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Death SpaSo, the other day I realized that I still had one more film left to watch from the VHSPS  (VHS Preservation Society) collection that I had for Cheeseball Cinema. So, I decided what better time than now to cover the film Death Spa for Cheeseball Cinema. The film stars William Bumiller (Boat Trip) as Starbody Health Spa owner Michael Evans who seems to have it all from the hot girlfriend and the most happening spa in Hollywood. Unfortunately for him, things start to go wrong at his spa when his girlfriend Laura (Brenda Bakke) has an accident in the club that almost cost her life. The accident causes a downward spiral as it seems that something sinister won’t stop until everyone dies inside the club as accident after accident begins to happen. The film also stars Merritt Butrick (Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan) as David, Robert Lipton (As The World Turns) as Tom, Alexa Hamilton (Three For The Road) as Priscilla Wayne, Ken Foree (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) as Marvin, Chelsea Field (Masters Of The Universe) as Darla, Shari Shattuck (On Deadly Ground) as Catherine, Tane McClure (Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas) as Vicky, Rosalind Cash (The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8TH Universe) as SGT. Stone, and the film was directed by Michael Fischa (My Mom’s A Werewolf). 

Brenda BakkeOne thing is for sire when it comes to this film is that there is plenty of T&A and some ridiculous 80’s outfits like some awful shoulder pads that Ken Foree has on to make him look tougher. The confusing thing about the film at times is that there is two different scenarios playing out in the same film and it’s a little annoying. You have the scenario that quite possibly that his dead wife is coming back to haunt him so she is causing some accidents to happen. The other scenario is that his lawyer is trying to sabotage the place so that he can buy it for cheap. Here’s the thing with that, if you wanted that to be a subplot then you should have the film be about that instead of the other major plot twist that we get as well. The one thing I will say is that the film had some decent star power to it and that story wasn’t that bad. The film was actually pretty decent considering it was made by the same people behind the Faces Of Death franchise. One of the appealing things to me was the kills as some of them were pretty unique like the girl who is melted by acid that comes out of the sprinkler system or the exploding heads. There is some corny kills like the cartoonish fish that kills a man and plenty more. The film has a little bit of an identity crisis, but it’s at least entertaining for the most part. Check it out for yourself through VHSPS or by finding it online. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I would have to give this one an 2.8 for a final grade.


How Do I Look?


Spare Parts Cheeseball PicI am finally starting to catch up on the all the films that I wanted to cover for Cheeseball Cinema which is one of my favorite segments to do. At last years Rock and Shock Horror Convention, I purchased some DVD’s from VHSPS (VHS Preservation Society) and one of the films I purchased is today’s film in Spare Parts (a.k.a. Fleisch). The film stars Jutta Speidel (For Heavens Sake) and Herbert Herrmann (Hexenschuß) as newlywed couple Monica and Mike. All they want to do is enjoy their honeymoon for some reason in New Mexico, but a sinister plot is going on at the Honeymoon Inn. People are being kidnapped and sold as unwilling organ donors at a nearby hospital. After two EMT’s failed to capture Monica, she partners up with a truck driver by the name of Bill (Wolf Roth) to get to the bottom of the issue and to try and save her husband from being butchered meat. The film also stars Charlotte Kerr (Mit siebzig hat man noch Träume) as Dr. Jackson, Christoph Lindert (Der Schlaf der Vernunft) as The Intern, Bob Cunningham (It Started In Naples) as Sergeant,  Tedi Altice as the hotel owner, Ben Zeller (Dances With Wolves) as medic, and the film was written and directed by Rainer Erler (Operation Ganymed).

Jutta SpeidelOne of the true highlights of this German film was the acting done by Wolf Roth who was absolutely superb in this TV Movie that was otherwise plagued with issues. I am not sure if it was the transfer from VHS to DVD that VHSPS did or the film itself, but the overdub was a little annoying. You could hear the audio at times before the lips ever moved and it gave me quite the task to judge their performances. Back to Wolf, he was the cool, calm, and collected truck driver who you knew in the back of his mind wanted a piece of Monica, but he was too good of a person to do so. Some of the acting from certain cast members was a little bit questionable, but overall they did a pretty decent job. My biggest issue is with how the film and the story played out. Mike gets kidnapped, she runs away, and manages to get rescued by Bill. They devise a plan to get captured and it works, but they have the truck drivers to watch their backs before they become slabs of meat. They manage to find out about the operation after stripping a man to his tighty whities and sticking him in the meat freezer. They successfully get in and deliver the EMT’s only to get trapped themselves. They travel to New York where she manages to escape again only for her to get detained by the police who for some reason decide to help her out. The only problem is that she has to team with the doctor in charge of this to get her man out before it’s too late. That is all after she was told that it was known who she was all along before she went to New York. Why all of a sudden the change of heart for the doctor and why should Monica trust her? It just went all over the place and that bothered me a little because I know where I would have gone with the story. There is the obligitory sex scene that is required in every late 70’s/80’s horror film. So check it out if you can at your own risk. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give it an 2.8 for a final grade because it was better than the last film I did.

Death Warmed UpEddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween is now behind us in the rear view mirror and I’m left here wondering what to do next. So, I figured I would check a film from one of the ones I received from VHSPS last year at Rock and Shock for Cheeseball Cinema and it has been some time since we’ve done one of these for all of you. The film I have for you guys today is an 1984 Australian film entitled Death Warmed Up (or it’s new name Death Warmed Over). The film stars Michael Hurst (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) as Michael Tucker, a boy who is hypnotized by a crazed doctor and forced to kill his parents who were the doctors opposed his new plan for a certain type of neurosurgery. Now, it’s years later, Michael is free from a mental institution, but the doctor (played by Gary Day) is now on an island where he is creating superhuman war machines. Now it’s up to Michael to stop him before it’s too late. The film also stars Margaret Umbers (Bridge To Nowhere) as Sandy, William Upjohn (Dark City) as Lucas, Norelle Scott (User Friendly) as Jeannie, David Letch (Mr. Wrong) as Spider, Geoff Snell (Her Majesty) as Jannings, Bruno Lawrence (The Quiet Earth) as Tex, Nathaniel Lees (The Matrix Reloaded) as Jackson,  Jonathan Hardy (Mad Max) as Ranji Gandhi, and the film was directed by David Blyth (My Grandpa Is A Vampire).

Norelle Scott and William UpjohnFirst things first and that is I was in to this film at first because I could tell where it was going, but then it got lost somewhere in translation as the film wore on. They don’t explain why Spider is so obsessed with wanting to hurt Michael or his friends because technically the doctor has no idea that he is even there anyways. One thing is for sure and there is some necessary nudity which is what may have triggered the reasoning for poor old Spider. What could have triggered it also is that you see a whole lot of Michael in those awful European swimsuits that men used to wear. Seeing way too much of Michael even frightened me a little, I didn’t know if I could handle all of that. The acting in the film is actually pretty decent for the most part and that wasn’t necessarily my issue with the film. It just that no one else in the world doesn’t notice that there is something wrong with these guys that are walking around with lumps in their heads? I also have to be honest in that in the beginning of the film I thought we were going to see some very sexual content between two men, but it ended up being a way for the doctor to capture Michael for his experiments. The film all gets tied together in the end, but in my opinion it’s a little sloppy, but I can forgive them for that. If you want to take a chance on the film, good luck looking for it cause I bought it by chance just by looking at the cover. On a scale of one being an A-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give this one an three for a final grade. That is probably a harsh grade, but fair in my opinion.

octoberIt is officially October 31ST which means that I want to take the time to officially wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween. I have been doing Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween since 2012 and it has been a joy to do every year since I love horror and Halloween. I have watched so many amazing films and that is 186 films with today’s entry. I wanted to watch a film that expressed the joy of the month of October and I found that in The Houses October Built. The found footage horror film follows five friends in Brandy (Brandy Schaefer), Zack (Zack Andrews), Bobby (Bobby Roe), Mikey (Mikey Roe), and Jeff (Jeff Larson) as they go searching the country for the most ultimate and terrifying haunted house the country has to offer. The only problem is that while on this journey, they manage to piss off some people from a haunted house and they begin to stalk and terrorize them. Can they find the ultimate haunted house or will the people after them catch up? The film also stars Tansy Alexander (Grey Sheep) as Trannyotomy, Kahl Brice (Sacrament) as Head Clown, Chloë Crampton (Chastity Bites) as Porcelain, Amber  Campisi (Kendra) as Amber, Bart Butler (Property Lines) as Haunt House Clown in Alley, and the film was directed by Bobby Roe (The Houses October Built 2). 

october builtI am very picky when it comes to Found Footage Horror films because some can be really good or just plain annoying especially with the shaky camera effect. The one thing this one does not really have is the shaky camera effect for the most part, but what it does that annoys me is it cuts when it gets good. You don’t get the full visual of what they do, but it does work because if they are carrying a camera, an attack would end them being able to film it. One of the things I will give this film is that it had some real creepy characters in like Porcelain who was just super creepy. The movie tries everything from a lot of jump scares which is essentially the bread and butter of an haunted house to even including some shots of boobs from a strip club that they visit. Horror wouldn’t be horror without some of those scenes, am I right? The acting is actually pretty decent as they do their best Blair Witch Project impression and the haunted house workers were great as well. In the end, this is definitely a film that I believe is worth watching because it may be one of the better found footage films out there. The film is available on Netflix right now and I think you should give it a shot. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

altars of madnessI usually release my album of the week post every Wednesday and I have for the last four year or so. Unfortunately, Halloween lands on a Tuesday which means that my lost October Halloween themed posts were to end last week. In my right mind, I just couldn’t let that happen so I am releasing an album of the week post one week early this year and I have a good one. One band that has always always stuck out to me in the Death Metal community has always been Florida’s own Morbid Angel. There is a reason for that and it’s current vocalist Steve Tucker once told me on the Superjoint Ritual tour in 2003 to “get off your ass p*ssy because no sits at a Morbid Angel show.” I thought it was the coolest thing in the world because I was the only sitting on top of this bar top at the Worcester Palladium. Nonetheless, the band absolutely crushed it and I have been a fan ever since. The album I chose for today was based off a recommendation by and it’s the band’s debut album Altars Of Madness. The album featured David Vincent (Bass & Vocals), Trey Azagthoth (Guitars), Richard Brunelle (Guitars), and the “father of the blast beat” Pete Sandoval (Drums).

altars of madness back cover1. Immortal Rites– The track that kicks things off and the track is punishing as they sing about a ritual or offering to the lord of the dark. 4.5/5

2. Suffocation– a track with a real metal flare before the father of the blast beat takes over with the band whose chord progressions are insane. The track seems to be talking about a time when evil ran over the land just suffocating everyone’s judgement. 5/5

3. Visions from the Dark Side– A hammering track that is unrelenting as it bludgeons you to death in this track about how sometimes it’s the force of the dark that makes us do the things we do. 4.5/5

4. Maze of Torment– The intro has a real thrash like intro while integrating with their death metal sound. You can definitely hear a Slayer like influence on the track and it’s bad ass. This is one of the best tracks on the album in my opinion. 5/5

5. Lord of All Fevers & Plagues– The band pays tribute to various gods like Ningishzida who appears in the Simon Necronomicon and H.P. Lovecraft’s writings. 4.5/5

MOSH011PD-REVERSEsmall6. Chapel of Ghouls– A punishing riff that reminds me of early Slayer in a track that is about hell’s all out war against Christ and his churches. This is another amazing track on the album. 5/5

7. Bleed for the Devil– A track that is punishing like a sledgehammer that is all about what are willing to do for the lord of darkness. I love the guitar solo, it’s very Hanneman like. 4.5/5

8. Damnation– a hammering metal track that seems to be about hell on earth commencing and all of us being in damnation. 4/5

9. Blasphemy– Another blast beat heavy track that is all about being blasphemous towards God which is the ultimate unforgivable sin (I believe). I love the guitar solo in this track, it’s very cool. 4/5

10. Evil Spells– The last song on the album that is a very cool track with metal influences in it that put most Thrash bands to shame in a track that is all about hell. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is as bad ass as it gets people especially if you are thinking about getting in to Death Metal. I have always been one that says you don’t have to pay attention to the lyrics to enjoy the music, but know that the lyrics are an important piece of the puzzle. This album does put a lot of metal bands to shame as these guys wrote some amazing songs. I am giving the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

fright_night_part_ii_ver2One of my favorite vampire movies from the 1980’s besides The Lost Boys is the 1985 classic Fright Night. The movie had it all from a fun and great cast, great soundtrack that featured the likes of the J.Geils Band, and some very cool special effects. As soon as I realized that that the sequel Fright Night Part 2 was available to watch on Youtube, I jumped on the chance to include it for today. Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale) is still trying to get over the events of the first one telling himself that Jerry Dandridge was not a vampire and that they don’t exist. One day after visiting the great Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), he sees a beautiful women by the name of Regine Dandridge (Julie Carmen) who confirms to him that vampires may just actually exist especially when they are looking for revenge. The film also stars Traci Lind (Class Of 1999) as Alex, Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite) as Louie, Russell Clark (The New Guy) as Belle, Brian Thompson (Cobra) as Bozworth, Merritt Butrick (Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan) as Richie, Ernie Sabella (The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride) as Dr. Harrison, Matt Landers (Die Hard) as Mel,  Rochelle Ashana (Kickboxer) as Art Major, and the film was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace (Halloween III: Season Of The Witch). 

maxresdefaultWho knew that Uncle Rico (Gries) was going to shop up as a mangy vampire in my film? Nonetheless, one of the first things I wanted to talk about was the fact that I think they chose the perfect counterpart to Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent in the very attractive Julie Carmen. Chris Sarandon was a very good looking guy who made the perfect vampire in the first film and Carmen played the sexy vampire looking for revenge in this one. One thing I will say is that they tried to benefit off of The Lost Boys which came out the year before with the way their vampires looked in this film especially considering it was a gang of vampires. The film was pretty decent, but it had a lot of moments that were just very b-movie level humor which I guess is OK considering it is Fright Night, but the originals humor made sense. The soundtrack to the film wasn’t bad, but it was nothing compared to the first, but I’m OK with it. They chose to use a score rather than actual bands which worked for the film and worked very well. The other thing that I liked about this film was definitely the costume and make up team who did a great job with the vampires. Some of the ways in which they died were very interesting to say the least especially Brian Thompson and even Russell Clark who becomes clear and melts. It was a very entertaining film, but I have one question that still burns in my mind and that is do vampires not enjoy sex? When things get hot and heavy they immediately go for the neck and it’s the end of story. Sometimes, you have to just enjoy the moment! I am going to give the film an B for a final grade.

Jack's BackThe film I chose for today’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween was solely based off a recommendation or mention by a friend of mine after we had a conversation about actors from the 1980’s. I mentioned that one of the best to come out of the 1980’s was the one and only James Spader (Avengers: Age Of Ultron) and they brought up today’s film entitled Jack’s Back. Someone in Echo Park Los Angeles is committing murders in the same style as Jack The Ripper had done some 100 years before. John Wesford (Spader) one day happens to stumble upon one of the murders and is killed by the murderer. As he is being murdered, his twin brother Rick (also Spader) wakes up from witnessing this in his nightmare and decides that he is going to help find his brothers killer and solve the crimes that the police can’t seem to solve. The film also stars Cynthia Gibb (Death Warrant) as Chris, Jim Haynie (The Bridges Of Madison County) as Sgt. Gabriel, Robert Picardo (Gremlins 2: The New Batch) as Dr. Carlos Battera, Rod Loomis (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) as Dr. Sidney, Rex Ryon (Beverly Hills Cop) as Jack Pendler, Chris Mulkey (Captain Phillips) as Scott Morofsky, John Wesley (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot) as Sam Hilliard, and the film was written and directed by Rowdy Herrington (Road House).

1988jacksback6I love how they infused crime and mystery into this horror film because it made the film very interesting to say the least. James Spader is as billed in this film and he is exactly what you would want from someone having to play two different people. The best part about this film as well is the fact that you think you know who the killer is for the most part, but they fool you in the end although I wasn’t fooled at all because I stuck with my first suspect. All of that is thanks to the writing department who also happens to be our director who did an amazing job on the film and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a man who brought us Road House. I loved the cinematography in the film as well and they did a good job at first not giving away any decisive evidence. I also loved the shots of Los Angeles that we would get especially seeing how close Echo Park is to Downtown LA. My only question that I had for this film is that if he murdered the correct number of women then why go for one more especially considering that the police believe that they have their guy and the fact that the victim he was going for didn’t suspect him either. Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to that, but I am OK with it. I’m pretty sure that you can find this film online somewhere, but if you have a Shudder account, it is available to stream on there too. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade because it was engaging and very entertaining in my opinion.