had stolen her bag in the beginning of the film. She also witnessed the death of a new friend in Cassidy at the hands of her semifinal opponent, the ruthless Russian Svietta Chekhov. After taking her time coming out, Jane made her way to the mat to face what could be her toughest opponent in Chekhov. Chekhov started the match as the aggressor, but Jones was keeping her cool the whole time as she avoided the initial attack and was able to get a roundhouse kick to the jaw. After some grappling, Chekhov was able to get some elbows to the midsection and had our heroine in a head scissors lock. The damage was done and Jones was dazed and confused. Chekhov took full advantage of it with a full mount on the ground and she started pounding away with some vicious rights and lefts that left Jones out. As the council woman began to announce Chekhov as the winner, she stopped as Jones began showing life. Jones began breaking apart Chekhov with some brutal kicks and even a superman punch that sent her to the mat. She ended the match with a brutal roundhouse kick that knocked Chekhov out for good. Jones was in the finals awaiting her opponent Ling Chow.

TNF Jones Vs ChowThere was a lot of damage done to Jones coming into the final match, but that didn’t stop her or her sensei from showing up to take on Ling Chow who had gone through less damage throughout the tournament. Ling Chow was smart in the opening minutes of the match hitting her with a backhand that opened up a chance to hit her damaged rib cage which she did, but that didn’t deter the American. Ling was trying to force Jones outside of the lines which would mean a win for Ling, but Jones had something to prove. She was still taking some punishment though with some mean hits to the ribs and back as well as some lethal strikes to the head. Jones was trying to fight back as she was able to get a good shot to the stomach with a nice kick, but Ling was merciless and kept on the attack eventually hitting Jones with a shot to the ear that affected her ear drum. It was then that a little bit of inspiration came her way that may deliver a bit of a boost for the match in the form of a vision of her father.

TNF Jones Vs Chow 2Jones would come at Ling hard with three straight round house kicks that found their mark sending the favorite to the mat. Jones was on a roll as every kick and punch was finding their mark on Ling who had no answer for this miraculous comeback that we were witnessing from Jones. Then when we least expected it with Ling toeing the line of being eliminated if she crosses it, she gets hit with a Bruce Lee like thrust kick that launches her way out of the ring and into the water making Jones the winner of the match and the Kumite. After the match, Sang revealed that he had killed Wai’s brother and that he had not committed suicide over Shu as Wai had always thought. They would go on to bring the circle back together and they started a school together and everyone lived happily ever after. I thought that this was actually a pretty decent film even though it sort of follows the formula of Bloodsport, but they do make it their own. The fight scenes are pretty good as you get into the film, but the opening of the film could have been better. I thought the acting was actually pretty good despite not knowing a lot of the women in the film. The one problem I had with it was if you’re trying to make a serious Women’s Kung Fu film, then why have the bathroom scene when all the women first get together? It didn’t make a lot of sense unless you’re trying to target an all male crowd. Nonetheless, I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade because I enjoyed it.


ip man final fightWe are continuing our theme of kick ass Kung Fu and we are continuing with the legendary IP Man (real name Yip Man) who was the master of Bruce Lee. I didn’t know what the connection this film had to the previous films I reviewed, but IP Man: The Final Fight is not part of that series. In this film, it’s post war China and we find IP Man (Anthony Chau-Sang Wong) arriving in Hong Kong where he sets up shop and begins to teach. One of IP Man’s pupils finds himself deep into the Hong Kong underworld while another finds himself in a fight with the Triads forcing IP Man to come back into action for one more fight. In the meantime, we see IP Man deal with various issues we haven’t seen before like his Gastric pain and the vicissitudes of life. The film also stars Eric Tsang (The Accidental Spy) as NG Chung, Gillian Chung (Blade Of Kings) as Chan Sei-mui,  Jordan Chan (Big Bullet) as Tang Shing, Zhou Chuchu (The Apostles) as Jenny, Xin Xin Xiong (Double Team) as Local Dragon, Luxia Jiang (True Legend) as Le King, Timmy Hung (New Police Story) as Leung Sheung, and the film was directed by Herman Yau (The Legend Is Born: Ip Man). Before we get into the review, let’s check out some stats:


ip_man_the_final_fight3From what I read about this film, this is a more accurate look at the life of IP Man as opposed to what was presented to us in the other IP Man films. We see in the film that IP Man did not approve of Bruce Lee’s fame which is something that I didn’t know. Anyways, let’s look at the stats: IP Man in this film has about 20 knockouts/kills and the film itself is an origin story. He is married when the film starts and for most of it, but he has a weird relationship with that Jenny woman. His student is almost killed which in effect forces IP Man to go into battle and the big boss is defeated. One thing I wanted to say about the big boss and that is I thought Jet Li was playing him until I looked it up and found out that it’s actually Jet Li’s stunt double that stars in this film as Local Dragon. It’s hard to judge Anthony Chau-Sang Wong’s IP Man versus Donnie Yen’s version, but Anthony Chau-Sang Wong plays an older version of him and as I said a more accurate one. The film had plenty of action and not just from IP Man, but from his students as well as they are constantly getting into fights. It’s definitely a film that is worth checking out if you are a fan of Martial Arts and Kung Fu. I am going to give the film four fists out of five for a final grade.

supercopI wanted to go through some of my favorite Martial Artists before we started to repeat anyone once again for Ass Whoopin Wednesdays and this week we are looking at the 1992 Jackie Chan flick Supercop (or Police Story 3: Supercop as it was known in Asia). Inspector Chan (Chan) is just a regular cop in Hong Kong when he over hears his Uncle and superior talking about a dangerous mission where the Chinese government needs a supercop. Chan is immediately interested in the job not really knowing what it entails and he asks to take the job. So, he teams up with his Red Chinese counterpart Inspector Yang (Michelle Yeoh) and they go an undercover mission to try and stop a Chinese drug czar from breaking his wife out of a Malaysian prison. The film also stars Maggie Cheung (Hero) as May, Wah Yuen (Kung Fu Hustle) as Panther, Kenneth Tsang (Rush Hour 2) as Chaibat, Bill Tung (Rumble in The Bronx) as Uncle Bill, Phillip Chan (Bloodsport) as Inspector Chen, Kelvin Wong (Meltdown) as Peter, Lieh Lo (Five Fingers Of Death) as The General, Kim Penn (Knock Off) as Blonde Gun Woman, and the film was directed by Stanley Tong (Rumble In The Bronx). Before we get into the review, let’s check out some stats:

supercop stats copy










supercop 2This was one of the only Jackie Chan films on Netflix that caught my interest and so that is why I chose to watch Supercop. He only has 18 1/2 knockouts in the film which may be one of the lowest totals so far, but that is because his partner equally kicks ass in the film, but unfortunately I didn’t keep track of her stats at all. There is no origin story in the film as I know of besides his undercover personas background and he has a girlfriend in the film who ends up blowing his cover and gets kidnapped. The big boss ends up meeting his doom and all is happy in Hong Kong as Chan gets the job done. There is plenty of action in the film including the fact that you get to see Jackie Chan do all of his own stunts in the film and the wildest one is with the helicopter. It was cool to see Michelle Yeoh is one of Asia’s top female stars acting in this film and Maggie Cheung is also a familiar face in some Jackie Chan films as well in the awesome Hero film. Definitely check this film out if you are a fan of Jackie Chan films because Jackie really took the reigns for Chinese Martial Arts actors after the death of Bruce Lee. I am going to give this film four fists out of five for a final grade because the story is great and the action is pretty good too.