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Pasted-image-at-2016_05_12-04_56-PMThere was some very big news that was announced yesterday (May 12) and I have it here for you guys. Since it was kind of hinted that there would be no more Mayhem Fest after last years debacle, the summers were kind of left with nothing leaving metal fan asking the question of what was going to take over? Earlier in the week, it was announced that Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) and Ozzy Osbourne had an announcement to make. I immediately thought that it was either going to be about Ozzfest or Knotfest, I never thought that it would actually be about both. Apparently, they are calling it Ozzfest Meets Knotfest and it’s happening on a weekend in September in San Bernardino, CA. Ozzfest happens on September 24 while Knotfest happens on September 25 at the  San Manuel Amphitheater with some real heavy hitters. Ozzfest features bands like Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Black Label Society, Disturbed, Hatebreed, Goatwhore, and many more. Knotfest features heavyweights like Slipknot and Slayer co-headlining while it also features Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Overkill, Sabaton, Death Angel, and many more. Tickets go on sale May 20TH and for more information on the fest, please go here. I’m going to insert a little bit of my opinion here and say that while it’s cool that this is happening, it doesn’t help anyone that doesn’t live in California. If a metal fan can’t afford to fly out to California to see this then he is left with nothing for the summer. I’m just saying that I hope either one of these becomes a travelling festival next year. Here are the full lineups below:

Ozzfest: Sept. 24

Black Sabbath
Black Label Society
Rival Sons
Children of Bodom
Dead Cross
Municipal Waste
The Shrine
Still Rebel

Knotfest: Sept. 25

Amon Amarth
Suicide Silence
Butcher Babies
Man With a Mission
Death Angel

MisfitsAdmatRevThe next piece of news that I have is something you should be really excited for especially if you are either a fan of horror punk or Glenn Danzig in general. For the first time since 1983, the original lineup of The Misfits is going to reunite for a couple of gigs. That is right, Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on the same stage at Riot Fest Denver and Chicago. We all know that Doyle has on occasion go on stage with Glenn and so the real issue was between Jerry Only and Glenn. Jerry Only once said this in an interview, “What I feel is that, I’d rather be where I am and be happy and be a positive influence than to be the richest man in the world and miserable and be a scumbag to the kids that follow us. I’m not doing that. I told Doyle that. I told him, ‘Hey look, if Glenn wants to come be a team player and leave that s–t at home, we’re good.’ That’s the name of the game.” I would have loved to be in the room when those two met, but they obviously have broke some ground considering the band is back for a couple of gigs. Tickets for Riot Fest are available as we speak and you can get them by going here.


big money hustlasIt’s been a long month since the last time we saw Cheeseball Cinema due to the fact that we celebrated the great holiday of Halloween. But now it’s time to get back into business with all sorts of posts and here is our first Cheeseball Cinema and it’s a film from the guys from ICP (Insane Clown Posse) in a film called Big Money Hustlas. The film is an homage to all the 70’s blaxploitation films that stars Shaggy 2 Dope as Sugar Bear, a legendary cop who comes to Detroit to try and take down the biggest gangster in town in Big Baby Sweets (Violent J). He’ll have to go through hell and with the worst cop on the force (Harland Williams) in order to do so. The film also stars Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child of Twiztid as Big Stank and Lil Poot, John G. Brennan (The Jerky Boys) as The Chief, The Misfits (Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Jerry Only, Michale Graves, and Dr. Chud), Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite) as Dolemite, Mick Foley (WWE Superstar) as Cactus Sac, Fred Berry (What’s Happening) as Bootleg Greg, Jumpsteady (Big Money Rustlas) as Hack Benjamin, Kamal Ahmed (The Jerky Boys) as Old Man Kissel, and the film was directed by John Cafiero (Ramones Raw).

HustlasAfter taking the time in my day to actually watch this film, one of the things that I noticed about the film is that this could have easily been a Troma film just because their styles were the same. It just felt like a Troma from beginning to end which was pretty cool and definitely qualified this film for Cheeseball Cinema. This is definitely one of the cheesiest films I have ever seen besides the Troma films (like I said), but it was enjoyable to watch at the same time. You sort of have to take into consideration that these were all underground musicians who took the time to write and create their own film no matter how cheesy. They even poked fun at the fact throughout the whole film as they broke the fourth wall constantly and reminded you of what they could do with the budget of the film and what they couldn’t. Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child were definite highlights of this movie as those boys could act and it was fun to see Mick Foley who also poked fun at himself as well. As far as T&A is concerned, there is one good scene unless you are one of those guys whose into very big women and if you are there is plenty of that in this film for a certain amount of time. Harland Williams does a pretty decent job in this film, but at times he can be a little too much. One of the guys I enjoyed in this film was John G. Brennan who played the Chief  as he was absolutely priceless to me. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give this film an 3.9 for a final grade. Believe me, you know what you are getting when you watch this film, but it was fun as it was cheesy.

Rob-Halford-630x420Judas Priest as we know are currently on tour supporting their latest record Redeemer Of Souls which received a lot of critical acclaim that the band is contemplating making a follow up to the record, but time may not be on their side. Rob Halford in an interview explains why time is the key, “We have such an incredible reaction to Redeemer of Souls that that really motivated us to crack the whip and get on with making the next record pretty quickly. The clock is ticking, you know. We can’t afford to wait three years, or five years now, to make the record. And especially while we’re having this great, kind of vibe with the fans and just this massive Priest family love fest type of deal. Who wants to go home and sit down for a year. And especially while the band is buzzing and the energy’s there creatively. We had so much stuff happening in the studio we had to put blocks on because we were on a time schedule with the label. So we do have some stuff kind of left over from Redeemer of Souls.” According to Halford, Richie Faulkner has been hard at work writing riffs as the band also sifts through left over material from Redeemer. As far as when we can expect a new record, Halford says, “We’ll be heading out for the rest of this tour ’til Christmas time, take a break, and then more than likely in the studio early of 2016 and see how quickly we can turn this around. It won’t be a rush job, because we treasure everything we do, but I think that the mindset is there to make this record efficiently and hopefully have it out there for our Priest family as soon as we can.”

X Japan is one of the biggest rock bands to ever come out of Japan, but the band hasn’t released any material since 1996. The band has just announced that they plan to release a brand new record on March 11, 2016 which would be their first in twenty years which was the Dahlia album. Yoshiki apparently was in the studio in Hollywood where he met up with Toshi, the bands singer. According to, “A day after the album arrives in stores, X Japan will debut a new documentary film chronicling their music career. The movie will be part of what’s being dubbed as the #XDAY celebrations on March 12 and will screen at London’s SSE Wembley Arena along with a performance by the band. The Stephen Kijak-directed movie includes footage from the band’s 2014 Madison Square Garden Concert as well as the start of their current project. Tickets are now available for the #XDAY celebration via Live Nation.”

Megadeth-Chris-Adler-630x420There have been a lot of people asking bout how Chris Adler of Lamb Of God could be recording with Megadeth and what does that mean for Lamb Of God. Well in an interview with Jamey Jasta on the Hatebreed singer’s podcast, he clarifies that it’s no threat, “The first thing I did after I had that conversation with Dave Mustaine was to get in touch with the other guys and just see, ‘How does everybody feel about this?’ I don’t want it to come across as a threat. I don’t want this to feel like I’m leaving or anything. If ever it came to a point where there was a question of this or that, it’s gonna be Lamb of God. Lamb of God is my baby. Being in Megadeth is kind of like I’m helping babysit somebody else’s kid. I love being there, but it’s not … that’s not where home is to me … Again, if ever a question came up, I’m staying with you guys.” He did however explain that the band was very supportive of his once in a lifetime chance to play with the Thrash Titans and then he talks about the chances of playing live with Megadeth, “We’re both fairly successful, so we have the ability to, kind of, do … hit different spots and different times and keep everyone happy. If it does come to a conflict, I would say to Dave, ‘Hey, I know some great [drummers I can recommend] if you wanna do something.” To listen to the full interview, just go here.

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson went through a lot already in the past year as he had to battle cancer and he is now cancer free thankfully. It as reported to all of us that Dickinson was diagnosed with a tumor under his tounge, but now we find out that he had another one on his neck. He tells the BBC, “I had two actually. One was three and a half centimeters, the size of a golf ball, and the other was two and half centimeters and getting a bit bigger.” He added, “[The doctors] had a poke around and went, ‘You have head and neck cancer.” Now that he is well, Dickinson and Iron Maiden will release their first double album Book Of Souls on September 4TH. The only thing is that the band will not play any shows until 2016.

Jerry-Only-630x420The Misfits recently announced that the band will be touring in the fall as they will play their 1977 classic Static Age in it’s entirety, but they’ll do it without one of the band members. The band has parted ways with guitarist Dez Cadena who has been with the band since 2001 and the band announced that they have replaced him. The band which features Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein now features Jerr’s son Jerry Jr. on guitar as well as the band is writing is new material with this lineup. The band will perform two new songs that they have written together called Zombie Girl and Vampire Girl on the tour as well as the entire Static Age record. Check out the tour dates below:



Static Age Revisited Tour

8/8 — Nashville, Tenn. — Ink N Iron Festival
8/29 — W. Palm Beach, Fla. — Outdoors At Respectable St
9/26 — Pozo, Calif. — Picnic In Pozo Festival/Pozo Saloon
10/16 — Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Phoenix Concert Theatre*
10/17 — Detroit, Mich. — Harpos*
10/22 — Baltimore, Md. — Soundstage*
10/23 — Cleveland, Ohio — The Odeon*
10/24 — Sayreville, N.J. — Starland Ballroom, (Static Age)*
10/27 — New York, N.Y. — Best Buy Theater, (Night 2: Wau/Ead)*
10/30 — Stroudsburg, Pa. — Sherman Theater*
11/05 — Dallas, Texas — Gas Monkey Live*
11/07 — Houston, Texas — Outdoors At Concert Pub North*
11/11 — Las Vegas, Nev. — Hard Rock Hotel & Casino At Vinyl*
11/12 — Ventura, Calif. — Majestic Ventura Theater*
11/13 — Pomona, Calif. — The Glass House Concert Hall*
11/14 — W. Hollywood, Calif. — The Roxy Theatre, (Static Age)*
11/15 — W. Hollywood, Calif. — The Roxy Theatre, (Wau/Ead)*
11/16 — Santa Cruz, Calif. — Catalyst Club*
11/19 — Seattle, Wash. — The Showbox*
11/21 — San Jose, Calif. — Rockbar Theatre*
11/22 — Sacramento, Calif. — Ace Of Spades*
11/24 — Denver, Colo. — The Summit Music Hall*
11/27 — Chicago, Ill. — The Portage Theater*
(* with She Demons)


For this week’s Cover Of The Week, I wanted to once again find a cover of a Halloween classic to help us celebrate the great holiday. I remembered that The Misfits had covered the Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers classic Monster Mash for an all covers album the band had done called Project 1950. The band does an amazing job taking the classic Halloween party tune and they speed it up to suit who The Misfits are these days. I do have to say that this was a weird period for The Misfits because this marked the debut of Jerry Only as the vocalist, but none of the members from the previous album returned on this record. In fact, the band was made up of Ramones legend Marky Ramone (Drums), Dez Cardena from Black Flag (Guitars), and Osaka Popstar front man John Cafiero does background vocals on this track. Check out the song below:

Misfits - 1982 - Walk Among Us - FrontLast year for the month of October, we took every kind of big posts and we did a theme to celebrate Halloween. We covered Type O Negative, Fastway, and others for the album of the week. Last year, I covered Danzig’s first solo record because you can’t deny the association Danzig has with horror and Halloween. Well for this year, I figured I would cover the band that spawned Glenn Danzig and a band that embodied the very idea of combining the horror culture with music in The Misfits. The Misfits at the time of the release of their first record Walk Among Us was made of Glenn on vocals, Jerry Only (Bass), Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Guitar), and Arthur Googy (Drums). Walk Among Us for the most part were songs that were already recorded at one time, but when it came to releasing an album, Danzig had mixed the tracks himself, dubbed the guitar tracks, and re-recorded vocals for a song or two. The album was released back in March of 1982 and you’ll notice that a lot of the tracks have the same name as horror movies from the past. The album cover even features the rat-bat-spider from The Angry Red Planet and the flying saucers from Earth Vs The Flying Saucers.

13817bA lot of the tracks are only a 1 minute and so long like the first track 20 Eyes which is a track that was based off of a scene from the original The Fly film. I Turned Into A Martian is another fast paced punk song that was influenced most likely by a sci-fi film the band had seen. All Hell Breaks Loose features that killer bass line that a lot of punk bands used in a track whose lyrics were inspired by the horror film The Twins Of Evil. Vampira was a track the band wrote about the legendary 1950’s horror TV host who was featured and played by Lisa Marie in the Tim Burton film Ed Wood. Nike A Go-go is a track that with another cool bass riff in a song about a legendary missle base in New Jersey who codename was Nike. Hatebreeders is one of the most famous and classic songs on this album whose lyrics talk about how hate is bread straight to our kids. The last song on side A is a live version of the track Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

Copia de CCI00009Side B opens up with the classic Misfits Night Of The Living Dead track which if you couldn’t figure it out is about the classic George Romero film of the same name. Skulls is my all time favorite Misfits track which in my opinion features a killer chorus where Glenn Danzig’s voice really shines through. Violent World is another track with a killer chorus whose lyrics are about the magazine of the same name that featured pictures of death. Devil’s Whorehouse contains this really cool bass riff during the verses that is typical of the horror punk sound. Astro Zombies was inspired by the 1958 horror film of the same name. Braineaters is a cool track lyrically because it almost makes it like they are zombies that are sick and tired of eating brains considering they tell you that it’s all they eat and they wished for a change of pace. I love Glenn Danzig era Misfits and this was definitely one of my favorite releases from them even though such hits as Die Die My Darling will come later. I am givign this record four stars out of five for a final grade.