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the mummyIt’s the second year of Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween and so to kick it off I looked to a classic monster movie from Universal Studios called The Mummy. You can’t get any better than the classic Universal monster movies and this is one of Boris Karloff’s finest. He stars as the ancient Egyptian priest Imhotep who was buried alive for trying to resurrect his dead girlfriend Ankh-es-en-amon. Now, we travel back to the present time in the film which is 1921 and Sir Joseph Whemple (Arthur Byron) and his team have just made a remarkable discovery which is the body of Imhotep. The only problem is that they didn’t listen to their friend Dr. Muller (Edward Van Sloan) who told them not to open a box that came with Imhotep. Whemple’s overly anxious assistant goes ahead, opens the box, and he awakens Imhotep. We fast forward ten years to 1932 and Imhotep is now known as Ardath Bey and he is looking to resurrect his long lost love, but can Dr. Muller and Whemple’s son Frank (David Manners) stop him before he takes the beautiful Helen (Zita Johann)?

mummyJust think about this for a second, The Mummy is now 81 years old and it’s still a remarkable film to watch even today. You cannot beat the classic horror of the early days, but I will admit something to all of you. I can see why these early classic horror films were marketed to kids back in the 1930’s and so on because they’re not terrifying in the sense of a serial killer going after victims or the boogeyman.  I do imagine that some of them were scary to kids back in the 1930’s so I can appreciate horror of this caliber. There were some flaws in the film that I noticed like at times it seemed like they were waiting for the director to call cut because it seems that they are awkwardly standing there. Boris Karloff is masterful in his role as Imhotep as he was carving his own way like Bela Lugosi was for Dracula or even Lon Chaney Jr as The Wolfman. Plus, he showed all of us that he could play something else other than The Monster from Frankenstein. I am giving the film an A- for a final grade.