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8th annual me awardsIt is that time of the year where we begin celebrating all the best of the previous year and as usual, we here at Moshpits and Movies are once again handling the music and movie side of the awards. We are unfortunately not working together with 365 Movies Challenge blog any longer, but we have reacquired Mr. X’s Punch Out who will handle the wrestling side of things. For right now though, we are looking at the music side of the awards which is now in it’s eighth year and we are pretty excited. Besides the usual awards for Album of the Year, Metal Album of the Year, etc., we have added a couple of new categories to the awards which are Cover of the Year and Rookie of the Year. Every year, there are plenty of bands that record covers of famous songs they love from bands and we want to celebrate by voting for the best one. Much like cover of the year, there are always new bands that pop onto our radar and we want to celebrate them as well. We tried our best to not include supergroups, but rather if it’s their current and only focus then they are allowed. For right now, check out the awards below and be on the look out as always for the next post that will allow YOU the fans to vote for what you loved from 2018.

Album Of The Year

1. Rainier Fog by Alice In Chains

2. Year Of The Tiger by Myles Kennedy

3. Prequelle by Ghost

4. I Loved You At Your Darkest by Behemoth

5. Eat The Elephant by A Perfect Circle

6. Vicious by Halestorm

Rock Album Of The Year

1. Rainier Fog by Alice In Chains

2. Evolution by Disturbed

3. When Legends Rise by Godsmack

4. Vicious by Halestorm

5. Thread by Red Sun Rising

6. Year Of The Tiger by Myles Kennedy

Metal Album Of The Year

1. Conqueror’s Death by Visigoth

2. Electric Messiah by High On Fire

3. Our Raw Heart by YOB

4. Firepower by Judas Priest

5. The Sciences by Sleep

6. Prequelle by Ghost

Extreme Metal Album Of The Year

1. I Loved You At Your Darkest by Behemoth

2. Golden Serpent God by Akhenaten

3. Down Below by Tribulation

4. Stranger Fruit by Zeal & Ardor

5. Trident Wolf Eclipse by Watain

6. Upon Desolate Sands by Hate Eternal

Rock Single Of The Year

1. Uncomfortable by Halestorm

2. When Bad Does Good by Chris Cornell

3. Dance Macabre by Ghost

4. Never Fade by Alice In Chains

5. Bulletproof by Godsmack

6. Disillusioned by A Perfect Circle

Metal Single Of The Year

1. All Out Life by Slipknot

2. My Own Grave by As I Lay Dying

3. Devonian: Nascent by The Ocean

4. Bartzabel by Behemoth

5. Giza Butler by The Sleep

6. Lightning Strike by Judas Priest

Metal Video Of The Year

1. Rats by Ghost

2. Black Wedding by In This Moment

3. All Out Life by Slipknot

4. God=Dog by Behemoth

5. Interdimensional Summit by Dimmu Borgir

6. Lying In State by Megadeth

Rock Video Of The Year

1. Mindf**ker by Monster Magnet

2. Dirty by Sevendust

3. Actual Pain by Good Charlotte

4. Crossing A Line by Mike Shinoda

5. Down In Flames by Deadland Ritual

6. It’s So Easy by Guns N Roses

Rookie Of The Year

1. Jord by Mol

2. Legend of the Seagullmen by Legend of the Seagullmen

3. Errorzone by Vein

4. Made an America by The Fever 333

5. The Judge by Scott Sellers

6. Disobey by Bad Wolves

Cover Of The Year

1. Zombie by Bad Wolves

2. Cry Little Sister by Marilyn Manson

3. I Don’t Wanna Be Me by Trivium

4. Helter Skelter by Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson

5. It’s A Sin by Ghost

6. Shout by Arch Enemy

RobZombie_Korn_SiteTeaser_550x307png17 years ago, Korn and Rob Zombie teamed up for the Rock Is Dead Tour, they would team up together 14 years later for the Night Of The Living Dreads Tour, and now they have teamed up again for the Return Of The Dreads Tour which stopped at The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA with upstarts In This Moment as the opener. The show definitely promised to be a memorable show with two of the three bands being very theatrical in their performances as well as this was a hometown show for Rob Zombie (originally from Haverhill). The show was definitely a mixture of sex, horror, and heavy metal as it was a beautiful night for some metal mayhem. In This Moment opened up the show with their band members dressed like demon soldiers of the dead while Maria Brink changed her outfits for every song along with her half naked dancers. I do have to admit though that Brink definitely commanded the crowd as they blazed through tracks like Sick Like Me, Sex Metal Barbie, and show closer Blood. The best way to describe her would be that Maria Brink is what you would get if Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga had a child.

IMG_6073After they were done, we knew that it was time for one of the greatest stage shows in all of metal besides Alice Cooper in Rob Zombie. Zombie hit the stage precisely at 8:05 PM with opener Dead City Radio and The New Gods Of Supertown before we were treated with a giant devil walking onstage during the next song Superbeast. From then on, he never looked back as we were treated to the macabre with a lethal dose of old and new tracks. Rob was definitely the highlight of the night as he and the band showed that they were true showman with all of the costumes, the props, the horror videos, and even a little Tone Loc Wild Thing cover before the band jumped right into concert staple Living Dead Girl. The crowd was treated by a visit from Rob’s wife actress Sheri Moon Zombie as she was delivering aliens for the track Well, Everybody’s F**king in a U.F.O. and they showed their adoration for her. He would blaze through classics like Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy), House Of 1000 Corpses, Thunderkiss 65, before tearing the roof off the place with their cover of We’re An American Band. He would show a trailer for his newest film 31 before ending the show with set classic Dragula.

IMG_6099Korn was the last band to take the set and they were a huge difference from the previous bands because it was all about the music. There are no theatrics when it comes to Korn, they basically have a bunch of lights, screens, and their high octane brand of crushing metal. The band sounded pretty good as they opened the set with the punishing Right Now before heading into the classic Here To Stay. Of course, Korn have a new album coming out in October so it’s only natural the band kick right into a new track Rotting In Vain before they dug deep into their catalog playing classics like Somebody Someone, Did My Time, Y’All Want A Single, and Make Me Bad. The highlight of the night for me came when singer Jonathan Davis brought out the bagpipes for Shoots And Ladders which ended with a snippet of Metallica’s One. When it came to Nu-Metal, there was absolutely no one better and Korn proved that as they brought all the energy you would want from a Korn show. The band finished off the night playing classics like Blind (which the crowd went nuts for), Twist, Got The Life, Falling Away From Me, and the closer Freak On A Leash. Overall, it was one heck of a night as we relived what was great about the 90’s and like Jonathan had said during the show (not an exact quote) that it was cool to have a place where all metal heads could meet to celebrate the music they loved. This was definitely one of my favorite shows of the year. The concert gets an A- overall for a final grade.

As promised here is your second single of the week from the rock side of life. Nu-Metal band Nonpoint is back with a brand new album, song, and they’re even on a new label. The band has unleashed the new track Generation Idiot which comes off the band’s upcoming record The Poison Red which is slated for release on July 8TH via the band’s new label Spinefarm Records. Led singer Elias Soriano talked about the track and it’s meaning saying, “Over the past five years, I began to notice people, myself included, getting lost in a few of the simple things — life, art, passions. Everything became a reality TV blog with pictures and comments, likes and dislikes, online bullies and online tough guys. And no one is talking anymore. Everything is texts, e-mails, replies and denies. They’re all anchors. They all suck the life out of life. It creates zombies with unhinged appetites. It’s a real zombie apocalypse and, motherf–ker, I’m grabbing a machete and a shotgun.” That is him describing the internet and sadly it sounds about right. The band has some pretty cool pre-order bundles that you can check out by going here. The band will also hit the road this summer with some dates including Buckcherry and another tour with In This Moment later in the summer. See all of their tour stops here otherwise check out the track below:

in this momentWhen it comes to theatrical metal with a little bit of a pop flavor to it, there is obviously no one better than In This Moment. The band has definitely proven that since they’ve been riding the success of their last record Black Widow since it’s release two years ago. The band has been riding the success of tracks like Sex Metal Barbie, Big Bad Wolf, Sick Like Me, and now The Fighter. The Fighter is the latest track off the album to get the music video treatment and what a powerful track to do so. The video may come across some to be plain, but it conveys a very powerful message with it’s lyrics and the performance of Maria Brink (who also directed the video alongside Jeremy Saffer). The track is about overcoming adversity or whatever stands in your way and being a fighter instead of a victim and no one conveys that message better than Brink in the video. The video only features Brink in it as you can see her convey the message of the song with her unique makeup during the video which you’ll see below.

Maria recently commented on the video via the band’s Facebook page saying, “I’m really excited for everyone to see “The Fighter” music video. I decided to do a stripped down, intimate video to go with the nature and the meaning of the song. I wanted to show everybody a more vulnerable side of myself and take out all the bells & whistles. This song is about rising to our fullest power and overcoming tragedy. I hope everybody enjoys it and special thanks to Jeremy Saffer for collaborating with me on this.” It’s definitely a video worth check it out cause the song is amazing and catch the band live this summer when they go on tour with Rob Zombie and Korn.

In our first piece of new for the day, Dave Mustaine offered fans today an update on the new album via his Twitter account regarding what he still had to do for the record. Check out the tweet below:

dave mustaine





In other Megadeth related news, the band did announce that they will perform one show with Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler behind the drum kit. According to, the drummer confirmed that he would be behind the kit for Festival D’été De Québec on July 18TH. He has stated that he would play as many shows as Lamb Of God will allow him to. David Ellefson recently commented about Adler at Comicpalooza saying, “Chris is such a fan of MEGADETH. Chris playing with MEGADETH would be like me joining KISS. We’re, like, his favorite band ever and the band that got him into music. I mean, he’s so humbly appreciative of the opportunity and being part of this. And so, anyway, we’ve talked about shows coming up, [and] Chris was, like, ‘Dude, I’ll move anything I can anywhere to try to make it happen; I just wanna play with MEGADETH.’ He may play one show with us and go, ‘That’s it. I’m done. I don’t ever wanna do that again.’ So we’ll find out as it’s coming up. But the goal is Chris would like to play with us as much as possible. And we are still looking to where is the best time to release this new [MEGADETH] record, so as we’re looking at some dates coming up, they’re not necessarily predicated on the new album being out. And I guess it’s kind of cool thing with MEGADETH — we can play shows and not necessarily have to have a new album to go play those [dates].”

In other news, Jonathan Davis of Korn has confirmed that he is working with shock rocker Marilyn Manson on an album or project. Manson had hinted many times in the past that the two may be collaborating, but I guess Jonathan couldn’t hold it in anymore. It is not known what the project will exactly be, what it will sound like, or who else will be on it, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Two of my favorite artists collaborating on one project, I hope this sounds good.




















mariaIf you’re a fan of Maria Brink or even In This Moment then set your DVR’s up for Monday Night because you are not going to want to miss this. The Season premiere of Murder In The First airs on TNT this upcoming Monday night (June 8) and guess who has booked a guest spot on the first episode of season 2? If you guessed In This Moment then you are correct. The band revealed it via their Instagram page saying, “We are so proud to announce that In This Moment will be featured on the TNT show ‘Murder in the First’ on June 8th. We are so excited for the premiere!!!” Check out the trailer for the episode here which also features a few moments of Maria Brink.

Bullet For My Valentine definitely has my respect after the band agreed to do one of the coolest things this summer. While the band is on the road in North America, they agreed to take the ashes of a couple of fans on the road all summer long. James Simmons, 18, and Corran “Coz” Powell, 21 were huge fans of the band and they passed away back in December in a car accident together. Simmons passed away at the scene while Powell passed away after being put into a medically induced coma. It was Powell’s brother who contacted the band about possibly paying tribute to the two and they agreed. They’ll be carrying a specially crafted urn with a couple of Jewels that were custom made in the two’s honor. Powell’s Mother stated about one of the jewels, “We made a piece of stainless steel jewelry inspired by the Gears of War game.” This is a really cool move on the band’s part and they have my respect. Catch the band all summer long with Slipknot, Lamb Of God, and Motionless In White.

spooky empirePhil Anselmo is back in the news again, but this time it’s due to his admirable work ethic as the singer is busier than he ever has been before. In an interview with Spooky Empire, the singer revealed some cool news for fans of his music and the film fest he puts on every year. Despite the fact that Housecore Horror Fest co-founder Corey Mitchell passed away last year, Anselmo said the fest will continue in November saying, “Corey was a passionate, unbelievably hard working man — a very, very, very, very, very good friend … This year, we’re dedicating the whole thing to Corey. Rest in peace.” Then he spoke about his upcoming music projects saying, “Been writing new Superjoint [Ritual]. Been writing new [Philip Anselmo and the] Illegals, been writing, well actually I’m in a secret death metal project with some secret other guys across the equator. It’s called Metroton Nganga and it’s cute, it really is.” According to Loudwire, he has also been working on material as the website reports, “Anselmo also revealed he’s been working on some acoustic music as well and has been behind the boards producing a new band called Child Bite that he describes as not really a metal band, but more in the vein of “Black Flag meets Jesus Lizards meets Dead Kennedys meets the Midwest.” And he’s also recently welcomed actor/musician Bill Moseley for sessions at his Nodferatu’s Lair studio. During the period, they wrote four songs together.” Stay tuned here for more info as it becomes available and check out the website for the Horror fest here and to watch the full interview go here.

aEver wonder what supergroups never saw the light of day considering we live in a society where bands are doing it constantly. Well, Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan revealed a very weird supergroup during a press conference they held for their upcoming tour and it was thought up during a feeling they had while taking muscle relaxers. Manson says, “The band was going to be called Fruity at the time, because we thought that the pills made us feel fruity, that was it. I don’t really know what that meant, at the time. I don’t know if it was more of an in the moment situation, or if it was the surroundings.” Billy Corgan then spilled the beans on who was in it, “I think there was a fantasy of what it would mean to have a band together, and then everyone we would meet would be in the band. Like Flavor Flav was in the band, [porn star] Jenna Jameson was in the band, but then it never happened.” There’s a lot more stuff revealed in the press conference that you can here by going here.

unnamed-22Now that summer is around the corner, the tours are popping up everywhere and we have one that you may want to see if you are lucky enough to be living in an area that it’s stopping at. Coal Chamber after releasing their new album Rivals has announced a summer trek with Fear Factory with Saint Ridley and Madlife serving as the openers for the whole tour. Jasta and The Devil You Know have both signed on for select dates. “Coal Chamber is coming to the USA for another killer tour, this time bringing along some great friends Fear Factory who have a new record coming and my good buddy Jasta with his solo project! Get ready and get your tickets because this tour is gonna sell out and be a good time,” says Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara. Check out the tour dates below to see if it’s heading to a city near you.

Coal Chamber / Fear Factory / Devil You Know / Saint Ridley / Madlife Dates

7/24 — Tucson, Ariz. — Rialto Theater
7/25 — Albuquerque, N.M. — Sunshine Theater
7/26 — El Paso, Texas — Tricky Falls
8/15 — Philadelphia, Pa. — Underground Arts
8/16 — Cleveland, Ohio — Agora Theater
8/18 — Lincoln, Neb. — Bourbon Theater
8/19 — Denver, Colo. — Summit Music Hall
8/20 — Salt Lake City, Utah — Complex
8/21 — Las Vegas, Nev. — Brooklyn Bowl
8/22 — Santa Ana, Calif. — Observatory

Coal Chamber / Fear Factory / Jasta / Saint Ridley / Madlife Dates

7/28 — San Antonio, Texas — Alamo City Music Hall
7/29 — Dallas, Texas — Gas Monkey Live
7/30 — Lawrence, Kan. — Granada
7/31 — Sauget, Ill. — Pop’s
8/1 — Cincinnati, Ohio — Bogart’s
8/2 — Chattanooga, Tenn. — Track 29
8/3 — Asheville, N.C. — Orange Peel
8/4 — Columbia, S.C. — Music Farm
8/6 — Chicago, Ill. — Concord Music Hall
8/8 — Rochester, N.Y. — Water Street Music Hall
8/10 — London, Ontario — London Music Hall
8/11 — New York, N.Y. — Irving Plaza
8/12 — Poughkeepsie, N.Y. — The Chance

unnamed-21While we are on the subject of tours, we have another tour announcement for all of you since you all voted. I posted in another article an opportunity for all fans of Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch to vote for where the bands would head to while on their fall trek. You have spoke, the bands listened and the tour itinerary has been revealed. Over 1.5 million people voted and the tour starts on September 4TH in Kentucky and wraps up on October 9TH in New York. Here is what Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory had to say about the tour, “This tour is shaping up to be the perfect storm. We are really good friends with Papa Roach so for years we’ve been talking about touring together and it’s finally coming together in a big way. Both 5FDP and Papa Roach are bands of the people — our fans are who propelled us to success. So what better way than to give the fans ownership in the tour? In the world of Wikipedia and Kickstarter where crowd funding and crowd sourcing has become the standard of community effort and the new way of making things happen this might quite possibly be the future of touring — you simply ask the fans where they want you to go.” Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix added, “We are super excited to be sharing the stage on this co-headliner with FFDP. This will give Papa Roach the chance to put on the best, most epic live show to date. Our fans are going to be so stoked for these shows coming up. We seriously can’t wait to get out on the road for this tour.” The other bands on the tour are In This Moment and From Ashes To New. Check out the tour dates below:

Five Finger Death Punch / Papa Roach / In This Moment / From Ashes to New Tour Dates

9/4 — Lexington, Ky. — Rupp Arena
9/5 — Cincinnati, Ohio — U.S. Bank Arena
9/8 — Mankato, Minn. — Verizon Wireless Center
9/11 — Missoula, Mont. — Adams Event Center
9/12 — Everett, Wash. — Xfinity Center
9/13 — Spokane, Wash. — Spokane Arena
9/15 — Eugene, Ore. — Matthew Knight Arena
9/16 — Reno, Nev. — Lawlor Event Center
9/18 — Ontario, Calif. — Citizens Business Bank Arena
9/19 — Las Vegas, Nev. — The Joint
9/20 — Salt Lake City, Utah — Maverik Center
9/22 — Colorado Springs, Colo. — Broadmoor World Arena
9/25 — La Crosse, Wis. — La Crosse Center
9/29 — St. Charles, Mo. — Family Arena
9/30 — Indianapolis, Ind. — Indiana Farmers Coliseum
10/2 — Cedar Rapids, Iowa — U.S. Cellular Center
10/3 — Toledo, Ohio — Huntington Center
10/4 — Cleveland, Ohio — Jacobs Pavilion
10/6 — Lowell, Mass. — Tsongas Center
10/8 — Uncasville, Ct. — Mohegan Sun Arena
10/9 — Glen Falls, N.Y. — Glen Falls Civic Center

Ryan-Shutler-630x420In sad news, Lazarus AD drummer Ryan Shutler has passed away at the age of 28. Reports have not been made official as of yet, but they said that he may have passed away from a heart attack this past Sunday (May 17). He was a part of the band since they started in 2005 and he was a part of two albums that were released by Metal Blade Records in 2009’s The Onslaught and 2011’s Black Rivers Flow. R.I.P. Ryan Shutler.

aFor this week’s Music Video Of The Week, we are presenting a video to you from a band that always delivers visually stunning material to go along with their amazing music. In This Moment are one of those bands that always has an amazing music video that captures the essence of their music and now they are presenting the video for Sex Metal Barbie, their latest single from their album Black Widow which already spawned the singles Sick Like Me and Big Bad Wolf. To top it all off, Maria Brink is also the director of the Sex Metal Barbie video telling, “I am very excited about the release of the ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ video. Directing it was a liberating experience. When you write music that you are very passionate about being able to bring the visual aspect of it alive with the music is what ties everything together. ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ is all about rising above hate. I used other people’s hatred to create this song and concepts.” She goes on to say, “I really wanted this video to convey that other people’s perceptions of us are just their own twisted and warped views. I wanted a sarcastic and delusional visual to bring this video alive. Lastly I want to thank all the people who feel compelled to express negativity toward us for all the inspiration. I couldn’t have done it without them.” The video is really cool as it features a bunch of creatures that surround her and the visual effects are cool as they use this carnival house of mirrors style effects. Check out the video below and enjoy:

So, apparently there is some buzz going around for the new HBO documentary about Kurt Cobain entitled Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck that was spearheaded by his daughter Frances Bean Cobain and director Bret Morgan. Courtney Love and Frances allowed Bret full freedom to scour through all of their belongings which includes various tapes with one being an audio recording of Cobain talking about the first time he tried to commit suicide all for this documentary. One thing that the director found apparently was a sex tape that Love had made with Kurt and she confirms it saying, “Somehow Brett found the sex tape. Everyone makes one sex tape once in their lives. Eric would come over to our house and shoot really intimate stuff with me and Kurt. That’s just the way Eric is. Let’s move on.” According to Love, the film is, “as close to the truth as anyone’s going to get” and it debuts on HBO on May 4TH.

cornThe genius behind the animated metal cooking show called Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo is back with another animated series that is hilarious. Joey Siler is back a new series called Secret Metal Mysteries and it tackles the origin of how Korn got their name. The show is obviously just a parody, but it follows a band called Corn and how their name got ripped off by the Korn we know today and it parodies Korn’s music like the song Blind and Falling Away From Me to name a few. The video also shows you that in order for Jonathan to take down the original band to get rid of them , he enlisted the help of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.  If you love Metal Parodies then you have to watch this one because it is so awesome. You can check out the video here.

alWhen one thinks of Black Metal, we always associate the genre with Norway and Sweden as well as burning churches and anti-christian beliefs, but now there is a band that is becoming more edgy than any of those bands. In Saudi Arabia, there is a band that is speaking out against Islam which just may be the riskiest thing any band in a region that is 100% Muslim can do. The name of the band is called Al-Namrood and they are speaking out against Islam which by the way is punishable by imprisonment or death in Saudi Arabia and for that reason is also why they are remaining anonymous. That we take risks news service Vice managed to secure an interview with one of the members of the band known as Mephisto. Mephisto describes the band’s name, origin , “Al-Namrood is the Arabic name of the Babylonian king Nimrod, who was a mighty tyrannical king who ruled Babylon with blood and defied the ruler of the universe, according to the tenets of monotheistic religions. We find the title of Al-Namrood to perfectly fit the message of the band.” Which by the way, the band’s name means non believer. He continues, “We’re fed up with religion,” Mesphisto continues. “The fact is that everything that is connected to it makes us nauseous. I personally spoke to a shrink. He advised me that whenever I get inflamed I have to express [what I’m feeling]. So here we are, expressing. What can be more motivating than living in a place where everything is controlled by religion? Basically, individuals here have no rights to do anything. We’re owned by the Islamic sharia. Everything we do must be justified by Islam and acknowledged by society. There are two outrageous powers: religion and our society. They both interact and fulfill each other.” Sadly, the band can not perform live because if they do they could risk the possibility of being put to death.

Five-Finger-Death-Punch-Papa-Roach1In concert news, Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach are going to be hitting the road together in the fall, but they are doing things differently as far as where the tour will go. Both bands are leaving it to fans to decide where the routing of the tour will occur as fans are able to visit FFDP’s page here or Papa Roach’s here and vote for your city. The cities with the most votes will move on to each round until the final itinerary is decided. In This Moment and From Ashes To New will be hitting the road with them on that fall tour as well. Papa Roach will continue to support their album F.E.A.R. while Five Finger Death Punch continue to work on their sixth studio album. So, remember visit those pages, let your voices be heard, get those bands to your city.

Charlie-Benante-630x420As most of you know, Big Four member and Thrash titans Anthrax are about to head out on the road with Volbeat, but they’ll be missing a key component for the first couple of weeks. Drumme Charlie Benante is forced to miss the first couple of weeks of the tour due to issues of Carpal Tunnel syndrome resurfacing and he is undergoing physical therapy to help with the issue and so Jon Dette will be playing in his place. Charlie issued a statement saying, “This was a difficult decision to make especially as I had to miss dates on the last cycle because of my hand surgery. But the fact is, playing a show five or more times a week just isn’t realistic right now, I found that out when we were making our new album, and I don’t want to let the fans down by not being able to give it everything I have at every show. I was driving the other day and my hand went numb, so unfortunately, it’s just not 100 percent yet. I figure I can play for maybe three weeks at a time but then I have to let it rest. The guys in the band have been incredibly understanding and supportive, and I hope the fans will be as well. The positive side is that I plan to use the time off the road constructively and focus on our upcoming album, continue to work on the package artwork and develop a number of other ideas I’ve got for the campaign.” We just hope that Charlie will be okay and behind the kit in no time. Check out the tour dates with Volbeat below:

4/24 — 1stBank Center, Denver, CO*
4/25 — Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD*
4/27 — Spokane Arena, Spokane, WA*
4/28 — Adams Center, Missoula, MT*
4/29 — WaMu Theatre, Seattle, WA*
5/1 — Revolution Place, Grande Prairie, AB*
5/2 — Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB*
5/3 — Calgary Stampede Corral, Calgary, AB*
5/4 — SaskTel Centre, Saskatoon, SK*
5/6 — Brandt Centre, Regina, SK*
5/7 — Ralph Englestad Arena, Grand Forks, ND*
5/9 — Northern Invasion Festival, Somerset Amphitheatre, Somerset, WI
5/10 — WJJO MayDay MayLay, Alliant Energy Ctr. Memorial, Madison, WI
5/12 — General Motors Centre, Oshawa, ON*
5/13 — TD Place, Ottawa, ON*
5/14 — Quebec Colisee Pepsi, Quebec City, QC*
5/15 — CEPSUM Montreal, Montreal, QC*
5/17 — Rock on the Range – Mapfre Stadium, Columbus, OH
5/18 — Dow Events Center, Saginaw, MI*
5/19 — Ford Center, Evansville, IN*
5/20 — Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL*
5/22 — Tyson IBF Events Center, Sioux City, IA*
5/23 — Rocklahoma/Prior Creek Music, Pryor, OK
5/24 — Rockfest, AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
5/25 — Baloonfest, Wet & Wild Water World, El Paso
5/27 — Verizon Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX*
5/28 — Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX*
5/30 — Rockfest, Liberty Me. Park, Kansas City, MO
5/31 — Outdoors at Pop’s, St. Louis, MO*
6/22 — Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY*

* Volbeat dates

rsd15-630x420This year Dave Grohl was the official ambassador for the annual Record Store Day, a event that celebrates how great and amazing record stores once were back in the day. It’s a day that get’s people off of their computers and into an actual record store where you see all the amazing vinyls, CD’s, and in today’s case a couple of cassettes. This was what I believe to be the fourth record store day that I have gone to and the second in a row that I have attended and it was fun. I showed up to my local Newbury Comics where there was already a line of people waiting outside of the store so I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted the most which was the Metallica No Life Till Leather Demo Cassette and the 7″ When The Stillness Comes Slayer vinyl. When I first entered the store, I panicked because I couldn’t find the Slayer record, but I immediately located the Metallica demo cassette and I was ok with that for that moment. The second Item I picked up was the side by side 7″ Vinyl of Syd Barrett doing Dark Globe one one side and R.E.M. doing the track on the other side. The third item I located was the In This Moment pink 7″ vinyl release of Sex Metal Barbie and then after searching high and low, I finally located my prize possession which was the Slayer vinyl. My day was finally complete, but I picked up a couple more things along the way like the Stone Sour EP on vinyl of Meanwhile In Burbank and N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton on Cassette and some freebies as I was walking out the door. While it was a quick and expensive event, it was well worth the trip and my support of independent record stores everywhere. Go to yours and check it out for yourself.


godsmackWe already know that Godsmack’s album 1000HP kicks total ass as is evident by my album of the week review which you can view here. The reason I chose 1000HP as the Music Video Of The Week for this week is because the song kicks ass and the band recently announced a spring tour. Godsmack has announced some tour dates that the band will embark on in the spring that starts in Arizona and ends with a performance at Rocklahoma in Oklahoma. The band of course is still promoting  1000HP and they will hit the road with various acts like Papa Roach, Hellyeah, In This Moment, and Within Reason. Tickets are already on sale for the tour and you can check out the tour dates below the video. The music video itself is very nostalgic at times showing old footage matched with a performance based footage with the band rocking out to the title track. Some of the footage they show is real old and it’s awesome to check out as Sully narrates you through the years with awesome concert footage and backstage footage as well. The thing the video does is show you how amazing of a live band Godsmack really is because there shows are high octane fueled rock and roll extravaganzas that you never want to miss. If you’ve never seen them live then you are truly missing out on a great live experience done the good ole fashioned way. Check out the video below and don’t forget to check out the tour dates below the video.

Tour Dates

3/17 — Tempe, Ariz. — Pot Of Gold Festival
4/17 — Dallas, Texas — South Side Ballroom~ [Pre-sale live 2/4]
4/25 — Ft. Myers, Fla. — Fort Rock
4/26 — Jacksonville, Fla. — Welcome to Rockville
4/28 — Atlanta, Ga. — Tabernacle [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/1 — Virginia Beach, Va. — Farm Bureau Live [Pre-sale live 2/10]
5/2 — Reading, Pa. — Santander Arena* [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/3 — Concord, N.C. — Carolina Rebellion
5/5 — Syracuse, N.Y. — Oncenter *^ [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/6 — Glen Falls, N.Y. — Glen Falls Civic Center*^ [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/8 — Worcester, Mass. — DCU Center^ [Pre-sale live 2/4]
5/9 — Bangor, Maine — Rise Above Festival
5/10 — Uncasville, Conn. — Mohegan Sun [Pre-sale live 2/4]
5/12 — Montclair, N.J. — The Wellmont Theater [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/13 — Rochester, N.Y. — Main Street Armory*^ [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/15 — Saginaw, Mich. — Dow Event Center^ [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/16 — Columbus, Ohio — Rock on the Range
5/17 — Chicago, Ill. — Aragon Ballroom# [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/19 — Moline, Ill. — iWireless Center^# [Pre-sale live 2/11]
5/20 — Brookings, S.D. — Swiftel Center^# [Pre-sale live 2/4]
5/22 — Pryor, Okla. — Rocklahoma

^w/Papa Roach
#w/In This Moment
~w/Within Reason