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WOTC PanteraIt was once known as the cover of the week where we celebrated our favorite covers of the week before it morphed into the cover battle. In cover battle, we took the same song covered by two different bands and asked you to vote as to which one was better is now being called War Of The Covers. Now that we are doing this again, the same rules apply, you have one week to vote as to what version you like better and that version is king. Of course, we all have different opinions and tastes so if you’re version loses then remember to grab some cheese and wine because you’ll need it. This week’s War of the Covers centers around one of my favorite tracks from the chart topping album from Pantera entitled Far Beyond Driven. It was the album that put a band that was already on the map on the map again, but really all it did was cement the fact that they didn’t need radio play to validate them. In 2010, British heavy metal band Malefice covered the track I’m Broken for the Metal Hammer Magazine tribute album Getcha’ Pull: A tribute to Dimebag Darrell. In 2012, French groove/death metal band Trepalium covered the track for their album H.N.P. and now you will decide whose cover was better.


pantera farFar Beyond Driven is not only the first modern extreme metal album to hit number one on the billboard charts beating out Ace Of Base among others, but it’s also the album that cemented the legacy of a band that saved metal as we know it. Phil Anselmo (Vocals), Dimebag Darrell (Guitars), Vinnie Paul (Drums), and Rex Brown (Bass) were out to prove with their third album that they weren’t going to sell out, but rather that they were going to shatter all the conventions of what a follow up to a successful album was supposed to be. In fact, the band made the album heavier and more in your face to the point that fans were happy and they came out in droves to the point that mainstream America had to listen even though they chose to ignore the band. The album was produced by Terry Date and it was released on March 22, 1994 to which the band worked hard doing a record store campaign where they travelled to 12 cities in 5 days promoting the record to all their fans.

MI0001217826The first song the band recorded was Planet Caravan, a cover of the Black Sabbath classic which was originally intended for the Nativity In Black Tribute record, but for some reason that was scrapped and the band elected to release it on this album so it wouldn’t go to waste. The song featured Vinnie playing the bongos and Rex Brown playing Keyboards and a fretless bass to give it it’s authentic sound. The first song written and recorded for the album was 25 Years, a song that was a little personal for Phil who says it was written about his father. Becoming is another track that deals with Phil’s younger years, but it’s famous for it squealing whammy pedal sound that Dime elected to use for the track. Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills is a song the band has admitted started off as a joke, but when the riffs got better they took the song more serious. Phil has also admitted that the song was about a friend who he had hoped had no idea it was about them. 5 Minutes Alone is one of the most punishing tracks on the record and it has a very cool backstory. The song is about a father who was suing Phil after his son was trampled at a Megadeth/Pantera show. The father had called the manager and told him that it wasn’t about the money, but rather that he wanted 5 minutes alone with Phil to which the manager said yeah right and hung up the phone. The rest is history as they say. Strength Beyond Strength is such a brutal way to start off a record, it immediately hits you and it goes for the jugular as it never let’s go.

pantera-far-beyond-driven-5-cdSlaughtered is another bone crunching track that Anselmo says is about religion when he says, “I’ve always had a distorted view of organized religion and I was never more confused than when I was in my 20s and whatnot. And still I like to use a fusion, if you will, of religions and f— with them, so to speak. And then tear them down and piss all over them or build them up only to tip over.” Use My Third Arm is a track that Anselmo says that it’s an “aimless temper tantrum” to which he has no clue what it’s about anymore, but the song is a definite facemelter as it bashes your brains in at the same time. Shedding Skin is a methodical track that Anselmo has said is about relationships in his twenties and him telling girls to back off when it came to getting serious. I’m Broken is one of the greatest guitar riffs from Dimebag Darrell and it was also the first single released from the band in a song that was a sort of cry for help from Phil who claims he was suffering from debilitating back pain. Throes Of Rejection is song that starts off with a bad ass bass riff before Dime comes in with the weeping guitar as this was always one of my favorites on the record. Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks is another track where Dime is just wailing away on the guitar. This is one of the best Pantera records ever recorded come to think and that is what I am giving the record 5 stars out of five for a final grade.