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War Of The Covers Head Like A HoleWe apologize for the length of time that we’ve had between posts, but we’re back with another one and hopefully you’ll find this one an interesting one. The last War Of The Covers we had, we saw that Dope was ultimately the winner of that fatal four way match making their version of Rebel Yell by Billy Idol the better one according to you. This week we have a match up that is definitely an interesting match up because it features two bands from two completely different walks of life in the music business covering a band that is the halfway point in the timeline of pop music culture between the two of them. In one corner, you have 80’s new wave legends Devo going up against post hardcore/rock band AFI as both bands attempted to cover the Nine Inch Nails track Head Like A Hole from their legendary album Pretty Hate Machine. In 1996, Devo would take a crack at the track for the 1996 soundtrack to the film Supercop that starred Jackie Chan and also featured eclectic mix of music from bands like No Doubt, the late Dimebag Darrell, and the late 2Pac. In 2006, AFI would record a version of the track for an edition of Decemberunderground that was only released in Europe, Australia, and Japan as well as the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now only one version of the track can survive and as usual it’s up to you the fans to decide. You have until the next War Of The Covers to decide.





Dope-GT-960x960There were a lot of bands that emerged from the Nu Metal scene back in the late 1990’s, but there always that one band that just seemed different than everyone else. Dope was one of those bands that just came out and they looked and sounded the part especially with the industrial influence of the first album. I felt with album after album that Edsel Dope, the lead singer of the band Dope was growing as a musician as well and it was evident with the previous effort Life. Edsel definitely kept the ball rolling with the next effort which we are covering this week in Group Therapy which featured Virus (Guitar and keyboards), Sloane “Mosey” Jentry (Bass), and Racci “Sketchy” Shay (Drums). Edsel assumed a lot more responsibilities on this album as he also handled guitars, audio production, engineering, and he produced the album which was also the band’s first effort since leaving Epic. The album garnered a lot of mixed reviews once it was released, but it was an album that had showed that the band had range. The album peaked at number 17 on The Billboard Top Independent records chart and it peaked at number 16 on the Heetseekers chart.

dope 21.Falling Away– A cool bass line drives the verses for the most part before the band kicks back in with the industrial rock styled assault. The track seems to be about no matter how awesome he feels there is always something there to drag him down. 4/5

2. Bitch– I always loved this song because it’s such an in your face, bravado filled track with huge power chords that has balls. It’s about being in a relationship that literally means nothing to you, but the sex is great. 5/5

3. I Am– A cool rock track and one of my favorites that has a bad ass pre-chorus that leads into an epic chorus that makes you want to chant I Am What I Am really loudly along with Edsel. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory. 5/5

4. Motivation– Another in your face track with huge power chords that talks about being in the right state of mind to succeed and if not get the hell out of the way. 4/5

5. Sing– A song that is on the lighter side of things for the band with either an acoustic guitar or the guitars are on a clean channel. It’s a song that just tells you to sing no matter what you may be doing it for or what people think. Just sing! 5/5

6. Now Is The Time– A hard rock track that is ballsy with a big bass riff that is telling you that now is the time to do something so stop wasting time! 4/5

7. Paranoia– a track that has a driving riff that is super charged about being paranoid or are you saying I’m paranoid? 4/5

dope group therapy8. Bring It On– Racci kicks off this track with a cool drum beat before the band comes in for a real hard rocker. Racci is actually one of the stars of this song and it seems to be built around him. 4.5/5

9. Another Day Goes By– One of my favorite tracks on the album that is another example of their lighter side in a track that is about being trapped in the same place all the time. I’ve pondered a lot in life especially while listening to this track. 5/5

10. Today Is The Day– Another track that is driven by Racci’s drum playing and Sloane’s bass playing and it’s awesome when the band comes in full force for the chorus. Today is the day to change your life. 5/5

11. Burn– Sirens and Racci’s amazing playing kick off the sequel to Die MotherF***** Die and it’s intense with razor fast and sledgehammer like riffs. 4.5/5

12. Easier– a very different and cool rock track that is a little bluesy at times about a break up that just needs to happen. It further showcases their “softer” side, but really that they can write anything. 4/5

13. So Low– The band closes the album with an absolute banger that is intense as hell when it needs to be. It’s about a guy who is just fed up with getting the blame when things go wrong in relationships. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Despite all the hate that the record may have received, I think that this is definitely one of the best albums the band has ever recorded. It was the natural progression from Life and they continue to move in the right direction with the next effort after this one. Another Day Goes By is the best track on the album besides the track I Am. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade because it’s that good.

I predicted to a friend of mine that as soon as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States that the political driven Music Videos and albums were going to hit like a ten ton hammer. I was absolutely correct about that because it’s easy to vilify someone who is generally hated by everyone in the world, but Donald J. Trump isn’t the only subject of LA Industrial rock act 3Teeth’s new music video for their track Away From Me. Hilary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, the Pope, and even Black Friday shoppers are the subject of their eerie sounding music video. Alexis Mincolla tells us, “I believe we live in very regressive times despite our huge advances in technology and communication. We’re still territorially pissing like cavemen, and the tragedy of the commons has become an accepted way of life. The song is really about how strong willed minds can still stay autonomous and empowered even in the face of all this. I wanted the video to represent this from a human story rather than a political one as it’s becoming more and more apparent that geopolitics outweigh the human experience in terms of what is navigating our world.” The song is off of the band’s upcoming record shutdown.exe which is due in stores and online May 19TH via OMF Records. Check out the video below:

ministry_psalm691I am always looking for different albums to do on the blog and we are inching our way closer to 200 albums reviewed. In fact this is album #199 for us here at Moshpits and Movies and we found a band that I have always respected for changing the scene completely and blasting in with the industrial wave. I am talking about Ministry which was made up of Al Jourgensen (Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Production), Paul Barker (Bass and Programming), William Rieflin (Drums), Mike Scaccia (Guitar), Louis Svitek (Guitar), and Michael Balch (Keys and Programming). The album I am overing by the band is their fifth studio album Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed and The Way To Suck Eggs or as it is known by it’s technical name ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ. The album marks their first release with guitarist Mike Scaccia and it’s also the album that lead the band to a more mainstream push as MTV had finally noticed the band. You’re probably wondering how the band came up with the title. Well, the title is a direct link to a chapter in one of Aleister Crowley’s books The Book Of Lies where says that exact line which is reference to the sexual act. The album was pretty successful for the band as it peaked at number 27 on The Billboard Top 200 and it went number one on the Top Heetseekers Chart as well as it went platinum by 1995.

ministry-psalm_69-trasera1. N.W.O.– The Grammy nominated track kicks off the album and it kicks off just right with that double bass action and the sledgehammer guitar riffs with samples from Apocalypse Now and George H.W. Bush. The track was a protest track against then President Bush. 5/5

2. Just One Fix– An interesting track that is said that Rammstein borrowed or used the riff for their popular hit Du Hast because they do sound similar. The track uses samples from Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II as well as The Trip, Sid and Nancy, and The Man With The Golden Arm. 5/5

3. TV II– The fastest Ministry song I have heard that is great commentary on the pollution that is seen on TV. 4.5/5

4. Hero– An anti-war track that uses clips from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon, but it’s quite an amazing and cynical look at war plus the riff is bad ass. 4.5/5

5. Jesus Built My Hotrod– One of the more famous Ministry songs that features Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes. Al recounts the time sayng, “Gibby came down completely drunk off his ass to the studio we’re at in Chicago. He couldn’t even sit on a stool, let alone sing. I mean, he was wasted. He fell off the stool about ten times during the recording of that vocal. He made no sense and it was just gibberish. So I spent two weeks editing tape of what he did.” 5/5

ministry-psalm_69-cd6. Scarecrow– an interesting track that kind of takes a different look at Jesus sort of like ironic commentary on that situation. 4/5

7. Psalm 69– an epic track that could be best described as the theme song for hell if hell had one. The lyrics are pretty intense when it comes to this song (look them up). The track contains samples from Altered States, The Pit And The Pendelum, and Suspiria. 5/5

8. Corrosion– an instrumental track that features samples from The Abyss. 4/5

9. Grace– Another instrumental that ends the album, but this one is pretty epic and sounds like the world is coming to an end at times. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is one of three albums that I love from Ministry that I think are bad ass and very influential. The whole Nu-Metal scene owes a debt of gratitude to the band especially those with an industrial sound. This is a great album that anyone should check out. I am going to give the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.

dopeI am super excited right now to debut a music video from a band that I feel is so underrated and deserves more credit than they deserve. I am talking about the band Dope who burst onto the scene in 1999 with their brand of industrial styled Nu-Metal with Felonies and Revolutionaries. Fast forward now to 2016 and the band has unveiled their highly anticipated new album Blood Money Pt.1 which is the band’s first since 2009’s No Regrets which comes out Ocotber 28TH. To help celebrate the great news, the band has unleashed a music video for the title track of the album and the video is sick. The video kind of has a Purge feel to it with all the unique characters that pop on screen which includes a bloodied sexy chick dancing and grinding. Edsel Dope appears in the video in a suit in some scenes while in others he is strapped to a chair where he is being brainwashed with the ideals of sex, drugs, rock, blood money, etc. Edsel talked about the album with excitement saying, “Its been a long time coming, and I’m very happy with how the new album came out. I’m super excited for fans to hear the entire record and for us to get out there on tour and feed off of each others energy.” The band also has a reunited Die MF Die lineup which consisted of Edsel along with Acey Slade, Virus and Racci Shay as the band hits the road. You can also pre-order some cool swag with the new record which you can check out here. Check out the video below as well as the track listing for the new album, and the tour dates.

Dope_BloodMoney_CoverBlood Money Pt. 1 Track Listing:

1. Intro: Confessions of a Felon
2. Blood Money
3. Shoulda Known Better
4.  Lexipro
5.  Hold On
6. 1999
7. Razorblade Butterfly
8. Drug Music
9.  A New Low
10. Hypocrite
11. X-Hale
12. End of the World
13. Selfish
14. Numb
15. Violet

Dope’s “Die Mother F–ker Die” 2016 Tour

09/13 – San Francisco, Calif. @ DNA Lounge
09/14 – Portland, Ore. @ Hawthorne Theatre
09/15 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Rickshaw
09/17 – Seattle, Wash. @ Studio Seven
09/18 – Spokane, Wash. @ The Pin
09/19 – Idaho Falls, Idaho @ The Falls Venue
09/20 – Denver, Colo. @ Herman’s Hideaway
09/21 – Colorado Springs, Colo. @ Sunshine Studios
09/22 – Omaha, Neb. @ Sokol Underground
09/23 – St Louis, Mo. @ Firebird
09/24 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ The Cabooze
09/25 – Des Moines, Iowa @ Lefty’s
09/26 – Sioux Falls, S.D. @ Big’s Bar
09/27 – Waterloo, Iowa @ The Reverb
09/28 – Stevens Point, Wis. @ Live On Main
09/29 – Chippewa Falls, Wis. @ Every Buddy’s
09/30 – Battle Creek, Mich. @ Music Factory
10/01 – Flint, Mich. @ Machine Shop
10/02 – Madison, Wis. @ Sonic Boom
10/03 – Toledo, Ohio @ Realm
10/04 – Chicago, Ill. @ Concord Music Hall
10/05 – Cleveland, Ohio @ The Agora
10/06 – Columbus, Ohio @ Park Street Saloon
10/07 – Lancaster, Pa. @ Chameleon Club
10/08 – Stroudsburg, Pa. @ Sherman Theater
10/09 – Rochester, N.Y. @ Montage Music Hall
10/10 – Toronto, Ontario @ Hard Luck
10/11 – Ottawa, Ontario @ Mavericks
10/12 – Montreal, Quebec @ Pirahna Bar
10/13 – Amityville, N.Y. @ Revolution
10/14 – Worcester, Mass. @ Rock N Shock @ Palladium
10/15 – Baltimore, Md. @ Fish Head Cantina
10/16 – Fayetteville, N.C. @ The Rock Shop
10/17 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Heaven – Masquerade
10/18 – Lake Charles, La. @ The Centerstage
10/19 – Austin, Texas @ Dirty Dog Bar
10/20 – Houston, Texas @ Scout Bar
10/21 – Dallas, Texas @ Trees
10/22 – Merriam, Kan. @ Aftershock
10/23 – Oklahoma City, Okla. @ 89th St. Collective
10/24 – Lubbock, Texas @ Backstage
10/25 – Gallup, N.M. @ The Juggernaut
10/26 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ Joe’s Grotto
10/27 – San Diego, Calif. @ Brick By Brick
10/28 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Counts Vamp’d
10/29 – Anaheim, Calif. @ City National Grove of Anaheim
10/30 – W. Hollywood, Calif. @ The Whisky

nincoverEvery week, I get into certain moods when it comes to music where I consistently listen to the same bands until I change it up a week later. That was definitely the case this week as for some reason I was in the mood to listen to some Nine Inch Nails. So for this week’s album of the week, I chose the album Pretty Hate Machine. The album was released on October 20, 1989 and it was the debut album from the band that at the time featured Trent Reznor (vocals, arranger, programming, production, engineering), Chris Vrenna (programming, digital editing), and Richard Patrick (Guitar). The album was very successfu for the band as it peaked at number 75 on the Billboard Top 200 charts (it spent 115 weeks on the charts) and it went 3X platinum. According to one report, it was the first independent record to achieve platinum status ever. A lot of it sounds immature to me now. At first it totally sucked. I became completely withdrawn. I couldn’t function in society very well. And the LP became a product of that. It’s quite small scale, introverted, claustrophobic – that’s the feel I went for.” That is what Trent said in 1991 when he reflected on the album.

nineinchnails-prettyhatemachine(3)1. Head Like A Hole– A track that starts off sounding like your prototypical industrial song before it kicks in to a perfect marriage of drum machine beats and angst. This was the second single off the album and one of the more popular tunes. 5/5

2. Terrible Lie– One of my favorite tracks off the record that sounds a machine press with synths and cool electronic beats in a track about a man who is losing his faith in God due to his universe crumbling. 5/5

3. Down In It– A cool industrial dance track that reminds me a little of Ministry with the sound in a track that could be about Bipolar disorder. 5/5

4. Sanctified– that industrial beat with a cool ass bass line that always catches my attention in a track about a woman who has complete control over him. 5/5

5. Something I Can Never Have– a brilliantly eerie track with that ominous piano playing with the machine like drum beat in a track that talks about unreciprocated love. 5/5

722466. Kinda I Want To– The track has such an 80’s dance beat to it in a track that is about a man struggling with a tabooish (devilish) temptation. 4/5

7. Sin– a very industrialized Depeche Mode like track that talks about sexual temptations once again. 4/5

8. That’s What I Get– Another synth heavy track with effects in a track about being heartbroken. 4/5

9. The Only Time– a bass driven track with the synth beats in a track about the infatuation with a new girl. 4/5

10. Ringfinger– This track contains samples of Prince’s Alphabet St and Jane’s Addiction’s Had A Dad in it and its lyrics deal with not being able to please your loved one. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I have to be honest and say that I am a huge fan of the first half of the album over the second half as you can see from my grades. Nevertheless, I still think this is one of my top three Nine Inch Nails records of all time. He literally opened the doors to industrial in mainstream America with this record. There are so many classic tracks on this album that it’s very hard to dismiss it’s importance. I am going to give the album 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade.


You might be asking yourself, who in the heck is Father John Misty and why is he covering one of the coolest and dirtiest Nine Inch Nails tracks? Those are all great questions and I will attempt to answer them for you right now. J. Tillman is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who had been on the scene for quite some time until he decided to front his own band called Father John Misty. Apparently, Father John Misty has taken the indie rock scene by storm and they have dominated. During a recent performance at the Riviera Theater in Chicago, he told fans in the audience, “It’s a little sappy, but I would like to play my favorite love song for you” and then they started playing Closer by the Nine Inch Nails. Closer is one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs and Father John Misty does a tremendous job covering the track. He even sets the mood in typical Nine Inch Nails fashion with the green lights and the silhouettes. Check out the amazing performance below and check out Father John Misty.