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music-bowl-51This is the third time that we are doing the MusicBowl here on Moshpits and Movies, but once again we are just calling it Musicbowl 51 to go along with the SuperBowl. SuperBowl 51 is tomorrow night which means that the New England Patriots are taking on the Atlanta Falcons with one team hoping to taste glory for the first time while the other wants to be on top of the mountain for a fifth time in 15 years. For this years edition of MusicBowl 51, we are once again selecting a band that represents each team and it’s region and we are pinning them against each other with you deciding the winner. On one end, we have one of the hardest working bands from a hard working city in Godsmack who hail from Boston, MA as they take on one of Alt Metal/Nu Metal’s hardest working acts that has persevered through triumph and heartache in Atlanta’s Sevendust. Both bands have been around the scene now for more than 20 years having taken two completely different roads to where they are, but only one can come out of this contest triumphant. Is it going to be the New England Patriots and Godsmack that walk out winners or is it going to be the Atlanta Falcons and Sevendust that taste glory. You have until the start of the fourth quarter of SuperBowl 51 to decide who the winner is and let your voices be heard.

When I started the Unsigned band of the week post, I wanted to have at least one band from every state featured before I would repeat a state. The other week I realized that some states are just way too big to only have one band featured and that is certainly the case for the state of Texas. The last time we were in the state of Texas, we covered a band from Dallas which is sort of northeast Texas, but for today we are heading to the gulf coast of Texas for today’s band. Twelve Years Driven, a band that is aggressive rock/metal outfit from Houston, Texas is the band I chose for today. I happened to discover the band after a I followed another band on twitter. They popped up on the suggestions part after you follow a band and I decided to check them out. The song I chose for you guys from the band is their track Going Down which is a track that definitely rocks hard, but I have to say I love the background vocals during the chorus because it matches up real well with singer Robert Rice’s vocals pretty well. The bands sound is uncompromising with their groove heavy beats along with the sick bass playing from Kris Wood which reminds me a little of Korn’s Fieldy. These guys are awesome and you should definitely check them out. Give them a like on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out their website for more on the band.