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MI0002401703Now that WrestleMania week is over, it’s time to get back into business here at Moshpits and Movies. Traditionally anytime I hold a competition, I always cover an album from the winning band for the Album Of The Week and I have been meaning to cover an album by today’s featured band. I am actually quite surprised that I have never covered an album from Sevendust before especially after 200 plus albums. Sevendust back in February won MusicBowl 51 over Godsmack so traditionally we have to cover one of their albums and I chose the band’s second studio album Home for this week’s album of the week. The band was made up of Lajon Witherspoon (Vocals), John Connolly (Rhythm Guitar), Clint Lowery (Lead Guitar), Vinnie Hornsby (Bass), and Morgan Rose (Drums). The album was released on August 24, 1999 via TVT where it would peak at number 19 on The Billboard Top 200 charts and stayed there for three weeks. It also peaked at 16 on The Top Internet Album Charts and number 10 on the Top Independent Album Charts.

MI00027167821. Home– A big bass riff and those drop tuned guitar shreds open up the album in this track that seems to be about someone who is having a rough time at home which is supposed to be the safe place to be. 4/5

2. Denial– One of my favorite tracks on the album that fades in with a cool guitar riff, but when it kicks in it’s heavy as f*** and it grooves like no other. It seems to be about a guy and how he is sick of constantly opening up to a girl who refuses to do the same. My favorite part of the song is right when the 3 minute mark hits. 5/5

3. Headtrip– A very melodic intro starts the song that has a kick ass groove as soon as the music hits and it has a bad ass riff. 4.5/5

4. Insecure– A cool instrumental intro. 4/5

5. Reconnect– The last track leads right into this one which is all about how you feel that you’ve been a slave to all the BS and now you want to break free. 4/5

6. Waffle–  The track starts with a melodic riff before it kicks in with a sledgehammer like riff. It goes back to being melodic during the verses before hammering down with the choruses. The song seems to be about someone who is sick of the same old same old and is looking for something new. 5/5

home7. Rumble Fish– A sick hammering riff with groove kicks off this one about fighting against temptations that drag you down. 4.5/5

8. Licking Cream– A track on the album that features a cool bass riff during the verses and it features an English artist named Skin doing co-vocals. 4.5/5

9. Grasp– The song is about being friends with someone and when they are going through tough times, you go through it with them, but they’re always taking more and more of you. 4/5

10. Crumbled– An interesting intro to the song, but when it kicks off, it shifts into groove overdrive and it’s awesome. Hornsby shines on this track about no matter how many times you go down, you get back up. but if you don’t then you just crumble. 4.5/5

11. Feel So– A little bit of a hip hop groove in the beginning riff, but otherwise a cool track in a song about feeling hopeless. 4/5

12. Grasshopper– a quick intro of the band in the studio 2/5

13. Bender– A cool track to end the album that features Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Troy McLawhorn (of Doubledrive at the time). It’s heavy, it grooves, and it even caters to Moreno’s vocals as well. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– A kick ass album from a kick ass band that obviously avoided the sophomore jinx with this release. I have always held this band and Lajon in the higest regard because I am also a huge fan of Lajon’s vocals. I am going to give the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.


Collaboration Of The Week is still a working title for the blog, I’m not sure what to call this yet, but I want to unveil and actually do it for once. I had planned on doing a blog piece like this for quite some time because I have always enjoyed it when singers or guitar players guest on other people’s songs. usually something like this was reserved for rap, R&B, and pop artists,, but in the 90’s the trend was broken and guys started working together in rock and metal. I have plenty of these to do and a lot of artists to choose from. but you may be surprised at who I decided to choose first. A guitar player that I know was talking to me and he mentioned Nu-Metal group Hed (PE) and I immediately started to dig into their catalog and I found a track they did with an artist that I a great deal of respect for. On the band”s album Truth Rising, Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust, made a guest appearance on the band’s track Stand Up. The track is moving and it bumps, but Lajon adds some soul to the song with his guest vocals during the chorus of the track. Lajon has amazing vocal abilities and it shines on this track along with Jared Gomes’s vocals who provides that harder edge. Check it out below and stay tuned to see if we can come up with a cooler name for this.

One of my favorite bands from the late 90’s Nu-Metal scene is the Atlanta based titans Sevendust who feature the soulful Lajon Witherspoon. His vocal abilities is one of the reasons I became a Sevendust fan besides the crushing riffs that the band is also known for. Well, the band has some big news for all of their fans as they have a new album coming out after spending a year promoting their acoustic Time Travelers & Bonfires album with a new record called Kill The Flaw. The album drops in stores October 7TH via their own 7Bros record label with the help of course of ADA and Warner Bros. Distribution. The band also unleashed a brand new single called Thank You which is everything you would expect from a kick ass Sevendust tune. Lajon talked about the new record saying, “We took some time off from the heavy side of Sevendust and when it came time to record some new music; Clint, John, Vinnie, Morgan and I put everything we had in to what became Kill The Flaw. We love this new music and we can’t wait to share it with our amazing Sevendust family! God bless y’all!!!” The band is heading out on the road soon with Breaking Benjamin and then Godsmack in October. Check out Thank You below: