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the real me frontLast week, we debuted a new segment where I post my vinyl of the week because who doesn’t love them some vinyl or wax (whatever you prefer to call it). Back in the day, bands would release singles off of their albums on 7 inch or 45’s as they are commonly known in the industry and not on iTunes or Spotify which is what is done today. Typically the single would have the main track on one side and a B-side that was usually a track that wasn’t meant to be a single on the other side. For this week’s Vinly Single Of The Week, we are checking out one from one of the 1980’s most underrated metal bands of all time in the form of LA’s W.A.S.P. (don’t ask me what it stands for). In April of 1989, the band would release their fourth studio album in The Headless Children which featured tracks like the title track, Forever Free, Mean Man, and the first single released off the album in The Real Me which was a cover of The Who track. The single which I have featured the non-album track lake Of Fools as the b-side for the single. One of the cool things is that it folds open and features a mirror so that you look into it to see the real you. Check out W.A.S.P.’s insanely amazing cover of this awesome track below and collect Vinyl cause it rules.