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Yes, it’s Saturday which means everyone should be getting ready to party because before you know it the weekend is over and it’s back to work. Saturday for me also means that I get to choose another song that was specially written for a film’s soundtrack for Soundtrack Saturdays. I was watching the documentary that Pauly Shore recently released and it made me remember how much I loved the soundtrack to his film Encino Man that also starred Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, and the beautiful Megan Ward. One of the songs I distinctly remember hearing besides the Vince Neil classic was a funk classic called Feed The Monkey performed by Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) and his other project called Infectious Grooves. This was the band that first introduced the metal world to┬áRobert Trujillo before he joined Ozzy Osbourne and later Metallica. The song features elements of ska in it besides the that funky bass line that reminds me of classic funk bands from the 70’s and one of my favorites Morris Day & The Time and also a little bit of Faith No More. The musicianship on the song is pretty phenomenal as well, I’m just surprised these guys weren’t bigger than they were. Check out the track below and be prepared to slam dance to some great funk metal.